CONFIRMED: Tyler Christopher OUT At General Hospital!


Sorry Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) fans, looks like the rumor has come true. ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting via  Twitter , the General Hospital actor has been fired. The magazine tweeted:
Breaking news… And on a weekend no less. The Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) rumor has been confirmed. He's been let go from #GH.

No word on Christopher's last air date. Damn, I was really getting into his storyline with Adrianne Leon (Brook).

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    I say GOOD RIDDANCE. I wish him well, but he TECHNICALLY checked out of GH a LONG time ago. In 99% of this scenes over the past year or so, he looked like he was half sleep/half “Who gives a damn?.”

    I hope he hasn’t burned his bridges with GH b/c he has left the show before and come crawling back after all his other wells ran dry. I hope this won’t be a repeat of the same.

    GH should recast this role. Without Nikolas around, I fear that Constance Towers/Helena will also be written out of the equation as well. In this case, I see no reason why the show shouldn’t go on.

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    I think Tyler Christopher was sacrificed due in large part because of GH having to re-hire Rebecca Herbst. They had to cut the fat from somewhere, so they might as well cut Tyler in order to save some money since the re-hiring of Herbst. But that’s JMO!

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    Rumors about Tyler, and even Ingo, were swirling long before Becky was fired and then later rehired. GH had the big budget slash, so they were starting to cut people from the top regardless. Becky was just the first reported ouster, but the others were coming no matter. Not to mention, GH keeps hiring newbies. And since vets cost more, they all are being sacrificed for the sake of a dime, either fired or salary slashes. Not to mention whatever VMG got to return for a year. THAT’S where I think they had major budget issues. If Rebecca Budig got a purported million to return to AMC, there’s no telling how much GH’s golden girl got to return.

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    Sorry to see anyone lose their job in this environment, but I have to agree with alstonboy, Tyler checked out of GH a long time ago. It’s a shame because he really is a talented actor. Best of luck to him!

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    I LOVE Tyler and I HATE that we are losing the only real Cassadine character remaining on this show..Do we know if they are re-casting the role? Hopefully they won’t kill the character off so that possibly Tyler will be able to come back some day!

    Good Luck with the Lying Game Tyler!

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    Sometimes it’s the character, sometimes it’s the actor and ideally it’s both: for Nik, I like the actor but not the character and I never really have; Lucky may have softened but I didn’t with the exception of the his friendships with Liz and Robin.

    I trace what looked to this viewer like Tyler’s dissatisfaction back to the end of Tyler and Natalia’s relationship which is too bad because surely there are backstage relationships both happy and horrible which are never revealed and certainly never affect what is on screen.

    I felt bad for him then and I feel bad for him now but as I said regarding Guza and myself: sometimes the job is weighing you down but you can’t bring yourself to quit and getting fired is the blessing for you to move on and find your joy again.

    Edited to add: I am sorry that Alexis who I love dearly will be left without family other than her children, I think the Cassadines and Qs have more storyline potential than all of the newbies combined. And in this economy I don’t believe that vets cost so much more than newbies; people want and need work.

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    Tyler can be a damn good actor when he wants to. He was amazing when Emily passed away, during the amnesia storyline and when Stefan was found dead.

    However, I don’t think it worked in his favor when he whined and complained about his lack of a storyline to one of the magazines in late 2010/early 2011. I don’t think TPTB like that sort of thing. I’m sure they never forgot what he said, despite his long tenure on the show.

    Good luck to him.

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    I hate this because it’s again someone not involved in the Mob-centric world of Sonny Corinthos. I might not have liked Tyler’s acting as of late but I would still take him over any of the extras we have in the land of the Sopranos

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    Hope they don’t gut GH like they did Days when they had to cut back. Now we are left with very few vets (although I must admit they do use the ones they kept.) and a bunch of irritating newbys. Oh and although this IS showing some diversity, I wish the Hernandez’s would leave town. (lol I complain whe the shows are too white and complain when they introduce a little color….)

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    I feel that IF job performance was a factor then TC was the one to go with. As Alstonboy and others have said- he just wasn’t present in his scenes and looked as if he didn’t give one crap about the job he was doing. That being said, it is sad that these cuts have to be made and I wish TC the very best in his next endeavors because he is a talented actor! I hope he finds something he can be truly passionate about!

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    Does he even remember the meaning of the words “commitment” and “performance” anymore?? Judging from the lion’s share of his performances, I would definitely say NO. Perhaps if he had given more than his usual 25%, they might have felt more inclined to keep him around, but he really has become dead weight, hardly worth the time, energy and paper it took to print out his scripts.

    Whatever happened to GRATITUDE? Thanks for giving me a job that has allowed me to provide for my family for over a decade??? Nope. Just sour grapes. Guess some people are never really satisfied in life.(Kanye shrug!) :~ :~

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    On the one hand I’m sad to see another Cassadine and vet go b/c I do love the Cassadines and don’t like that pointless newbies seem to be taking over the show. But on the other hand, I agree with alstonboy about Tyler having checked out long ago. I think if GH had replaced Tyler with a cardboard cutout, it would have taken me weeks to notice for all the effort he was putting into his scenes. If Guza was willing to write for the Cassadines, I would be fine with a Nik recast who doesn’t seem like he’s more interested in what he’s going to have for lunch than in actually being present in his scenes.

    That being said, I do wish TC the best of luck in his future endeavors b/c I still hate to see anyone out of a job in this economy. It seems like he has a lot of projects going on outside of GH which I think was really smart of him to do.

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