Who Should Y&R’s Adam Newman Be With?

On this week’s Daytime Confidential podcast we discussed who The Young and the Restless' Adam (Michael Muhney) should be paired with.  Jillian Bowe is loving Adam’s chemistry with Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) in Thailand,  while I refuse to give up my devotion to Adam and Sharon (Sharon Case). The topic got me wondering who fans would like to see Adam with?

Who should Adam be paired with?

Who Should Y&R's Adam Newman Be With?

  • Someone else. (8%, 134 Votes)
  • It may be a pipe dream, but Adam and Rafe need to be given a real chance! (16%, 261 Votes)
  • Adam and Sharon should stay together because they love and understand each other. (32%, 533 Votes)
  • Adam should be by himself! (15%, 241 Votes)
  • Adam and Phyllis are hot and have combustible chemistry! (29%, 478 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,647


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20 Responses

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    Unlike with Sharon, Adam actually has chemistry with Phyllis. That being said, Adam, Phyllis, Sharon, and Nick are all screen-hogs (and probably big budget-eaters) who should be fired so other characters get a chance to shine.

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    The only time I liked Adam with any relationship was Skye, at least before the show destroyed her character.

    Sharon is his blow-up doll and Phyllis is just too OTT.

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    I say Phyllis. If only because I don’t want Phyllis with Jack. I never forgot when Phyllis told Jack that she never loved a man the way she loved Nick. Jack looked like someone had punched him in the gut. After she said that I felt they could never be together again.

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    Nat Guy

    Ah Luke you used the pic of Adam thumbing Rafe’s pouty lip. That was a hot moment. Of course they won’t go there again, so I’ll say Adam & Sharon. They have good chemistry.

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    As a gay man, I am inclined to vote for Rafe and Adam, but Mama Bell will NEVER go there. I also partially agree with A-Crane–Adam already gets FAR too much airtime, so I kinda want to see him alone (and backburnered, but not fired!) right now so that the show can regroup and refocus.

    NEVERTHELESS, since we all know that the writers will NEVER make Adam bisexual or put him on the backburner (heaven forbid!), I will go for Phyllis and Adam. A Phyllis/Adam/Jack triangle could be interesting and hot, if written well. Jack and Adam hate each other. Victor would certainly take a perverse pleasure in seeing his son get the best of Jack. Sharon would get pissy that Phyllis has taken another of her men. It could be an umbrella story of sorts. IF written well………….

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    I created an account just to say Jill Foster/Abbott/Fenmore/whatever she is this week. They both scheme, they’d look good together, she’d be front burner, cougars are still hot right now, and they could take on the Abbott, Newman, and Chancellor families together!

    Colin is a short-lived character, anyway.

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    Phyllis and Adam are combustible. They are equals and therefore much more suited to eachother than either Sharon or Rafe. Both of those people are patsies to Adam no matter what he might feel for either of them. Phyllis is nobodies patsy. She might turn the tables on Adam a couple of times even. I always enjoy a bad boy/bad girl romance. It is what Sami and Ej could have been on Days had the writers been better.

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    I think MM and MS have chemistry. In fact, it is wonderful chemistry. It’s just not sexual chemistry. Don’t try fitting a square peg inn a round hole. It would be fun to see them team up again in the future but her chemistry with him is more along the Michael/Phyllis variety than a hot, sexy type. Don’t screw up with a story that has no business being told. Stick to what works.

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    [quote=siomonstuart2003]How about Adam and Heather again???[/quote]

    Adam and Heather only worked because of Chris Engen and Vail Bloom’s sizzling chemistry. This current Heather wouldn’t have chemistry with a dishrag! I’d get behind “Hadam Round Two” if Engen and Bloom were to return.

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    I wish people would stop trying to make straight characters suddenly gay. It’s not natural. They need to bring on a gay character from start to finish instead of suddenly “creating” one, like that horrible job they did with Adam.

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    RebeccaJ and anyone else out there that doesn’t know this, there are millions of gay people out there that have been married, with children, and closeted all their lives. They fight being gay and try to live within the confines of what is acceptable to others. People who are a little older even someone Adams age might very well come out as gay. It isn’t unusual and certainly not unnatural. This comes from alot of experience with married and formerly married men. If you do not believe me, get on the internet chat rooms. You will find a multitude of “straight” acting married men looking for other men out there.
    Having said that I highly doubt that daytime would ever do a story on this subject. It is too adult and too controversial.
    Also I do not think that Adam is gay. He is just manipulative. That is why I picked Phyllis to be his soulmate….

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    Phyllis and Adam work because Michelle is a much better actress. She can pair with any male on that show and make it work. With that being said, the story potential would be great for the two of them. No matter how they try to portray Sharon as strong it’s just not happening. I don’t think there is a mother in the world that would have succumbed to Adam after kidnapping her baby. That’s just another portrayal of Sharon’s weak character. She and Nick deserve each other.

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    I get what RebbeccaJ is saying. I hate it when characters are straight on soaps, and randomly they turn gay (I believe GL did that and it annoyed me). Don’t most gay people who have been in heterosexual marriages, always know that they were gay, but choose to suppress it? If the writers had been giving signals that Adam was suppressing his sexual desires, I would buy it. Otherwise, it looks like a plot point. That or they could make Adam truly bisexual, and that would really be interesting.

    I use to think Adam and Phyllis would be hot, but after today I found that they have zero sexual chemistry. However, they are a step better than Sharon and Adam. I don’t see the appeal of these two. They are boring as the day is long and I don’t feel the chemistry.

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    Frankly, someone should smack that silly mullet off Adam’s head. He reminds me of Alfalfa. (The one with the high-pitched voice and cowlick from the vintage Little Rascals tv show). Then they should send him packing. He is not a villain we love to hate — we just hate him.

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    I honestly don’t want to see any of the women on this show with a character like Adam. I mean Phyllis has a daughter and her character would take a serious hit if she was with a guy who made a woman miscarry and kidnapped another woman’s child. What makes Phyllis any different from Sharon (if they go there)?

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