Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott Talks Victor and Nikki’s Stormy Relationship

Does the girl from the Bayou club really want Mr. Mumbles back? TV Guide's Michael Logan gets the 411 from The Young and the Restless' Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) who reveals if her alter ego still wants a crack at Victor (Eric Braeden).

TV Guide Magazine: The outta-nowhere marriage of Victor [Eric Braeden] and Diane [Maura West] is also driving Nikki booze-batty. Did she really think she still had a chance with The Mustache?

Thomas Scott: Oh, yes, I think maybe she did. Don't forget she and Victor had that recent roll in the hay — literally! — on Victor's birthday. Plus Nikki has always hated Diane and because Maura is so good in the role, Nikki hates her even more now! It's so great to have Maura in the cast. So, yeah, Nikki is trying to escape Deacon and Victor, making alcohol even more important to her than ever. She's lost her morals. There's a disturbing episode coming up where the enormity of it really struck me. Let's face it, Nikki's now having a secret life. She's a hider, and hiding means lies. In this episode I'm referring to, Nikki's kids Victoria [Amelia Heinle] and Nicholas [Joshua Morrow] come to Nikki's hotel room because they're worried she's drinking again and Nikki lies — Oscar worthy lies! —right to their faces. When the whole thing was over, I felt horrible! It was like a punch in my stomach. I realized this was a line Nikki has never crossed. She has never deceived her children. She has never sunk to that level. It was a hugely impactful moment for me. And then her best friend, Kay [Jeanne Cooper], is also sniffing around thinking Nikki is drinking, and Nikki is lying to her, too. So it's all really horrible and really dicey. It's not looking good for Nikki at all. [Laughs] But for me it's great! It's so much fun to play!

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To find out what Thomas Scott thinks about Deacon's (Sean Kanan) betrayl click here!

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  1. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Melody is such a class act. Of course, we all know that her not being pre-nominated is the complete and total BULLCOCKIE, but it’s like she said, if you don’t bring doughnuts to set and kiss ass, you are pretty much screwed over at Y&R when it comes to Emmy consideration. Sigh.

    But it appears that she is used to being overlooked. She once said that she was “just like Susan Lucci, only she never even gets nominated.” This really did seem like her year. I had my fingers crossed for her.


    :( :( :( :(

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Great interview! I love MTS’s take on Nikki, because it’s how I always saw her. :)

    And I’m excited that Deacon doesn’t seem to give up on Nikki and there is another man on her way. :) And yeah, I like the RUMOR that it’s Jack. :)

    Also liked what she had to say about the Emmy pre-noms.

  3. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I was watching Y&R yesterday and thinking to myself what a complete travesty it was regarding MTS’s lack of Emmy consideration. For my money, the woman’s been doing career-best work for the last year(and she was unbelievably good in yesterday’s ep); she should have been head and shoulders Y&R’s top Lead Actress pre-nominee this year(and this is coming from someone who practically worships the Stafford and thinks Jeanne Cooper’s pretty darn swell herself). Again, this just goes back to what the prenomination process really is–an ass-kissing joke.

  4. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I heard that the new man for Nikki is Jack, who’s finding out that she returned to the bottle and tries to help her.

    I can’t think of Flanery’s character being tied to Nikki. And Tucker just seems to much out of Nikki’s orbit.

  5. Profile photo of akbad806

    “Didn’t Tucker and Nikki know each other when he came to town?”

    I seem to recall a brief tete-a-tete between these two, but it never amounted to anything. However, Tucker and Nikki wouldn’t be HALF as drippy as Tucley. UGH!!! I love Eileen Davidson and Stephen Nichols, but they look more like bro and sis than lovers. I know ya’ll across America have thought the same thing, I just keeps it real.

    In fact, I think Nikki would finally brighten Tucker up. SN’s version is all constipated and a bad clone of Victor. It sickens me to think where we’d be if Eric Braeden had left last year or whenever he was threatening to walk. Tucker is no replacement for TGNV!

    But anyway, I hope they don’t pair Jack and Nikki together. It’s too repetitive and I like him with Red Head Skank.

  6. Profile photo of capwell

    Both Stephen Nichols and Eileen Davidson are completely wasted on Y&R. He just doesn’t seem to fit in there somehow, and she did her best work on Days.

  7. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    You mean ANOTHER man is coming to Genoa City that Sharon will sleep with? In the words of Gomer Pyle: SURPRISE SURPRISE!

    I totally can’t deal with Sharon. She goes ON AND ON about her great love for whatever man of the day (Nick, Adam) then when she finally STEALS them from whatever woman they are with at the time, she no longer wants them and moves on to the next bed.

  8. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    Oh..my bad. In my loathing of Sharon I forgot to talk about Melody.

    Completly classy comments about the Emmy thing. She knows her work is good and she knows she deserves it but she is NOT going to stoop to the role of rallying and bribing for a vote. Class act!

  9. Profile photo of Smitty

    Melody I love you!!!!

    From your biggest fan!!!

    I pray this new man (ha!) in her life is Jack! I have been dying for a rekindling of that romance forever. Jack needs to stick it to Victor. It would be great to see.

  10. Profile photo of Restless Vixen
    Restless Vixen

    I love Melody Thomas Scott, too!

    And I would love if Jack dumped the dumpster diver Phyllis and rekindled a romance with Nikki. I loved them together back in the day and have always thought Jack is her man, not Victor. And not just because it would get to Victor (even though it would serve him right). I think Nikki has always been Jack’s one true love, and vice-versa.

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