Y&R’s Emily O’Brien: FIRED!

According to Soap Opera Digest, The Young and the Restless' Emily O'Brien (Jana Hawkes Fisher) has been given the boot. No other details have been given about the actress being let go or her last air date.

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    Y&R’s cast is bloated and they weren’t using her to her full potential, so perhaps it’s best they pulled the plug?? I liked Emily and felt that she was/is a great actress, but if Maria doesn’t care about her enough to write her a decent story, maybe she should spread her wings and see what else is out there.

    Good luck to her.

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    Yes, I liked her a lot years ago, but the endless kidnapping story and subsequent crap stuck the character in a corner (although Emily was certainly talented enough to make me like Jana despite the poor writing). She will surely find acting work after this.

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    Emily O’ Brien is an example of those actresses who are capable of turning “sh*t to sugar”. This girl was given some of the worst material I have ever seen on daytime soaps. No exaggeration. I have been a soap watcher for 27 years and a Y&R viewer for 20.

    Her back story never made sense. Her tumor storyline was very badly handled. In a few short years she went from murderer to hippie to art thief to café owner to good girl to pyschic to slut to insane. Despite all this, she often managed to make Jana interesting and even sympathetic.

    I’m rather angry that Y&R wasted so much of my time with this character and never used the actress properly.

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    And yet that little Andrew Trischitt just got a contract on OLTL and bless his heart he can’t act his way out of a paper bag.

    I actually liked Jana, I loved the coupling of Kevin/Jana (much more than Chloe/Kevin) and she can act which is refreshing. It’s a shame that they are writing her out probably with Ryder or sending her to the crazy farm. They wasted her potential and now were stuck with Chloe and Kevin which waste’s those actors potential. I do hope she wins best younger actress.

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    guilty pleasure

    Shocked, but not suprised!!! The character was put in a irredeemable corner with the s/ls she was given in the past year. I wish her the best in her future endeavors in her acting career!

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    I don’t know if she really turned sh*t into sugar because I still hated her storylines, but she was a way better actress than others on that show. And the writers (and GR) need to stop pimpin’ out Chloe and Kevin because they don’t gel. I know I’ve said this a thousand times, but GR should leave too. He was the one chargin’ full speed with this Jana/Ryder crap. Case in point, why HW shouldn’t listen to actors’ wishes.

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    Amen to that soapstalker!!!! I cannot believe they are getting rid of the Jana character and keeping squeaky boring Heather?????

    Emily is a great actress and I have no doubt she will be scooped up by some show really soon. She has prime time written all over her and I wish her the best of luck.

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    If Emily had just phoned it in, like just about everyone in her age range on Y&R does, she would probably still be there. What a great lesson for the cast – if you act, then you’re fired.

    If this were about clearing out dead weight, Y&R would have about ten cast members, so it seems more like realizing the attempt to use her to hype Kevin and Chloe, a couple I would call Putrid in Puke, was not working.

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    Aw, I always liked Jana. LOVED her during Jana and Kev’s heyday.

    Soooo, let’s see. We have “Rydah” back on screen for no apparent reason (I don’t care what many of you say. I don’t care if he’s “cute”. His character and backround – not to mention family ties are NOT NEEDED)

    John Driscoll can’t act his way out of a paper bag (Did any of you giggle like I did at the courtroom scenes? Aw. Ful.)… But agreed. The writers just wrote Miss Jana into a corner. Still. I’ll take a Jana day over a Heather and Chance Yawn Fest.

    I try to look at the Bright Side. At Least Tristan Rogers is safe! And, Y&R, in cutting corners or whatever, spared us a legacy character at the Show’s Core. (I’m throwing a snake eye at you, GH)

    Best of luck to Emily!

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    Restless Vixen

    [quote]Wait a minute, didn’t she just sign a 3 year contract?[/quote]
    They did the same thing to Raya Meddine: re-signed and days later dropped her. Emily turned chicken shyte to chicken salad no matter how badly Jana was written into a corner. Jana is the only character that had any chemistry with Greg Rikaart’s Kevin, in my opinion. Another Lynn Maria Latham character bites the dust. Good luck Emily O’Brien – she’s better off somewhere else where she can put her talent to better use.

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    Why bother to resign her though? Sound like this came from a new head honcho. I’d much rather see Jana than Chance or Heather (and I love Eden) even when she’s nuts she plays it so well.

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    I’ve always liked Emily’s portrayal of Jana, until recently. I don’t think TPTB have any choice now but to get rid of her all together. The writers have totally fugged up her character. Instead of having her MOVE ON and get involved with someone else after the Ryder fiasco, they turned her into some freaky stalker type. How ridiculous. Good luck, Emily!

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    Emily is an excellent actress but I can’t say that I’m surprised. I’ve been expecting it since they turned her character bat-shit crazy just to prop up Chloe in another in a long line of unsuccessful pairings. I was shocked when she signed a long term contract a few weeks ago.

    With this latest firing, MAB has now gotten rid of EVERY actor/character created by LML. But I’m sure that’s just an amazing coincidence,right? ;)

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    Though I admired MANY of Emily O’Brien’s acting choices over the years, Jana has never gelled for me. From the moment she was revealed as Carmen’s murderer and in that horrific Nazi plot with Brad, his Jewish mom, and the artifact when she turned out to be that man’s daughter. Enough is enough!!! Jana became contrived and took ample airtime from people we care about.
    I’d like them write off Kevin also. He stopped being relevant when they reformed him.
    Chance and Heather can ride off to the projects and never return!!! Ugh that was so stupid yesterday…when all of a sudden does he love that wench? Chance is such a dud. All the 20-somethings on Y&R lack the ability to be compelling and it is seriously affecting this soap…

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    I agree, her storylines were the worst of any character on Y&R (Save Daisy and Ryder…and Lauren recently) But GEEZZ…She could act her behind off, and she made her character relevant, which was damn near an impossible job.

    But, since you let Jana go, here’s to letting Chance, Heather, and Lily go. Actually, I like Lily…but get another actress. And bring back Nate. And let’s get Ricky Williams on. Then we’d have a pretty good cast in that age range. Chance is DULL, no matter how much facial hair he grew and how many tantrums, he was still dull. Heather was cool until Eden Riegel came….so meh. Lily is a legacy character somewhat, but I just don’t like the actresses acting choices most of the time. Unless she’s screaming at someone, I barely pay attention. Nate seemed like a good actor, and Devon definitely a good actor (the guy that plays him I mean)…and so was Tatyana Ali. And Jeff Branson was great as Ronan when he was AWAY from Heather. In fact, I liked Ronan and Chloe.

    Let’s face it…I hope this isn’t against the rules, but I honestly no longer see Kevin as a straight man. It’s hard to see him in scenes with women because he just gives me a “different” type of vibe then what they are writing for him. So he and Chloe are more like BFF’s, he and Jana had chemistry in the beginning, but even NOW they are hard to swallow as a couple. Maybe it’s the actor doing new things, or maybe they are instructing him to be like this…but either way, it’s hard to pair Kev with someone when I keep imagining Kevin having the hots for Nick or Billy. (Doh!!!!)

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    Not very surprising but disheartening nonetheless; I’ve said before O’Brien acts rings around any number of actresses in her age range(and outside her age range for that matter) and she indeed has been one of Y&R’s best actresses for the past few years. However, removing her out of Kevin’s orbit(not that there’s a whole lot going on there either) basically left the character unattached. I think maybe making her Lucy’s nanny was a failed attempt to re-integrate her into another part of the canvas in order to give the character something to do and it just didn’t work. Again, a shame but hopefully someone with a eye for real talent will scoop her up.

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    I thought putting Jana as the Nanny was not a bad idea. There was possibilities. She could have seduced Billy or gone bat shit crazy with the kids. I think EOB is great, but I don’t think she was that great as some are making her out to be. I believe the writers wanted to get rid of her. She was the last thing of LML. And they never really tried to integrate her into the cast.

    Stoney07…I’ve thought Kevin was gay for years. I don’t but him as some love interest. I didn’t see the romantic chemistry with Jana either. John Driscoll needs to leave the show too. He is just awful. Something about his acting is really pathetic. ER needs to leave with him because her acting style isn’t meshing with the writing or the character.

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    Emily O’Brien was fun to watch but Jana went crazy and that seems to spell death knell in this day and age. It completely fell apart after her rescue with no one around really to give her the support and understanding she needed. She needed to be protected until she was healthy again, but that did not happen.

    … so she is gone and others remain.

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    Well I guess this is just more culling of the cast. Her character really didn’t have a meaningful s/l since they decided to have her divorce Kevin and team her up with team Ryder. I guess we should have expected it. A lot have been calling for the release of the less necessary characters, and really her character stood out like a sore thumb as being totally unnecessary, especially since the divorce. In a way, I’m surprised she lasted as long as she did. That is not to say anything negative about her acting. I agree with most of the other posters here, this girl has serious acting chops, and I hope she can find great work elsewhere, perhaps even on primetime. I wish her all the best in all her future endeavors, and I also hope they don’t kill her off. It would be great to see her return at some point, if they could find her a good s/l.

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    What terrible news! Emily is amazing — super talented and her character is interesting. Why would they get rid of her and continue to re-hash the same love triangles? They should pair her with somebody new — Daniel or Adam or even Luke. Well, if they won’t keep her, I hope she gets picked up by a network prime time series. She’s too beautiful and talented to waste!

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    They can go ahead and put Kevin with every single woman on the show, romantic coupling, trio, or orgy. The boy is G-A-Y. It will never be credible.

    Kevin never sizzled when he was with Jana. They were an okay couple at best. He and Chloe have a nice vibe as friends but zero heat as lovers.

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    I never really liked the character of Jana until the “goodbye sista killa” story line. When she and Lauren bonded in the cage — as stupid as the storyline was, I liked Jana and Lauren together. Then when her and Kevin found each other it was magic. Right up until the tumor made her lose her emotions..at that moment I knew they were going to ruin the character and MAB did just that.

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    6-soaps … did you mean Kevin, Greg or maybe even both???

    I’ve heard rumblings in the past about Greg, so if Kevin suddenly saw the light and revealed himself then that could possibly be good for both and maybe even for us.

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