DC #615: Who’s Zoomin Who?

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke, Jamey, Jillian, Regan and Melodie discuss the latest in All My Children, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, One Life to Live and The Young and the Restless storylines and news, including:

The news Roger Howarth is returning to One Life to Live. How will Howarth’s return to Llanview impact the show? The bullying story has brought the best in Farah Fath, John-Paul Lavoisier and Austin Williams. How should Jack Manning pay for what he’s done? Viki discovered Echo and Charlie in bed. Now she wants Echo out of her life and off her property.

Days of Our Lives ratings are in trouble, but when will Ken Corday do something about Dena Higley? What did Jamey think of Bo and Hope’s reunion? Fake Rafe tries to kill Fay. Vivian is manipulating Nicholas, much to Carly’s frustration.

General Hospital puts Sean Blakemore on contract. Jillian and Luke love the idea of his character Shawn being a more “hands on” bodyguard for Carly. Jamey suggests GH recast Lucas with Van Hansis and pair Lucas with Matt. Luke Spencer continues to deny he has a drinking problem.

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Ridge isn’t happy with the Taboo Women’s Line. Jillian is enjoying the Amber, Liam, Hope and Oliver storyline.  Steffy and Bill’s dynamic has Luke tuning in. Is B&B too slow, too fast or does it have the right pacing?

What is the latest on the All My Children and One Life to Live cancellation rumors? The situation seems to change, almost by the minute. Cara doesn’t think that Jesse and Angie’s baby is theirs. Griffin is framed for Diana’s death.

Adam returns to Genoa City to try and keep Sharon from being sent to jail. Is it in bad taste for Malcolm and Sofia to get married where Cane was shot on The Young and the Restless? Gloria and Chloe team up to try and get the goods on Jana.

NOTE: This podcast was recorded on Sunday before Jamey’s sources gave him the latest information.

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17 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Smitty

    yes this Victoria Newman not combing her hair just ain’t right. It’s bad. Very distracting and like what was pointed out on the podcast…THAT IS NOT VICTORIA NEWMAN!

  2. Profile photo of Miry

    Hahaha! That was a hi-larious podcast! Great work guys!

    I actually had to *clap* when Jamey said Kay C. “built a damn good dirty martini!” LoL, loved it!

  3. Profile photo of No Daisy
    No Daisy

    Great Podcast.I love that you all argued with passion about OLTL again. And Luke, you were just wrong about Vicki! And of course I agree about RH’s Todd and his great relationship with Starr. I can’t wait for that reunion.

    Jamey was dead on about product placement within soaps. I was all over it a few years back when GH used Kate and Colemen to promote some stupid movie. Teh moving sucked but the time ColKate speand talking about it made me stop to watch. I thought that idea could have been expanded to having Colman and Kate do a commercial within the show a few times a week. These two characters had pleanty of chemistry but nothing to do on the show so why not use them out of context? As a couple they had no future but doing commecials within the soap could have given them a Taster’s Choice kind of appeal. ABCD execs have no vision. They are just pissing the genre away.

  4. Profile photo of jlafferty23


    About AH’s hair, someone messaged the Y&R hair stylist on twitter awhile back asking about AH’s hair and he said that it’s AH’s choice. She doesn’t want her hair done, she does her own hair.

    Great Podcast guys!

  5. Profile photo of jlafferty23


    LOL, I’m serious. The hair stylist was like “don’t blame me, she does her own hair” LMAO!

    No kidding (Re: her acting), she’s just not good…

  6. Profile photo of jlafferty23


    haha, who knows. I don’t think AH should be allowed to do her own hair, who the hell does she think she is? LOL. Her hair looks like she hasn’t put a comb through it in years.

  7. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Jamey, I heard you say in your last podcast how much you dislike Valerie Wildman. You will be happy to hear that she’s leaving the show when Rafe kills her this week. (sorry for the spoilers! :8) :8) )

    She is supposed to be going back to school to pursue a PhD in Children and Adolescent Psychology…..

    I really don’t know much about her as an actress since my viewership of DAYS has been sporadic (AT BEST!) over the years, but as soon as I read it in Soap Opera Digest this week, I thought of you.

  8. Profile photo of keanna

    As always great podcast guys!!! You guys are funny and crazy, but I looove it!!!

    Days, I’ll admit the one saving grace was Bo and Hope getting back together!!!

    As for the ABC soaps,

    I am glad Cara realizes that it’s not Jesse and Angie’s baby. Griffin can feel me up anytime he wants!!! :love: :love: :love:

    Sorry Luke, I’m with the rest of the gang as far as Vicki’s concern, when your spouse is sleeping with someone else, and that someone else is someone you can’t stand everything else goes out the window.

    Like I said on another headline Jamey, I would love for Lucas to come back and even Van in the role, but not under this regime.

  9. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    OMG, the podcast was HILARIOUS! I needed that good laugh today! And I agree w/Jillian, RH was the shyte as Todd, lol. And yes, OLTL needs this shot in the arm. Hopefully the storyline is up to par and is something that is really good for RH so that he can BRING IT like he used to!

    I could talk about Jack, but I’m sure whatever I say will be misconstrued, so I’ll say I agree with the podcast gang and leave it at that. Erika Slezak is an effing Phenom! When she went off on Echo, I was literally on my feet cheering! And I have to agree with the bunch who said that Viki’s first priority was Chuckles and SlutCo. She was concerned for Shane, but after walking in on her husband with SlutCo, not shocking that that would be at the top of her list.

    AH’s hair is a total mess on Y&R. And if it’s true she does it on her own like jlafferty mentioned… who the hell is approving that??? How hard is it to at least LOOK like you put a comb through your head??? Hell, she could take some of that goop off of Nick’s head and put it on her own!

    As far as Lucas and GH, the storyline you presented Jamey is actually a good idea. But like I said on the other thread, I don’t trust this regime, and honestly, I don’t think Guza even remembers who the hell Lucas is anymore! Honestly, the conversation would go like this:

    GH Fans: Guza, we think you should bring back Bobbie Spencer’s son. Maybe he could be paired up with…

    Guza (waving his hands as he sits back in his plush chair, cocks his head, pulls his Elton glasses down to his nose and looks around the room with his arms wide open) He shrugs: “Who’s Bobbie’s son??? Wait a minute, who the hell is this Bobbie Spencer person??? Was that Jason’s mother??? Sonny’s baby Mama #5??? And why does she have the last name Spencer??? Luke was an ONLY CHILD! No, Bobbie Spencer… Nope, doesn’t ring a bell!”

    GH Fans: Well, Monica has always technically been Jason’s mother as she adopted him, but his birth mother was Susan Moore. Bobbie is Carly’s mother and Luke’s sister!

    Guza: Wait a minute, so Luke REALLY has a sister??? CARLY has a MOTHER??? You mean, Carly had a purpose when she first showed up in Port Charles??? Wait, didn’t I help create her Carly??? Hey, this Susan Moore… she still available??? We could always use more names over the hospital intercom.

    Carly and Shawn have mucho chemistry. We ALL see it! LW’s the one who needs to get a damn clue about it, lol. And I agree with Regan about the contract situation. Much like when it was announced that EC was placed on contract around the time RH was fired, and now Ingo seems to be pushed further and further out the door??? Or at least to Brenda’s orbit, heaven help him, until VMG skedaddles again. But anyway, I don’t think so many people blame Sean Blakemore because he is gaining a real following with the fans and has been since his first appearance. I think it’s that this regime has a tendency to screw people over behind the scenes. But that’s JMHO. I mean, TC was fired over the phone. I think he’s been phoning in too, but… that’s kinda cold.

    DOOL needs Chill. That’s all, lol.

  10. Profile photo of dkp

    I totally agree with your comments about Y&R Jamey. Show does have it’s great moments & it’s great that the show still has the character’s I grew up with. But yeah, most of the time Y&R doesn’t feel like Y&R and feels like it’s trying to be something else. MAB needs to watch the old Y&R episodes & get a clue.

    I loved your GH ideas. Your right, General Hospital isn’t about the hositpal, which is why I don’t watch it anymore. I’ve been saying they should make Matt gay since he arrived & I one up your idea, by bringing in Kish & make it a quad.

    Yup, DAYS is stupid to not do CHILL. That’s who we want, not Will & a new guy.

  11. Profile photo of Dariclone

    So there’s a chance both AMC and OLTL *may* be sticking around? Great news! Everyone keep writing and complaing though, becaus absolutly nothing will happen if we don’t. Of course it would be great to have Brian Frons gone as headwriter but I think that may be expecting too much. Jamey, I reslly like your ideas of soaps at night like tele nevelas. Sometimes I watch my soaps during primetime hours and I think as long as they could write a good enough story to get people hooked, it would work.
    I’m somewhere between Luke and the rest of you guys on the Viki and Charlie thing. I don’t blame Viki for blowing up at Charlie and I wouldn’t want him to leave to go to Shane. The fact is, he wasn’t even going to Shane, he would just be thed to comfort Echo. Also, didn’t Viki console Rex and Gigi later on? Of course Viki cares about Shane, she treats him like her own grandson, but at that moment Charlie needed to stay with her.

  12. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    This podcast makes me laugh .. a whole lot (so did GHfan-4now)

    IA Victoria was a snob; I liked that about her…she reminded me of one of Jackie Collins characters and one of my friends. IA about Kay being drunk as Cooter Brown; I remember when Kay was tipsy on almost every occasion…Jamey you’re killin’ me with Victoria’s hair. LoL

    Rumor has it from sources that are reliable (most of the time) LW doesn’t want this pairing w/Shawn. I don’t watch the show much and loathe Carly (but I like Laura Wright bunches) so just saying.

    I disagree; I believe they are replacing vets and that is the order of the day Frons wants a new GH that its been his vision; I read this on some site years ago as an ongoing rumor; however I know what I see on the screen.

    I’m not drinking the kool-aid he wants vets gone and there is one excuse or another for them replacing them. I agree about Tyler the fact they wrote him like crap is not an excuse…They isolated him out of major story like they do all the vets when they get ready to KO or write them off.

    Another excuse for Elizabeth not to get anything ML, she’s been rehired when she wasn’t hardly on before then but ok whatever they are selling. All I know there are a lot of missing beats in the Jake storyline not to mention “a major change of what happen again from what they played on the screen…one being,

    Lucky never asked Liz if he could “bring the boys.” He told her he couldn’t take them that night & even dialog to Shioban he felt guilty for “making” Elizabeth take the boys then the next thing I know Elizabeth is being thrown under the bus (again) with that “I didn’t let Lucky take them…”

    its all my fault instead of kicking Luke in his ass…and of course no emmy reel. So this has nothing to do with re-writing her leaving and all that…this is writing her like cah-cah…like they’ve been doing for the past four years straight.

    Another example? That Guza is Hack-A-soras oK “Did Robin forget that Matt/Maxie broke into Johnny’s apt. and over heard Lisa/Johnny talk about the incident at the hospital. Now Robin is saying only Patrick (&her) know Lisa is nuts.” (Also Maxi saw her attempt to drug Robin via IV).

    Also the editing was atrocious when I watched today the continuity is horrid according to posters…so I guess I tuned in to see Guza at his worse then tuned it right back off today.

    HUH? IMO, I almost jumped out my lounge chair Guza has ripped off plenty and movies Clink/Boom is a ripoff from GFather1, Kate getting shot at the alter a ripped GFather 4 verbatum…Jason looking through the bullet hole was Clint Eastwoods’ “Sudden Impact” did Guza write BJ’s heart? Can’t remember…

    Still Jake’ storyline has to be one of the worse stories I’ve seen in several yrs. I think he was going for the Rabbit Hole and missed it because women don’t drive story in Macho-mobspital. There is a Twitter page titled Wrong Guza Wrong they tweet the writer mistakes daily and its not from a long time ago either.

    …IA about B/B I like it there are some things but I notice too they are using a large vocabulary they must be going to onelook.com because Ridge has stepped it up (so has Y/R).

    IA about the storyline for DOL re: Will. Kalinda is bisexual on The Good Wife; I like how they did her character..it was a lot of mystery. I thought she was hetero, then I flipped to homosexual then come to find out she’s bisexual. Just saying it is an excellent story that keeps me intrigued.

    I can only judge Anne Sweeney from my neck of the woods so IMO she doesn’t give a rats tu-tu about women and soaps not saying that campaigning won’t help save them (I’ve written on behalf of the genre in the recent campaign).

    Just saying she doesn’t seem to care unless its about a buck…She has two misogynistic dunces in her employ & is the most powerful woman in H-wood that allows them to exist to demean women so she can kiss my grits. She maybe rich but I have no respect for her because I don’t care how much I had on my plate; I would not allow them to do this not for one second on the airwaves I’m boss of.

    I don’t know about their other soaps I don’t watch them.

  13. Profile photo of Dariclone

    By the way, I forgot to mention that I also think Opal and Caleb would be great together! He’s very much like Palmer and I think they’re much better suited together than him and Erica.

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