Regan Reax: Tyler Christopher’s Ouster From General Hospital

When the news broke that Tyler Christopher was handed his pink slip at General Hospital, my immediate reaction was not one of shock. Once confirmed and the dust settled, I thought about what it all really meant for GH and the canvas surrounding Christopher’s character Nikolas Cassadine. Of course my second thought was that our own Luke Kerr was crying over one of the last Cassadines left leaving Port Charles. Is that the problem? Nikolas being our only real connection to the iconic Cassadines? With no story for the Cassadine family, is there a reason to keep the main connection to them?

I know, I know, he’s Laura Spencer’s (Genie Francis) son and what I’m about to say next may shock some of you. Should GH hold onto a character that is seemingly going nowhere based on a hope that IF Francis and ABC were to strike a deal, the onscreen mother and son could share a handful of scenes? Shocking, coming from me, who values the connections to characters' pasts, but it’s not Nikolas’ familial ties that I am struggling with. It’s the obvious lack of direction for this character and the Cassadines that seems to be plaguing the writer’s table. Yes, we still have Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and her girls, but the longing that Sam (Kelly Monaco) fans have had for her to explore her Cassadine roots have fallen on deaf ears. 

I truly love the character of Nikolas. I have enjoyed plenty of storylines and cherish quite a few Nikolas moments. When he was shot outside of Luke’s (Tony Geary) club, falling in love with a cancer-stricken Emily (Natalia Livingston) and Luke saving him on that mountain. Christopher pulled out all the acting stops during the Black and White Ball when his beloved Emily was murdered by Diego Alcazar. There is plenty of history with this character, not to mention some Buckeye pride with Christopher, to have me plenty upset, but I’m not as mad as I should be. Sure, my favorite Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth Webber) was saved and I don’t have to worry about Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) going anywhere, unless he wants to go . So if I love Nikolas Cassadine so much, where is the impassioned blog post?

Post Emily, the story telling for Nikolas has been less than spectacular. The brain tumor that had him seeing a dead Emily was ridiculous and do not even get me started on Nikolas and Elizabeth. What should have been a great storyline, had Christopher showing lackluster acting talents during Nik and Liz’s affair. While Jonathan Jackson brought his version of Lucky back with vengeance in the scenes revealing their affair, Tyler merely sat back and let himself be outshone by his onscreen brother. Even when baby Aiden was missing, I felt more connected to Lucky’s grief and concern than Nikolas’, the baby’s believed father.

The current story opposite Brook Lynn (Adrianne Leon) is not as appealing to me as others. I admit, that is a matter of personal taste. I don’t mind Brook and Elizabeth’s little snarky battles, however as for the love affair I’m supposed to be invested in, I could care less. I don’t find myself rooting for them or against them for that matter. Is this a case of Luke Kerr’s dreaded indifference? Perhaps that is worse than outright distaste.

Basically, my lack of outrage is simply due to the lack of story I see for Nikolas Cassadine. The Cassadine story that was supposed to hit our screens last spring was tabled in favor of a movie star (James Franco). The brass does not seem to have any interest in the Cassadine matriarch Helena (Constance Towers) for any real length of time, if at all. The Spencer-Cassadine feud that used to have fans on the edge of their seats is nothing but a fond memory. Alexis’ connection to her Cassadine roots have become practically non-existent. I suppose my point is, I rather hold on to the fond memories I have than rack up more crappy ones.

I guess this could seem as I’m kicking someone while they’re down, which I would never do to a fellow Buckeye. We’ve all seen Christopher turn out some pretty good work and with his pilot The Lying Game getting the green light from ABC Family, I hope it only means good things ahead for the actor. I rather see him set free to pursue better things than be stuck out on Spoon Island with Nikolas Cassadine, doing nothing.

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    I actually feel the same way. I was excited about the nu Cassadine it could have been good but got dump for that JF crap and that’s what it was crap nothing interesting in a weirdo having the hots for jm–welcome to PC everyone seems to have the hots for jm–men and women.

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    Great post Regan!!

    I also love the Nikolas character, and I mourn the loss of yet another core character — Once Nik is gone, I doubt that the Cassadines will ever even be mentioned, and we will probably never even see Helena/Constance again :(

    Wish Tyler the best of luck — He really hasn’t had much of a storyline since Natalia left, and so I’m hoping his primetime series is successful and that it leads to better and bigger things..

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    I can’t argue with your logic Regan. When I saw the news, I was very much thinking, “why doesn’t this surprise me”. It’s for all the reasons you indicated. The writers abandoned Nicholas Cassadine long ago and in all honesty, I have felt when I watch Tyler on screen, he’s not really with us anymore anyways himself. I think he’s been seeing the writing on the wall and I think he’s just as disappointed with the direction of GH as we are.

    I’m not under any real belief that what we are witnessing at GH is “good work” by TPTB, I am still convinced they are watering down the show so that when ABC finally decides to let soaps go, they won’t hear a battle cry from viewers, but a depressed and expected sigh of passionless defeat.

    Genie francis returning, IMHO, is a pipe dream. The only way I could see her coming back is if Geary decides he’s done w/ GH and wants her to help him exit the show. Otherwise, GH has no real place for Genie, mostly because the writers can’t write for iconic GH stars. Look at what they’ve done w/ Anna, Robert, Laura, Holly when they’ve guested on the show in recent years. … its just all been god awful!

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    Raven, thank you for sharing.

    What does this statement mean? “An announcement is coming soon (let’s hope it’s that they have had a change of heart). Anything can happen in this industry as you know. For now, it looks incredibly bleak”.

    We talking a major character on GH? :(

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    I co-sign with most of what you said.

    Only, I don’t LOVE Nikolas. I like him, but don’t love him. I also hope that they keep Helena around since I am such a fan of Constance Towers.

    You basically expressed every thought I wanted to express, only far more eloquently and nicer than I have probably been.

    I have been very hard on Tyler, but I simply have no tolerance for actors who don’t give 100%!! As much as they get paid, they are obligated to give NO less. They could be doing community theater or Broadway, where the salaries are FAR lower. So there’s really no excuse in my book for “phoning it in.” Not bad storyline, lack of storyline, lack of writer investment in the character………NO EXCUSE.

    When someone hands you a baton, you RUN with it. You don’t skip or walk or slink along.

    But at the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, I don’t know the guy PERSONALLY, so I really do wish him well. Maybe he is going through some personal problems in his life that have affected his morale or attitude. I probably shouldn’t be so quick to paint with such a heavy-handed brush, but………………………….

    AT ANY RATE, I digress.

    Enough ranting and raving from me. Very well-written piece!!

    I am now done babbling and I apologize for being long-winded, as always!!! :) :) :) :)

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    Great article Reagan!

    Tyler Christopher being dropped like a hot potato is not a shock to me. He may have been the last Cassadine with a real, lasting connection to the big bad herself, but the writers squandered all that potential a long time ago. His firing is just disappointing. Can you really blame him for phoning it in all this time? Since Natalia left, he hasn’t had any good story to play. He’s been trying for years to get out during pilot season, and the poor man hasn’t had any luck until now. I sincerely hope he does well on The Lying Game. I’ll continue to watch my GH and wonder which character/actor will be given their walking papers.

    The slow death of soaps truly breaks my heart, watching good actors fed up with bad storylines turn into indifferent actors and getting fired is just another nail in the coffin.

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    Lack of story?? Isnt that the excuse they gave for firing ReH? I could come up with a million storylines for nik. Literally. Soras Spencer and have him go after the business or have him team up with Nik to try and take down Jax once and for all for the fact that their relationship has always been marred by what he and carly did to them. Have tracy need him at ELQ to fend of a Jax take over. Have Helena holding Emily or courtney only to get free. Bring on Sam’s dad and have him be perceived as a bad guy initially so nik has to help protect his family. Have it turn out that those russians on the dock were part of a mob run secretly by nik for years and have him team up with Johnny to try and bring sonny down. Do something with the painting that helena wanted so badly and the birth certificate.

    Theres plenty of story for a CASSADINE.

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    Here’s what Tyler had to say about being fired —

    “Commitment, professionalism and performance doesn’t get you anything.”

    Tyler shares his feelings about being let go with SID. “I was told that I would not be signing another contract. I didn’t see it coming…A lot of people think that the reason I’m leaving is because I’m going on this other show. That’s not the case. I have zero idea of what my involvement with THE LYING GAME is going to be. I’m a character that may or may not be permanently involved. Leaving General Hospital was not my choice. I wanted to stay and work out a deal, and that was not an option to me.”

    Tyler does not know when he will be finished taping. “No one has told me. I don’t know if I’m going to be gone at the end of the contract [in June] or next week. I have no idea.”

    Tyler’s exclusive exit interview will appear in an upcoming ABC issue of Soaps In Depth, so keep an eye out for it.

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    Thanks for posting this. So maybe he’s not just being a cocky bastard who has gottten too big for his britches, but the fact remains: When did he forget how to act???? If he really was passionate about staying on the show and playing the character of Nikolas, he could’ve fooled me!!!!

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    I was so excited when I heard about “Valentin Cassadine” and the big Cassadine storyline coming.
    Then enters Franco and we hear from Guza that the story is “postponed”.

    I loved Nem. Truly. I also liked Nik and Nadine a lot. They were so cute together even if it was obvious that Nik was just rebounding. But the pairing I will always have regret for is Nik and Claudia. Had they chosen to go this way instead of stupid Sonny and Claudia, both SJB and TC would probably still be on the show, Nik was bringing a soft side in Claudia and she could have awaken his Cassidine instincts… We could even have ended with Helena and Anthony interaction (my dream LOL).

    So if I am not surprised, I am truly sad because if the writing was better and Guza stopped running crazy like a headless chicken to get as many impressive stunts as possible to FOCUS on his writing, if he stopped giving 10 to 15 min everyday to the awful Damte and have brought more balance to the show, we would probably not be in the position of saying goodbye to one of the last Cassadines. After saying goodbye yesterday to one of the last Quartermaines… Not good to be part of a GH legacy family lately.

    Finally, I am happy to have read Tyler’s comments and that he is saying it as it is. That’s how Frons treats people who have been for so long on the show.I guess we have to be prepared for more (my poor BB?). If you are not part of the leads or part of the pets, you are in trouble.
    Good luck to you Tyler. I hope your fans can provide a “Becky” for you but if not I will watch your new show and will hope for the best.

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    Regan Cellura

    Like I said, the lack of story and direction that is plaguing the writers table. I agree there are stories that could be told, any fan can come up with them, we need the writers to do it and they just are not. We may be interested in history and characters connected to it, they aren’t. They want the Abby stories, Dante’s past and new characters like Siobhan.

    I mentioned Sam’s connection to her family falling on deaf ears. She’s supposed to be their leading lady and they won’t even write a Cassadine story for her. We see what they apparently don’t or won’t. As the time has gone by, Nikolas has become the only real Cassadine IMO. They canned the ONE story they had planned for them last spring.

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    I guess I’m in the minority here, but I’ve never been a fan of the Cassadines, or of Nikolas. I know the Spencers need a nemesis, but the writers don’t seem to want to go there as long as The Corinthos family is around. I liked Nik best when he was being a big brother to little Lulu, when he was shot in the throat outside Luke’s Club and Robin had to help him learn to talk again, and when he helped Emily through her cancer. The writers could never seem to figure out whether he was the good Cassadine, but misunderstood, or whether he was just a jerk. There was s/l potential there if the writers ever re-ignited the Spencer/Cassadine feud, but they always tabled it in favor of all things Mob-related. I’m sorry if TC doesn’t want to leave, but his performances of late suggest even HE is tired of the role.

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    IMHO It Sure Looks Like He Is To Me & He Has Talked Time Over to Press About The Bad Stories, so why would he want to stay. Go Get Recharged and Move Onto Something More creative

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    I just read a comment from Tyler on SOD and he is very upset over this. He says he didnt see it coming. He wasnt tired of the role and he was acting like the script wanted him to. This is very sad – I hope everyone is making as much noise for Tyler as they did for Becky because he and spoon island and the Cassadines are very much a part of GH.

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    Sassy-that is correct.
    ‘A lot of people think that the reason I’m leaving is because I’m going on this other show. That’s not the case. I have zero idea of what my involvement with THE LYING GAME is going to be. I’m a character that may or may not be permanently involved’

    I read on tvguide that his role on the new show is re-occuring. So he isn’t even a regular.

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    Regan…is it fair to say, a year from now GH will be a totally different soap?
    There are some major players leaving. We ‘heard’ new head writer. Does that equal to a newer & better GH?? Just wondering your thoughts…….

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    I think he is either the brother of a detective or a detective that isn’t a major player so he isn’t shown in every episode.

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    Gio is there something organized or are you just wanting people to call in or what? Is there a strategy? My only fear is that every person that stays puts someone else in danger. I def. think tyler was on the chopping block before they changed their mind re: herbst, but I think Ingo is in more danger now because of that decision. If tyler stays that may seal Ingos fate….hmmm this is a nightmare.

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    EET..Ingo is all but gone.
    Unfortunately I wish I was wrong. But a very good friend of his is a friend of mine and it doesn’t look good.

    Hey I have a photo of them? Can I post on here??

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    Reading the boards EET, it doesn’t appear Jax is as popular as I thought he was. But then again, I didn’t think RH was either and she was rehired.

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