Y&R’s Maria Arena Bell on Victor Post-Arbitration: “It’s Going to be a Very Complex Human Reaction”

This week, fans of The Young and the Restless finally saw Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) taken down by the people he least expected — his children. Showrunner Maria Arena Bell tells Entertainment Weekly what to expect next from The Black Knight.

Are we going to see Victor get even angrier?

Well, I think it’s going to be very interesting, his reaction. It’s going to be a very complex human reaction, in that I think he is infuriated by the chain of events and I think he always felt throughout the entire lawsuit, he was right in everything he did. He felt it was groundless, these accusations, that he had mishandled their trust, because it’s a private company, he’s a mogul, he makes decisions, he moves money from here to there in order to acquire a company to make a business deal, and he never thought his own kids would question his decision-making. After all, it’s an empire he built himself. So he is pretty angry. The more emotional side of it is that he really, he does truly love his kids. It’s pretty heart-wrenching even though he shows it in different ways.

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    Victor is so much more interesting for me when he’s CONSTANTLY not acting like a rabid dog, barking, gnawing at genitals and screaming “Ya got that???!!!!!!!!!!!” at everyone who dares to “test” him. Don’t get me wrong, I love those aspects of the character, and always have (for the most part!), but I want more balance with this character!!

    And I also agree that this show needs more of a balance of characters, but I’d much rather see Victor/Eric Braeden eating up my screen than some of the less interesting/enjoyable actors and characters.

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    la di da, who cares!
    its time for the other actors/actresses on the show be given some air time.
    this is just more of the same — i.e. more stories for the air-hog.
    that’s all I will say for now.

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    I must say Eric Braeden’s acting this week has been superb! He really dredged up resentment and pain from his emotional depths in the post-arbitration scenes…His eyes were on fire! Just proves that he DOES have the acting chops that have merited him an irreplaceable part of Y&R!

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    Now if they complete the followthrough by having Victor get exposed for his Skye caper, then we can actually appreciate them humanizing this character. 2011 should be the year when everything crumbles around the Black Knight. Have Diane scheme him of 50% of NE and then he’s forced to take the company public. Give us a payoff instead of just dangling the carrot…

    I don’t wanna see Victor pull a fast one, but I KNOW he will eventually get the upper hand.

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    Victor will look sad.

    Victor will take a knife from special guest psycho Linda Lavin.

    The kids will cry and be reminded of how wonderful he is.

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    Anyone else see the resemblance between Maria Arena Bell and comedienne Mo Collins (in a blonde wig) from “MadTV”?

    Who’s going to die this time to provide Victor with a new organ so that his remorseful family can realize he really has been a wonderful father?

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    In a trust fund aren’t there trustees that are supposed to protect the fund? Where were they at and why aren’t their behinds in trouble as well?
    Also since he set the trust funds up couldn’t Victor just as easily desolve them? I am not a lawyer but I would think until his kids actually got the money, it was still his…..
    maybe not I am not a lawyer.
    I still think Victor should just walk away from Newman and leave it to the kids. He can start another company and kick their asses with it. He built this one, he can build another one.

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    First, Eric has been wonderful in all his scenes. However, I absolutely hate this storyline. This storyline send’s the wrong message to young people and reenforces their warped feeling’s that they are entitled to what their parent’s have earned and built over a lifetime. Victor’s many misdeed’s in the past are no justification for writing this horrible story and allowing his children to win. Victoria,Nick and Abby have absolutely no right to any part of the Newman empire until Victor has passed away.Let them get out and earn a living without having Daddy and DADDY’S MONEY there to support them. They might finally grow up and get over their feeling’s of entitlement.

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    I agree about Eric’s acting this past week, but like it or not, kids from rich families get trust funds. Ususally they get access to those funds when they hit a certain age, some at 25, the rest at the age of 40 etc. I totally disagree that Victors misdeeds aren’t any justification for allowing the children to win. He has used them and abused them and even hung them out to dry and have them face criminal charges at his expense when he was the one breaking the law. These kids are not spoiled rotten, entitled little brats. They are the sorry victims of Victors spoils. They have lost a huge amount, and that immature, impulsive man they have to call a father deserved a huge tongue-lashing from the judge, along with the losing the case, and I was hoping he was finally going to get it. This “NO ONE BEATS VICTOR NEWMAN”, said at the top of his lungs only gets a person so far, and he, hopfully has hit the end of the line. Really, I don’t want Jack to be the victor here either. I’m already tired of his gloating, and it’s just started. Maybe MAB can think of a new storyline. Victor didn’t build that empire alone. His kids have helped him plenty and have worked side by side with him for years, making him billions of dollars in the process. In my opinion they totally deserved to win.

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    I agree that Braeden has been out of this world good in the last few weeks. I love Victor, but I have felt for years that he needed to lose a big one to be taken down a peg or two; however, I am team Victor in this situation. These spoiled brats acting as if they are entitled to the fruits of his toil and genius is disgusting. If they had legitimately come after him in say the boardroom by staging a coup or something like that, even if it was for the same personal reasons that they are suing, I would have been on their side. But to have them sue shows that they are not true adversaries. They are not owed a darn thing. The only Newman kid I like and root for is Adam. I hope he is off somewhere regrouping, and comes back stronger and more formidable than ever. I also want Victor to screw these greedy brats out of every cent! If they wanted to be free of Victor, than they could have quit and moved off his freaking property, but running to a judge like petulant little children because daddy was mean to them was despicable. I have never liked Nick, but I respected when he left and started Restless Style, even though he used Victor’s money. For them to sue KNOWING that it would ruin the company and people would lose their jobs is what really makes me feel not one ounce of sympathy for them. And I am SICK of that stolen sperm baby who STARTED ALL OF THIS MESS acting all innocent and wishy washy. She is just as greedy as the other two idiots, and her being all hurt and conflicted is annoying. Victor offered her a settlement, but she let Vic and Jack talk her out of it, so she only has herself to blame.

    But like I said, they have not really earned this defeat of Victor, because they have not outsmarted him in business, they just got a judge to side against him, I don’t respect that.

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    Maybe I am in the minority here, but I loathe Victor Newman, which only goes to prove EB has done a great job in the part to make me feel this strongly about a character.

    I am thrilled the kids won their lawsuit if only to say, Yes! Someone beat Victor Newman. I thought the amount was excessive, not to say they have not worked along side Victor when he would let them, but not to the tune of 500 million each.

    Now bring Adam back so the world knows that Victor did try to frame him for Adam’s murder.

    Ms. Bell’s announcement about how complicated and complex his human reaction will be to all of this merely tells me she and her merry band of writers have no idea what they are going to do now.

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    First of all, I think it’s RIDICULOUS that children Victoria and Nick’s age, who have been in charge of a huge corporation MANY TIMES, don’t have control of their own trust funds. That’s the most ridiculous part about this storyline.

    Secondly, as for Victor “showing it in different ways,” give me a break. This guy has two modes of operation: horny and angry/vengeful. He’s rushing to marry Diane because he knows his son wants him, so of course, he has to take her first. What a jerk.

    And writers, please expunge the phrase, “I built this business from the ground up with my two hands” because first of all, it’s a lie. No one succeeds in business alone, and secondly, that horse has been beaten to death.

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    I’m with you Glowery about being thrilled the kids won their lawsuit. Finally someone beat Victor Newman, and who cares if it was in the boardroom, or in the courtroom! I agree, Braeden’s acting must have been top notch lately, because he really has made me hate him too. Personally, I don’t think the amount was excessive. Think about how much this man is worth. When this lawsuit started, I believe it was Jack who told Abby she was worth about 3 billion alone just in her trust fund. Just remember this is the amount in her trust fund, not in Newman’s regular everyday funds. And that wouldn’t have included Victoria and Nick’s trust funds. If Victor was using the trust funds in the everyday running of his company, which it seems he did, he broke the law. Trust funds are protected legal entities. I’m no lawyer, and I’m not rich, but I do have a small trust fund for my grand-daughter for her education. I can’t just go in and do what I want with it. It’s protected. And that’s just one I have with the bank. Imagine one drawn up by a lawyer! I think the day will come when the kids will overtake dear ole Dad in the boardroom, but it’ll have to be after Newman becomes public, and they get ahold of a whole pile of shares. Right now I really like that the kids have no kind of vendetta out against their father, except, maybe Adam, who I also hope will come back and show the world how his father framed him for murder. We all know how Victor gets away with everything… look at how he walked out of the DA’s office after admitting he was on that mountain the night that Skye died. And that fairy tale he told Michael about how he tried, and couldn’t get there fast enough to help save Skye!!! As far as I’m concerned, Victor still needs to come down a few pegs, and maybe even spend some time in jail. He needs a major attitude adjustment! At the very least he needs to start taking responsibility for his actions, then maybe he’ll realize why his kids had no alternative but to take him to court. I loved Billy’s article. It was so totally true, and got to the heart of it all. No loving father treats his kids the way Victor Newman has.

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    BREDOB … finally someone who agrees with me about the three Newman kids. Adam is a separate matter and he really is the most interesting. I just don’t understand why so many feel that the other three are spoiled. Their detractors must have memories akin to Victor himself because they definitely have contributed much and suffered much in the past (Abby of course does not fit in that scenario and was being used by Jack). The law suit story was silly and long running and I don’t understand it but I am glad they have at least temporarily won.

    And Nikki … I guess she really is the picture of spousal abuse, but at least she got indigestion from noshing on bratwurst and might avoid that dish for a while.

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    Am I the only one who thought that $250K/$500K pre nup was a slap in the face considering how much Victor is worth?! Granted, you don’t go into marriage expecting to make $, but if I had to listen to his piggish, manipulating, lying butt 24/7, I’d expect to get more than $250K out of it! Capped after ten years?! Come on. Of course we all know no one would last that long but still.

    And how stupid is Diane to settle for a TRUST FUND for her kid? Has she learned NOTHING this week?! I’m guessing there’s a clause in there that says she gets nothing if TGVN catches her cheating since Ms. “I trust you” was too stupid to even read it through.

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