All My Children Actors Deny Cancellation “Rumors”

All My Children executive producer Julie Hanan Caruthers has apparently quieted fears of her cast and crew that the show is in danger of cancellation. Perhaps her next gig will be trying to disprove global warming?  AMC actor Ricky Paull Goldin said this to Soap Opera Digest:

"We have been told by the powers-that-be we're not going anywhere, that the rumors are not true and we would have been the first to know," Goldin reports. 

Not to be a stickler for detail, but the AMC actors were the last to know they were moving to LA, so I doubt they would be the first to know if the show was being cancelled—not that we're saying they will be cancelled. What we've said all along was that ABC will be making major decisions about its lineup before the end of the first quarter of 2011 (which ends this month), and part of said decisions could be canceling a soap in favor of a talk show. Could being the operative word.

Goldin went on to call reports of AMC being in danger "malicious rumors", and while I thoroughly understand an actor being upset about the reports, I disagree wholeheartedly about their being any malicious intent in reporting and/or stating the obvious about the state of ABC Daytime.

When primetime shows are in trouble, the news makes the covers of TV industry bibles and is talked about on all the Hollywood power blogs. From Jericho to Heroes to Fringe, these shows' ratings woes have been discussed ad nauseum, and in many cases, reporting that these series were on the bubble helped to stir up vocal fan responses, buying the series time. You would be hard pressed to find an entertaiment media vehicle that wasn't reporting on the state Jeff Zucker put NBC in, so then why is it so sacrilegious to discuss TPTB who run daytime and their decision-making?

I think this antiquated notion that the behind-the-scenes dealings of the soaps should never be reported on is what has helped tank the genre. With the soap magazine press basically not being allowed to criticize the executives, writers, producers and yes actors freely, it lends itself to incestuous relationships where no real analysis or truth telling can be achieved.

Execs use the mags to strong arm actors and writers into taking paycuts or to deny "rumors" that even Nikki Finke is reporting on. I say it's time to stop shooting the messengers and tell the truth and shame some of the devils who are killing our beloved genre.  If people want to stick their heads in the sand and act like there's no trouble afoot at ABC Daytime—much like they did when reports of Guiding Light's cancellation "rumors" began—so be it, but we at Daytime Confidential stand behind our reporting 100 percent and if you love your ABC soaps, now is the time to watch.



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    Ok Jamey – I agree. Now is the time to watch. Im going to ask you a question. Maybe you know the answer. Of course if we watch AMC on ABC it will count as a rating. But what about all of the people that watch it on line or Soapnet? Does that count as part of the ratings. If not lets spread the word to everyone where to watch so the proper ratings will be taken into consideration. And Ricky thanks for your comment. It helps.

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    Not only were the actors the last to know about the move to LA, but just before the announcement, they were told that it wasn’t going to happen. Honestly, JHC wouldn’t be the first to know about a cancellation, because it’s not her decision. Barbara Bloom told the GL people that they were safe, but the decision to cancel the show was made by Les Moonves. JHC doesn’t even know what’s going on on AMC, and hasn’t for years, so nothing that she has to say has any meaning.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Watch live every day. That’s the only thing that will really make a difference. The rating is caculated at Live plus 24 hours, but yeah, I’d watch the air show if you can, now and this really only counts if you’re a Nielsen household, but getting the word out that it’s important for fans to watch the show the day it airs, might help.

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    As much as it KILLS me to type this sentence, they’re most likely correct. As long as Cam and Rebecca B. are employed with AMC, they’ll end OLTL first (That’s the part that kills me)

    Am I THAT gullable to believe that?? Cuz I do. I don’t watch ABC anymore, but I’ve caught a bit of all 3 their shows here and there.

    OLTL is the only one I would return to watching full time, but I just can’t get behind Frons & co.

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    Gosh, I hope they are right.

    Although I can’t bring myself to watch AMC regularly anymore, the thought of daytime television without my beloved Erica Kane is UNFATHOMABLE. I hope they can dodge this bullet!!!

    I guess that I could FORCE myself to watch AMC if it would keep it on the air, or at least leave the TV on mute while I do other things, but I am not a member of a “Nielsen family”, so does it really even matter??

    How do they track who is watching if you are not a NIELSEN household??

    Carolyn Hinsey is also recommending for everyone to e-mail Anne Sweeney and let her know in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS how loyal you are to AMC and that you will NOT watch anything that is aired in its place if it’s canceled. I am not sure how effective doing this will be, but I trust Carolyn’s judgment, so I sent the e-mail. It only takes a few minutes of your time, folks. If it works, it works. If not– No harm, no foul.

    I have tried to post the e-mail address, but it keeps getting distorted after I push the enter button. What can you do?? (shrug!)

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    Jamie, they (‘they’, not Me) would have to watch AMC Live everyday.

    ABC is killing Soapnot very soon.


    I’m not angry “at you” :-) I love soaps and hate what’s happening.

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    IMO there is still a very good shot at AMC being cancelled soon. Neither ABC or AMC has issued a statement. I think that is telling. Sadly I think it’s just a matter of time before AMC gets the axe.

    The actors are the last to know. CS said that on her Twitter page. She said she found out about the move to LA on Twitter.

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    So Live means we cant dvr? This is all really important info to know — ALSOTONBOY ARE YOU THERE??? If we can find out the RIGHT way to watch we may save the day. I have nieces in their 20’s and their friends and so many of them watch EVERYTHING on line. Im sure they are not paying attention that its not counting for the ratings. This is the problem. There could be millions of people watching but the live watching is not happening and they are not being counted. Jamey said watch live – I know live means live, but we need to really know about DVR because I have a remote attached to my wrist. I DVR everything.

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    So is this the press release that denied the move again w/Julie talking to the cast?

    I really want to believe that the people above Julie, and people in general, are not that cruel to lie to her just to keep the morale up, b/c can you just imagine the poor fans when the show is canceled?

    From me, it is a matter of when and to be completely honest I have been anticipating the announcement all wk. It’s like am I going to wake up to the news of the cancellation.

    I do feel for everyone, b/c as someone who has just lost a job, I know what they could be going through (the waiting for the shoe to drop feeling).

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    Maybe Ricky Paul should call some of his old buddies at GL. They could fill him in on the integrity of executives with regard to a show’s demise.

    I just listened to the DC podcast when GL was cancelled again. If you recall, Robert Newman said “Why would they bring us to Florida if we were being cancelled?”. Mel was in Florida with them. She said the actors didn’t know.

    AMC fans, listen to the aforementioned DC podcast #387 with Luke, Jamey, Mike, J. Bernard and Mel. Your show is in danger whether the execs admit it or not.

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    This whole “watch now” mindset is meaningless if they have already made the decision to cancel it and they are just waiting to announce it.

    Just sayin.

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    As always a great article, Jamey!!!

    I hope the cast is right. But tell me this CBS soap viewers, wasn’t the cast of GL and ATWT turns the last ones to know about their cancellation. I give Julie flack, but I honestly don’t believe she even knows, so that’s why there’s nothing to tell at this point. ABC will not say anything until when or if they cancel AMC or any soap for that matter.

    I agree we need to watch, DVR. Tivo, watch online, whatever it takes, e-mail the brass and say loudly that you like the ABC Daytime line-up as is, and that necessary changes need to be mad. I know it can be unwatchable at times, but just put on ABC, leave the room and do something else. We have to show the brass, that we still care about the genre, and that we want it to last for a long time.

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    KEANNA – thats what Ive been saying. Leave it on – its not going to kill. We put the TV on in the morning and its on all day just cause thats what we americans do. Might as well leave it on the programs we want to save. I agree that if the decision has been made there is nothing we can do about it but as fans we are trying a last ditch effort to save it. Altho I thought i saw somewhere online an ABC spokesperson say that the cancellation talk was just rumors and at this time there were no plans to change the lineup. I dont remember where I saw it.

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    Leaving your TV on, turning on more than one TV in your home, watching live, or watching the DVR’d show within 24 hours DOES NOT MATTER unless you are a Neilson family. It will not affect the ratings at all.

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    I’m going to be honest I haven’t been that big of a fan of RPG or BE ever since they ditched GL for AMC….I know a job is a job and all that and they were tired of certain storylines on GL but that was the show that hand fed them for years then they ditched it for AMC and went parading around the Emmy’s like “HA HA” but anyway….

    The actors are always the last to know.

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    Why should we care (or even watch) ABC soaps if the people that are running them don’t care? Seriously, if ABC truly cared about their soaps, they would CLEAN HOUSE! Instead, we get the same dam# people running these soaps with the same dam# storylines over and over and over again. Try something new. Better yet, fire Frons.

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    The viewing habits and patterns have changed and the major networks are failing because of their outdated thinking of only using the neilsen box rating system to gather rating and viewer numbers. AMC deserves a chance to continue to air. I agree Brian Fons needs to go how can you have somebody that does not respect the very industry they have been put in place to run and supervise what a stupid business decision. Soaps will continue to be part of our entertainment culture the cable channels and websoaps are doing very well with their soap style programming.I would merge the daytime emmys with the primetime emmys and call it the tv emmy show daytime industry desrves the respect and to be put at the same first class table such as primetime with coverage these writers ,cast, crew etc.. have to turn out more hours of entertainment no small feat. There are more AMC,OLTL and GH viewers out there that are not be registered because of a outdated exclusive system that discriminates by its rating nature by not taking into account DVR and on-line viewers!!!

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    TV Gord

    People have been complaining about the Neilsens for more than 50 years. As long as the advertisers go by them, none of our complaining is going to change a thing.

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    I’m a Media Buyer in NYC, and we despise’s such a bogus unreliable system, yet it controls everything where Television is concerned. It’s like the Federal Reserve Bank…it’s got us on lock until someone comes up with another way.

    And to clarify, Nielsen uses a few basic methods of quantifying audiences:

    (1)Diaries – little books in which selected families record their viewing habits. These are the primary way to measure, but also the most flawed due to human error. The info in these are physically read and then input as data which comes out in quarterly books that networks and advertisers use to see how shows performed.

    (2)Set top box meters – These actually record viewing data on your television and transmit it.

    (3)Local People Meter – These are devices which not only monitor viewing, but also behaviors outside viewing…how often channels is changed, when people get up to go eat, or go to the bathroom, etc. These provide OVERNIGHT data so stations and networks don’t have to wait for those little diaries to be calculated and put into quarterly books. Of course now everything is digitized with all the info uploaded digitally.

    ^sorry for the spiel, but basically just someone watching doesn’t mean anything, you have to be a Nielsen participant, that is, someone who has one of the above, to be counted. This means that the ratings data we see is not really a true representation of vieweship, but only based off samples. It’s sort of the same problem as the US CENSUS, where it will be impossible to calculate with accuracy with current methods.

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    I think RPG is being naive, sadly. I bet all the actors were told they’d be the first to be told, but that’s utter BS from the talking suits. All the actors have to do is ask castmates who were on GL, ATWT, AW, etc. The cast is the LAST to know. It will be on the internet FIRST. It always is. CS is correct in saying she believes she’ll find out on Twitter first. The fact that Bobbie Eakes is telling people that the RUMOR part that it was already cancelled is false, but TIIC are still considering it so WRITE IN NOW, shows that AMC is still in immenent danger of cancellation.

    Frankly, I haven’t watched AMC in years because of lousy writing and poor un-casting decisions (DIXIE), along with the LA move which lost us valuable cast members who didn’t want to move (DC!). Each decision took more away from an ever lessening shallow pool. There was nothing left to keep me. I feel bad, but I’m not going to campaign to keep AMC because this isn’t AMC. If they can resurrect the writing and bring back some of the characters I loved in college, when I started watching (’89) and couldn’t get enough of the show, I’ll write in til my fingers bleed. But what we have now is not worth the trouble.

    I feel like a beloved family member has been dying for years. News that the plug may be pulled is hard to hear – but sometimes you’re better off. I just hate that they uprooted everyone from NY to take them to LA and that hurt them even more IMHO. Hopefully, IF they do cancel it, I hope the cast and crew can find new employment relatively quickly. That is the true tragedy. They don’t deserve this.

    PS: Why don’t TIIC fire JHC first? She’s the one that’s allowed the show to continue OVER BUDGET repeatedly. She’s supposed to prevent that! Plus, if Frons would let the writers WRITE instead of hiring recycled soap-killing hacks it wouldn’t be ratings garbage each week. It was going UP in ratings when LB had the reigns during the move. So frustrating!!!!

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    Gaerielsky – LA was too much of a move – you are right. This is NYC – there are many other options in the Tri-state area they could have worked with so no-one would loose their jobs. Yea, frustrating. Its giving me a head-ache.

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    from Katiebug9624:
    “I’m going to be honest I haven’t been that big of a fan of RPG or BE ever since they ditched GL for AMC….I know a job is a job and all that and they were tired of certain storylines on GL but that was the show that hand fed them for years then they ditched it for AMC and went parading around the Emmy’s like “HA HA” but anyway….

    The actors are always the last to know.”


    Oh Katie you put a smile on my face. I don’t want AMC cancelled and I would feel bad about more people losing their jobs but I gotta say I agree with you about RPG and Beth Ehlers. GL gave them so much airtime and storylines. So many “wacky Wednesday” episodes were given to Beth it was ridiculous. I think to a certain degree they were disloyal for leaving GL and then gloating about it.
    But, just to be clear, I don’t want AMC to be cancelled. I don’t want the cast and crew at AMC to lose their jobs.
    But I was sick of RPG and BE big time!

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    The actors are always the last to know that their show is being axed…The studios never bother to call them….They alway find out their show is canceled when everybody else does.

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    The lying liars are lying again. [The execs.]
    I read an article esewhere in which they asked the actors for their reactions. I think what Bobbie Eakes said is most telling. “AMC is not being cancelled. However, now’s a good time to write in and let them know you want it stay that way.”

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