BLIND ITEM: Which Former West Coast Soap Ingenue Just Booked a High Profile Drama Pilot?

It didn't take long for this former West Coast soap princess to find a new gig. Just a few, short months after news broke she was leaving daytime, the thesp has booked one of this fall's hottest drama pilots. Expect the news to drop any day now…

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    If it is her and that show, I see her playing a young trophy wife. As cliche as that kind of part is, I imagine her being a breakout character.

    Between Kristin Chenoweth and Annie Potts being a part of this and now possibly MCE, I may have to look at this w/new eyes, b/c I was writing this off as the new ABC regime to recapture the magic they had w/”Desperate Housewives”. And maybe this could be the show that brings that creator out of irrelevance.

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    I’m leaning towards Missy Egan as well but I have no idea on what show since I don’t really follow that stuff.

    MCE would be awesome in anything and she deserves the best!!!

    ETA: good christian bitches sounds awesome, read the synopsis, great cast as well.

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    Technically, Ashley Jones and Natalia Livingston aren’t “ingenues” either. The more I think about it, Melissa is not really an “ingenue” either. All three are seasoned soap actresses who have YEARS of experience. Good point, DynamiteKiddo.

    I would have to say Shelley Hennig now that I’ve thought about it some more.

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    My first thought was Shelley Hennig. She is the only one young enough to still be called a soap princess/ingenue. But I could be wrong of course. If it is Shelley, GOOD FOR HER!

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    It could be Shannon Kane.

    Jamey also used the word “thesp” which makes me lean towards MCE over the other candidates. On twitter he used the word “princess”.

    If it’s not MCE, I won’t be too upset since I secretely hope she returns to AMC. LOL

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    Shelly Henning did just book a lead role in “Secret Circle,” [sorry if I’m spoiling anything,] but she doesn’t really strike me as the “ingenue” type. Could it be Melissa Claire Egan? If it’s her, I hope it’s a juicey role. She does coniving so &very* well.

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