The Wait is OVER: First Two Eppys of WORKSHOP Debut on Hulu!!!!

Alright boys and girls, the day has finally arrived! The first two episodes of Nate Golon's hilarious, independent dramedy WORKSHOP have premiered on! In an unprecedented move, WORKSHOP is the first independent, half-hour series to be distributed on Hulu, and my business partner Luke Kerr and I couldn't be prouder to be on board as associate producers this season!

Check out Episode 1 entitled Sparkle White Gum, which picks up on where we left Jeff (Golon), Adam (Phillip Jeanmarie) and the rest of  the motley crew of SoCal aspiring actors at the end of Season 1 and Episode 2: Get Me The Chronic, featuring That 70's Show's Don Stark at!

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    The First Two Episodes Are Awesome Jamey & Luke. Very Funny & Classic soapy. Not A Better Combo Than That. Love The Actors. Nate Is Genius and Love That Don Stark Is On & That Stephen Seidel Popped Up. Keep Going. Only Looks Like Its Gonna Get Better & Better.

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    Jamey & Luke,

    Congratulations on your new gig as producers for “Workshop.” I watched the first episode and really enjoyed it.

    Could you tell us what being a producer entails?

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    I Cant Remember where they have to go to watch But Jamey said in a recent podcast that Nate Golan (ES’ Creator, Writer, Star) Made a deal for people outside the US to be able to view WS

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