Wishful Casting: Robert Newman as Charlie Banks on One Life to Live!

While it isn't nice to be happy about anyone being out of a job in this economy, I can't say I'm too upset to hear that Brian Kerwin is reportedly leaving One Life to Live. Charlie Banks started off as an amazing character, and great love interest for Viki (Erika Slezak), but post Jared dying, Kerwin began playing the character as a ham, with an extra helping of cheese grits.

Kerwin certainly isn't the only Llanview denizen prone to scenery chewing, however if I had to see Charlie react to something like a black Big Mama coming down with the Holy Spirit, during a Pentacostal tent revival in the South just one more time, I was gonna start to wondering why no ushers were fanning him.

Wishful Casting: Robert Newman reunites with Kim Zim Zimmer(Echo) as Charlie Banks!


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Carol2 wrote:
Considering how displeased Kim Zimmer became with having to be paired up with Josh, would she want to deal with another pairing with the same actor?

I never got the impression Kim was ever displeased with being paired with Robert. It seemed most GL viewers were displeased with GL's executive producer, Ellen Wheeler for . . . well, so many things, but one of them was robbing Kim and Robert of the opportunity to play Reva's cancer storyline together, and then pairing Robert with the younger actress who played Reva's sister, which may have been the worst pairing in GL history. The rumor at the time was that EW was trying to send a message that Kim was replaceable but it backfired when RN's new pairing failed miserably, but KZ's new pairing with Bradley Cole became very popular.

But I agree with you, I can't see any reason to bring RN on as Charlie. The character has run its course! But OLTL definitely needs another man over 50!! Bo is happily married, and well, Clint can only do so much!

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The rumor was that Kim did not want Josh/Reva back together again. She thought it was played out. She preferred the story with Jeffrey.

I would be happy to see Robert Newman on OLTL, but not because of Kim Zimmer, and not in a way that would probably seem like disrespect towards Erika Slezak. I would rather see Robert in a new role. If it were me I would have him as Dan Wolek, divorced, with a few kids of various ages, edgy, sexy, but still mature. I would bring back Max Holden and try him with Echo.

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[quote=Carol2]The rumor was that Kim did not want Josh/Reva back together again. She thought it was played out. She preferred the story with Jeffrey.

I understand it the same way you did. RN/KZ are friends off screen but that doesn't mean that KZ didn't like working with others. She did enjoy doing the Josh/Jeffrey stuff. Actors are doing a job. Stretching and challenging is part of the job they all love to do.

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Aww, 'm really said that Brian Kerwin is leaving and just whe I've started to love Charlie with Echo!
Still if we get Robert Newman as a recast Charlie, that would be fabulous, though I'd still love to see Robert as a recast for Caleb on AMC.

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sunnydays25 wrote:
Just let Charlie go. Does Ben Davidson have a twin??? I'd love to see Mark Derwin back Smile He could still do that stupid teenager's life show, too.

Ugh! I don't think I have hated any character as much as I did Ben Davidson and his pairing with Viki was the most chemistry free disaster I ever had the misfortune of witnessing on TV.
Leave Mark Derwin right where he is please.

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SteveHardy wrote:
Jamey Giddens wrote:
The scripts have nothing to do with acting choices.

Uuuumm... what?!

You're not an actor, are you?

Appleridge's Response

Jamey Is Right

The Writer Writes The Scene But Its The Actor Who decides How To Play The Beats Of The Scene, So If The Acting Sux Its On The Actor.

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I agree with appleridge. Why are GH actors always praised for their work on the show??? It damn for sure ain’t cause of the shoddy, sloppy, inconsistent, OOC, and often OTT writing, I can tell you that much, since the writing is ripped on quite often and rightfully so, might I add. It’s an actors job to determine the best way to play a scene, no matter how it’s written. Any acting class will tell you that and I took plenty in college for both extra credit and just for fun. We fans can blame the writing all day long, which most of us do... but the actors have jobs to do, and their job is to play the scene in the most believable fashion so that we can buy the crap they're selling us and overlook the little inconsistencies. Otherwise, they're ripped on as well and the bad acting overshadows the terrible writing. Even if you’re only in one scene talking about ordering a bucket of fried chicken from KFC, if you want a potential Emmy reel, you better bring it with your ordering skills! Laughing out loud