Could Changes be Coming to Daytime Emmy Categories?

According to Variety, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) may consider having fewer nominees in each category, with another possibility being eliminating the younger actor categories. The Young and the Restless’ Peter Bergman weighed in on the number of nominees, per category.

"They do need to change," says Peter Bergman, a three-time Daytime Emmy lead actor winner for his role on "The Young and the Restless" as Jack Abbott. "You can't have five (nominees) with only six shows. If you do, you may as well throw one from every show in."


Reportedly, another option on the table is the return of the guest performer category.

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    With all due respect, it seems to me these actors are just talking to hear themselves talk. There is nothing wrong with the number of acting categories. What should be changed is the nomination process. Also if there is something wrong with the younger actor category, it is that it goes to age 25. By then, some actors could have been acting for well over 10 years, so perhaps the cutoff should be 18, when they are actually young, but otherwise, there is no reason to cut that category. There is something to be said to adding categories to include different mediums of delivery like that primetime Emmys have done or including those actors to compensate for the decreased number of shows, but cutting the number of awards or nominees does nothing to solve a problem that does not even really exist.

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    The younger actor category is a joke to me…I just think this whole thing for soaps needs a re-haul or at least looked over again…something just isn’t right eg. when your company gives you a preferred list you can pick for a pre-nom.

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    I think they should keep FIVE nominees in each category!! That will ensure more diversity (in terms of a broader range of actors getting nominated!) and hopefully more deserving actors getting the recognition that they deserve!!!

    The Emmys are still EXTREMELY flawed, but having fewer nominees in each category won’t fix the kinks in the wheel.

    And in terms of getting rid of the Younger Acting categories, why get rid of them now?? They’ve had them for over a quarter of a century!! They aren’t hurting anyone. And having youngsters like Kristen Alderson and Austin Williams, who will HOPEFULLY get nominated next year, or even Lexi Ainsworth, who BETTER get nominated this year, acting alongside SEASONED actors who are twice their age doesn’t seem fair to me. Regardless of how talented they are, they will get eaten alive. Period. Keep these categories. Why fix what’s not broken??

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