AMC’s Lindsay Hartley Speaks Out on Cancellation Rumors

All My Children scene stealer Lindsay Hartley voiced her thoughts regarding the cancellation rumors surrounding her soap to Soap Opera Weekly. Hartley stated:

It's so sad, of course. First of all, we've been fighting this battle for a while now. Not just All My Children, but soap operas in general. You don't ever want anything to go away that's been on for so long, that's made such a statement all over the world. I, for one, have never been happier. I love All My Children. The cast is so talented, loving and family-oriented, and Julie [Hanan Carruthers, executive producer] tries so hard to make everyone feel important. It's wonderful to have your EP so open, so ready to help and be there. So I hope the rumors aren't true. It would be sad if all these people had to go out of work, the crew, the cast. All I can say is they're really encouraging us to let the fans know they should write in, turn on their channels and watch the show. Support the genre!

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    I love Lindsay, and I really like her character Cara, but the girl has GOT to be smoking something. Julie Hanan Craputhers is the one doing the most damage to that show. Kreizman is an idiot, yes, but that show killer is the one who let McTrash and that Pratthole ruin the show long before Killer Kreizman ever began his reign of terror on the poor citizens of Pine Valley.

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    Lindsay Hartley likes her job—as well as the notion of being a gainfully employed actress—-so naturally she’s going to say whatever she has to to make the show sound more enjoyable and appetizing than it actually is. Doing anything to the contrary would be equivalent to career suicide. Lindsay is smarter than that!

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    I know. I just love how the Y&R actors call out their show all the time, but everywhere else people spin their shit into sugar. I don’t blame her one bit, though. A girl’s gotta work.

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