The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Are Hope and Liam Finally Done?


Amber/Liam/Hope/Oliver: Ms. Moore uses Liam's anguish over Hope to her advantage by seducing him. Afterwards, Liam lets Amber know it was a huge mistake. Liam also tells Amber he isn't interested in starting a romantic relationship with her. Meanwhile, Hope dreams Liam dumps Amber and begs for her to come back to him. Oliver consoles Hope and encourages her to forget about Liam.

Liam heads over to Oliver's and spots Hope there. Later, Bill and Liam talk about their crumbling love lives and Liam tells his father to never give up on Katie. Bill is horrified when Liam reveals he willingly slept with Amber. Steffy has a chat with Oliver and tells Mr. Jones to go after Hope, while Brooke attempts to cajole Hope to start over with Oliver. Meanwhile, Amber tells Oliver he needs to consummate his relationship with Hope and makes a mistake about her plans for Liam.

Ridge/Brooke/Thomas: The chiseled one gets a surprise when his first-born son slips one of his designs in the latest Forrester women's line. Eric voices his opinions to Ridge on the drama between he and Thomas.

Ridge is not thrilled by what Eric has to say and the two get into big argument. Meanwhile, Stephanie digs into both Thomas and Brooke about them going against Ridge's wishes. Things start to look up for Thomas when he is given 5 percent of Forrester Creations and made part owner! Taylor looks at Thomas' situation as a new opportunity. Brooke tries on Thomas' dress despite Ridge objecting to it. Later, Thomas lets Brooke know he feels he intimidates Ridge, but Brooke sticks up for Ridge.  

Steffy/Bill/Katie/Nick: Dollar Bill tries his best to get his wife to come back home. Katie doesn't budge and tells Bill she needs more time to think about his actions. Nick loans her a shoulder to cry on, while Steffy pitches why she is the better woman for Bill! Later, Bill tries to get help with Katie coming home, but he realizes the Logan girls aren't ones to be trifled with.

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    I can’t believe Liam is such a dunce he’s being played like a harp…

    and Heather has boo-koo money why does she stay on her ex-boyfriends’ boat why not lets say “a hotel?” Plot point is just jumping off my screen it ain’t subtle…

    I like Steffy but her running around literally chasing this (married) man, lurking, snooping makes her look pathetic.

    Does Brooke ever take her husband’s side against Thomas. I like Thomas but he’s still hitting on his father’s wife and acting like an entitled spoiled brat…stop whining Thomas !

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    They have GOT to end this Liam/Hope thing like YESTERDAY! It is tired, they are tired, and I am TIRED!! Where are the fashion wars?? Too many boring couples. We need something to spice things up. Where’s a Rick & Taylor affair or a Nick & Taylor affair to stick it to Brooke when you need one? I like these two women pitted against each other, but NOT (N-O-T) over Ridge!!

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    I think on a recent podcast someone saidthis is the evolution of Brooke Im liking it Brooke should be the female Victor and just WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN for all the crap she’s put up with over the years from those two. “Nobody gonna stop my Nobody gonna hold me down Oh No I gots to keep on moving” sings this Brooke FAN!!!!!

    I Like Skanky Steffy, I Love Oliver/Hope/Liam, Amber could go either way with me I can’t tell if Im suppose to sypathize or hate her.

    Im Really Glad That Brad Is Rotating His Stars Out!!!!!!!

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