Phillip Jeanmarie Talks WORKSHOP, Passions and Inter-Sex Serial Killing With TV Guide

Our boy Phillip Jeanmarie  caught up with one of NBC's cult soap Passions' biggest supporters, TV Guide's Michael Logan, to talk about life post-Harmony, including starring in Nate Golon's hilarious, web series WORKSHOP! Peep what Jeanmarie has to say about the difference between playing an intersexual serial killer on daytime and doing an independent TV series.

TV Guide Magazine: Workshop is very cool, very funny. How does it feel to make a series and help realize a creative vision without interference from a bunch of loser know-it-all schmoes at a network? It's the new wave!

Jeanmarie: And it's so much better than sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring. I get to go out there and act and be proactive. This is guerilla filmmaking and it's very freeing. I now feel kinda fearless. Looking back at Passions, I was overwhelmed by the intensity of the work and always so worried about screwing up and missing lines. It kind of traumatized me. I didn't have as much fun as I should have. It's a privilege to be able to act. You gotta have fun with it.

For more of Logan's chat with Jeanmarie go to TV, and to watch the first two episodes of WORKSHOP, with yours truly and Luke Kerr as associate producers, go to!

Photo by Robert Kazadjian

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    I loved the twisted-ness of Vincent being Valerie, especially when Valerie seduced his own father Julian and then Vincent gave birth to her own sibling/child! JER was a goddam genius.

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    Charles Divens always looked so uncomfortable in the sex scenes between Chad & Vincent….like they were wrestling more than banging…..but Phillip was completely convincing in the part like he really was into Chad. I’ll never forget Vincent toying with a naked tied to a chair Eric Martsolf! Wish we had an unrated version of that scene!

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