TNT Passes on Bradford Anderson Pilot

It looks like General Hospital 's Bradford Anderson (Damien Spinelli) is staying in Port Charles. According to Deadline, TNT has decided against picking up the pilot Anderson had landed a part in this past fall.

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    I have always enjoyed Spinelli, so I am glad he’s staying on GH. However, I do feel kinda bad for Bradford. He is a talented actor and certainly deserved the break. I guess that’s Hollyweird for you….


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    More scenes of Spinelli reveling in attempted murder while passing judgment on others, and nearly killing his girlfriend while passing judgment on others.

    And mopey faces at Jason to remind us what a hero he is.

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    With all due respect to Brad Anderson, I think it’s time the character moves on( maybe he could go on an extended book tour). The “Spinellispeak” annoys the hell out of me, and frankly Spinneli needs to grow up.

    I do feel bad for him though.

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    I can’t stand Spinelli. He’s one of many reasons why I won’t watch GH (the others being the constant mob scene and focusing on the same characters over and over). He’s SO freakin’ annoying. I’m not sure what the draw is of his character. Great actor, horrible character.

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    [quote=liason4real]I feel sorry for BA that he didn’t get a new job away from GH. He seems like a nice guy, but Spinelli should have died at the MCHC robbery in 2007.[/quote]

    LMAO!!! :D :beer:

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    [quote=liason4real]JAQ,,,If it was Spinelli vs Alan who lived and died during 2007 MCHC, Spinelli would be UNDER the rubble![/quote]

    To say the least! :D

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