General Hospital’s Pullos and Ainsworth Win Young Artist Awards

Congratulations to two of daytime's finest young actresses. General Hospital's sisterly duo of Haley Pullos (Molly Lansing) and Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina Corinthos) both won at the 32nd Annual Young Artists Awards. Pullos took home the top prize for Best Performance in a Daytime Series Young Actress 12 and Under, while Ainsworth won for Best Performance in a Daytime Series, Young Actress. These two are most definitely going places. Other soapy winners included: Mick Hazen (ex-Parker, As The World Turns) and Tate Berney (AJ, All My Children). 

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    How have you been, darling???? :love: :love:

    As much as I love Julie Marie Berman, I really hope she doesn’t pull a THREEpeat like Jennifer Landon and Jennifer Finnigan did. This really should be Lexi’s year!!!!

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    Lexi looks really grown up here… perhaps they should try that more on the show??? I also agree that she is deserving of the Emmy nod this year. Congrats to both she and Haley Pullos on the Young Artists awards! They really look like Alexis here, LOL.

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    Congrats to both girls!!!
    GH really know how to pick their young actors!!

    I really hope Lexis gets the Emmy this year her work n the Abuse SL was AMAZING also Haley!!

    Alston JMB is pre- nominated n supporting roll…

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    GHLover and JS3557–

    Thanks for the reminders. I forgot that she moved up this year. I guess I expected her to be like Bryton James and spend the next TWENTY years in the Younger acting category. LOL!!!!

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