Wishful Casting: Robert Newman as Charlie Banks on One Life to Live!

While it isn't nice to be happy about anyone being out of a job in this economy, I can't say I'm too upset to hear that Brian Kerwin is reportedly leaving One Life to Live. Charlie Banks started off as an amazing character, and great love interest for Viki (Erika Slezak), but post Jared dying, Kerwin began playing the character as a ham, with an extra helping of cheese grits.

Kerwin certainly isn't the only Llanview denizen prone to scenery chewing, however if I had to see Charlie react to something like a black Big Mama coming down with the Holy Spirit, during a Pentacostal tent revival in the South just one more time, I was gonna start to wondering why no ushers were fanning him.

Wishful Casting: Robert Newman reunites with Kim Zim Zimmer(Echo) as Charlie Banks!

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    Daniel St. John

    While I am not a big Charlie fan I do like Brian Kerwin so its too bad he’s leaving. However I would do backflips if Robert Newman were to ge the part and we could have a reunion of Reva and her Josh-oo-Wah!
    I also wouldn’t be upset to see Jordan Clarke get the part either.

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    I love how your mind works!!! :) :) :) :)

    Now I do think that Brian Kerwin was a good actor, despite the fact that you guys used to criticize him on your podcasts for being hammy and chewing the scenery, but I ain’t gonna argue with the notion of having my Josh and Reva together again!!!!

    From your lips to the soap gods’ ears!!!!!!

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    [quote=giogio]It wasnt Brians fault that his acting was the way it was. He was reading scripts given to him. hope this dosent turn into another fiasco.[/quote]

    I have to disagree big time. While the character of Charlie has been written to be quite unlikeable over the past year or so, it’s Brian Kerwin’s over-the-top, cringe-worthy take on the script that has me covering my eyes and ears and yelling “LA LA LA LA” everytime Charlie is on the screen. I guarantee that if Robert Newman was “reading scripts given to him,” he would absolutely make it bearable.

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    Nat Guy

    Charlie needs to leave town. They don’t need a recast. I actually think Brian Kerwin is a good actor, but he lost his way a little after Jared died. The writing didn’t help. Charlie started acting completely out of character, i.e plotting with Dorian to kill Mitch. And lately they’ve just flat out ruined the character with the Echo storyline.

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    I like the way you think, Jamey.

    I liked Brian Kerwin as Charlie, but like others have said he lost a little after Jared died. I wouldn’t mind Robert Newman as a recast, though I never saw GL, I’ve seen videos and clips and he and KZ have great chemistry.

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    As much as I like Brian Kerwin, Charlie has been written into a corner and is a doofus who cheated on Queen Viki…off with his head!!

    But, as much as I love Robert Newman, I have no desire to see him on OLTL only to be paired with KZ. I know I’ll be ducking rotten tomatoes when I say this, but she hasn’t brought anything interesting to the table, as far as I am concerned.

    Just let Charlie go. Does Ben Davidson have a twin??? I’d love to see Mark Derwin back :) He could still do that stupid teenager’s life show, too.

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    I would love to see Robert Newman and Kim Zimmer together again…I wouldn’t care if he was Charlie or another character as long as they were both on together..

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    Leave town Chuckles…….Vicki give him the kick in the azz and let him go back to the bottle he crawled out of. You don’t need a man!
    Any word? Is he gone already??

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    I watched GL for decades and was Reva/Josh fan but I also liked them with others. I thought it was not good for either actor craftwise. (Can’t think of a better word) There were times when each was teamed with others and it worked but it was when the other was not with the show. They were both on the show for a long time but both were also off the show different periods of time and then returned. I don’t want RN to come to OLTL because it would drive me crazy if one or both were good with others and fans get locked into a pairing. Enough already.

    I must be in minority here, but I liked Charlie. I thought he was a calm in the storm some days. …I did read months ago that he has other commitments going on.

    Just for the record, the bloggers/critics have their favs also. All opinions are subjective. I don’t always agree with Jamey. Sometimes I do but sometimes I don’t. Don’t want RN to come to OLTL and I am sorry to see Charlie go.

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    pumpkin – I loved Charlie also, and I found his acting very emotional during the Rex saga. He was clearly distraut that Rex wasnt his son, and I felt he played it well. He was believable to me, and touched me. But then again others say he acted bad. We must be missing something cause there alot of them saying it, but I never noticed anything off about him. I will miss him also.

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    I’m surprised the show has kept Charlie around this long after they killed off Jared. I think Brian Kerwin has been great. The direction the show has taken Charlie has not been.

    I’m glad they’re not recasting him. And if they were, I would hope the show would look for someone who has chemistry with Viki rather than Echo.

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    I would have to agree just let Charlie go away and leave. Bring Robt. Newman abroad but as a new character for Echo. Echo hasn’t been on canvas for over 20 yrs. so you can play some with the past. I think it would be a whoot to have Aubrey be Echo’s daughter. You notice Aubrey & Echo haven’t had any scenes together it would be perfect. Echo and Aubrey is working together to score, because her Dad (RN) is a “Wentworth” and cut her off, and is why she is gold digger like Echo. Echo now has a lot more tied up in Llanview now with Rex, falling for Charlie, Robt. N comes into the picture, nothing like when Reva & Josh was fighting!! :love: Their scenes together are truly magical. Let RN come to town and woo Dorian. Boy, have Echo & Dorian fight it out.

    For Vicki, please give her a storyline, not with a man but put Vicki back to work at Banner, let her do a big mystery investgation type story, make a big umbella story both her and Todd is after the same story. Vicki doesn’t another man immediately AGAIN!

    Let Tess die and be over, she rages out kills Ford.

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    I read somewhere (thought it was here, actually) that they were sending Charlie off with Echo and that Vicki was going to eventually get back with Clint, after they discover the “brain tumor” that has been making him act out they way he has.

    I guess with three freed up salaries (Charlie, Echo & Langston), that should be enough to cover Roger Howarth!

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    My earliest memory of Brian Kerwin along with Tuc Watkins was on a show called Beggars and Choosers and I have liked him ever since. I think Charlie was written into a corner and it reaffirms that the entire Banks family storyline was poorly conceived, I mean Jared who I never liked became sympathetic with the land speed record Natalie achieved in going back to John and poor Charlie was a scapegoat in Jared’s death when he didn’t need to be esp. since Jared seemed to have been killed off in the name of Jolie: it was a terrible story and then being wrapped in the who’s Rex’s daddy and finally this affair, it was like Fron’s character destruction 101. this role should not be recast, let’s find something esle for Robert Newman.

    I can imagine in this economy steady work is best for even the best actors but I am not worried about BK.

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    SteveHardy – I think that comment from Jamey was directed towards me cause I said that Brians acting were from the scripts given to him. I thought the comment was strange and chose to ignore it cause it was way out of left field for me to get into it. I just watched todays episode and I cant find one thing so horrible about the man. Maybe some of these people are actors and know more than we do?

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    I like Brian Kerwin, but I won’t be sad to see Charlie go. It’s time.

    But I really want Kim Zimmer to stay! (This is where I start whining!) I think OLTL is much better with her there. Plus TPTB haven’t even seen half of what she can do. All I can say to the writers is WRITE for her . . . be creative!

    How about they kill Charlie off while in bed with Echo ( . . . apparently all that love-making and lying has taken a toll on his poor ticker!) Viki will then have to deal with the emotion of mourning her dead husband while dealing publicly with his betrayal and wanting to wring the neck of his equally distraught (dressed in black) mistress, Echo. (Poor Viki, as if she doesn’t have enough to deal with!) Then have Charlie leave his business and everything he owns to Rex and Echo so Echo can move out of the roach motel. Next find a reason for Echo and Clint to be forced to get married . . . spousal immunity over something she finds out about him or something like that. Have this be the last straw pushing Viki to the brink when she realizes that Echo is now step mother to her children, causing her to suffer a break-down. Then have one of her alters try to kill Echo, only to have Clint forced to step in front of the gun to tell Viki’s alter she can’t kill Echo because Echo is really Viki’s sister! . . . or not, LOL! Okay, fine, Robert Newman as a love interest for both Dorian and Echo (although if that happens Robin’s going to have to put a little more into kissing than she did with Cutter . . . KZ and RN’s kisses are legendary!

    LOL, I don’t really care as long as Echo stays.

    As for Brian, I really want to see him in a role (TV, movie or play) where he can really shine. I don’t think we’ve been seeing his best.

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    Why bring Robert Newman in as a character who is already used up and has burnt all his bridges with everyone? Would it be seen as a slap in the face to Erika Slezak to fire her leading man, recast him, and put him with someone else?

    Considering how displeased Kim Zimmer became with having to be paired up with Josh, would she want to deal with another pairing with the same actor?

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    [quote=Carol2]Considering how displeased Kim Zimmer became with having to be paired up with Josh, would she want to deal with another pairing with the same actor?[/quote]

    I never got the impression Kim was ever displeased with being paired with Robert. It seemed most GL viewers were displeased with GL’s executive producer, Ellen Wheeler for . . . well, so many things, but one of them was robbing Kim and Robert of the opportunity to play Reva’s cancer storyline together, and then pairing Robert with the younger actress who played Reva’s sister, which may have been the worst pairing in GL history. The rumor at the time was that EW was trying to send a message that Kim was replaceable but it backfired when RN’s new pairing failed miserably, but KZ’s new pairing with Bradley Cole became very popular.

    But I agree with you, I can’t see any reason to bring RN on as Charlie. The character has run its course! But OLTL definitely needs another man over 50!! Bo is happily married, and well, Clint can only do so much!

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    The rumor was that Kim did not want Josh/Reva back together again. She thought it was played out. She preferred the story with Jeffrey.

    I would be happy to see Robert Newman on OLTL, but not because of Kim Zimmer, and not in a way that would probably seem like disrespect towards Erika Slezak. I would rather see Robert in a new role. If it were me I would have him as Dan Wolek, divorced, with a few kids of various ages, edgy, sexy, but still mature. I would bring back Max Holden and try him with Echo.

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    [quote=Carol2]The rumor was that Kim did not want Josh/Reva back together again. She thought it was played out. She preferred the story with Jeffrey.

    I understand it the same way you did. RN/KZ are friends off screen but that doesn’t mean that KZ didn’t like working with others. She did enjoy doing the Josh/Jeffrey stuff. Actors are doing a job. Stretching and challenging is part of the job they all love to do.

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    Aww, ‘m really said that Brian Kerwin is leaving and just whe I’ve started to love Charlie with Echo!
    Still if we get Robert Newman as a recast Charlie, that would be fabulous, though I’d still love to see Robert as a recast for Caleb on AMC.

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    Daniel St. John

    [quote=sunnydays25]Just let Charlie go. Does Ben Davidson have a twin??? I’d love to see Mark Derwin back :) He could still do that stupid teenager’s life show, too.[/quote]
    Ugh! I don’t think I have hated any character as much as I did Ben Davidson and his pairing with Viki was the most chemistry free disaster I ever had the misfortune of witnessing on TV.
    Leave Mark Derwin right where he is please.

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    [quote=SteveHardy][quote=Jamey Giddens]The scripts have nothing to do with acting choices.[/quote]

    Uuuumm… what?!

    You’re not an actor, are you?[/quote]

    Appleridge’s Response

    Jamey Is Right

    The Writer Writes The Scene But Its The Actor Who decides How To Play The Beats Of The Scene, So If The Acting Sux Its On The Actor.

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    I agree with appleridge. Why are GH actors always praised for their work on the show??? It damn for sure ain’t cause of the shoddy, sloppy, inconsistent, OOC, and often OTT writing, I can tell you that much, since the writing is ripped on quite often and rightfully so, might I add. It’s an actors job to determine the best way to play a scene, no matter how it’s written. Any acting class will tell you that and I took plenty in college for both extra credit and just for fun. We fans can blame the writing all day long, which most of us do… but the actors have jobs to do, and their job is to play the scene in the most believable fashion so that we can buy the crap they’re selling us and overlook the little inconsistencies. Otherwise, they’re ripped on as well and the bad acting overshadows the terrible writing. Even if you’re only in one scene talking about ordering a bucket of fried chicken from KFC, if you want a potential Emmy reel, you better bring it with your ordering skills! :LOL:

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