DC #611: Dishing The Soaps With TV Guide’s Michael Logan

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast TV Guide's Michael Logan joins Jamey Giddens, Luke Kerr, Jillian Bowe, Regan Cellura and Melodie Aikels to discuss all the latest soap opera hot topics and news, including:

Soap Opera Digest reported that Bob Guza could be on his way out, before the story was later discounted by ABC. If Guza had left General Hospital, would it have been a good thing or bad thing for the show? Logan weighs in on GH’s decision to kill off baby Jake and teases the fallout from the storyline.

Jamey asks Logan to provide insight into One Life to Live’s continued red herrings about Roger Howarth’s version of Todd Manning. Could Howarth still return to Llanview? ABC continues to develop talk shows, but will one of them replace an ABC soap? (Editor's Note: This podcast was recorded prior to Deadline.com's story about the possible cancellation of All My Children on March 21, 2011) Find out if Logan thinks All My Children should keep their current head writers.

Jamey is dreaming of DAYS with Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn back in Salem where they belong, thanks to a Soap Opera Digest article. Get Logan’s take on whether or not they might return. Meanwhile, Jamey is warming up to Daniel and Jennifer (Shawn Christian and Melissa Reeves), but what where does that leave his love for Jack (Matt Ashford)? Logan ponders what the brass at  All My Children thought when they learned Tamara Braun was interested in returning to soaps and had signed on to DAYS.  Jillian is digging Natalia Livingston as Taylor.

The last time Logan dropped by the Daytime Confidential podcast no one was very happy with The Young and the Restless. Does the veteran soap journo think things have improved in Genoa City?

It appears Stephanie and Brooke’s (Susan Flannery and Katherine Kelly Lang) truce is over on The Bold and the Beautiful, thanks to Thomas (Adam Gregory) tonguing his stepmommy down in Paris. Jamey wants to see Thomas and Brooke get it on more now than ever. Logan discusses his recent interview with Brad Bell and whether or not Thomas could still end up being gay.

The Daytime and Pop Confidential gang love Showtime’s Shameless and it turns out the Logan does too! Also learn what he thinks about this season of Celebrity Apprentice, featuring former daytime divas Star Jones and Lisa Rinna, and so much more!

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39 Responses

  1. Profile photo of TomZulawski

    Really? I mean Really, I just listened to this podcast. If TPTB think the way you all spoke, including Michael Logan, they might as well cancel the all the shows. Everything Bob Guza has done to this show has brought it to a level of crap. Seriously? are you telling me this is the best ABC can do for General Hospital, if this is true just get it over with and cancel the show.

  2. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Jamie, Marly told me Lumina returned her to her natural state and that it was really Vicki that shrunk. I much prefered the show when Cynthia Watros subbed for Jensen Buchanan.

  3. Profile photo of Everett

    I always felt that Guza was a talented writer, I just never liked his vision for GH. However, Jake’s death has me watching again regularly for the first time in at least 10 years. Great acting by all, the hospital is front and center and the young characters are all descendent’s of core families. I would have loved to see Audrey and Lesley at the hospital but I guess I can’t have it all. I may just be hooked again.

    I would also like to say that I think All My Children is the best it has been in years. Not perfect but enjoyable and recognizable. As someone who has been watching off and on since 1983 I have seen the good (Wisner Washam), the bad (Margaret DePriest) and the ugly (MacTavish part 3)! I think DK and DS are doing very well as head writers.

  4. Profile photo of coolblue

    With all due respect to Michael Logan, if you can’t go back 15 years then why has Guza ripped off Claire Labine’s BJ/Maxie beautufully written story, among others?

  5. Profile photo of tylerbo20

    i almost fell on the floor when they said that the DH’s were at NBC for free hair cuts lol…and then the best line…maybe Deidre Hall was borrowing some Purple Paint love it i thought i was the only one that noticed….glad to hear they might be coming back…will help the show in my opinion. and please i dont want to hear how much you hate them now lol..

  6. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I readily admit, I grade soaps on a curve @Tom. I have to to keep doing this. Does GH compare to itself when I started watching in the early 90’s? Absolutely not. Does it have the best acting and dialogue of the six remaining soaps on daytime? For me, yep, so I weigh that into my analysis. None of them are what they once were, or could be, but GH has at least gone away from doppelgangers and people telling, not showing in every single scene. Even OLTL, which I love, still “sounds” like a soap, with all the “Oh My GAWD, Dorian Lord!” moments and I think they do that intentionally, to kind of spoof old school soaps, but even a bad GH story these last few years tends to be much better than a good DAYS story.

  7. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Michael Logan is totally full of crap. He seemed to be playing nice about GH so he can keep getting exclusives from the show. This is why I respect bloggers over magazine journalists. They’ll say whatever they need to not to burn any bridges instead of telling the truth…

    I also don’t like how AMC is always talked about like it’s a big joke, while GH is forever put up on a pedestal, even when it’s horrible. AMC had made HUGE mistakes over the years, but so has all the other soaps.

  8. Profile photo of TomZulawski

    @Jamie, I understand your position but unfortunitly if we keep saying that we accept mediocrity because we are afraid of the soaps or our jobs going away that doesnt seem to be working. If you look at what has taken place since the 80’s and 90’s to where we are today, the people behind the scenes at the soaps have taken the profits of daytime and reinvested it into other areas of the networks rather than reinvesting it back into daytime. At one time GH was the number one money making show for ABC in daytime and nighttime. I think someone has to take a stand, and call these bozo’s on the carpet for their lazy storytelling. Yes while GH doesnt do the doppleganger storylines like Y & R their ratings still drop week to week. At least The Young and The Restless values their vets and involves all the generations of core families into a story. While the acting on GH was good over the past couple days, it lacked the full emotional impact it could have had since there were not one person with any historical value to the show present. We can thank Bob Guza for that, he has systematically destroyed the entire backstory of GH over the past ten years, making the impact of Jake dying usless to me.
    Someone has to stand up and let these people know that because of their job performance soaps are in the danger of cancellation for the first time in decades. Now is not the time to accept what is being given to us, now is the time to demand excellence of the soaps and show the audience they need to come back.

  9. Profile photo of No Daisy
    No Daisy

    I wonder how much Guza paid Michael Logan for the opinions Logan gave today. Did he sell his soul for the answer to who killed Jake? Sorry, I’m wasn’t impressed.

  10. Profile photo of appleridge

    Yeah Im Sorry But As Much AS I Respect michael Logan, That was A Lot Of Ass Kissing

    As said in another post. The Maxie BJ story was Better cause Maxie had been ill for months and it looked like she would DIE. The BJ Death and Donation Of Heart came out of left field and has had far reaching repacutions for the last 17 years.

    Also Tony Jones Offered BJ’s Heart to save MAXIE. Carly went to Jason and asked his premission and he has no legal right to make that call. Lucky who has raised Jake and is Carly’s Kin was not consulted. Carly just acted like a shrew IMHO

    I also dont buy that we shouldnt want writers to leave cause we may get worse ones. Sorry But How do u know that? Claire Labine is in her early 70’s at the most and is still interested in daytime. She even said so to damon Jacobs at WLS. I Think If we got CL back GH would be awesome again. Claire always writes Character driven story and thats whats lacking in Daytime

    So AMC If Stays On needs new writers and EP. what about chris Whitsell? He’s Great. Wendy Riche Could EP or Lisa Cozette. Maybe Lisa and Chris at AMC and Wendy and Claire back at GH

    B&B IMHO Sucks. Im Not interested in them telling the same story over and over again with different players. I dont want Thomas with Brooke and This Liam Baby thing. Please Scott Clifton did this same story at ONE LIFE and ONE LIFE Did It 100x Better.

  11. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    LOL Sorry Vicky Love Hudson! I love Vicky and Marly but I do have preferences as to who played them. Anne was my fav Vicky and Ellen was my fav Marly. As the twins, my vote always goes to Ellen. She created those special characters and they were so astonishingly different. While Jensen brought Vicky to maturity and polish, her Marly was simply not very interesting. Anne had alot of trouble with Marly for a long time. Then something clicked. But then Anne was alot like Vicky in real life lol. Whoever was playing the roles, I wish they still were!

  12. Profile photo of stoney07

    Michael Logan couldn’t have kisssed any more ass if Aretha Franklin was sitting on his face. To him, GH does no wrong, and all the other soaps suck, save B&B.

    TO ME, GH is okay. DAYS is the worst, AMC is next, then GH, B&B, OLTL, and the best to ME is Y&R. I think people are SOOO hard on Y&R because it’s the #1 soap…it’s kinda like the popular girl in high school. She can’t come to school with a bad outfit on for ONE day because she’ll never live it down. I think it’s unfortunate because this show TO ME is still the best in daytime. Yet, people like Michael Logan whose voice just made my skin crawl after a while, praise Guza for doing a pointless story of killing off a kid…and a ripoff nonetheless of a better story that was done before.

    Anyway, on a lighter note…I don’t like Malcolm, but I admit I like Sophia A LOT. Get her away from Malcolm…and to be honest, I don’t mind Malcolm as much as I mind the actor. He’s not a bad actor, I just don’t like him personally. So yeah, there are my two cents.

  13. Profile photo of tamcin

    Can someone remind me of McTavish storylines when she was at General Hospital? Jillian seemed pretty passionate that we didn’t want her back. I wouldn’t let her work for free after the un-abortion on AMC but I don’t clearly recall her reign of terror on GH.

  14. Profile photo of timepass

    Stoney and akbad806, I agree with you, Y&R is the best.

    For a long time GH was my favorite in the 90th I remember how funny and interesting it was. And yes I even liked the dog story it was korky and funny.

    I tried to watch it because Brenda came back and frankly it is a hot mess. Even Guza botch her return.

    Guza passed burned and went directly to fried. when you redo your own stories and you do them badly it’s time to retired!

    As for the discussion about Guza and GH; I was badly surprised as many of you were. I will say it the emperor has no clothing.

  15. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Tamcin, McTavish brought Stavros back from the dead. According to her, she was FROZEN in the GH basements from the time he “died” all those years ago. Tony Jones was blackmailed into “thawing” him out. Stavros and Helena planned to release a bio-toxin that would terrorize the world into their submission. Stavros wanted his family back (Nik and Laura)while Helena wanted payback. They did all this in GH’s basement without ANYONE knowing. She brought on that dreadful Angel who lived in the woods who was Joseph Sorel’s daughter who also happened to be Sonny’s enemy. THAT is just the highlights. You would need to search the rest of her nonsense, she only held GH hostage for a year.

  16. Profile photo of appleridge

    [quote=Jillian Bowe]Tamcin, McTavish brought Stavros back from the dead. According to her, she was FROZEN in the GH basements from the time he “died” all those years ago. Stavros and Helena planned to release a bio-toxin that would terrorize the world into their submission. They did all this in GH’s basement without ANYONE knowing. She brought on that dreadful Angel who lived in the woods who was Joseph Sorel’s daughter who also happened to be Sonny’s enemy. THAT is just the highlights. You would need to search the rest of her nonsense, she only held GH hostage for a year.[/quote]

    Stavros Dying Is why Leslie was Kidnapped and “Killed”. That Rewrite Made No sense

    Then we Had Roy/Bobbie/Melissa and she brought Sarah webber Back For Lucky. That actress Blew chunks worse than the original and thats no prize

  17. Profile photo of Marland Fan
    Marland Fan

    The recurring theme of the discussion about headwriters seemed to be “the devil you know”, meaning what you get may be worse than what you already have. I can’t believe there are no talented writers out there other than the six that are in place right now.

  18. Profile photo of vicki-love-hudson

    You’re absolutely correct, marknsprmo. The very first episode of AW I ever saw featured Vicky and Jake in Lassiter and Marly in Baycity. Ellen Wheeler was fantastic as both. I was hooked!!!!!!

    I adored Jensen Buchacan as Vicky, but her Marly was barely there and was completely lifeless when she was. So was Anne Heche’s. Anne’s Vicky is actually the one I found most compelling. She always seemed to be on the edge of a precipice, much like Anne herself.

  19. Profile photo of baycity

    marknsprmo and VLH, you two had to go there, didn’t you? :) My vote is for Anne, even though she was a horrible daughter-in-law.

    Lord, I miss that show!

  20. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Yet, STRANGELY enough, Megan McTragedy ended up winning an EMMY for her work on GH in 2003. Go figure……….

    The devil seems to always be busy. And I do mean ALWAYS. :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp

  21. Profile photo of appleridge

    All The Vickys were good well except Rhonda Lewin But anne Was The Best At both. Anne Made Each Sister Radically Different

    Heres One Vid Of Rhonda As Vicky Talking to Bridget


    These Next Three Are From Xmas Eve 1986 where Vicky throws a party

    Starting At 5:45


    Starting At 7:28

    Starting at 1:19

  22. Profile photo of appleridge

    [quote=alstonboy4315]Yet, STRANGELY enough, Megan McTragedy ended up winning an EMMY for her work on GH in 2003. Go figure……….

    The devil seems to always be busy. And I do mean ALWAYS. :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp[/quote]

    The eligibilty Period was January 2002-Dec 2002 and shee Was HW til May 2002 So She was Part Of The Team so she got one But I doubt they even submitted a story she wrote for consideration

  23. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I believe their are droves of talented head writers still around, but finding one who can satisfy viewers AND Brian Frons is like finding the kid who can pull the sword from the stone.

  24. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    I guess we will never know. Not to get off topic, but I have enjoyed much of Megan McTragedy’s work over the years on AMC. She’s not all bad. I loved her work on AMC from 1993-95 (what little I did get to see of it, since I was very young and my grandmother didn’t let us grandkids watch “the stories”). She created Maria, Julia, Kendall and many now legendary characters. She also created RYAN LAVERY, who many people now hate, but I have never thought was all that bad.

    She simply only has two settings: great and horrible.

    And she tells WAY too many damn baby stories. If she comes back to AMC, Randi, Madison, GreenMe, Marissa and Cara will all be pregnant, stealing sperm and switching babies with each other faster than you can say “UNABORTION.”

  25. Profile photo of baycity

    Thank you, appleridge….Those clips are precious!!!!

    The chief from Gray’s Anatomy was on Another World. :) I did not remember that. He was HOT!

  26. Profile photo of tamcin

    Oh God! In addition to peeing all over a landmark storyline (Erica’s abortion), McTavish did Stavros “Popsickle” Cassadine, and killed the reunion of Bobbie and Roy????? That God awful Sarah Weber debacle????

    How can you make a joke of Robert Kelker Kelly? How can you no write a viable story for A. Martinez? She must have been trying really hard to fail!

    Mc-No Way for McTavish!

  27. Profile photo of appleridge

    [quote=baycity]Thank you, appleridge….Those clips are precious!!!!

    The chief from Gray’s Anatomy was on Another World. :) I did not remember that. He was HOT![/quote]

    No Problem. I Always Wanted To Rhonda’s Vicky and Was Happy To Find Those

  28. Profile photo of stoney07

    I still think instead of all these talk shows, it would do the networks good to do a series kind of like “Next Big Soapstar” or whatever that was on SoapNet, but do it for Next Big Soap Writer…It could even be held on soapnet but the writers could win a short-term headwriting stint on one of the remaining soaps. That would be interesting, as long as they weren’t permitted to do any long-term damage to the show, like killing off the entire cast.

    Anyway, I’d love to watch that…and sadly, I think that would be the only way some new blood would be injected into this festering pool of unpassionate writers who do it to get paid and not to put out the best show possible.

    Including YOU MAB…I love the show, but you could be doing A LOT better. You prove it from time to time with these brilliant stories (Arbitration, Katherine/Marge, Jabot Takeover)…and then we get Pattycakes giving Summer some peanut butter, and “So Long Sister Killer”….matter of fact, let’s fire Scott Hamner, Hogan Sheffer, and throw them into the pool over at ABCD. Give Hogan a chance at AMC. He does pretty well in the beginning of his stints…IMO at least. He just isn’t Y&R material.

  29. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Tamcin, now you see why I have my Anti-McTavish vest on? Bobbie watched Roy DIE but he came back from the dead and was father to that FBI heifer Hannah who, Sonny was banging.

  30. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I always like to pretend that Rhonda never played my Vicky! Much like I wanted to pretend most of that year didn’t happen! Another World had such powerful characters that very few other shows have had. Santa Barbara and just a few people here and there on each show. But the vast quantity of unforgetable characters is almost unparalleled. Well RIP Vicky and Marly and the gang!

  31. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    The solution is to get someone “new and fresh” and stop the musical chairs of these stale head writers with their stale vision. Guza needs to go end of story he is one of the most misogynistic writers I’ve come across in modern times.

    Don’t like the Jake story, ..Guza is a horrible writer recycling old stories and he writes safe. I will hope someday to watch GH with another headwriter. I’ll try anybody at this point; I’m sick of him.

    He loses momentum because he is a plot pointed writer with the same outcome…he’s burnt out end of story and I’m sick of his vanilla writing for his vanilla characters. Unsafe is to have Sam run over Jake because that would provide tremendous drama but of course that would be a negative focus and Frons has mandated that can’t happen.

    Its obvious this guy is a buddy of Guza and a friend of Frons so I’ll leave it at that.

    I agree with Natalia’s Taylor having chemistry with EJ. I’m not a huge Tamara Braun fan so I’m sorry to see her go…

    I like Y/R they have issues but I find it watchable. I like Colin’s and Jill’s story…I think Leslie needs a new wig its too synthetically shiny…The naked Heiress I don’t know if I’m ready for round 2…

    I like B/B right now…I wonder too why they don’t mention that Taylor/Rick connection. Where is Whip? I really hope Brooke doesn’t sleep with Thomas its like she’s banged the whole family now….. surprised that there is no question re: Daisy/Thomas.

    Can’t wait for the Borgias, (and Mildred Pierce)..

    The best part of the podcast to see that the PupUplatter player is back.

  32. Profile photo of cokeyloveshersoaps

    Cyber i always agree with your posts regarding GH i have been watching old clips of Gh on youtube and i swear it’s like coming home after u have been away for so long. YnR is okay but i dont watch it that often like i use to but i will say all soaps are not what they use to be so i go back and watch as many old soap clips as i can.

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