Jason Tam Drops in on One Life to Live

Brittany Underwood’s time in Llanview as Langston is coming to an end, but maybe this will help make lemonade out of lemons. According to ABC Soaps In Depth, Jason Tam is returning to One Life to Live as Markko to help usher Langston off screen on April 12. 

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    I miss Jason ‘Markko’ Tam so I’m very happy to see him even if it’s only temporary.

    Here’s a question for someone from the DC crew. Doesn’t Jason Tam have the distinction of being the only performer in Daytime Confidential Podcast history to have a clean 4 for 4 sweep as a Performer of the Week?

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    I am inclined to agree that these characters are gone solely because of not all the Fords, but Robert Ford! Langston’s character was ruined by that affair, and instead of repairing it by making Ford not loathsome, they made him worse, and her still hung up on him. James can stay, but the rest of the Ford/Salingers can go like yesterday and NEVER come back!

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    I hope Markko has some self-respect and doesn’t reunite with Langston after what she did to him with Ford. Yuck!

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    I loved Langston and Markko together, but once they broke up I didn’t care about Langston anymore. I must admit to cheering a little when she found out Ford had duped her. (I am a bad, bad person)

    I do think the Brittany is a great actress and I hope she finds work soon!

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