Spotted: DAYS’ Shawn Christian Shopping at The Beverly Center

Days of Our Lives’ Shawn Christian (Daniel) was spotted at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles on March 8. The actor paused briefly from spending his hard earned cash to let the photographer snap a couple pictures before continuing with his day. See more photos after the jump.

Shawn Christian

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    If Days weren’t already doing this story with Rafe, I’d have Daniel turn out to be Peter Blake with plastic surgery with the real Daniel imprisoned somewhere. Then Jack can come back and save Jennifer from Peter/Daniel’s evil love.

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    OMG!! I used to have that EXACT same shirt about five or six years ago. Of course, I have LONG since thrown it out. Something tells me that Shawn and I would get along FAMOUSLY!!! I also heard that he once spent $70 on a CANDLE. He seems like a sweetie pie!!!

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    The boy needs to stay out the sun. He is gonna look like Bob Barker on that stupid insurance commercial if he doesn’t. He does seem like a nice guy but if Dr Daniel never graced my screen again, I would be just as happy. Dr McCreepy is about a step away from necrophilia with his boner for the latest Salem girl with a medical issue. He HAD to bring Jennifer back from the dead so he could get a date….. I am sure this is some sort of new Munchausen type dissorder.

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