One Life To Live’s Andrew Trischitta Goes On Contract

ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting One Life To Live's Andrew Trischitta (Jack Manning) has now been placed on contract.Trischitta took over the role on Feb. 22 after OLTL decided to replace fan favorite Carmen LoPorto

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    Why is it that those who are LEAST qualified to be hired are always the first ones to get the job???? This kid is HORRIBLE, in my opinion!! Simply horrible. How old is he?? He should be in school and ACTING class, not in a contract role on a soap. He’s not ready for television yet. His acting SCREAMS “BAD AFTERSCHOOL SPECIAL”!! Give him a few years and MAYBE he will be ready then. I hate having to WATCH newbies learn how to act on my screen!! There just isn’t enough Tylenol in the world!!!!!

    Someone PLEASE explain that to me. I smell NEPOTISM, or something equally as shady!!!

    Me no likey………….

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    One step forward, two steps back. The show seems to be getting better, but signing bad actors/cheap hires makes continue to fear for this show’s survival.

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    If they were so gung ho on recasting/sorasing Carmen with this kid, they should have played him against his parents and family exclusively for a few months first. Playing him with a bunch of other kids who also cannot act has been a mistake. Trevor, Kassie, Florencia, Robin, and Kristen could help him with things like his line delivery, where to stand on his mark and other intangible tings like that, which he has been horrible at so far. Also if he is with his family, even though we miss Carmen, we could get to know and like him as Jack.

    I am not sure why they picked him, and are intent on keeping him, isn’t Mick Hazen a NYer, but since they are, I hope they are committed to putting in the work to make him not a pain to watch on screen.

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    Nat Guy

    The pose that AT is striking in this picture is about the extent of his acting ability. He just stands there trying look intimidating while reciting his lines without any emotion. And for that he got a contract?

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    From his very first scenes this kid was nothing but AWFUL!!!!!

    He is definitely one of the worst actors I’ve seen in Daytime. I don’t want to tear the kid apart, it’s nothing personal.

    He simply cannot act. He is really the luckiest kid right now.

    I reeeeaaallly wonder what the other actors, Florencia Lozano, Kassie DePaiva, Trevor St. John and Kelly Missal even think about this. They must be shaking their heads right with us.

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    Watching I said exactly that a few months back – that gh does a much better job bringing in the young kids long before they have major story and letting them play almost exclusively amongst the vets so that when its time they can carry a major storyline. Its one area I can honestly say I think gh does better than anyone else. On the whole I think OLTL does a terrible job with the younger set. the fords are an obvious problem, but I am not wild about daniella is so so, destiny is finally starting to grow but was awful in the beginning, cole had his moments but a lot of the time was so flat, marko never really progressed, I cant stand shane, and those two new kids from school are dread – full. JMHO

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    Why? Why? Why? There was absolutely nothing wrong with Carmen LoPorto’s version of Jack Manning! So what if Jack was a foot shorter than Shane.

    OLTL and GH use the same casting director Mark Teschner?

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    He is terrible. His two co-bullies are even worse. This is a mistake and I’m now absolutely going to FF through the bully storyline as I do through anything Dani/Nate. I just don’t understand this choice, at all. TSJ is probably crawling the walls to get out of there with this decision made.

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    This deserves a fleeting expletive. “Holy Sh*t”. How did this kid get a CONTRACT? He shouldn’t even be on recurring. He is awful. You could find someone better on a street corner.

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    TSJ looks bored to tears no matter who he is sharing a scene with, so I’m not sure why this Trischitta guy would make any difference.

    He fits most of OLTL’s recent casting for young men – untalented.

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    I did a search to see if this kid was in anything before OLTL…all I can find is 2 commercials. Frankly, some of my daughter’s middle school theater friends are head and shoulders better actors than this teen!

    The casting department and the producers need a gigantic kick in the azz for this casting and contract mistake. How about we show more of the truly talented teens…Matthew and Starr (but w/o James, cuz even though he’s cute, he could use a few acting classes, too…and they both need a better storyline)

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    He ruins the bullying storyline, well actually I can’t put the full blame on him, because the writing for that story is just terrible, but he doesn’t help.

    I don’t understand why Carmen had to be replaced.

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    They had the perfect opportunity to do some justified emergency recasting (though that show does shot in advance, but whatever) and they didn’t. I just hope mandatory acting classes in that contract or the more realistic option is to start shadowing some of the more season actors in the cast. Frank, who overseas the auditioning from what I have read, is taking a BIG chance on this boy.

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    I thought Carmen would okay in this Storyline with Shane Carmen could have played it like Justin who was Matthew Bully. Trischitta is just not that great and like all the teens when that I’m forced watch including The Ford Brothers when on watching it on Youtube it more scenes that I guess that I will have to skip pass, and skip it to People that can act.

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    Talk about misplaced faith; easily one of the worst “actors” to come down the daytime pike in some time(and yes, his two cohorts are possibly even worse and the kid who plays Shane isn’t much better). Again, this guy makes all the Ford boys look like classically trained thespians.

    And thanks Carol2 for the spot-on observation about TSJ; the man looks more invested in the color of the paint on the set walls than showing in any interest in who he’s sharing scenes with.

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    What the heck? Are they serious? This kid’s acting is terrible. I cringe and mute my tv everytime he’s on screen. I would LOVE to have the old Jack back.

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    Unbelievable! I am certainly not any kind of theater/acting critic, but even I can see that this boy (and his two cohorts, who are even worse than him!) cannot act for beans! I don’t mean to come off sounding cruel here, as he is just a kid, but they need to replace this actor, and his little friends, ASAP, NOT give him a contract!

    I LOVED CLP as Jack (his little Christmas storyline last year, with Sam, was simply adorable – and hilarious!) and still do not get why they had to replace him! If they had to do a bullying storyline for Shane, then why couldn’t TIIC have had some other (random) hateful kids at school doing the bullying – kids that we were not emotionally invested in as characters?!?

    Really. Why DESTROY a legacy character, such as Jack Manning (which is exactly what they will be doing!), who everyone loved, by replacing him with an untrained, untalented, and as of this moment – thoroughly unlikable and unrootworthy (if that is even a word?) newbie?!? For shock value? For a temporary bump in ratings?


    My only other thought here is that maybe they are doing this on purpose? By that, I mean are they trying to get us to hate Jack, so much so that we want him gone – permanently? Are TIIC planning on killing the kid off, and needed a new, unlikable Jack so that the fans would not mutiny on them? IMHO that is really the only scenario that makes sense to me. They do tend to totally trash a character before they send them away/kill them off, and there is no way they could have gotten away with this storyline with CLP in the part, as he was too well-liked and viewers would have probably tuned out in droves. They want us to hate Jack – that much is obvious – but what is their ultimate goal here? I am kind of afraid to know!

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    Daniel St. John

    I wonder what they are seeing when filming that is not translating to the screen because there is no way this kid should have his job for one second longer considering how horrible he has been.
    The poor performances all around are making what should be a major storyline into a joke that I am not interested in watching.

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    I literally cringe when I see previews for this show and realize that part of the episode is going to be swallowed up by the black hole to which this story has been reduced. When Farah Fath is the best actor in any storyline in which she’s involved you know you’re in deep s—-. Just sayin’.

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    [quote=ChrisGa]…When Farah Fath is the best actor in any storyline in which she’s involved you know you’re in deep s—-. Just sayin’.[/quote]

    LMAO!!! Hilarious! And so true!

    Sorry, but this kid is awful. He sounds like he’s reading off cue cards. With the exception of the Aldersons, OLTL’s younger cast is really lacking, so it’s hard for me to be invested in any of their stories.

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