Now That The Arbitration is Done, Will We Get More “Dick” on Y&R?

Shick vs. Phick vs. Phack vs. Shadam vs…Dick? That's right The Young and the Restless lovers, those intense fan base wars received a new dynamic the moment Diane Jenkins (Maura West) first bedded her ex's son Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) in a scorching hot scene on the sudser. 

During a telephone chat between Morrow and bloggers earlier this week, I piggybacked off of Buzzworthy Radio's NaVell J. Lee's question about how the fallout from the arbitration will impact Sharon (Sharon Case) and Nick's relationship to ask if their would be any more "Dick" in our lives on Y&R. Here's what the hunky actor had to say:

Daytime Confidential: You mentioned that Nick is still in love with Sharon. A lot of fans have really enjoyed his relationship with Diane played by Maura West. Do you think we’ll see anything further with that thread now that his father’s back in his mother's orbit? Will there be a free chance for Nick and Diane?

Joshua Morrow: You know, I’m not sure where Nick and Diane are headed. It’s a pretty tough thing to be able to get past, to start to develop a relationship with a woman and then find out she’s been lying to you behind your back and sleeping with your father. I know it’s a soap opera where people tend to forgive people for pretty intense things, but I don’t know how they can build anything after that happened. Nick is a very…he’s got a lot of pride in him and I think it really threw him that she would go down this path with his father, as well as him. So again, I’m not sure. I know they were building to something, but it would be a tough pill to swallow, I think, for me in real life if found that happening.

I don't know about y'all, but Daddy Humpin' or not, I'm still Team Dick all the way!


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    I just hope they give Maura a decent storyline – she is sadly under-used here. I am glad hey are finally bringing on a new man for Sharon – someone else for Adam to compete with. Send Nick on a long business trip – I won’t miss him.

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    Jamey, you are a part of a very small group of fans that like these two together. Even fans with no alliance to Shick or Phick find them lacking. I see you left out Josh calling the storyling ‘gross’. The actor is not even a fan of the story.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Laneluva, if Joshua said the pairing was “gross” in the interview Jamey conducted, I think he would have included that. Maybe he’s done so in other interviews but in this one he didn’t.

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    Jamey- Add me to that group of people that loves me some “Dick”! I’m tired of seeing Nick pine over Sharon’s slutty behind and I’m tired of Victor WINNING all the time! I would LOVE to see Nick steal Diane right out from under Victor because NICK will give her his real feelings and treat her like a lady and the ONLY reason Victor is with her is to USE her and shove her in everyone’s face. I LOVED Phyllis and Nick but I really love Phyllis with Jack as well. With Jack, she can be HERSELF and not have to play miss goody two shoes all the time. Jack knows and loves her just as she is. Let Sharon and Adam have each other, I like them together and think the love is there. Nick has spent TOO long chasing her worn out tail.

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    I liked Diane and Nick before she dumped him for Victor. I thought that they had good chemistry. Then her true colors came through. I think Nick deserves better (wow! I can’t believe I said that) than such a gold-digger.

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    Diane is a 52-year old woman, Nick’s mother’s contemporary, so I can’t get behind this disgusting pair. Sure, Maura may be Joshua Morrow’s age, but she’s still playing a 50something character. Yuck!

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    Thank you Jillian. Joshua used that term when responded to someone else during the conference call not directly to Jamey. But my point remains that he told other bloggers he didn’t think this was going very far because Nick found the situation ‘vomit inducing’ and the storyline ‘gross’. I understand because Jamey likes them his angle would be different.

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    Jamey Giddens

    They’ve obviously de-SORASED the character. LOL Bill Horton should be darn near 70, but the last actor was much younger. And besides, even if she was 50-something it could still be hot. Hello, Matt and Donna on Another World, Vanessa and Matt on Guiding light?

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    Jamey Giddens

    @laneluva. No my report isn’t different because I like Dick. It’s different, because I only posted answers to the questions that I asked. I am uncomfortable posting responses from other websites, reporters during conference call or press room interviews. I ask the questions I want answered, then I post those. If I reference someone elses’s question, as I did above with NaVell from Buzzworthy, I credit them.

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    She’s not deSORASed, she’s still 52 but in the story looks younger because she’s nipped, tucked, and botoxed just about every part of her.

    What’s really gross to consider is that Maura was about nine years old when Jack slept with Diane and sent Patty over the edge. YUCK!!!!!!!

    Anyway, the character of Diane sucks and the casting of Maura is awful. She should have been a recast Victoria. Please remove the character from the canvas.

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    Oh, and what really grinds my gears is that they won’t SORAS Kyle to his proper age (the same as Abby’s because of Spermgate) because they don’t want her to look old with a twenty-something kid. It’s insulting to the audience because we ALL remember Spermgate and know Abby and Kyle should be the same age. It’s awful when soaps play fast and loose with SORASing. No wonder soaps are considered a joke.

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    I think it’s sickening that they recast the role with someone 13 years younger than its originator. YUCCCCCCCCK!!!!!!!!!

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    Jamey Giddens

    @AlistairCrane. I’m not gonna lie. It was a jarring recast at first, but They de-SORASED Diane before with Susan Walters, so I can deal. The only time it becomes icky for me is when she’s having romantic scenes with Paw Paw Victor. I would have preferred her as Grace Turner, but hey, what can ya do?

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    Jamey Giddens

    @laneluva. No problem! I know a lot of people just transcribe the entire interview, which is cool I guess, but it really irked me a few years back at the Emmys when people that were in the pressroom with me would rush to post answers to questions I asked before I could get them up. LOL I asked Michele Val Jean some questions about being a black writer in daytime, and before I could go to the bathroom to pick my nose it was on someone elses blog. LOL I think that’s shady, so I only post answers to the questions I ask.

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    My main concern too is good story for Maura West since if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t even be watching Y&R. I want her to have some meaty story to show what she can really do. I too would have preferred her to be brought on as a different character but it is what it is. She isn’t the first character to be de-sorased. As far as Kyle, isn’t he the right age? Wasn’t it Abby that was sorased dramatically making her older? I understand this same Kyle had been on when the previous Diane briefly returned about a year ago.

    To me Josh is having the biggest problem because he doesn’t think this is believable in real life for him. Well I would hope he also has a problem with what a flip flopper Nick is in relationships too. I do think they had potential and still could Couples have gotten through worse. I like Victor and Diane as frenemies and co-conspirators but no thanks to a relationship. I never saw Dick being long term as no doubt he will head back to Sharon but I think they had real potential and would still like to see them given a chance. Bottom line it doesn’t sound like he knows what is happening.

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    I can’t even read this headline without laughing my BLEEP off!!!

    I prefer “Dick” to “Schick”!!! I also feel that Maura is HORRIBLY miscast as Diane and Diane has become a skeevy heifer with NO rooting value, but I also feel that Nick is a hypocritical douchebag, so they kinda deserve each other!!!

    So, at the risk of sounding “cheap and tawdry,” I wouldn’t mind getting some more “DICK”!!!!!!!!!!!

    But let me also say that with all of this bed-hopping and carrying on, I hope they all have PLENTY of antibiotics, hand sanitizer and CLOROX bleach on standby. Oh wait…….this is daytime television, so there’s PLENTY of Clorox to go around. (inside joke, folks. Think about it! :) :) )

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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    LOL, alstonboy, is Y&R copying B&B for the most bed skeeving soap on air??? LOL. Everyone on B&B was swapping spit and partners and incest was best on B&B, but now Y&R is turning into B&B and B&B is turning into Y&R style writing. LOL. They are better get tested for STDs, LOL.

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    Worldturner, Kyle is the “correct” age in the sense that he’s 10, the age he should be for someone born in January 2001. But Abby and Kyle were born at the same time as part of the same story, so it’s absolutely INSULTING that he’s still a kid and she is not. Kyle NEEDS to be the same age, to hell with Maura looking old!

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    I have seen the other Dianes a LONG time ago, and I don’t really feel that Maura looks THAT young. I’m surprised to see people say she is the same age as JM in real life b/c she looks older to me, both on Y & R and as Carly on ATWT. I don’t mind the recast b/c I LOVE Maura and I think she’s doing a great job. And if we can have Dikki then why can’t we have Dick? The age difference is the same no, or close? Many think Deacon and Nikki are hot but are grossed out by Nick and Diane? Its the SAME thing. I would MUCH rather see Nick’s hot hiney in a love scene then Mr. Mumbles.

    Alston- You KNOWS I’m not a Victoria Rowell fan but I LOVE LOVE your new pic, she’s GORGEOUS!

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    Oh, forgot to mention Kyle. I wasn’t watching for the Spermgate storyline so I’m not sure HOW old Kyle/Abby should be but let me just say, that kid that plays Kyle WORKS MY NERVES. He does nothing but smile CONSTANTLY. And if I had been Big Red yesterday, Kyle would’ve had a face full of mud puddle!

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    Abby was born November 2000; Kyle was born January 2001. Ashley and Diane were pregnant at the same time. Diane stole Victor’s frozen sperm so she could get pregnant with his child, but Ashley ended up pregnant. For a while, Ashley believed she might have been carrying her brother Jack’s baby via his own frozen sperm.

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    LOL, alstonboy, I just can’t help but think My Stepson, My Lover when in reference to “Dick”!

    And OMG, Jillian! I just read your Y&R Valentine’s Day write up! You KNOW MAB’s was the one looking at the movie one Saturday afternoon while sippin’ on tea and chewin’ on crumpets! This storyline on Y&R totally MIRRORS that film and we know how she LOVES the movie references. She got one look at Josh in those jeans getting down and dirrttyyy with one mommie figure onscreen and thought, ‘I’ll do one better and involve The Great Victor Newman and a same-age Diane instead! Genius, that I am! Who watches Lifetime anymore??? They’ll never know! Muah, hahahahahaha!’ And Josh needs to STOP acting like they don’t play that movie on Lifetime every other month! :D

    MAB’s so transparent, I should use her to replace the windows in my house. But I ain’t mad at her either! LOL

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    If they wanted to do a Nick/Step-Mom/Victor triangle, I wish they had done it with Ashley. It would have been much more organic and interesting, especially if she started out with semi-ulterior motives towards Nick (like, getting close to Faith, for starters).

    They should have brought Diane back at the peak of Patty’s madness and had them face off. Instead, Patty simply gave Diane the stink eye when she popped up last winter.

    Stupid, unoriginal Y&R! Damn you fools!

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    Now I could get down with Nick/Ashley/Victor!!!! That would be the ultimate showdown because TGVN covets “his beautiful Ashley” and loves to dust her off when he feels despaired. I’ve noticed EB and ED haven’t shared a scene since the verdict. I’m not a Ashtor fan, but they do have a history that cannot be ignored.

    I also would love to see Stacy Haiduk versus Maura West’s Diane. Patty would have went South Side of Genoa City on dat ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad recasts prevent the awesomeness of flashbacks from the 80’s. Oh, well…I’m still a little happier with Y&R. Hope they keep it up!

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    I like Diane and Nick’s storyline gross or not I mean

    soaps have always done this can of its not like its an orginal thought to have a son bang his “ex” step-mother soaps operas do have a tendency to be sleazy but I just wish Victor hadn’t been inserted. I don’t see much chemistry with the Braedon / West characters romantically speaking but do like them acting off each other.

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    Doppelganger-gate turned me off Y&R and Maura West brought me back. She is one of the few actresses in daytime who lives up to her reputation for being one of the best. However, Maura West IS NOT Diane Chambers.

    She also would not have worked as Victoria for me because I just cannot see MTS playing her mother. They should have waited until Stacy Haiduk had left and then cast her as Patty Williams/Emily. I’m sure that Maura can play crazy with the best of them if given a chance. And she would have made Emily more interesting.

    I’ve also accepted the fact that on soaps everybody sleeps with everybody else, irrespective of age, prior history, and good taste. I loved Reva Shayne/HB/Josh Lewis on Guiding Light. There is just something about both Nick and his father Victor “dipping their spoons in the same bowl”, as baycity calls it, that I find stomach-turning. Don’t ask me how this is any different; it just feels wrong.

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    I almost always hate when soaps play with characters ages. It always negates something that happened before. For instance Billy was born well after Chance but now seems somewhat older, closer to Victoria’s age. Victoria was actually almost an adult because of sorasing by the time Billy was born. It always makes the older cast members either rediculously younger than possible or ages them too quickly. Honestly I don’t need for Nick and Sharon to become grandparents anytime soon but it will happen sometime because their son is an adult now. If Diane is desorased and her boy is sorased, pretty soon he will be older than his mom…..
    One thing I always admired about Santa Barbara as a soap was they didn’t soras their kids. Well they may have added a year or so to some of them but they never suddenly made one 20 years old. It kept their couples youthful.
    Grandad and Granny Bo and Hope doesn’t have the excitement that they once did.

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    Nick was SORAS-ed by about 12 years (born in 1988) while Diane has been de-SORAS-ed by about 15 years (first seen on the show in 1982 and first married in 1984). Chronologically, there is supposed to be about a 30-year age difference between the two characters.

    You can’t beat soap logic.

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    I’m with Jamey….if she’s 52, I want the name and address of her doctor! And for the record, I love these two together, if for no other reason, than to put the screws to Nick’s old man:)

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    If they wanted an ATWT vet to play Diane, they should have cast someone a little more age-appropriate, like Elizabeth Hubbard.

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    Alistair- I LOVE the idea of the Nick/Ashley/Victor triangle too! It would’ve been great and as you said they could’ve used Ashley’s need to get closer to Faith as an entrance. I think it would’ve been much better because unlike his “no strings, no feelings” marriage to Diane, Victor LOVES Ashley and would’ve cared more if Nick was sleeping with her. It would’ve really been WAR. Not to mention the dynamics of how would Jack feel about his sister and his step son? And Phyllis? She’s dating Jack and maybe Ash’s future sis in law and loses Nick to Ashley? That would be someone new to add to the old tired Nick/Sharon/Phyllis likes.

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    Colleen Zenk Pinter would have been the PERFECT Diane recast!! Elizabeth Hubbard is a little too long in the tooth for the role. However, she would STILL be great as a “lunching buddy/female friend” for Katherine.

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    The only choice for Diane is Alex Donnelly. TPTB must really have something against her as they could have brought her back last winter and/or last fall.

  34. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    While you know I don’t share your love for Alex Donnelly, the bigger question is: Would she be WILLING to come back after the way they’ve “mistreated” her?? She expressed her disappointment back in 2001 when they hired Susan Walters without even taking the time to call her up and ask her if she’d be willing to return. They simply stated that “They wanted to take the character in a new direction.”

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