Fans Turn Out For Luncheon With Jessica Leccia

One Life to Live and former Guiding Light star Jessica Leccia hung out with fans at the Jessica Leccia Fan Luncheon on March 12. During the event, held at Brother Jimmy’s in New York City, Leccia signed autographs, answered questions and took pictures with fans. See more photos from the Jessica Leccia Fan Luncheon after the jump. 

Jessica Leccia


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    Jessica Leccia really appreciates her fans and treats them very nicely. She’s done great work in Guiding Light and now in One Life To Life and Venice the Series. I really wish they would make use of her more in OLTL.
    We had a blast this weekend and will continue to support her in anything she does.

  2. Profile photo of redblaze18

    Great time! From what I remember of it!
    Jessica continues to be a huge fan favorite!
    Can’t wait to see more of her on One Life to Live & Venice the Series!

  3. Profile photo of Columbus

    Looks as if it was a lovely event; wish I had been in town to attend. I think that Jess did a terrific job on GL and continues to do quality work on Venice.

    The camera certainly loves Jessica Leccia; looking forward to seeing her in primetime soon.

  4. Profile photo of Ringwraiths

    Jessica Leccia has to be one of the most gorgeous and photogenic women around! She looks so beautiful at her fan luncheon. I’m glad Jessica and all of her fans had such a blast at her fan events this weekend. Jessica is indeed a big fan favorite and such a talented actress. I hope her talent and popularity will finally be utilised on One Life to Live! I also can’t wait to see Jessica back as Ani Martin on Venice since she is so fantastic and vibrant on that web series. I’m also really hoping that Jessica lands some more roles on primetime television very soon. Thanks for putting up the Jessica Leccia pics from her fan weekend.

  5. Profile photo of Laura67

    From all pics and comments flying around twitter, it looks like a good time was had by all. While, I’m not sure if a fan event is my personal cup ‘o tea, I have to say if it hadn’t been for work-related scheduling issues, I would have made an exception for JL.

    While I miss her as a romantic lead from her time on GL, I’m still glad to see her on daytime as part of OLTL, just wish they give her some meatier dialogue – lots of potential storyline just seem to drop by the wayside once the new year hit. Regardless, I’d be totally bummed if she wasn’t on my TV, so I’ll take what I can get.

    Weren’t there also some skits with fans that took place? Would love to hear about those.

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    I had a wonderful time at Jess’s Luncheon. I was really looking forward to this event and it more than lived up to my expectations. Jess is beautiful on the inside and out – she’s adorkable. :)

    The Question & Answer session was a lot of fun, as was the scene re-enactments.

    Can’t wait to do this again next year. :)

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