Adrianna Leon Written Out at General Hospital!

Brook Lynn is heading out on tour and her portrayer, Adrianna Leon (Yes, that's how she spells her name now!) is being written off the canvas at General Hospital. ABC Soaps in Depth confirmed the news that the actress has been written out. Leon has been on recurring status with GH since her return last year.
According to the mag, Brook Lynn's story has nothing to do with the news that her onscreen kissing partner Nikolas Cassadine played by Tyler Christopher did not get a new deal with ABC Daytime. As we had in our spoilers here on Daytime Confidential, Brook Lynn's tour plans were a part of the story before the news broke of Christopher's firing.

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    I didn’t like the character at all, but I feel bad for the actress. I hope that the next time she returns to the show they give her a decent story involving the Q’s and a better pairing.

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    I hope next time they involve her more with the Q’s as well, and I REALLY hope they don’t bring her back in another ridiculous storyline, such as the travesty that involved Dante and Lulu. Why bring back a Q if you’re not even going to have them interact more than a handful of times, if that, with their own family??? We got a few “granny’s” from Brook where Tracy is concerned, but that’s it. Then they put her with Nik, and she’s essentially been stuck in a corner, despite the bickering with Liz, and surely they couldn’t keep that up given the current circumstances. I don’t think they should keep bringing people on if they refuse to write for them. Not only is it a waste of money, but it’s unfair to the actors and to the audience. That’s like buying a pet you never feed or bathe.

    I hope she conquers other projects and as always, I wish her nothing but the best!

    (And I also thought they were going to pair her with Johnny, but they seem so bent on keeping him in Lisa’s orbit. :sick: )

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    I wish AL the best but Brook Lynn was just awful so I can’t say I’m sad she’s leaving. They really wrote her character into a corner the second she drugged Dante and tried to have sex with him while he was barely conscious.

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    Thank God. Now this is a firing I can get behind. As much as I miss the Q’s and as great a return as Brooke Lynn could’ve and should’ve had, she didn’t. Poor writing and I also don’t personally care for the actor on this one. Sorry. Hit the road.

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    Adrianna is a pretty decent actress, but I am soooo not a Brook Lynn fan!! Too bad Y&R killed off Colleen. This is certainly not surprising for me. Having her play Nikolas’ hired prostitute…..oops, I mean “companion” never really sat well with me, nor did it really seem all that realistic. And it’s a shame too, because she is the daughter of one of the most popular GH couples of the 90s and the granddaughter of one of my favorite characters, Tracy Quartermaine.

    Wish they hadn’t botched her return. I also wish they hadn’t forced her to use that ANNOYING accent. That drove me up the freaking wall.

    Oh well……

    Wish her luck in her other endeavors.

    With this endless revolving door, I have found myself saying that a LOT this week!!! :tired: :tired:

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    i really enjoyed AL’s original turn as Brook, but stopped watching before she returned and was pretty much appalled at the storylines i read about online. i think she is a good actress with a lovely voice and i hope she finds more work very soon. so are there any Qs left on GH at this point?

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    Yeah, I agree with the others, I’m sorry to see anyone lose their job in this day and age, but they basically wrote Brooklyn into a corner by having her drug Dante in order to sleep with him, and then threw her into a relationship with Nic with Liz being the other woman in the equation, and well, that wasn’t going to end well for any of them. I wish her luck going forward in her career.

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    Am I the only one who thinks it’s odd that GH was handing out contracts like tic tacs to newbies: Lisa, Abby, and Siobhan but the Q was on recurring.

    I am no biz whiz but even I know that inking guranteed deals while belt tightening doesn’t make sense in a troubled industry. Newbies may be less expensive than vets but it stands to reason that they are also less demanding and don’t need guarentees to stay.

    I guess the characters days were numbered by the one hour she lived with the Qs before trying to steal from Edward, I hated that scene with a passion because it completely foreshadowed the corner into which the character would be written. This might be another case where I liked the actor and wanted to root for the character but the writing wouldn’t let me. AL is so young and daytime hasnt treated her very well I hope primetime, movie, and/or music will be better.

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    I really liked Brook Lynn. And I really hoped that they would have paired her with Johnny after the Dante crap. Johnny playing the piano and loving music and Brook being the one kind not afraid of the mob they would have done a good and interesting pairing I think. And they were hot together. Really liked their kiss on the fake beach…

    Instead of that they transfer Brook to Nik with a pathetically cheap Pretty Woman storyline where she looks even more like a hooker than when she was trying to seduce Dumbte (who was pretty jealous of seeing her with Johnny by the way).
    With Nook having as much chemistry as my cat with his vet, both Nik and Brook seemed doomed… After the TC news I still hoped that they would re-route Brook to Johnny (as Jook certainly has more chem than JoLisa whatever that ABC propaganda mag SID says….). Wrong again. And Johnny is stucked with the psycho.

    Anyhow, between Jake and Brook, that makes 2 Qs down in a week, and between Tyler and Elizabeth Taylor (the first Helena Cassadine), I have the feeling that it also makes 2 Cassadines down… Stormy weather on the legacy families of PC

    Tip to newbies, if you want to stick, make sure that the last name of your character is Corinthos or Falconeri. It will surely help.

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    I don’t think they wrote her in a corner because soap characters do this kind of thing they do dastardly deeds that is what soaps are about…So she drugged her BFF from the hood for money that’s soap opera. I can write her out of that corner quite quick…and I’m not even a professional scriber that gets paid the big bucks.

    IMO there is story there (even without a pairing) she’s a Quartermaine, Lois/Ned’s daughter Brenda’s goddaughter, but they don’t write for the Quartermaines they want them gone and they pretty much are. The main family of GH I guess are the Corinthos now. This is an example of a character who is a core / legacy family member but they can’t find anything to do with so what difference does it make GH doesn’t do history they want it gone.

    So for me its they just refuse to tell her story that is what GH does character placement e.g. instead of putting her with Johnny or more scenes with Brenda/Tracey they stuck her on Spoon Island in a cajones story with Nick. GH is pairing driven for women no cajones no story.

    There are places to put her but GH never steps outside its rigid lines. There’s always story there the thing is will they tell it? What about Matt? Oh that’s right they don’t write for him either.

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