General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Has a Gun?

Here’s the Scoop!

Michael has a gun? He’s about to shoot Abby’s ex Brandon when Jason arrives and stops him. There is trouble ahead for Michael. Abby must drop the charges against her abusive ex in order to keep Michael safe. Will Michael not care about the sacrifices made for him? He’s going to keep Abby safe, no matter what, but did he kill Brandon?

Suzanne is back in town! What could she possible have with her? Or is it who?

Robin and Patrick go to marriage counseling… is Kristina their babysitter? It looks like Lisa will try to use Krissy as her new way in by befriending Sonny’s daughter.

Carly wants Sam to give Jason a baby… to ease his pain of losing Jake. Here we go… sorry I’m trying to keep my bias out of this. Jason will tell Sam how much he regrets not being Jake’s father.

Book signing? Are we getting a little Spixie time? Sam convinces Spinelli into going to a book signing that Maxie set up.

Jake… we should see the fallout from Jake’s hit and run play out for a bit. The two other drivers on the road? It looks like it MAY be Suzanne and Theo. A lot of people want to know if this was the original story planned before GH decided to keep Rebecca Herbst. From what I’ve heard, yes it is. The difference is that Elizabeth was supposed to lose her mind and get her room back at Shadybrook. Will we still see some of that? Some RUMORS say Elizabeth will hear Jake. Aiden’s paternity still needs to be revealed. Elizabeth will be reeling from the loss of her son and silently dealing with the truth.

Bye Bye Brook Lynn? She MAY be going out on tour. Nikolas will be making a decision about their future.

Brenda’s Birthday… Sonny surprises her and she’s surprised he remembered. He’s your husband, it’s his job to remember.

Lucky and Siobhan… the Ides of March pass and it looks like they may marry in April Showers. Will Lucky be a little drunky for awhile?


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    Does anyone get the feeling it might just turn out to be Luke and his drinking and driving that kills poor little Jake. Could this actually be more motivated by social issues and not just about killing off Liason? (okay, just throwing out a theory, I don’t really believe it either);-)

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    Great gravy, that kid NEVER learns!!!! MyKill has officially returned.

    [quote] Carly wants Sam to give Jason a baby… to ease his pain of losing Jake. [/quote]

    Sigh. I could say something, but won’t, for many reasons. All I will say is that just this sentence alone, if looking at the other threads is any indication, will undoubtedly piss people off. I’m not prepared for what’s to come, quite frankly.

    Brooklyn goes??? BYE! See ya!

    And really, about Sonny remembering Brenda’s birthday, so right Regan!! He’s her freaking husband. Why would you be SURPRISED he remembered, especially since you just got married?? Most people would be SURPRISED or ANGRY if he forgot. This show…

    So the Luck of his Irish actually gets hitched, hmmm? Oy.

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    Luke being the driver would open up tons of storyline for him, Lucky, and Liz. Would she be able to forgive Luke? Would Lucky be able to forgive his father? Would Lucky turn to the bottle again and finally become more like his old man? Would Luke be able to forgive himself and not wreck his life over what he’s done? Would Liz be able to forgive Lucky if his father was the one? Would Liz and Lucky find their way slowly back to one another? I would like it to be Lisa just to get her off my screen, but the heavy hitter storylines could play out for years to come just on Luke being the driver.

    Michael’s turning out to be a punk. Granted in life you really need to make your own mistakes in order to see your way, but he really should listen to the people who are trying to help him out.

    I’m so sick of Lisa. Gosh already get that woman off my screen.

    Not going to comment on the Sam/Liz/Jake stuff. There’s too much upheaval on this site about it already. I will say I’m looking forward to the Maxie stuff though, even if it involves Spinelli. We’re going to need a bit of light fluffy stuff to balance the heaviness in the weeks to come.

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    Michael has a gun??? Yawn. This is Port Charles, isn’t it?? Hell, I thought EVERYONE had a gun. Josslyn will probably have a gun before she learns her ABCs. I joke, of course, but I really thought Michael would be smarter than this. He’s not a “dumb teen” anymore. Give the kid a few brain cells. And some common sense wouldn’t hurt either. I really thought he’d be smarter after getting out of PRISON. I mean, this is a SOMEWHAT intriguing story, but it is also kinda redonkulous.

    Speaking of misplaced brain cells, are we expected to believe that Kristina is NAIVE enough to trust Lisa, especially considering how much crap she’s been through over the past few years????

    I wish that Brook Lynn would hit the bricks………and take Lisa and Siobhan with her. Lisa is a cartoon villainess who is little else other than a great big SNOOZE.

    I also will refrain from making any “JaSam” or “Liason” related comments since I am a neutral party and really have no horses in that race. I will keep watching, but it’s going to take me a while to get over the death of this poor little baby. But I will say: The idea of having a child to replace a child that one has already lost is ridiculous and insulting. After all, we are talking about a human life here, not a pair of expensive slingbacks with a broken heel that needs to be replaced or an IPod that accidentally got dropped in the toilet. Healing and grief aren’t that cut and dry.

    I hate to sound like a gloomy gus/sourpuss, but Brenda and Sonny really don’t interest me that much anymore, and Lucky and Siobhan have NEVER interested me.

    So much for love in the afternoon………

    Off to look at shirtless pictures of Brandon Barash…… ;) ;) ;) ;)

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    I really find this story line of Michael risking his parole by carrying a gun ridiculous. What happened to the story line where he was going to be traumatized by his rape in jail… and then learning how to cope with what happened to him. I saw him go to a therapy session, and freezing up from having sex with Abby..was that it? Does the show really want to minimize how he was effected by his jail experience and rape, by having him act so irresponsibly and …frankly moronic? Risking his freedom and showing that he learned absolutely NOTHING from the experience is very annoying.

    They HAD been doing a good job maturing this Michael. He was being written as solid hero type…pretty much emulating his Uncle Jason to a degree..As the guy that the women in his life come running to for help and advice. Now he is acting like a idiot…That is how I feel about it…I say send him back to jail…Maybe this time he will learn a lesson.

    As for having another baby to take Jake’s place…very poor taste….I will not elaborate anymore on this at this time.

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    Michaela had a gun (under his bed for Morgan to find) before didn’t he? I mean its not like its a riveting set of circumstances. Jason is always there for Michael pulling out all stops too bad he didn’t do it for his own kid.

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    I love that Dante was all fired against Jason yesterday but WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE KID’S LEGAL GUARDIAN??? Jason or Dante???
    Dante was the last one to hear about Abby, doesn’t realize how much Michael wants to be part of his dad’s business but of course he wants to arrest Jason??? And is trying to reduce Michael’s parole? Is he that dumb? Look at what Michael’s is doing while still on parole and still scared to go back to jail! How is it a good idea to reduce his parole time so that now he can go full time working with Daddy? And now Michael will have a gun? Where? How did he get it?

    Instead of dreaming about Brenda, banging Lulu and whining about his precious self and his internal conflicts to his own Barbie, what about REALLY trying to take care of Michael?
    Dante told Michael to stay put but Michael ran away with Jason. That shows how much Michael respects his legal guardian’s instructions. And of course after the big speeches to Lulu and Sonny about doing his job now, the first thing that Dante is doing is let Michael go.
    He should have taken Michael to the PCPD just to formally question the kid and SCARE HIM (before releasing him to prove my point that he is toatlly unable to do his job properly).
    But no, Michael gets a free pass and Dante comes to Jason to make stupid threats in his condescending tone.

    Hey Dante, we heard the exact same threats against Sonny more than a year ago. Sonny shot you in the meantime and almost killed your sister. But is Sonny in jail as you promised? Last time I checked… NO!!! So stop the BS and take care for Michael instead of being so self centered.

    As for the rest, as I already said, I hope it is Luke and that it will give fantastic scenes to TG, JJ and JE. I would be more than pissed if they killed Jake to make Theo, Suzanne or Lisa the driver. You can get rid of those three anytime you want and don’t need to sacrifice a legacy kid for that. But a drunk Luke killing his and Tracy’s grandchild? That would be something I would find interesting to watch. If it is properly written of course.

    Sad for Brook. Always thought she could have made a great couple with Johnny as they were both into music. They had a good start. But it was stopped abruptly for no reason. But Nook bores me to death so… But that is one more Q out. Not good to be a Quartermaine lately.

    Glad that Robin doesn’t seem to give a complete free pass to Patrick yet as he is the sole responsible of this whole mess. Kristina and Lisa? Are you kidding me?

    Spinelli on tour to promote a book for ABC. That sounds exciting… I understand that they would need Maxie to at least try to get a few viewers to watch that.

    Sam/Jason/Liz/Carly: even as a Liason fan, like others here, I don’t see the point of commenting seeing how on both sides things are so heated up.
    Just saying that Carly potentially pimping a Jasam baby reminds me of Lucky and Maxie suddenly pimping Dante to Lulu and I feel the same “where the hell does that come from”. I could see that type of comments to Sam from Maxie who is close to Sam but they need Carly to do it? Really? How does she even know that Sam could have a baby now???

    Finally regarding Liz, losing it or not I know that Becky will rock her scenes.

  8. Profile photo of aramis270

    Hey Alston, if you want to share your shirtless pictures of BB, be my guest LOL :)

    BTW, I met him at Broadway Cares, he had his shirt on ( :( )but he is even hotter in real life than on my screen (and him and BA are soc cute together and so nice with their fans).
    Only Ted King and Ric Hearst can reach that same level of hotness for me :)

    Hoping my hubby will never read this… ;)

  9. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    The only thing hotter to me than a shirtless Brandon Barash would be him wearing a SKIN TIGHT shirt. The tighter the better. What can I say? I’m a hormonal 20-something gay man. It doesn’t take much to rile me up, but Brandon’s certainly got the skills to pay the bills. :D :D

    Lord, you done got me all riled up. Cold shower time.

    He is sooooooooo sexy. It should be against the law to be that damned hot!!!!!

    Talk to you in about 10 minutes after I’m done with my cold shower. ;) ;) ;) ;)

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    Killing Jake is so short sighted on GH’s part. No wonder they have to bring in newbies. They keep killing off anyone who is not an offspring of Sonny.

    Really looking forward to the Spixie scenes. Oh, how I’ve missed them.

  11. Profile photo of stubz

    This Jake stuff is so sad and pointless. Guza runs out of ideas in his peanut brain so he thinks “I know let’s kill off a child and another legacy character, everybody loves it when a child dies and since we already had one abused by her boyfriend, and one raped in prison we have to meet our child torturing quota” Guza sucks and I’m not even a Liason or Jasam fan, I just think this is plot driven and disgusting.
    Oh and bye bye Hookie Brookie can’t say I’ll miss you!

  12. Profile photo of stubz

    This Jake stuff is so sad and pointless. Guza runs out of ideas in his peanut brain so he thinks “I know let’s kill off a child and another legacy character, everybody loves it when a child dies and since we already had one abused by her boyfriend, and one raped in prison we have to meet our child torturing quota” Guza sucks and I’m not even a Liason or Jasam fan, I just think this is plot driven and disgusting.
    Oh and bye bye Hookie Brookie can’t say I’ll miss you!

  13. Profile photo of badass

    stubz: we have to meet our child torturing quota”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself!!!!

    I just finish watching gh and this crap is crazy!!!! Guza just quit please I beg you please seriously if you even pay attention to these boards we really just want you to quit please :((

  14. Profile photo of keanna

    As always thanks for the spoilers, Regan!!!! Sorry about that Regan got Guza rumors on the brain!!! :) :)

    I mean I guess it’s too much to ask that Michael ACTUALLY goes to school and make something of himself, but I guess that’s just me.

    So now Lisa’s going to use Kristina, can she just go now!!!!!

    I would prefer Brook Lynn to leave they have painted her into a corner and she and Nik just don’t work.

  15. Profile photo of Kazy24

    Well, they had to find some way to pimp a Jasam baby, but why they have decided to use Carly to do it? I can’t fathom. I get she is Jason’s BFF, but trying to replace the son he just lost with a new baby is tacky even for Carly. I know carly does some effed up things, but I can’t see her doing this as she has her own very sick child she needs to focus on. While I know she would be there for Jason, I guess I just figured her attention would be on Joss, who will be recovering from surgery and fighting stage 5 cancer…which isn’t cured by one cancerous organ being removed and replaced. Stupid stupid writers.

    And honestly, Michael is beginning to grate on my nerves. I understand he went through a trauma, and there is no way he could get over being raped in such a short amount of time. There are many ways he would go about dealing with this- he could have angry outbursts, he could withdraw from those around him, he could seek more help to try and work this out etc. But NO. The writers turn him into Sonny’s mini me wannabe. The fact that all of these people have gone out of their way to help him and warn him away from the mob and he still insists on acting idiotic is trying my patience. Michael is a bright guy and could have such a wonderful future ahead of him if he would just stay away from his dad’s idiotic career choice. Hopefully this makes sense. I would never try to lessen the emotional toll rape takes on someone, even if that someone is fictional.

    Kristina has seemed rather dim in the past, but please tell me they aren’t going to make her completely moronic and have her befriend Dr. steal your man? Lisa’s time is up, she needs to go!

    I like that scrubs will be seeking counseling. For once the writers are thinking about real world reactions to their storyline.

    I DON’T WANT anymore Lush. Please just make it go away! They are so ridiculously boring!

    Bye bye Brook! I wish I could say it’s been fun, but I gave up sarcasm for Lent ;)

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    MyKill just wants to be some ginormous guy’s bitch. Please make his wishes come true. Do a Cole with him already!

    Two Quartermaine heirs murdered in one week, way to go LUZA!

  17. Profile photo of Belinda

    How STUPID is Michael suppose to be? This ENTIRE Piece of crap s/l about Mikey still wanting to be in the mob is ridiculous. Astoundingly ridiculous. Beyond words ridiculous.

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