FIRED GH Star Tyler Christopher: “Commitment, Professionalism and Performance Don’t Get You Anything”

Soon-to-be departing General Hospital actor Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) isn’t going quietly into the night. The actor has spoken with ABC Soaps In Depth about his firing from the sudser. Here’s the statement from Christopher the magazine published on their Twitter profile last night:

Commitment, professionalism and performance doesn’t get you anything.

Personally, I can’t say I’m sad to see Christopher go. He’s been IM’ing in his performances as Prince Nikolas for quite some time. When he first started on GH, Christopher was a phenom, one of the best younger actors of his generation, but for the past few years there’s been a visceral lethargy to his performance.

Here’s hoping his role in Chuck Pratt‘s The Lying Game for ABC Family will reignite the talent we all know is still there. For more from the actor, go to ABC Soaps In Depth!

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  1. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Sour grapes and delusions of grandeur don’t mix!!!

    Tyler, I wish I could remember the last time that ANY of your acting scenes on GH involved COMMITMENT” or you actually PERFORMING.

    Unfortunately, I cannot!!

    Any INKLINGS of sympathy or empathy that I MIGHT have had for him, which really didn’t exist in the first place, are now OUT the freaking window.

    He should be lucky that GH brought him BACK in 2003 and that GH has kept him steadily employed for over a decade. He should have been “sacrificed” a long time ago. His presence on this show has been little more than dead weight for as long as I can remember.

    Give his airtime to John Ingle, Leslie Charleson or Jacklyn Zeman. I am sure they will appreciate it, as would long-time GH fans.

    He needs a few dozen slices of humble pie and a reality check. I hope his new primetime venture is successful, and that I don’t have to see him again on ANY soap anytime soon!!! What a piece of work he has turned out to be. I thought he actually had class and humility. Fool me once…

  2. Profile photo of Luke

    I have noticed the lack of energy on his part in recent years.

    And here is where I stand. I think his comment is kind of telling. I mean, nothing excuses bringing a lack of energy to a performance. But could it be a case of maybe at some point, the fact that he would never break through as a leading man, because of the focus on Maurice Bernard and Steve Burton, kind of wore on him?

    Its only for so long you can be a trooper, give it your all if your not being recognized for it

  3. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    THANK YOU LUKE! ITA. I will also say, there is no excuse for phoning it in but at some point don’t you get fed up with the treatment? Tyler is a phenominal actor and the writers just won’t give him any material. If anyone doubts his abilities, go online and watch his work during Emily’s death scenes. Nicholas has been shoved out on Cassidine island ALONE since his last major story which was what? The Courtney affair and Emily’s death? Even the Nik/Liz affair was half azzed written. The story was excellent, or should I say had excellency potential but there was no follow through. We had the tension between Nik and Liz blow up for months, then the sex, then the revelation and it was OVER. There was no where the attention or screen time devoted to it that is devoted to Sonny’s latest enemy/mob war story. The story had much greater potential then was given in the writing.

    And as I wrote in another thread yesterday, it isn’t even about being let go, its the WAY that GH did it. Here Tyler has been on the fence about re-signing and hadn’t decided what to do yet based on his lack of story and his new gig. YET, even though he felt he might move on, he STILL gave GH the respect of considering his options and continuing to work. The LEAST that GH could’ve done for him was let him know what they were thinking and give him the chance to bow out and tell his fans before dropping the “we fired him” bomb. Its just disrespectful and unprofessional.

  4. Profile photo of No Daisy
    No Daisy

    Comments like that burn bridges, I hope this won’t come back to bite him.

    I have to agree, I haven’t thought much about TC for years. I’m not sure if it is his acting or the fact that GH doesn’t write for him (or Becky for that matter). The last great scene that I remember from Nicholas Cassidine was at the B&W Ball as they tried to take Emily’s body away. He broke down and Elizabeth had to pry him loose from Em’s body so they could zip up the bodybag. It was heartbreakingly good when he leaned back into Elizabeth and threw his arms behind her neck and sobbed. The fact that I’ve never been a huge Nicholas fan and yet I remember taht scene with such clarity says something about his capabilities as an actor. I just haven’t seen that performance level from him since then. Butthen again I have’t watched in 2+ years. Maybe I’ve missed something.

  5. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Luke – That was my initial reaction to this. It cannot feel all that great to these actors who have been on the show and who have given their best to be constantly pushed aside for Steve, Tony, Maurice, and Laura. I am not saying that those actors are not deserving of attention and accolades. I am sure that Tyler and fellow cast-mates agree that they do deserve it. But, it is one thing to take a back seat to daytime royalty and quite another to take a backseat to newbies. Look at Dante. This actor is given daily work while Tyler is shuffled aside. The show runners need to get their act in gear. They would not have angry tweets if they had a balanced and fair work place. I agree that Tyler has phoned it in for the last few years. I agree that this tweet was not the most wise or professional of decisions. I also feel bad for the guy. He just lost his job. He has been kicked to the curb. I feel bad for him.

  6. Profile photo of jlafferty23

    HAHAHA, What is he smoking?

    Commitment and performance? HUH? I would take this seriously if this came from anyone but him.

    He hasn’t gave a REAL performance in years, and he visibly sighs while on camera. There are thousands of actors that will kill to be on TV, give the job to someone who truly wants to be there.

    Good Riddance.
    PS: It’s foolish to blame the writing, there are many actors in daytime that as the DC folks say it “turn s**t to sugar”. It’s his job as an actor to do that. He didn’t deliver, goodbye.

  7. Profile photo of Luke

    Its not so much the writing specifically, but the obvious backstage politics. Ted King didn’t go back to GH for this same reason. Ric Hearst moved on for this particular reason. Heck, even Scott Clifton has made veil comments on it. Granted, those men didn’t make comments that can be a bridge burner. Those men didn’t phone in their performances, which TC did many times. No one is denying that at all.

    But then, Tyler had been with GH alot longer than those guys and it was clear he was never gonna get past the barrier that most of the male actors are stuck at because of the focus on a small group of actors. I am not trying to make excuses for the lack of energy. Just….as someone who has been a work environment in which you aren’t getting your due when you have clearly put in some work, I can understand the frustration and it being hard to pick it up when it seems all for naught

  8. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    I made a few funny faces at this comment yesterday.

    That said, I think Emily’s death is where he really lost his said performance and never got it back. That was really the last time I was invested in Nik as a character, because it was the last time I felt he had really been bringing it to the role of Nik and was invested in the storyline. So I agree with both sides of the camp: bad writing, but also not up to par acting w/given material.

    Admittedly, the writing for him after Emily died totally bombed, they tried him w/Nadine and she barely got a goodbye. Then they try Natalia again as a not so bad girl named Rebecca ~ HUGE BOMB!

    Then they try Liz, then that bombs because many of us Liz fans called foul on how it was handled and played out. But despite my hating the pairing and storyline, even then, I saw a spark of him being invested in NIZ. Then they try Brook, and there aren’t enough fans who want to keep seeing them do the wax on-wax off McNasty all over the marble floors of his dungeon, while she shouts to the top of her lungs about how much sex he needs from her. Gag! And again, to me, it is obvious that he has not been there in the role anymore. He has not been bringing his A-Game. Like I’ve said, even if your only scenes are about ordering a pizza or whatever, if you want to stand above the rest and make yourself known, you better have the best damn ordering skills around, so much so that folks want to give you an Emmy just for dialing the damn phone!

    On the ABC-SID website, he says he didn’t see it coming, and I can give him that he probably didn’t, like Becky didn’t, because when you’re in it, it’s hard to step back and see all of what is going on around you. Not to mention, how you are perceived onscreen, as looking bored. Like I said, granted, the material sucks, but that could be said for the show as a whole, and you still have folks like JJ, RH, TG, and others still coming to play ball each and every single time. I think if we knew for a fact that he was giving it his all in performances, putting his true “commitment” behind them, we would be more dismayed and disgusted at the ouster. No vet deserves to be fired over the annoying newbies that have run amuck in Port Charles, but I don’t see him being down and out for long, quite honestly. Just like I didn’t see Becky being down and out for long, when we learned that she had been let go.

    (okay, time for me to finish out my work day for real, lol)

  9. Profile photo of pumpkin

    I think the actors on GH are different than the actors on other soaps. They tend to think they are privileged. The actors on other soaps are more humble. I am talking as a whole group here. I am keeping it general.

    I stopped watching that show because like pointed out before the same four people were made the stars and I won’t waste my time watching any of them.
    I still find his stories totally boring. I was only familiar with him in the last few years. I wasn’t watching at all way back. Lately when I saw him I always felt he seemed like he needed a nap. I wish him well though because this may give him the push he needs to break back out

  10. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    It is clear that we are not on the same page, and I wouldn’t dream of trying to sway you one way or the other or negate your opinion, but I am simply going to restate my point of view again to eliminate any confusion.

    I was referring to TYLER as dead weight, not the character. I have never had any problem with the character of Nikolas, and would actually love to see the character remain on the canvas, in the form of a more DESERVING actor.

    Of course, we clearly disagree when it comes to how important a link Tyler is to GH. You seem to think he is an important link and that the writers are to blame for his lack of commitment and uninspired performances. I don’t blame the writers, I blame the actor. Actors like John Ingle, Jackie Zeman, Leslie Charleson and even Anthony Geary have been handed piss-poor stories for YEARS, and they always turn lemons into lemonade. The writers have “rewarded” Leslie and Jackie with NO airtime. And Tony recently had to play the most LUDICROUS story I think they could have written for Luke: having him CHEAT on Laura with Holly and produce an illegitimate child. Talk about character assassination. But he did a great job, as he always does. That’s why VETERAN soap actors get paid the big bucks. Tyler should have done the same, but didn’t.

    I feel it’s an actor’s JOB to make whatever is written come alive in a convincing manner and to turn CRAP into sugar. Tyler has not done that in a long time.

    Again, we have a difference of opinions, but I stand behind my statements.

  11. Profile photo of SteveHardy

    You got it down exactly, Luke.

    I agree that Tyler has been lacking, but what great material has he been given to really kill in the last two years?

    I think it’s unfortunate that his acting of the past has been forgotten despite the few times he was given to shine and DID SO!

    Tyler Christopher, in my opinoin is a man of such a wide range of acting abilities. He’s without a doubt, on par with Jonathan Jackson. And we’ve seen it. But has he been given anything remotely resembling Jonathan Jackson’s material? Absolutely not!

    What Luke said about the actors never being given the opportunity is such truth. In the last ten years, when has any of the men other than Maurice Benard, Tony Geary and Steve Burton given the opportunity to compete for Lead Actor? Never.

    The wealth is not shared. The backstage politics and transparent agenda resonate on-screen.

  12. Profile photo of blackjack21

    oh, i’m going to step in it here, but i’ve got to say that i am a little shocked at some of this reaction. not less than 4 months ago the world (or so we would be made to believe) was bemoaning the firing of bh and here, are on the same site that becried her firing because she has a family, there is little regard for tyler. he too has a family. so does greg vaughan.

    i’m with luke on this one. tyler is massively talented. i would say, just as becky did with gv, tyler did not fully invest with stories he did not “feel” or support. whatever the reason, it’s two actors with two characters that could have years of story or be written off because of current lack of story. to me it’s the same thing.

    i’m sad that he’s gone, but we all know that the things he mentioned don’t matter at gh. some of you have already pointed out jackie, leslie, ted, ric, heck even lynn herring, gave years and years and were shoved aside. i know it’s part of the business, but a little respect would be nice, too.

  13. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    SteveHardy- I agree with you, the other LEADING males on GH are not given the material to BE Lead Males. Jax has been shoved to the backburner in preference for Sonny for YEARS. Ingo and Maurice used to be on the SAME level as leading men when Ingo first came on the show.

    If you really look at how things have been handled since GH became the Sonny show, it has even affected the material and screen time given to Tony Geary. If ANYONE should be the Lead Male Actor/Character on GH it is Luke Spencer/Tony Geary. But since the focus has shifted to Sonny, even Tony gets slighted material wise. Yes, he gets a “story” every year but it amounts to maybe 1-2 days every few weeks of screen time. The stories he receives are barely ever shown, never amount to much and are over instantly. They bring Tony on maybe 1-2 times per week for a silly little scene that doesn’t even have any story tied to it and he’s gone again. And I keep hearing well its his vacation this and his vacation that but thats all just an excuse because TPTB don’t intend to write anything substantial for him. Even the writing for Luke has over the past several years geared towards him (Luke) being in a position beneath Sonny. I remember during the Kristina abuse storyline when everyone thought Ethan had beat Kristina. Luke went to Sonny and basically begged him not to kill Ethan. NO..not MY Luke Spencer. Not the Luke Spencer who has ruled Port Charles for years, and protected the city and its residents from the mob and the Cassidines. Not the Luke Spencer who never bows down to anyone. Had they been writing Luke in character, Luke wouldn’t have been begging, he would’ve been TELLING Sonny that he better stay the hell away from his son. Its just been writing like that over the years that has Luke “asking” Sonny for things, or “clearing” things with Sonny that doesn’t sit well with me. Luke was the king of Port Charles long before Sonny came into the picture. And really, if you look at it, Maurice better watch out b/c its been noticable to me the past few years that they are doing the same thing with him and Jason/Steve Burton. Jason runs the mob more than Sonny and in SEVERAL of the mob/Sonny/Jason storylines, Jason takes the lead. Even with Michael’s rape and going to prison, the entire story was focused on Jason’s role in Michael’s life. Even BRENDA. THE LOVE OF SONNY’S LIFE allegedly, her whole kidnapping, time in Rome, Balkin storyline has had JASON front and center while Sonny is just updated or consulted occassionally right up until the wedding. The writers make all the rest of the men in Port Charles bow down to Sonny and Jason. EVEN the police consult with Sonny and Jason before doing anything. LOL

  14. Profile photo of timepass

    I always thought that a great actor/actresses will take no matter what and make it their own ad make it work.

    I saw it numerous time, even character who were supposed to be for a couple of episode and stayed because they were that good.

    TC may be a good actor, but he phoned his performance for the last years and he got lazy.

    He was acting a prince; whit nice manner, good posture and diction and he did all that in the beginning. After a while though, he got lazy and the prince was gone.

    As a fan, I am sorry and glad he has at least a new gig to go too, but not sorry he lost that one.

  15. Profile photo of appleridge

    For Those Comparing RH To TC Situation

    RH always brings 150% regardless if she leads, supports or background. RH never loses The Intergity Of The Character Of Elizabeth.

    Now IMHO TC Only Gave 150% when he was front and center. If He was supporting or less, he phoned it in. An Actors Job Is To Bring Life To Whatever Is On The Page even if You Disagree With It. TC Doesnt Do That If He Doesnt Like the story. he Just Gives Up.

    TC IMHO also makes it seem like GH should kiss the air he walks on and Thank the heavens hes still there. Sorry But so many other actors could do NIK wonderful Justice

    A Few

    Justin Hartley
    Nick Stabile
    Brian Presley
    Nolan North
    Dax Griffin
    Michael Dietz

  16. Profile photo of jmarie

    Well — I guess I’m in the minority here because I’ve never been bored watching TC, and now what no more Cassadines??.. and no I don’t count Alexis and her girls as Cassadines..

  17. Profile photo of Beth

    Regardless of my opinion on Tyler Christopher’s performance, I think he’d do well to not burn bridges here. He needs to take a page out of Natalia Livingston and Rebecca Herbst’s books and not make comment on this. As I understand it, his role on this show he’s booked is recurring, and frankly, he’s a small fish in a very big pond. GH may deserve it, but they also gave him a steady paycheck for a long time, and it does him no good to make comments he can’t take back.

  18. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    I agree with appleridge in terms of RH to TC.

    I would really only compare this to Becky in terms of another vet being let go for more unnecessary newbies that no one will give two shytes about still running amuck in PC, because if they gave him the chance and wrote him a worthy story, like he had with Emily and with his family and the Spencer’s when he first came on the show, and even that affair with Katherine, and hell, showed Helena more than once every dour moon, he would more than likely be invested enough to turn it all out and give powerhouse performances.

    But this is the Sonny show, it has been for years. As much as I bitch about it, it won’t stop being Mobspital unless regime change or MB leaves. And then it will be the Jason hour, instead of a thirty to forty-five minute meal each day.

    People called foul on Becky’s firing because she had been given no story already, was reduced to window dressing and a sounding board, but was still bringing it with the, what I viewed as, shytty material given to her. That’s JMHO. Tyler had been front and center w/Brook, but didn’t look interested enough in what he had been handed. I can’t give him a pass with not giving it his all. I just can’t. I hate my job, but still give it my all (when I’m not on HERE obviously), because that’s what I’m paid to do and thank God I still have a chance to work where I do. Was the material for Nik shyte? Yes, totally. Not many folks I know of were fond of Brik/Nookie pairing. And again, IMHO, he didn’t look nearly invested in it. I still think he was peeved they dropped NIZ.

    However, as bad as I feel about him being fired and again, think it’s redonk that another vet is being let go for newbies, and NO I don’t think he deserved to be let go when they could have and should have written for him, a veteran character and actor… I also don’t compare it, because IMO, he wasn’t bringing it even with the crappy material or as a sidekick. Even Sonya Eddy, the little bit she was on before they bumped her to recurring, brought life to her scenes and she maybe got two or three lines a pop per every other episode, if that. Yes, he has a family to feed, and yes, what happened to him was wrong. But I can’t say I’m shocked at it all, when I always thought he would leave on his own first, before they ever had a chance to let him go. Perhaps naivety on my part, because to me, he did look uninterested in his scenes. Either with the material or backstage politics, which goes on at every soap, I don’t know. But I can’t change how I feel about that. And just like I did Becky, I wish him nothing but the best and honestly think he will find satisfying work elsewhere.

    And as far as Greg, he was treated like shyte, IMHO. Totally different in regards to how he was let go. I love JJ, but they got rid of Greg to bring back JJ when he became available. They pimped the possibility of LL2 with JJ coming back, then we got Niz and Siobhan. GV brought it to the table with what he was given. Even when Lucky was written so ridiculously I couldn’t stand it, he brought it. And he was always there for the fans and was so invested in Lucky Spencer and GH. You could tell so at his fan events. He got totally shafted.

  19. Profile photo of DisillusionedGHfan

    Luke, I haven’t always agreed w/ your assessments of GH, you tend to have me, then lose me, but in this case, I agree with you all the way through.

    Tyler has worked to earn the recognition he Isn’t getting from GH and once you see the writing on the wall, you kind of do deflate a little knowing your goals won’t be met.

    Yes, he has been phoning in his performances, as much as it kills me to say that, but I get why. He came to GH in 96 and burned the canvas up w/ his acting abilities. The way he has worked w/ Francis, Geary, Nichols, Evans, Jackson, Towers in the past earns him more respect than he’s getting from some of these posts now. Nicholas is as much iconic GH as we will ever get from Christopher, but the show abandoned the Cassadines for a manic depressive and his gun toting eyebrow acting, thug. The writings on the wall, IMHO, GH is being slowly bled until the life in it is gone.

    I wish Tyler the best w/ his new project and I hope wherever he goes next, it gives him fulfillment. Anything is better than the Sonny-Jason hour!

  20. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    So its now official….

    Well they haven’t written for him he’s not a Burton, or a Benard its their show.

    He’s not even a pet and pretty much the last of the Cassadines which Frons via Guza wants gone.

    He had a great storyline going with Claudia that was dropped but its been said for years Guza didnt’ want Nick on the mob side. He didn’t go dark like it was rumored and they dropped the Valentin storyline and just gave him Dick stories I don’t blame him for being ticked off. They included him in the Robin storyline only not to go all the way to the wall for Robin who was there for him when he was shot in the throat. They have been writing him like crap and he’s sick of it and I don’t blame him not an excuse for his lackluster performances but he wasn’t always like this he’s been hacked and beat down.

    They did they same to his character as they did to Elizabeth’s with having him bang his brothers fiancee’ its not so much that they did which is soapy but “it was written horridly.” They could have worked if they wrote them to but it became clear they wouldn’t get the writing behind them…and the story was for JJ’s Lucky (and his emmy reel). Because the story took a turn once he came on board. Then they brought in a long lost Ethan I saw the writing on the wall.

    Alexis hadn’t been involved with Nikolas in story when I was a regular watcher a few years ago…so Tyler is outspoken so was Greg Vaughn when they lied and said he left on his own when they fired him he set the record in public (so has Genie Francis) and he’s seen at ABC Family too…isn’t that owned by Disney?

    Some people agree that GH Admins are assholes he’s not alone …he expressed his views on his job of 16 years he has that right…I just hope he’s happy whereever he goes…I always liked the Cassadines but what is the use of being attached to a core/legacy family when they keep destroying (and not writing for) them on this show. That’s why I never understood the discussion of not being attached to a core family…they kill them off or not write for them so why bother.

    Again Frons and Guza wants the veteran actors gone! That’s it period.
    He has his obsession and Guza has his so those few will stay the rest will be nothing but newbies…or imports from cancelled out shows will “brand GH” Not Mac, Robin, Edward, Elizabeth, Alexis, Tracey just the pets they will write for. Tyler said last year “this will be my last fan event” so obviously something was up at that time. I hope Nik survives and not end up in a body bag.

  21. Profile photo of baycity

    Actors and their out-sized egos!

    I understand TC’s bitterness, but he just wasn’t delivering. Anyway, I really don’t think this firing was a commentary on his work. GH needs to save money. In business, you begin cutting costs by focusing on areas that are under-performing or that are non-essential.

  22. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I hate how GH show-runners seem to not care about the history of the show. Having said that, getting rid of Nikolas is actually quite the cost cutter. He is the only reason to keep the Wyndemere set. That has to save money right there. If they are not going to write for Nik’s family, what the heck do they need that crypt for?

  23. Profile photo of monica186

    I think this is so sad. He sounds so bitter and betrayed. Hey, kind of like the fans of this show! Solidarity, I say!

    As for those who haven’t been happy with his performance in the past year or so, I blame the writers. Even when the storyline looked like it could have been meaty, they take a turn and leave him nothing to sink his teeth into. He’s left standing there on the set wondering “what is my character’s motivation here?” “Where is this going?” “Am I angry, disappointed, plotting big trouble, or what?” At least the timing is good for the actor and he has a job to go to. I’ll be cheering for him and any other soap alum who manages to get work these days.

  24. Profile photo of TomZulawski

    I dont blame the guy one bit, they have asked him to stand in the background and play a fern for christ sake. After years of being nothing but expendable scenery, I’d lose enthusiasm too. Nancy Lee Grahn has also pointed out that they no nothing with her either. I’d be thrilled If I were Tyler Christopher and give these assholes the one finger salute on my way out the door. This show will be cancelled in a couple years anyway.

  25. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Blackjack I agree with you 100%. I was never bored with TC and honestly one mans “hes phoning it in” is another mans “doing the best with the material hes been given” just like chemistry is subjective. I never watch RebH and think wow shes giving it 150% and if she was I doubt Nelson Branco wouldnt have written in his column that she needed to go back to acting school after the niz reveal. Tyler in that scene was trashed for “just standing there” but when that gets said about becky it was “bad direction” and “jjs emmy real”. I will also go one further, rebecca got pairings with two leads over the last 4 years with Lucky and Jason – I dont think tyler EVER got the chance to play opposite a really strong screen partner. His work with SJB was good, but they pulled the plug. I liked Nem mostly because Emily is a Q, but NL is not the strongest actress. Nadine was a newbie and while not awful she wasnt in the same league as SJB. He wanted to work with LW and that went nowhere. The made Kelly his cousin, julie his sister and NLG is his aunt. They never gave him scenes with tb’s carly. ALW I put in the same league with ReH, capable but not powerhouse. When you get past the pairings, his work with JJ, TG, GF and JMB was usually pretty strong. Basically I would argue he not only didnt get story, he didnt get someone to work off of.

    And I say the same thing about SJB over at bb. She has really floundered over there IMHO because they made her related to RiH without many scenes, they had her with SF for a bit and there was great stuff, but then Stephanie went back to forrester and that left her with a very vanilla group to work with. If they had put her in story with DD and HT they would have had lightening in a bottle because of the energy and talent those three all bring to the table.

    And yes, Tyler has small children. That issue is not different than anyone else, and while his words were probably impolitic, its not like he can collapse on set to get tongues awaggin.

  26. Profile photo of tallytofu

    I have to agree with everyone who says TC has become boring and lifeless on screen. I WOULD agree that it was a lack of material that was to blame, but the man had a (sort of) front burner story last year with the Liz affair, and he brought almost nothing to the table. So what if it wasn’t the worlds greatest writing? It’s the actor’s job to make the most of what they’re given, and daytime is full of actors who do just that. NLG gets, what, 7 lines per week, and fans keep wanting more. Why? Because she BRINGS IT every time. THAT is what commitment, professionalism and performance are all about. Yes the writing and balance on GH are completely out of whack, but at some point the actor has to take some responsibility for his/her work. This comment of his seems like a case of the poor workman blaming his tools (pun only slightly intended.)

  27. Profile photo of aramis270

    I think he became “boring” because he was not given anything interesting to show his talent. For the past 18 months the only “young guy” to get airtime is DZ who has to be shoved in every storyline (even this Jake being killed thing where Bradford could have gotten some airtime instead working with Sam on it). Since he joined, Tyler, Bradfors and Brandon have no real story lines and they are just fillers. Thus the constant rumors about the three of them being let go any minute for the past 5 months. And it happened for TC. So so sad. I don’t care if some was finding him “boring”. I would take Nikolas Cassadine over Dante Falconeri any day. JUST GIVE THE GUY A REAL STORY!!!

    My big regret is that Guza didn’t go with a Claudia/Nik pairing. Nik brought a softness in Claudia nobody but Johnny ever brought from her. And she was a powerful actress that TC was very happy to interact with. A good Cassadine with relapse potential withba crazy Zacchara dying to be loved. They could have made sparks and firework. Instead of that TC is now out and SJB is on recurring at B&B. Speak of Lose/Lose situations….

    I have no problem with what he said. Yes he is burning bridges but he was just thrown away as a used Kleenex. Why would he play nice just because this is how you are supposed to behave? He is unhappy and he is saying it. In an unproper way? Perhaps but I won’t throw him a rock as he was just laid off and he has a family to take care of.

    However my dear EET, I don’t recognize you there, but perhaps I am understanding you poorly due to a hard day (and the fact that I am a “foreigner” LOL) but are you saying that Becky collapsed on stage and that it brought her sympathy (as if she kind of staged it?) and that because TC didn’t do it he won’t get the same level of sympathy from his co-workers??
    I know that i must have misunderstood you because I know you respect actors highly and wouldn’t say something like that.

  28. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I am not saying she staged it…I am saying she was emotional and collapsed. he was emotional and he twittered. People are bashing him in a thread that we have been told repeatedly should ONLY be for the actors fans to mourn and yet here people are attacking him for burning bridges, phoning it in and being unprofessional. These actors are PEOPLE and so what if he lost his cool and called a spade a spade in terms of guza. He is entitled to have an emotional reaction when he gets shafted after all these years. And no, I am not criticizing becky, I am saying everyone felt so badly because HER emotionality resulted in a collapse which is a more fragile reaction, and its human instinct to protect someone in a fragile state, but this is IMHO no different – this is Tyler being emotional and upset about not having a secure job, not seeing the people he has been friends with for years etc. etc. ALL the same issues becky was facing. Hes a man, men dont wear their hearts on their sleeves typically. He isnt going to collapse on stage, but that doesnt mean that internally thats not how he is feeling and that he doesnt need some outlet for expressing that internal turmoil. I am not sure why people are attacking him for being all to human and expressing his feelings.

  29. Profile photo of appleridge

    Just Calling It As I See It. I Dont Know Tyler But He Checked Out Of GH Years Ago and as an actor regardless of Material you are hired to Make that Material Believable

    Yes The writing was Crap But TC did not even Try To Make It work. He Could Have rocked The affair with Liz but did not even try.

    He needs to leave and try something new and find his creative spark again

  30. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Appleridge, part of my issue isnt you calling it like you see it, but when becky was fired, some of us mentioned the budget cuts and were basically accused of wanting her kids to be homeless and hungry and that it was inappropriate to even mention such things as budgets and contracts in a thread that was for her fans to mourn. Now I come here as admittedly not a HUGE tc fan, but certainly a fan and certainly a HUGE fan of the Cassadines, and people are freely allowed to “call it as (they) see it”. The same thing happened in GVs departure thread – people calling it as they saw it that jj was better and gv was a place holder. I am upset by the double standard AGAIN, I am upset that the last real cassadine is leaving (because I think of Alexis and her girls as more Davis absent Nik) I am upset about all the lost stories for spencer (since they could have sorased him in a year or two and paired him with zoey if she comes) I am upset that we never got resolution with helena and the painting and that CT is probably gone from the canvas once TC leaves, and I am upset that TC isnt allowed to have an emotional reaction to being FIRED after all these years, esp. as the primary bread winner for HIS family.

  31. Profile photo of appleridge

    The Difference Is That IMHO TC Has Checked Out Of GH as an actor Years ago and Seems unhappy there. So I Think he should move on to what will make him happy.

    Why stay someplace if he’s not being fulfilled?

  32. Profile photo of giogio

    Erica Evil Twin – I agree totally what you said about this is supposed to be a thread for mourning not attack. And yes they are PEOPLE TOO. Jeees, to pick apart everything these hard working people do is a shame. I couldnt get up there for the life of me and and act the way they do, and soap actors are the hardest working actors with longest hours, yet they are trashed everyday . TYLER SHOULD HAVE NOT BEEN LET GO. GET A GRIP GENERAL HOSPITAL. What did they want from him. They better sharpen their pencils like they did with Becky and bring him back.

  33. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    What I like most about DC is that it doesn’t censor comments that are not intentionally offensive. It also does not prescribe comments. I don’t see anywhere in Jamey’s post where it says this thread should be restricted to those who mourn the firing of Tyler Christopher. If that were the case, then half the posters in this thread are in the wrong.

  34. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Soap I have ZERO problem with that and I absolutely agree with you 110%, but JUST YESTERDAY I was told by a brand new poster that I was childish for posting something pro sam in what I was TOLD was a “thread for becky herbst fans” instead of GH watchers or even soap fans and when someone DEFENDED me, that poster was told not to run new posters off – no mention of the name calling against me PERSONALLY and no mention of the fact that these threads are open to ANY and ALL to say what they think PERIOD, not for one fan base. I was one of those that mentioned the budget and was SHREDDED for doing exactly what those 25 others are doing in this thread. What I am asking is why is it okay sometimes but not okay others? I want to understand what makes it different – because some believe tyler didnt want to be there, but that becky does? is that they only difference? If so then explain GV, because he definately wanted to be at gh. I am trying to understand the double standard and why I was basically made to feel like I was satan for saying that people are bound to get cut when a shows budget gets cut 50%. I guess the bottom line is I am tired of being made to feel like a bad person for having an unpopular opinion amongst dc posters.

  35. Profile photo of appleridge

    The Way I See It Is IMHO RH Has always given her all where TC hasnt and even Though he was fired and I feel for him, I think TC needs to find something new.

    As For JJ/GV maybe JJ was available and GH decided to recast and get some of that history back. IDK

  36. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    EET, my advice to you is to ignore the bastards. My posts on the Pop Condidential link are not always well-received either. I’ve read quite a few of your previous posts and, while I may not always be in agreement, I have found them based on sound reasoning. Keep them coming.

  37. Profile photo of aramis270

    EET, thanks your answer. As you saw I was saying in the same thread that I have no problem with what Tyler said.

    I must confess I am kind of fed up of the generality made by some about “the Liason fans”. You have several Liason fans on this board who are trying to be reasonable and not fuel things and who will give credit to KeMo and Sam when deserved. But it is still the “Big Bad Liason fans” who are double faces, double standard and so on. Who cares if most of the people who said they are happy that TC is gone are not even so called Liason fans.

    I am shocked that in this thread people are so tough with TC because he is another actor victim of the trifecta failure to bring ratings that is to say more ads revenues. I won’t have the same reaction if Frons or Guza arebfired because they are directly responsible for the mess that ABC Daytime has become. The actors just depends on whether the trifecta will thumb them up or thumb them down. TC has proven many times how gifted he can be. He was just lacking the right story lines since Emily died.

    I have no illusion EET, I know that when Brandon will be let go (still hoping that it won’t happen but I have not much hope to be honest), the thread will perhaps not be as tough as this one but Brandon won’t get the reaction that Becky got from her fans and non fans (as many JASAM fans took part in the campaigns to maintain her on screen….) and he won’t get such an outrage. I even fear that it could sadly be also the same for my beloved NLG should she be pushed to recurring or out. That’s how it is. Becky has been on the shown for so long that she has become a big part of it, even for non “fans”.

    And once again, Liz is not my favorite female character of the show, it is ALEXIS ;)

  38. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    I’ll just say this, generally speaking, since I am one of those folks who have pointed about the acting:

    First, I have to say, I personally don’t feel as if I am personally attacking or have attacked anyone, TC or on the boards. And I’ve never accused anyone of wishing any bad will on any actor or actress. That said, I’ve called many a fave to the carpet for not bringing it to a scene, great material or not, no matter the circumstance. I see it as being critical of the acting or lack thereof. I took writing classes and acting classes in college, and my saying that he looks uninterested is what I would call, being critical of what I’m getting, or not geting onscreen, and should be getting instead. Teachers told me and others the same thing. If we weren’t bringing it to the stage, in their opinion, we were being told all kinds of things, we looked bored, we didn’t seem invested, did we even read the material???, we look constipated, do we even like our scene partner???, mostly so that we could improve and realize how we were coming off to the audience. My thing is, sell it to me so I will buy it, sour lemonade and all and that’s what my teacher told me freshman year of college.

    IMO, and just my opinion here, TC hadn’t been giving it his all, and I have always said the writing was shyte for Nik. I readily admitted that I absolutely HATED NIZ, but thought he brought it then. Others disagreed, and that’s fine, really. Again, as I’ve said before, do I think he should have been fired??? Hell no. My adivce to GH has always been to stop bringing on people we don’t care about and write for the vets we’ve invested time in.

    But I have continuously wished him well and hope that he finds success in future endeavors because CLEARLY GH doesn’t want to write for him and haven’t for a long time as they keep sticking him in random pairings, which is why I have always said that I thought he would leave before they wrongfully got rid of him. I’ve said again and again, that I thought he looked unhappy and it showed through onscreen. Again, JMHO. I said that before this news broke, and I am saying it now. For me personally to say otherwise would be a lie. I think Tyler is a phenomenal actor and have always said so. He brings it when given the proper material. But he wasn’t given the material here. Therefore, he wasn’t invested and it showed. The showing was what I don’t agree with because for me I could see the dissatisfaction in his scenes. Again, I don’t blame him for being upset and I don’t blame the tweeting, but I do think that what happens behind the scenes in terms of being unhappy in the work place shouldn’t be brought to the forefront. I as a fan shouldn’t see that he’s unhappy. It’s like my coworker. She has some major issues with her husband, but that is something we discuss on break. She doesn’t bring that to our working stations and you would never know she was contemplating leaving him or had screaming matches with him every night. Again, I don’t blame him for being angry. Anyone wrongly fired has a right to speak out. But I did make a face in regards to the ’performance’ because again, I just don’t agree.

    Do I think he got shafted as yet another vet not given a well needed story??? Yes. I also think GV got shafted, even when he gave it his all, and I have said that as well. But again, it’s performance that I was looking at, so I think I’m going to have to agree to disagree with many posts on the matter, and that’s ultimately fine.

    That said, it’s been clear to me for years that these soaps treat certain actors like shyte, especially if they’re not top tier in the eyes of whoever’s in charge. Look at the 1st and 15th members on Y&R. They’re lucky if they get THAT unless Lily is having her annual crisis. I’ve learned much overtime, after hearing about so much backstage drama in regards to many a show over the years. But IMHO, GH has always been the worst. We got that with the lack of vets and care to poignant storylines, and so many great characters/actors/actresses dropped to recurring or fired or pushed aside and never heard from again. Case in point those either gone now, soon to be gone, rumored to be gone, etc, for one reason or another… Unless you are involved or connected, or piss someone off behind the scenes or are not seen as a supposed fave by the brass or higher ups, they seem to view you as expendable, period. I’ve ALWAYS said they don’t care. This is the Sonny show, with Jason as a side dish and it’s clear to me that the show thinks that everybody should just fall in line or learn to deal or be gone. Again, I get his anger. I do. I get his frustration and being pissed at a brass that didn’t write better for him as they should have. My feelings on his current acting aside, again, I wish him the best of luck and I think I will leave it at that. I feel like I’m beating a dead opinionated horse in this column anyway.

  39. Profile photo of blackjack21

    i have to say there are times when any actor can appear “bored” or unhappy with a given story line. with all due respect to steve burton, his character is supposed to be like that so we can’t always tell if it’s character or the actor being bored.

    i will say that, as with most actors, people have preferences with working with others on a show or a heightened passion for a storyline.

    rh did not “bring it” every time with gv, but still gets love. other actors who delivered even in the worst stories (kmo in the post jake reveal, ric h in the cheating on your wife who’s in chemo story, ted king in pretty much any crappy story they gave him) don’t always get praised because the stories stink.

    one of the weirder stories on gh was nik’s dopelganger/amnesia story. i say he brought it.

    i also think he played very desparate and sad with the liz/nik story. he displayed emotion and depth and then got shoved aside with jj returned. i think that story could have gone much further, but actually hurt liz’s character because again she waffled.

    sure it’s all opinion, but there’s also double standards, this sucks, but is life.

  40. Profile photo of jmoney

    Hello, everyone!

    I have to say that while I am disappointed in TC being let go, I am even more disappointed by this thread.

    If half the things that were said about TC were said about BH, this site would have literally exploded in the aftermath.

    Say what you want about TC’s performances, but for my money, up until the current storyline they were no better or worse than BHs. BH has really brought it this week, and whatever your opinion is of the sl, it should be praised IMHO b/c it is bringing out raw, emotional, powerful performances from the actors we know and love.

    This was a budgetary cut, nothing more, nothing less. Ironically, choosing to bring back BH, coupled with TC’s pilot made this all but elementary. It’s the nature of the undeniable business side of the soaps we love. It’s really not different than John Doe getting laid off from his job at the factory after 30 years.

    Is it sad? absolutely. Should TC be pissed? I guess. If he didn’t have a pilot, I’d be more likely to give an unabashed yes. Do I blame him for his tweet? Hell no. It’s relatively tame, all things considered. Of course we’re reading into it, and trying to insinuate circumstances that we have no way to confirm.

    Bottom line is, more of these are most likely coming. Hate to bring bad news. So buckle-up and hang on tight, this ride could get mighty bumpy.

    Of course we could all help out by turning on our TVs and increasing ratings so that these shows didn’t have to make cuts. But I guess that’s a lot to ask.

  41. Profile photo of giogio

    Ive been begging everyone to watch the damn shows on abc – and what does it mean that the ratings system needs to be overhauled? Are they not getting the accurate numbers?

  42. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    EET- I understand what you are saying and I feel you. I will say this, I respect your opinion and the way that you handle yourself on these boards. I enjoy reading your posts regardless of whether or not we see eye to eye. I know we have disagreed in other threads (Kelly Monaco/Sam comes to mind as one thing we don’t agree on) but I respect that you always state your point respectfully, clearly and in a kind way to other posters. I wish everyone could follow that example.

    About the ratings- how exactly does it work when Tivoing? Honestly, I usually TIVO the SoapNet repeats in the middle of the night because I don’t want my viewing of AMC, OLTL and GH to be interrupted by news breaks. But last night I went through and also recorded the ABC 1-3 slots, does this count in the ratings or do I have to be home actively watching during the airing? IF active watching 1-3 is how soaps are rated, its no wonder the ratings are low because not that many people are home to watch during that time period! AND those that are also with the invention of TIVO and cable have so many more options available as far as other shows to watch or recording to watch later while they run errands, do housework, etc. NOT to mention those at home with small kids who likely have to have the tv tuned to Dora or Barney to keep any semblance of peace in the house. So, exactly how ARE these things rated?

  43. Profile photo of js3557

    It’s all a matter of perception with regard to actors phoning it in or giving 100%. I think RH always gives it 110%, and there are several actors who leave me feeling nothing….but I know that is my perception of the performances. Others may (and do) feel completely different about the same exact scenes. For example, I thought RH did the best with the few lines she was given during the Niz reveal. She had emotions and tears and I really felt her pain. I felt like TC was bored in those scenes. Nelson Branco thought RH was horrible in those scenes. That’s his perception and it means nothing more or less than my perception.

    It’s like when they say 4 out of 5 dentists recommend this tooth paste. There is always 1 dentist who will say it sucks. ;)

    I am sad to see TC go. I think he is a great actor when given great material. I also feel horrible for his family. I hope his new show is successful and that he becomes a regular on it. I was one of the people who said that it was wrong to throw up beer mugs about someone’s firing, and I stick by that no matter who is being fired.

  44. Profile photo of giogio

    BEANS4 – Yea – I wish someone would let us know how these things are rated so we can let our viewing count. If anyone is out there that knows, it would sure help. I wondered, what if there were 2 million viewers a day on one soap but the ratings showed half of that because of the multiple ways it could be watched. In other words we want to know where the ratings numbers come from.

  45. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I know it has become the thing nowdays to twitter ones little heart out about everything. Actors need to wake up. In a good year unemployment rate for actors is about 90 percent. Right now with the economy and entertainment the way it is it is probably about 95 percent. In other words one should be using twitter to kiss the industry’s ass not blow off some temporary steam. Acting should not and never has been about getting a steady paycheck. Jobs come and go. Get over it. Nor is it about being in a fowl mood publically. We don’t just throw money at actors for no reason. Stop complaining and suck it up! Bunch of ungrateful whinners! (yeah that goes for you too Charlie Sheen!)

  46. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Soap and Beans I just want to say that your posts meant a lot to me, that you can disagree with me but still see that I at least attempt to come from a place of reasoning and respect. Its just been the last few weeks that I have felt kind of banged up and bruised around here LOL so it nice to feel some support from people that dont necessarily see eye to eye.

    As for the ratings…this is something that I remember an former poster – Daisy Clover – has asked a thousand times and never got a good answer to the question, so I can be of no help. I know that to count for live viewing you have to be a neilson house, but I dont know how they calculate DVR. I know that GH has crushing numbers on line. Last I heard (from someone I think knows these things) I was told GH was somewhere around a million hits (either per show or per week I can remember as it was a while back), OLTL was around 750K at the time and AMC was under 500K.

    I TOTALLY agree that the current ratings system sucks – it makes no sense that everyone I know watches certain shows and yet the ratings dont reflect those numbers, worse for daytime but also primetime. I heard something new was coming, but when and what its going to look like is really a question for jamey. I will say the only soaps I have had non soap friends admit to watching are gh, dool, and YR – I try to be somewhat discrete with my soap love on FB but every once in awhile someone will notice that I posted something soap related and will “confess” that they watch GH too (or you watch GH? I watch Y&R). (of course my next question is Sam or Liz LOL JUST KIDDING before anyone skins me)

    Jmoney you hit the nail on the head and it goes to what aramis said…its certainly not all or most liz fans and it wasnt the outpouring of LOVE – because that I totally get – its that its a type of censorship that develops when you have a group of very vocal fans of one charater that jump on anyone who disagrees. Eventually to avoid that thrashing people say OHHH I better not say such and such about Liz of I am going to get ripped for two pages worth of posts. Yes, most of the Liz fans are reasonable and enjoyable to interact with but as Jmoney pointed out, if half of what was said here about tc was said about BH, there are some that would explode.

    Mark – I totally disagree with your post. Was tylers post impolitic, sure, but he is a human being. Are you going to tell me that in your professional life you never said ANYTHING or done SOMETHING that probably wasnt a smart choice? True story – I had a friend who was working on a campaign and a co-worker was being a bit disruptive during a press conference. She walked over and told him to hush and he said DO YOU KNOW I AM…she said yes, and thats why you SHOULD no better. She came back up to the office and told me she was in deep you know what, because she told off someone and didnt want to admit she had no clue who he was. LOL. Turns out he was a big deal and he spent the rest of the campaign making her life fairly miserable. Compared to what my friend did, tylers remarks are kind of mild, dont you think. Its not like he is bitching that he isnt allowed to get drugged up and rant about tigers blood while making 21Mil a year. Its not like he is going on a media tour to complain that he was asked to take a pay cut. He got fired, he got upset. Pilots are no guarantee. I think after all these years he is entitled to be emotional in whatever form it takes within reason.

  47. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Ericas evil twin, I have most certainly been at odds with my employer (as has almost anyone who ever had a job.) I have NEVER got on Twitter and talked about it. Most certainly one has the right to be upset. But if one wants to stay employable, one needs to do their upsetness in a less public forum. This is especially true of public people such as actors and public officials. Noone wants to hire a person who publicly badmouths the person who hired him. Now if I were to get on twitter and complain because Company X fired me for no good reason, I doubt that that many people are gonna remember. But I am not famous. People kinda remember those kind of things. It might cost him a future career. An actor should always be his own PR and be gracious at all times. One never knows where their next job is coming from or who is listening….

  48. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    EET- You know I got your back! :) :) :)

    Mark- I agree that actors should be choosy about what they put out on the internet or in the press BUT I disagree with you as far as what Tyler said. I honestly don’t think he said anything out of place. In fact I will say that I think he has handled himself with class and professionalism. His comments were not derogatory, nor antagonistic towards anyone at GH. He simply put his feelings out there. He is ENTITLED to feel crapped on and be upset and he put it in a very classy way by just saying simply that commitment and professionalism get you nowhere in this business. I think what he said was MILD compared to what he could’ve said. IMO the DELIVERY and WHAT YOU SAY makes all the difference. I think what Tyler said was natural and okay. On the other hand, I think that what Stephen Martines said was out of line. He put on his page that Guza never could write and he was glad to see him go. NOW THAT type of remark is wrong I think. Its disrespectful and antagonistic. The difference between the two actor’s remarks, to me, speaks VOLUMES about the difference in class between Tyler and Stephen.

    I think that with the popularity these days of Twitter, Facebook and other internet social sites, where we now have the actors at our fingertips to correspond with as never before, that it places the actors in a Catch 22. We as fans are WAITING for a response from them when something like this happens. If they DON’T respond we read into it as, “oh its not true” or “oh he’s being an ass because he can’t speak to his fans” or “oh its sour grapes because he’s fired”. BUT when they DO speak out, they are criticized for WHAT they say. They’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. I think that Tyler realized he had to say something and he chose to express his feelings in a classy way. I applaud him for that.
    With this trend of so many actors on FB and Twitter revealing behind the scenes stuff, their feelings, and even storyline stuff, I’m wondering how long it is before TPTB start putting clauses in actor’s contracts similar to gag orders, keeping them from posting any work related stuff on socialnetwork sites.

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