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From Nola Aldrich on The Doctors to Countess Echo di Savoy on One Life to Live to Reva Shayne on Guiding Light to Jodie Walker on Santa Barbara to Reva Shayne again on Guiding Light to Countess Echo di…okay, you get the picture! The fabulously-outspoken and insanely-talented Kim Zimmer has been around the daytime block more than a few times. She's also had her fair share of memorable primetime gigs (The Rowdy Girls on Designing Women anyone?). All of this should make La Zimmer's upcoming memoir, I'm Just Sayin! Three Deaths, Seven Husbands, and a Clone! My Life as a Daytime Diva, quite the read.

While Zimmer's sure-to-be dishy tome doesn't drop until August 2, 2011, you can pre-order it on Amazon right now. I don't know about you, but I just whipped out my credit card. Thanks Scooter Smith for the tip!

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    I have read many of Kim Zimmer’s interviews in online and magazine publications over the years, and feel like I pretty much know as much as I need to know about her career, but one thing that has always puzzled me is her GL relationship with Cynthia Watros–were they friends or foes??? I know that they had a confrontation on the set one time, but when Cynthia won the Best Actress Emmy in 1998 (beating Kim!), she seemed to be her biggest fan and completely supportive of her win. Yet, she “REPORTEDLY” was glad when Cynthia left the show because she “REPORTEDLY” felt threatened by all the attention that Cynthia received (rightfully so!) for how she MASTERFULLY performed from 97-98′ as Annie Dutton.

    I dunno if she will even mention Cynthia in her book. Probably not.

    I love Kim Zimmer, but I don’t have the time to read ANOTHER book. There’s too much going on in my life for me to commit to even sitting down and glancing through it. Maybe I will get it a few months from now after it’s been DRASTICALLY marked down on…..

    Good luck to Kim, though………..and Congrats. Reva Shayne will FOREVER live in my heart!!! :love: :love: :love: :love:

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    I love Kim Zimmer! Her acting is tops and whenever she is on screen she owns that screen. Can’t take my eyes of her. Didn’t really watch GL, but I love watching her in clips and she is absolutely divine on OLTL. I may have to read this book :)

    I haven’t heard anything, but I really hope she doesn’t leave Llanview with Charlie, although with Viki as her number one enemy, I don’t see anyway they can fit her in Llanview. Rex and Shane maybe? Although, if Charlie dies…that would be some good material for both actresses.

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    Still Morning The Death of My Beloved GL (I Know Its Been Two Years) this I can’t wait to run to the book store and pick up. I know IM BEATING A DEAD HORSE BUT, TELENIX SHOULD SALE GL AND ATWT BOOKS AT LEAST THEY’D STILL BE MAKING MONEY.

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    I too am still mourning my Guiding Light and also agree that they need to sell DVD’s or something of this great show..I would buy anything they would sell of Guiding Light..I will also be buying Kim Zimmers book as soon as it comes out..I can’t wait to read what she has to say..

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    I checked at just to make sure but even this was unclear and I think, incorrect. Now, I just checked Wikipedia and Wikipedia gives the same timeline as IMDB. Anyway, I still swear that I am correct but I have been wrong before.
    Before seeing this post, I was certain that Kim Zimmer first played Echo di Savoy during one of her breaks from Guiding Light. I remember specifically turning on OLTL just to watch Kim because I missed her in Guiding Light. Am I crazy? Perhaps so, but does anyone else remember it as I do? Thanks so much.

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    Jamey Giddens

    No, she was Echo before joining GL. She was only on for a handful of months in 83, before getting fired. Then she went to GL. She went to Santa Barbara between her GL stints. She’d played a small part on OLTL in the 70s before going to the Doctors.

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    Just read Ravenites spoilers for OLTL. Echo leaves with Charlie. DAMN!

    I want Kim Zimmer on my soaps EVERYDAY!

    As Much as I love MTS, I would love to see Kim with Eric Braeden on Y&R.

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    Oh no! I just read somewhere that Niki Smith comes out! UGH! That angers me like no other. They can’t come up with an original story for this amazing actress??!!! It’s like, well, we got nothing to do so let’s bring back Niki Smith! Stupid writers…I have a feeling it’s not gonna be a good summer for OLTL with Deanna and all the multiple personalities and the horrible Jack on contract.

    I am really loving these reveals this week with the bullying story and the Viki and Charlie thing. And I am also loving Rama and hope that develops. She’s cute! But other than that…the future doesn’t look so hot

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    oh my god where is it stated where Kim is leaving OLTL? I hope not because that is why I tuned back in last fall just for my Kim Zimmer. I seen all her Emmy wins and could tell you why she and Erika S. is the most trophy winners. She was amazing as Reva. I wish we could buy seasons of GL…I would. If Nikki comes out again I agree this is lazy writing by Ron for this amazing actress of Erika’s ability. I don’t understand, and wonder why this genre is dying prime example. I will pre-order the book, can’t wait.

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    I can’t wait to read Kim’s book . . . especially the parts that are described as “blatantly honest and wildly indiscreet”! Perfect summmer reading.

    I’ll be really, really disappointed if OLTL lets Kim go. I started watching the show in October because she joined, and she’s been great! I want to see more, not less, of what she brings to the show . . . great acting and storyline for powerhouse vets!

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    This was from 1993, Maureen had just died a year before. I wasn’t sure where to post this but like myself there are hellva lot of Lighters out there still and I wanted to share this website with the most fantastic clips (on going) with the return of Alex back on canvas..the fabulous Marj Dusay the only Alex after Beverly M (my favorite) but no else could of taken this part on and make it her own and especially filling the shoes of Beverly M. It is 38 parts and then goes into the shooting of Roger (68 parts). How these stories revolved around the vets more then any newbies because they could ACT and carry the stories…which soaps don’t have anymore but all newbies with a handful of vets. This is why the genre is in trouble and look at the who’s Who’s as vets, Vanessa, Billy,(GS recast)Hamp, Little Billy, Michelle, Ben, Mindy, BC just arrived a few months before and I liked her version of Mindy more so then KS’s version. BC put Mindy’s humor and her fiery Lewis temper back into the character as KT had done years before. A-M & Lucy blooming romance,she had just arrived a year before, Bridget, the story of Peter, Dylan, Kat, Fletcher, Gilly, Jenna is married to Roger, Jenna’s maids Donna & Ginger, Roger the master performer by MZ, Holly, Blake, Ross, HB, Henry, Josh, Ed, it is amazing to watch and enjoy. Even though JFP was EP, it just shows you how P&G’s soaps were the gold standard for soaps, and having an E-in charge of Production helped all there soaps. There were a few throw way characters like Tangie. Overall Lighters will love IT! :love:

    Here is who was in charge and some the best writers of that day.
    Stephen Demorest, James E. Reilly, Nancy Curlee, and Lorraine Broderick 1991–1993
    Jill Farren Phelps
    Stephen Demorest, Patrick Mulcahey, Nancy Williams Watt, Millee Taggert, and Sheri Anderson 1993–1995

    Enjoy :((

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