Tuc Watkins And Tonja Walker Return to One Life to Live!

That prison cell may have been empty, but One Life to Live will not be David-less for long! Starting March 14 Tuc Watkins returns and another fan favorite pops up with him! When Bo and Rex finally find David he'll be enjoying the tropics with none other than Alex Olanov (Tonja Walker)! According to ABC Soaps In Depth, Alex will only be around for one day while David heads back to Llanview with his Pa and cousin Rex.

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    Daniel St. John

    I am happy anytime Alex Olanov is back on my screen but I would rather she were coming back for an extended stay and David were only going to be around for one day. I am over the character and really wish that Dorian had moved on during his incarceration.

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    So, how soon till David dumps Dorian –probably at the alter, again. I really wish this show would invest in Dorian and a story and love interest for her.

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    I love Alex! I still remember her over the top wedding to Asa years ago, while the Buchanan men (Bo, Clint and Cord) rode horses. It was so obvious that Clint Richie (Clint) was indeed a REAL horseman!

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    I really don’t like Dorian and David anymore and I wish the show would start writing something different for Dorian and with another love interest. It is silly to keep putting her with someone who is never around.

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    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]They made a huge mistake writing off A Martinez. Dorian and Ray were HOT![/quote]

    Ray and Dorian were fire. Now instead of a man who had passion for her, Dorian gets constant rejection from David and constant camp. And here we go again. David returns, reunites with Dorian, and then dumps her at the alter. Why does this writer need to humiliate the Dorian character? Bring back A Martinez and Ray and write the love story that got yanked way before it’s time.

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