Star Jones and Lisa Rinna’s Celebrity Apprentice Feud Heats Up!

The claws have come out! Don't expect to see Celebrity Apprentice competitors Star Jones and Lisa Rinna getting their nails done together anytime soon. Our Zap2It pal, Liz Nelson is reporing Rinna posted two pics on her Twitter page bashing Jones. In the first pic, Rinna snaps a photo of a toothy monster mask with the title, "Star Jones without her wig on!" Ouch! 

The second picture shows Rinna posing next to a horned demon with the caption, "Great shot of me and Star Jones!" The drama doesn't stop there, E! Online alleges Rinna has also sent Jones some very nasty emails and and tweets since the show has wrapped. Jones has allegedly brought in NBC's legal department. Jones is also rumored to have contacted the Trump Organization and Mark Burnett Productions in order to silence Rinna's alleged harassment. A representative for Jones told E!:

Star declined to make the cause of concern public as to not take away from her purpose of doing the show, which is charity.

For now, Jones isn't bringing the claims to the spotlight in order to avoid destroying Rinna's reputation. So far, Rinna has removed the tweets and pics bashing Jones but they can be viewed here. I can't wait for the live finale!

Star Jones Photo by PR Photos.

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    Starr PIG Jones isn’t doing anything for charity. Its all about publicity and getting back into the limelight.
    I hated her before, and now I have added Dionne Warwick to the list. >)

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    Wow those two little pictures and starr is calling LEGAL? Good lord, I thought entertainers had to have thick skin. And Jaq I totally agree with you – after the way Dionne spoke to Marlee…I really have to stop watching my musical icons on tv as I have lost about even more respect for dionne this year than I did for Cyndi lauper during her season.

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    I watched Monday night. I won’t do that again.
    I have to watch it the night of. I felt the other women didn’t go to Lisa’s defense as they should have. Only Marley. Starr is a PIG. And Warwick is her PIGLET.
    Talk about “Attitude”

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    I’m not Star Jones’ biggest fan, but I’m even less of a fan of Lisa Rinna. Ever since those awful plastic surgeries, I’ve been convinced that the woman is mentally unstable.

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    Jillian maybe I am just not seeing it but the articles both reference “other emails” but when I click I only see the two twitpics. It seems odd that the show rapped, none of this comes out and the fan reactions are mostly pro lisa and now this.

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    I have tried my hardest not to follow Starr Jone’s career. I watched the View for awhile when she was on and stopped, because I couldn’t stand her. And at that time, she was descent compared to now! ;)

    From her wedding, to which she promoted on the show to get free things from sponsors, to bits & pieces of comments/statements she has made throughout the years, she has really left a nasty taste with me. Perhaps publically getting fired from the View was too much of an ego let down?

    My dislike for this women has very little to do with Lisa Rinna.
    I don’t believe in plastic surgery. IMO it makes you look worse. However, that is so trivia in comparison to how back stabbing, mean Starr Jones is.
    Watching Starr on the show,only reinforced for me what I have thought of her throughout the years. The difference was, IMO she made an ASS out of her self in primetime. (applaud) If I were to asked to describe one word to describe her I would say ‘pitiful’. I don’t care what Lisa writes about her on twitter. Star is playing the ‘victim’ for more publicity, which is what I am right now guilty of giving to her.

    Dionne Warwick was an added SHOCK to me. I thought better of her. Should her music come on in my truck, I will turn her off. She sickens me just as much.

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