General Hospital’s Steve Burton on Liason: “We’ll Always Have a Connection”

It looks like actors are as hard to train as fans. In an interview with Fancast's Sara Bibel about Jake's death,  General Hospital's Steve Burton (Jason) fields the question all Liason fans are dying to know the answer to:

What would you say to Liz and Jason fans who see this storyline as the show’s attempt to sever all ties between the characters?

Let’s be thankful first that Becky [Herbst’s] back on the show. I’m so happy they decided to keep her. I think they’re always going to cross paths. Obviously, they have a connection with Jake whether he’s here or not here. We’ll always have a connection. There’s not much they can do about that part.

I guess you heard that, Fronsie!

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    I think that his comment, “We’ll always have a connection. There’s not much they can do about that part.” proves that the reason for killing Jake was to sever the Liason ties and move on with a Jasam baby. By saying that there’s not much they can do about that part implies that they did something with the part they could (killing Jake). All of the interviews of Steve so far have him mentioning that Jason now sees that all you can do is love a kid (something Liz told him in 2008) and he implies that at the very least the procedure on Sam will happen.

    It’s stupid, though. Sure, any kid could be hit by a car and die – but it’s not likely. A kid raised in the mob is much more likely to be hurt in one form or another. It’s like saying it’s okay to drink and drive because anyone could be killed in a car accident with sober drivers – which completely ignores the fact that it’s more likely to happen with drunk drivers.

    Fruza can’t train this viewer….Liason belong together with or without Jake.

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    Frons is not done trying to make “Liason” fans suffer, nor is he done trying to completely RUIN the character of Elizabeth!!!

    Strap in your seatbelts, folks. Something tells me that the “fun” is just beginning!!! And by fun, I mean character assassination and torturing of a VERY loyal fan base. As I have said before, I am not a “Liason” or a “JaSam” fan, but I don’t like being jerked around either.

    :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp

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    hey he was asked so he gave an answer.. what do you want him to say?? he can’t go against the writing,he still works there, he can’t say the couple will not be anymore…

    this is the only answer he can give… ask silly question,get silly answer…

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    Listen, Steve has no control over the writing, (though I wish he would go back on being Jason Q. but I digress), though it is odd that they did kill off the last connection Liason has, and that they RARELY have scenes together, they have them avoid each other like the plague.

    We’ll see down the line, how they write for Liz.

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    jlafferty – your posts made me laugh!

    look, for all you diehard jason/liz fans – which seems to be most people on this site – the quote is exactly what you wanted to hear and rightly so. jake did not make this couple, it’s their friendship (*GAG*). so baby or no why would you think this was their last connection? i mean if jake had never happened and jason went back to sam would you have ever given up on a jason/liz reunion? no. so why would you now?

    sam and jason were brought together by sam’s pregnancy with sonny – does that mean that sam and sonny are forever severed because the baby died? does that mean that sam and jason didn’t stay together because because the baby died?

    no one ever says carly and aj are eternally linked because of michael, just the opposite (until morgan) carly and sonny were always bonded because of “their” son.

    did carly and sonny end after she miscarried their first child? no.and the examples can go on forever.

    my point is, even though i don’t ever EVER EVER EVER want liz paired with jason romantically again, this bond thier fans think they have hasn’t died because jake did. in fact, i would argue the opposite. now that there is no child to “protect” i would think it would be easier to sneak around and “be together” (i vomit as i write this)

    as others have mentioned – jake’s death actually makes it easier to unite lucky with liz because now there’s no trace left of her being with jason and lucky’s clean and sober – his affair with maxie isn’t mentioned often.

    i just think it’s silly to continue to say this is the last connection between the two – they have so many other things in common other than jake – it’s just silly.

    besides i’m hoping someone was smart enough to make this a “switcheroo death” like when lucky “died” and jake is still out there somewhere. i don’t want a dead child and i’m sick of them killing of quartermaines.

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    LOL Oh please!
    As much as I love Steve Burton, that guy will say ANYTHING to please fans. He contradicts himself soo much.

    I adore him, I met him at a fan event, and he is the nicest guy, and hes hilarious, so different from his character. But he knows EXACTLY what to say to make the fans happy, if he would have said anything else, the Liason fans would be pissed off.

    I’m sick of hearing Jason/Sam are together because Frons wants it, stop discounting the JaSam fanbase, we are just as big and just as vocal as the Liason fanbase.

    Edit: My last comment was a bit offensive to Liason fans, so I just deleted it, that wasn’t my intention.

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    I knew that!! TO ME Jake is a very poetic and beautiful representation of LIASON but he’s not what made them. Their friendship is. Can’t build anything lasting without friendship and they have it in spades. I miss their talks SOOOO much… but no one on GH really talks any more. They just expound on the next plot point.

    I hope someone OVER Frons is listening. It’s clear what he wants. Hoping someone else is listening to what so many fans want. JASON AND ELIZABETH.

    Besides, after all this, what a great soapy twist to have JASON raising LUCKY’S kid!!! O_O

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    I want Liz to be with Lucky, but that doesn’t mean I want them to totally wipe out the memory of Liz and Jason. Jake is a piece of the history of their characters and deserves some respect by the writers. I really don’t care much who Jason ends up with so Sam is as good as anyone.. ;-)

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    [quote] We’ll always have a connection. There’s not much they can do about that part. [/quote]

    Quite frankly, they should show that more often than they don’t. Unlike my parent’s who have been divorced 16 years and don’t speak unless it has something to do with me, Jason and Liz had always been friends. With all due respect, he’s had more screen time with Lucky. Even Phyllis/Nik/Sharon interact more. As do Nicole/EJ/Sami even if DOOL is too stupid to realize what it has in EJami. But as far as Liz and Jason go, this is the same person who helped her after Lucky “died”. This is the same person who helped him when he was shot in the snow! Like I said, he has more of a rapport and almost buddy/buddy type of relationship with Lucky, a freaking cop, these days, and we ALL remember the fallout from him learning that Jason was in fact Jake’s bio dad!

    Like I said, my parent’s been divorced 16 years and dislike each other to the core. But I can tell you what, they’ve interacted and seen more of each other in five years than Liz and Jason in five months. Yes, Liz and Jason will always have a connection, especially starting out as friends the way they did. But even I’ve crossed paths and interacted with former friends and boyfriends I had in high school more than five times in a few months, and I live in a city of 1 million+ people. I’ve just always thought it unrealistic for them to NOT interact as friends. Any potential for a pairing might not have come to pass, but there has never been any indication that they suddenly stopped being friends, therfore, their friendship should be shown more often than it isn’t. If that changes and they interact again like the friends they once were, I’ll be glad for it. But I sure in hell won’t be holding my breath for realism….

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    I never understood Liason and they always had a brother/sister feel to me = but killing Jake off isn’t the disastrous thing. B.J. had just as much potential for the future as Jake did but people somehow accepted her death. Really wish the show would focus on the FAMILIES OF ALL PORT CHARLES AGAIN LIKE THEY USED TO and stop this obsession with a few key characters and couples – so stupid.

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    Is it me or am I looking correctly at this supposedly “fantastic storyline” but shouldn’t a child who just had “a transplant major surgey” have breathing tubes or some IV running? I know when a family friend had a transplant anti rejection medication was a big concern. Maybe I have to re-watch this. I thought I didn’t see any.

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    Was Bobbie and/or Maxie included in this storyline? LoL I just see so beyond Guza that I can barely watch his hackery it would be a fine time for a woman centered storyline Elizabeth dealing with two women who don’t like her for the good coming together for saving Josselyn or something like that..Maxie is the recipient of a transplant it could have been great stuff for these ladies to play out…the potential of the storyline is missed on things like this for me…

    I’ll try it again but thus far beyond the blubbering I’m not seeing the layers; this story could be dramatic on many levels but they aren’t playing “the beats” yet again, since Lucky wasn’t on screen couldn’t they even mention “in dialog” he’s with Bobby or something like that…I mean he banged a woman who had a transplant he’s talking with Maxie instead “I don’t know.” Maybe he will say it tomorrow since the staring at a motorcycle scene has played out.

    the pimp hand stroketh…but it was just great seeing the chemistry of Becky and Steve even for the two minutes or so.

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    what the fans want – why must some, not all, not most, but SOME Liason fans continue to go down that particular rabbit hole? Not ALL fans want Liason. In fact, the preference of the viewing audience seems to be just about evenly split – of those that have a preference at all. And so what if Guza and frons want JaSam? If half of the audience wants A. and the other half wants B. who should break the tie if not the HW and the head of Daytime – I mean isnt that their job, to craft story? Just because they didnt break the tie in the direction that SOME of you wanted doesnt mean tptb arent listening, it just means that they heard your request and the answer was no.

    As for the interaction I will just say this, I dont give a flip if jason runs into liz at the hospital and talks to her, but if Liz suddenly starts hanging around when sam gets sick, getting all up in their business again, purposefully putting herself in his path, this fan is going to be annoyed. Running into exes is one thing, but when a particular ex is someone you cheated on your current GF with, constantly buddying up to that ex is not cool. I know Sam tries not to be the jealous type, but that would be asking her to accept too much.

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    Thank you! You know I was actually thinking about when sam was trying to spy on jerry and he kidnapped her on the boat and she and jason had to take him down to escape….Liz HATED finding sam at Jasons PH…and really who could blame her – she walks in and jasons most recent ex – the one that he kept saying he loved even after his ONS with Liz – is standing in his home soaking wet and basking in adrenaline. running into exes is one thing but no one wants to see their lover hanging with someone where there is some intensity to the situation (busting russians, bonding over grief, etc).

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    I think it’s interesting that some see the fanbases as split evenly between Liz/Jason and Sam/Jason. Say it’s true for argument’s sake. Considering they haven’t been giving Jason/Liz scenes together is years it has to have significantly lessened the fanbase. Heck, many viewers simply gave up after the last go-round and don’t watch anymore. So if the weakened fanbase is on par with Jason/sam then it could only grow again if they started putting them back together. One would have to be blind to see Jason/sam aren’t doing anything to improve the ratings (as well as other elements). The good news to me is Jasam fans say they would NEVER stoops so low as to tune out if their couple breaks up… so it’s a win-win if they do!

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    mr.sam mccall1

    YES thankyou EET cause it’s true oh THE fans wants Liason they should give the Fans wwhat they want PLEASE. I swear some ppl want Liason the Liason fan base wanted them. Some ppl act as if Liason made GH not the other characters and couples. Liason didn’t make GH when they were together and they damn sure didn’t break GH when it was over.

    And interaction ppl forget this cause I started watching GH because of KeMo BIG fan of PC loved her with Jack. Anyway back in 04-06 Jason and Liz didn’t interact much even if at all. Until it was time to do Jiz I had no clue of the “non-couple”. Liz wasn’t a blip on the radar. When ppl spaek of this friendship I was like when what time Liz wasn’t there for him Jason didn’t go to her. From my views it was a hi Liz Hi Jason small convo and then so on. PPL act like b4 they put Liason they were best friends and around eachother all the time NOOOO. Just look at the major s/l’s b4 Jiz 2.0 NOTHING MAJOR.

    TheCreamTeam- not sure what you are saying but the waeked fan base is on par with JaSam. So are you saying that all these massive amounts of ppl left because of the ending of Liason. If we say that how many ppl lefted because of the SOS to put Liason together. And ratings I said it manytimes on here Liason doesn’t make ratings it’s a over all show. If liason made ratings which eaquls $$$$ which ABC is about they would be together. And no other couples would matter nor characters. Again Im not 100% sure of what you are getting at so Im took a shot maybe I miss understood ur post. But it’s many a JaSam fan and the fact it’s a good amount on this website should prove that. And we ALL know this board is pro=jiz

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    Well TheCreamTeam…I agree with your post…but then again I am one of those long time fans of the show, that knows the complete Liason history that goes back to 1999. I fell in love with this couple back then, and still love them today. We all have our preferences, no one is right or is all a matter of what touches your own heart. I think Jasam2 is one of the worst couples that ever graced daytime tv…The first time around they were ok…this time they are very boring….but that is just my opinion, and I am quite aware that they have ardent fans also. Like I said to each their own.

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    I have been watching this show for 30 years. So I know the history. I don’t see what Liason fans see, I really don’t. But like you said, to each their own.

    Everybody has different opinions.

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    I might as well throw in too. I’ve been watching General Hospital for 37 Years so I definitely know the history of the show and was watching from the very first day that Elizabeth was introduced to the canvas and Jason as well for that matter. I don’t even remotely see what Liason fans see! All I see are two people who are friends that have a brother and sister vibe and anything else they ever did beyond that was totally GROSS!!! They never had a real “relationship” so I don’t even understand why some people seem to think they did. But like everyone is saying, to each their own. And as jlafferty23 said, “everyone has different opinions”.

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    Thats absolutely right – to each his own, but when you say “JaSam fans say”…no jasam fans dont ALL say anything. I will tell you that to date no group like D&T has ever campaigned on a “vote with your remote” theme as we saw with “Becky Nation”, but I am sure SOME jasam fans tuned out during the summer of character assasination and I am sure SOME jasam fans would tune out if they broke them up again. We arent some monolithic group of one and only one mindset. Moreover, to suggest the ratings reflect the popularity of one couple is again not rooted in fact when you look at the industry as a whole and see that ALL of the shows have shed viewers. And to the original point, I wasnt suggesting that no fans should or even do love liason, I am saying that when you say give THE FANS what they want, you are really saying give ME and MY fellow liasonites what WE want because certainly there isnt ANY soap pairing on daytime that enjoys universal support. I think for the most part I am careful about using the words SOME, MANY, MOST, the MAJORITY etc I am just suggesting that to be accurate and clear others should do likewise.

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    mr.sam mccall1

    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]Thats absolutely right – to each his own, but when you say “JaSam fans say”…no jasam fans dont ALL say anything. I will tell you that to date no group like D&T has ever campaigned on a “vote with your remote” theme as we saw with “Becky Nation”, but I am sure SOME jasam fans tuned out during the summer of character assasination and I am sure SOME jasam fans would tune out if they broke them up again. We arent some monolithic group of one and only one mindset. Moreover, to suggest the ratings reflect the popularity of one couple is again not rooted in fact when you look at the industry as a whole and see that ALL of the shows have shed viewers. And to the original point, I wasnt suggesting that no fans should or even do love liason, I am saying that when you say give THE FANS what they want, you are really saying give ME and MY fellow liasonites what WE want because certainly there isnt ANY soap pairing on daytime that enjoys universal support. I think for the most part I am careful about using the words SOME, MANY, MOST, the MAJORITY etc I am just suggesting that to be accurate and clear others should do likewise.[/quote]

    I can’t agree more EET thanks for saying this.

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    I want to stay in the so cold “dark.” I am a Jasam fan and proud of it. I like others, never understood the connection between Liz and Jason. They feel more like brother and sister, and watching them together in this week’s episode, I realize how much older Jason looks compared to Liz. I feel Steve is always politically correct. He never sways with one fanbase or the other in my opinion. I looked back at older SSW events and it was mentioned that Jasam was number one for a long period of time and did not have to have one sex scene. That says a lot about a couple and I say then review that Laison fans. Another thing that was always wierd to me was that Becky Herbst has ALWAYS pushed for Laison. I never understood that, being that Steve was, and still is close friends with her husband. It was obvious that she wanted to work with Steve and have a storyline where they had a relationship. I never understood that.

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    I once loved Liason. I will always hold Becky and Steve in high regards for their wonderful portrayals of Jason and Liz. They were magic together, from the very start of their friendship and more. That said, sorry Steve but I am no longer buying the bullshit.

    Jason interaction is with Lucky. They are the ones having an emotional affair with one another. They’ve been doing so the last 3 years. Liz is allowed little to no interaction with Jason. If Jason is at GH for any reason, suddenly, Liz is no longer working that day. It’s been that way for the past 3 years.

    The writers had Jason state he couldn’t be in Jake’s life due to the danger. Almost immediately, his PH became the hangout for every kid in PC, except the one related to him and Liz. Jason was shown to jump at the chance to be Josselyn’s godfather, yet he couldn’t be a father to his own child. Liz was shown to blow Jake’s entire trust fund, even though in the 12 years she has been on GH, she has never been foolish with money. Now, the child born of Jason and Liz is dead and instead of these two being allowed a single embrace as they grieved the loss of their child, Liz slaps him while he insists on the kids body parts.

    I understand Steve is trying to appease his various fanbases. I don’t blame him. I’m simply no longer a sucker for GH bullshit.

    I never want Liz with Jason ever again. Been there, done that, graduated.

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    Thanks for posting this Jamey! I’m glad to hear Steve is still a Liason fan, too. It doesn’t change the fact that we just got run over by a MACK truck but his benevolent visit to our deathbed helps ease the pain somewhat.

    And for those of you who are so condescendingly revelling in our misery…remember this…what goes around comes around. Just sayin’!

  25. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Doodle to be clear I KNOW jaSam will eventually break up. I even have my next love interests lined up in my head…starting with JOHNNY…aiden turner coming on as aiden devane…or ASJ coming back as jagger..LOL. As long as they write the ending with respect to this supercouples long history and love, they leave the door open, and they keep kelly/sam on the front burner, I will be okay with it. Thats the nature of soaps. Look at jolie on OLTL. My poor jolie loving heart is being tortured right now…but they will be back. I dont think anyone is revelling in your misery. At heart we are ALL soap fans and we know its the nature of the genre to have breakups and makeups.

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    I love that Steve said what he said. I love liason- no matter who says they weren’t a couple or they weren’t friends or they went a few years without being friends and so on and so forth. They DO have history together. They have been through ups and downs as friends and I find them to have such incredible chemistry and I love them together. The way some of you look at Jason and Liz is the way I look at Jason and Sam. They are boring to me…even with all of the mob activity and shootouts. YAWN! I just can’t take the Jasam.

    And please do correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that Steve was a fan of the pairing of Liz/Jason? I thought he had stated that they were never given the chance that they deserved? I’ll look to see if I can find where I read this. So no need to bring out the claws! I THINK he said this and won’t know for certain until I can find the interview. If anyone knows of this interview or possibly the one I mixed it up with let me know please!

    I haven’t watched as long as some of you have, but I can tell you that I started watching GH because of the way that Jason and Liz interacted. The way they talked to each other and the emotion i could see between them when they talked blew me away. I loved it. I remember watching it with my grandma ( who is a long time viewer) and asking her if they were a couple, she said they weren’t they were just friends and the first thing I said was they ought to be a couple. They were freakin electric to me! I LOVED them and that love for this couple who was never really given a chance will never be gone!

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    Steve doesn’t want to piss off either fanbase, because he knows what will happpen.

    He isn’t a Liason fan, he isn’t a JaSam fan. He probably doesn’t even care. He has a wife and kids at home at the end of the day, he doesn’t watch the show so he doesn’t care.

    He has said great things about Liason, he has said great things about JaSam.

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    Steve wanted out of Journey and agreed to do JaSam. He wanted out of JaSam when Kimberly returned to the show and was told no he was with Sam. He wanted out of JaSam when KeMo talked about not renewing her contract and asked for Liason. He wanted to do Liason. Period.

    As far as Becky pushing for Liason, why not? It sounds like the other actor’s push for various soap pairings on the show and she has been there for the last 14 years.

    On another topic, dang! It’s hard to believe that Becky Herbst gave birth to her third child seven months ago! The actress looks fantastic.

  29. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    It sounds like the other actor’s push for various soap pairings on the show


    Not to get too OT but still on subject, Laura Wright just said in a recent Michael Fairman interview that she asked for CarJax:

    [quote] You know, when Ingo and I first worked together, not much of this was scripted in terms of we kind of flirted in the scenes on our own. I went upstairs and I said, “Why don’t you put Carly with Jax? He is this… and this. .and… he is taller.”(Laughs). And they go, “OK”. And within a couple of weeks they started the love story. [/quote]

    I’d read the entire interview. Pretty interesting what she has to say on a few things.

    To remain on topic, I’d like to see Liz/Lucky, Liz/Jax at some point, possibly, or Liz/Someone new. Jason has not been my favorite person for a VERY, VERY long time, so it’s hard for me to suddenly want her back w/him at any point in the near future in a romantic sense. Though I still have love for Liason of yore and would like the friendship revisited…

  30. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Jlafferty once again you are the voice of reason.

    As for Becky pushing for liason, it SEEMED to me that she pushed and then she pushed and then she pushed vs. Steve, who suggested Liason when Kelly might leave and has always PUBLICALLY played up all of his pairings – he frequently mentions how much he loved Jason with robin, how important carly is to jason and how much he loves working with becky AND with Kelly in BOTH pairings. Thats IMHO the difference and thats why I sort of felt Becky shafted Greg V. by continuing to fight for Liason over a ll2 reunion. Also to contrast with Laura, she has also mentioned a number of times that she and BBa play up their flirtation and chemistry even though its not in the script. She is no dummy, she is an industry vet, and like burton she wants to give the writers options as the more chemistry she shows with people the more likely she is going to remain front burner. And based on what Laura said in the interview – she went to tptb and said how about carjax and they said okay. Its not like they said well we have this whole story planned out for carly and sonny and she put kept at it nor did she mention it in mags. JMHO

  31. Profile photo of JasamForever


    I thought Laura Wright’s interview with Michael Fairman was interesting as well. She made a point to say that she is not playing up any chemistry with Sean at all, but that she played up the chemistry when she begin with Ingo and even went to tptb reagarding exploring a relationship between them. I see a future and chemistry with Sean, but based on her comments, I don’t think she exactly feels the same way. Maybe I am reading it wrong though….

  32. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    LOL. JasamForever, if you’re reading it wrong, then so am I! Because I was thinking the same thing. In fact, that’s one of the things I found interesting, in that she says she’s not playing up any chemistry when I too see a future and chemistry. Interesting that we all see something, and have even dubbed them CaSh, but that she doesn’t seem to feel the same way.

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