Susan Lucci: All My Life

TV Guide 's Michael Logan sat down with the incomparable Susan Lucci to dish on her memoir, All My Life out on bookshelves March 29. The book delves into Lucci's many Daytime Emmy nominations, the abortion storyline happening while Lucci was dealing with her own personal tragedy, among other topics. Also, it wouldn't be a Logan chat without some talk about Erica Kane's current story on All My Children.

TV Guide Magazine: What the heck is Erica thinking? Does she really believe rushing into marriage under these circumstances is a wise idea?

Lucci: This could be a disaster waiting to happen. Erica so wants to avoid another marital catastrophe and in that respect, thank heavens, she's grown up a bit over the years. She really does love Jack but she knows, deep down, that she's crazy-attracted to Caleb. And he wants her bad. Not long ago, this guy was a hermit hiding from life in the mountains. Now he's suddenly a whole new man all because of Erica. She's very seduced by that.

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    I cant wait to read Susan’s new book. She is someone I look up to. She is a Lady. She is All my Children. I dont believe the rumors of it being cancelled. I remember with Dimitri was on there were rumors then. And probably the data and numbers were all the same then as they are now which would have pointed to cancellation, but now because of the internet the information is more widespread and every one reads it and says it like they see it. All my children fans, lets continue to watch our show and read Susans book.

  2. Profile photo of SteveHardy

    The interview is kind of funny.

    At one point, it’s obvious that she is getting annoyed and impatient when he keeps asking if Erica is crazy.

    She tells him to just enjoy the show. HAHAHAHA

    I think she knew about the show’s cancellation a while ago. She wouldn’t be writing about the behind the scenes going ons if she wasn’t about to be leaving or left herself.

  3. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    [quote] Susan Lucci: All My Life [/quote]

    …I had to fight. :tongue:

    That said, I’m actually eager to read this book.

    (okay, time for me to actually do some work… at work. lol)

  4. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    You are killing me softly with the Color Purple references. I love it. Keep em’ coming. You can NEVER have too many Sofia quotes or references to satisfy me. That’s my FAVORITE movie of all time.

    I loves me some Susan Lucci/Erica Kane, so I will definitely be picking this up on Amazon……..

    And I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hope that those rumors about AMC going off into the “wild blue yonder” are false, because I am not ready to accept a daytime television world that doesn’t include Erica Kane in it.

    It’s too much for me to bare.

    :~ :~ :~ :~

  5. Profile photo of giogio

    Alstonboy – Im glad you feel this way. There are so many negative posts on here lately, Im starting to wonder how many people are causing this cause they get mad at something or someone they dont like. All I can say is Im with you – it would be too much for me to bare also and if any one is reading this and have stopped watching for whatever reason, we understand, it happens to all of us at one time or another, but it would really be sad for you too if the show was cancelled. Lets give it our support by tuning in. Letters, email or phone calls wont help if money isnt generated from viewers. Also, think of all the people we love. Erica, Jack, Tad, Opal etc being our of a job and away from the home they’ve grown to love. I dont want to see that. TUNE IN TUNE IN TUNE IN –LETS GET THIS RIGHT.

  6. Profile photo of giogio

    P.S. We need to tune into abc 7 to watch all my children. I thought I heard somewhere that soapnet does not count for ratings. So if we want to save all my children – TUNE INTO ABC 7 —- LETS TO THIS!!!!!!!

  7. Profile photo of luverica

    I’ve been in love with my Queen since the first time I laid eyes on her in 1973. When she talked about her book on Oprah, it was an instant no-brainer that this will be downloaded on my Kindle upon release. If AMC is indeed cancelled, I hope she continues acting. I hope she can get a hold of some of the best producers/writers and become the star of the next great dramedy. In my opinion, she can do both.

  8. Profile photo of keanna

    Love Susan Lucci, ever since I was a little girl, she was one of the reasons why I played dress-up, on everything from AMC to TV movies, she is the ULTIMATE daytime diva.

    If AMC does get cancelled, I think she’s at that point where can do whatever she wants, she’s endorsing beauty care and fitness products, and that they’re doing very well. No doubt this memoir will be a best seller as well, so she will only act if she wants to.

  9. Profile photo of giogio

    Greeneb2 – Thanks for agreeing about supporting the show. Just talked to my niece about it and tons of her friends watch episodes online – she’s going to send out the word to abctv it or it – ITS up to us to spread the word to support. No matter who I told about this rumor has agreed to spread the word to support it by watching abc. Lets keep our beloved Pine Valley.

  10. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I personally can’t believe that ANYONE would root for or encourage the death of ANOTHER soap opera. I mean, even if YOU don’t watch a show, you should still consider the fact that there are MILLIONS of other people out there who do watch it. After losing my beloved ATWT and GL, it would truly break my heart to have to lose AMC!! I still remember listening to this show outside of my grandma’s bedroom door while playing with my cousins when I was little and sneaking peeks here and there. My grandma didn’t let us watch, but when I could, I would always watch at home during summer breaks.

    I also remember vividly my grandmother saying at least once a week: “I’m tired of Erica.” LOL!!!!! She used to compare Erica to Whitley on “A Different World.” Marvelous comparison. :)

    We ALL should support AMC’s existence, if for no other reason than to keep more USELESS talk shows off the air. Seriously, between “Rachael Ray”, “Regis and Kelly” (soon to be Kelly and FILL IN THE BLANK! and “The View,” do we really need more people sitting around on their butts discussing current events and boring us with contrived jokes?? Seriously, the only talk shows I watch are “Oprah” and “The View.” All others just seem like cookie-cutter imitations.

    And don’t get me started on cheesy game shows. “The Price Is Right” lost it’s luster YEARS ago and the only one that holds my interest for more than 5 minutes is the Family Feud with Steve Harvey.

    We should all e-mail Anne Sweeney and let her know what we think about the possibility of AMC going off into the wild blue yonder!!!

    This information was on Carolyn Hinsey’s FB page: (yes, I am a fan of hers! Please don’t judge me! ;) ;) )

    God forbid these AMC rumors are true. Do me a favor: Email and say you love the ENTIRE ABC lineup and will never watch anything in place of your soaps. Be POSITIVE. If AMC goes, it’s a domino effect for OLTL and GH, kids. DO IT NOW!

  11. Profile photo of giogio

    alshtonboy- sounds like you are on a mission. I for one will not watch anymore talk shows. THAT is a thing of the past, not soaps. If anyone gets put into the amc time slot- who would really watch it. It will be like the death of a friend. I wish abc would give it more time, consider changing writers get rid of people they dont need, and see how it goes. And if these boards are meant to be positive, than we should continue to encourage everyone to start watching abc amc and stop bitching because of a storyline that will soon be over. Not everything in this life is good every day. I for one dont want to be that critical. Its up to fans to watch- and it needs to be ABC cause as far as I understand it will be up to ABC to cancell.

  12. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    You are right. I am on a mission to keep Erica Kane, Tad Martin, Jesse and Angie Hubbard, Opal and all the other characters that I have watched and loved over the years ONSCREEN for as long as humanly possible.

    I might not be watching right now (since it really is horrible!), but I this show to get back to the powerhouse it was in the 70s, 80s and 90s. I remember when the top four used to be Y&R, AMC, DAYS and GH back in the 90s and they all used to compete each year for the Best Writing and Best Show Emmys. Those were the good old days when Agnes Nixon was still an active part of the writing team.

    Agnes probably won’t come out of retirement to write the show, but they need to find someone GOOD soon, and get rid of “Killer Kreizman” before he murder’s Agnes’ baby!!!

    My poor heart just couldn’t take that!!!

    :( :( :( :(

  13. Profile photo of giogio

    But Alstonboy – Think of our grandmothers watching – (I did the same thing with my grandma that you did) would they stop watching? My grandmother wouldnt. Even tho maybe its not the best of storylines we still get to see our extended family every day – Erica, Tad, Jesse, Angie, Opal, Jackson. How would we feel if we didnt see them anymore. Pass the word Alsotonboy – Watch ABC All my children everyday. Thats the best we can do.

  14. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    I think my grandma stopped watching in the late 90s or early 2000s. A few years ago, I told her that Jackson and Erica had gotten married and she just shook her head and said: “That Erica is a trip, ain’t she?”

    But in the 90s, she was ALWAYS in front of that TV between 1 and 3 (she never watched GH!). My aunts watch through thick and thin, good and bad, though.

    AMC is like a family quilt or heirloom that has been passed down through the generations. I will spread the word, definitely. I spend half my life online blogging on one soap blogging website or the other, so this is a part of my life. Soaps are like good friends that I invite into my home. Hell, like family!!

    And I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

  15. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Alstonboy, that picture of VR is GORGEOUS!

    And I too can’t take the idea of yet ANOTHER soap opera going. It’s just all too much. I started watching with my grandmother as well. She went to church every Sunday, but during the week, it was all about her stories, lol. And I got hooked right along with her. So sad in this day and age to see how so much is changing for the worse. :(

  16. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    Thanks. I am happy with it as well. :) :) I like to change things up a lot (you should see how often I change my FB photo!). I saw it and it reminded me of her natural beauty and allure, and it also reminded me of Jada Pinkett Smith in a way, who I also love. I think this photo is a keeper!! It’s hard for me to find good pictures of her that are big enough for the average population to see. I think I have finally found a good one that captures her incredible beauty and spirit.

  17. Profile photo of giogio

    Look You guys Im going to to what I can to spread the word. Alstonboy you sound like you have alot of internet zig zags that I dont even know about, so your part will be great. From what I heard, it needs to be watched on ABC – thats how I am spreading it. In the meantime if anyone else reads this, please sit down tonight, and consider what your day may be tomorrow with no soap to watch. Like Alston said we invite these people into our homes everyday. Lets do so more now. Lets not abandon them because we may not like the present story lines. They have been our family. This is not a joke. KEANNA – thanks for being in. All we can do is try.

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