You Decide: Should GH Bring Lucas Jones Back to be Paired With Matt Hunter?

On today’s Daytme Confidential podcast Jamey makes the brilliant suggestion that General Hospital should recast Lucas Jones with Van Hansis and bring him back as an intern doctor, who falls in love with Matt Hunter (Jason Cook).  You’ll want to tune into the podcast to hear Jamey’s complete Wishful Storyline idea, which includes the pairing and how GH could introduce a new crop of young nurses at that hospital.

Could you get behind a hypothetical Lucas and Matt pairing?

You Decide: Should GH Bring Lucas Jones Back to be Paired With Matt Hunter?

  • No! Lucas should return, but be paired with someone else. (29%, 293 Votes)
  • It has possibilities, but I’d have to see how was is written. (13%, 127 Votes)
  • No! Don’t bring Lucas back to Port Charles. (16%, 157 Votes)
  • Yes! Casting Van Hansis as Lucas and pairing him with Matt is a great idea. (42%, 418 Votes)

Total Voters: 995


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29 Responses

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    You’re not the only one, JAQ!!! As for Lucas, I would looooove to have him back and even with Van in the role. but not under this regime!!!!

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    Keena…..I don’t see them putting Matt with him. They really have done nothing with Matt for how long now?? 3-4 years?? lol

  3. Profile photo of mipeony

    While another Jones/Spenser would be nice to see (back) on this show, if it doesn’t have anything specifically to do with the unholy trinity, it’s not going to happen, and let’s face it, the writing would be half-azzed for him, just like it is the rest of the non mob (and rarely shown) cast.

  4. Profile photo of Oakdale-fan

    I don’t have a problem with the idea itself, but I don’t want it to be with Van. I want him to steer clear of daytime and find success elsewhere. He was great as Luke but it would be bordering on career suicide for him to take on another gay role on daytime now after spending 5 years on ATWT.

  5. Profile photo of JaySherman

    Luke and Reid’s relationship on ATWT was very special. I get the feeling this is an attempt to replicate that but in Port Chuck but I don’t think it would work.

    I also wouldn’t want Van to waste his time with GH considering how Luza has been writing. Lucas has been here twice as a grown up, once with Ryan Carnes and once with Ben Hogestyn. In both cases, since he wasn’t all mobbed up, the writers didn’t know what to do with him.

    Lucas comes out as gay and then vanishes without a trace.

  6. Profile photo of dkp

    I’ve been saying they need to make Matt gay and bring back Lucas to pair him with since he was first brought on the show! Only thing is, I don’t want Van as Lucas though.

  7. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    This regime would take a hatchet to the storyline before it even got off the ground. I don’t trust them to write anything that doesn’t include guns and well, more guns.

  8. Profile photo of armlessphelan

    I agree, I think the story could be good, but I don’t see Van coming back to do another gay character.

    What about Billy Magnussen? He’s a fantastic actor, and I don’t think he’d have a problem playing gay.

  9. Profile photo of Set

    I think that the story has potential. It would be nice to have Lucas on the canvas again.

    Plus, Carly has stated that Patrick is one of her favorite people, so it would be kind of cool to have his brother dating her brother.

    I remember when Ryan Carnes was Lucas and Tamara Braun was Carly they shared like two, three scenes together. All of which I enjoyed. Ben Hogwhatever(can’t spell it!), to my recollection, shared none. It would give Carly more of a familial connection, too.

    I support this idea, but am lukewarm, at best, to having Van be the recast Lucas. It would seem too much like a typecast. But if it was Scott Evans? Typecast be damned!

  10. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I love Van Hansis, and would LOVE to see some “boy on boy” love in the afternoon (or at least the watered down daytime equivalent of it!). As a gay man, I will ALWAYS stand behind the idea of daytime introducing more gay couples, even if they are not written as well as they could or should be. Any step in the right direction is a plus. Needless to say, I would be totally game to the idea of Lucas returning, but that would make Bobbie’s absence from the canvas even more GLARING and ridiculous.

    BOTH of her kids running amuck without their mommy to keep them in line??

    However, it’s still a great idea!! Van is a wonderful actor and human being!!

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    I love how you continue to think that GH will ever give a meaningful storyline to anyone not involved in the mob. I see Guza getting bored with this idea two weeks into it.

  12. Profile photo of Bourgeois Nerd
    Bourgeois Nerd

    It’d definitely an idea with possibilites, but, Jamey my dear, do you really think A) Guza would consider it in the first place; B) Frons would allow it (I mean, OLTL “proved” Teh Ghey leads to ratings decline after all); C) Guza would do it justice? Guza has difficulties, to say the least, writing women; I shudder to think how he’d handle a gay romance. Lucas would be the Pink Strangler by February sweeps.

  13. Profile photo of eiwcakeff

    well I say try it and see if it works Gh already has crappy ratings. Van Hansis is a good actor and I know it’s catty but I’d love to see someone screw over Maxie because… well just because. Just DO IT!

  14. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    Naaaah, Van Hansis’ Luke kind of annoyed me. I can’t say that he would play Lucas differently. I’d want to probably strangle him. How about Scott Evans(I am biased since I was a Kish fan).

  15. Profile photo of Origamigui

    i remember that you posted this same thing a while back.

    I’m a Nuke/LuRe fan to the bone, and would LOVE to see Van Hansis back on daytime television…but i’m kinda worried that he’s being type-casted as the “gay guy”. Not to mention, i shudder to think what would happen to it under the dirction of both Guza and Frons.

    Let’s see first how they would write “Chill” (wishing, hoping, praying for that storyline to happen, but not likely.) Then we’ll talk.

  16. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I am really surprised by the fact that only 17% of the vote has gone to dont bring him on because when EC and AB were offered contracts, many people on this board were hugely offended that newbies were being hired when vets were being axed. Yet here its overwhelmingly pro-newbie. Is it just certain newbies? Or who they might be paired with? Or which vet might get the axe?

    I am baffled.

  17. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I am not talking about recast. people were complaining that tptb hired EC for the LuSh story and AB for the Mabby story at a time when certain vets were being bandied around as “on the chopping block” so to speak. Oscar Wilde (at least I think it was OW) said something akin to consistency being the last refuge of the unimaginative. If so, consider me unimaginitive. I voted NO on this poll, mostly because I dont see the point – if they wanted to tell a story for matt, they could go full throttle with m&M, pair him with Liz who has no pairing at present, or heck even have him make a play for robin – my point is there are a number of options for him already and its clear guza isnt interested in any of them, so adding a newbie in this instance doesnt really advance any stories or even potentially spur growth for other main characters, its just one more newbie to fund and that is money that wouldnt be in the pot to offer to a vet to keep them or to pay for a short term return of a fave etc. etc. I am not anti-newbie, just anti-random extra characters. Plus I would think Van would not come cheap the way you typically think when saying “newbie” since he would be new to gh but not new to the industry.

    Conversely, the sentiment at dc for the last two months, at least based on comments, has been thoroughly anti-newbie, yet roughly 450 people in this poll would gladly see this character added. So either a. some of these people were anti-newbie but arent now that Rebecca has been rehired b. some of these people were anti-newbie but dont care any more because Tyler has been fired and there doesnt appear to be any way to resurrect the character (at least played by TC) c. they were anti-newbie but have decided Ingo and /or nancy’s contracts are going to be decided based on how guza feels and financials arent going to play a factor d. they were anti-newbie but this story seems so compelling they have changed there mind e. they were anti newbie but feel this idea brings some measure of diversity to the canvas/genre f. they simply changed there mind for no reason whatsoever g. the comments were at odds with how casual site users and lurkers truly feel about newbies or h. something I havent thought of.

    I am just trying to figure out why everything here has been so seemingly anti-newbie and now in this poll isnt.

  18. Profile photo of Origamigui

    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]I am really surprised by the fact that only 17% of the vote has gone to dont bring him on because when EC and AB were offered contracts, many people on this board were hugely offended that newbies were being hired when vets were being axed. Yet here its overwhelmingly pro-newbie. Is it just certain newbies? Or who they might be paired with? Or which vet might get the axe?

    I am baffled.[/quote]

    Technically, Van Hansis ain’t no newbie. most people have seen his acting chops on As The World Turns and knows that he is damn good. it’s probably 17% due to the fact that recasting a legacy character (especially GH) sometimes doesn’t end up well.

  19. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Ahh armless I just clued in to what you are saying…so lucas is now a legacy character? He is a Spencer but the Spencers are not an original family and Lucas is Bobbie and Tony’s son, but bobbie and tony are gone, and we only saw lucas as a baby and then only for what seemeded like a handfull of scenes. so I dont see the importance there esp. when you are putting him with a character that isnt really all that tied to the canvas in the first place. Are you suggesting that people wouldnt have been upset about them hiring the other newbies if say Abby turned out to be serena baldwin and sean turns out to be tom hardy’s son, because most of the people that were upset came at it from a budget angle.

    Origamigui – please read my whole post – where I noted that he was a newbie to GH, but not to the industry. I realize that van has been around and I dont doubt his talent, but why, as a GH fan, would I want to see van as a recast lucas than say Ethan or Johnny who have been on the canvas for awhile now and have fan followings. In a era where the genre is losing ground and budgets are tighter, FOR ME – I would want tptb for the most part to favor the people we have over new characters unless that character is intregal to story, will be used, serves a unique purpose and is inexpensive. I see the point of bringing on AB since they probably got her for peanuts and theres no one even close to michaels age amongst the vets. With sean being given a contract, we get at least some diversity on screen, again they probably got him for peanuts AND I am praying that eventually he takes over the more dangerous aspects of the mob from jason so that we see some GROWTH with his character. The character of lucas doesnt meet any most of that criteria – Guza isnt invested in matt and isnt all that interested in the non-mob side of the canvas and the actor wouldnt be inexpensive. I wouldnt want to lose Jax, Johnny or nik to pay for him. You seem to be taking the opposite line of thinking from armless – that it would be less than 17% if it had been van as Dr. Random new character to the canvas vs. recasting a character from the shows history. But your post got me thinking – maybe much of the 450+ votes in favor of this are coming from ATWT viewers who want to see their favorite on a new show, and not from gh watchers??

  20. Profile photo of JasamForever

    I agree EET, I have no idea who this guy is but if he was hired, more than likely a vet would be the replacement in the short term. GH is pretty much becoming tit for tat. They did not even know how to utilize Brooklyn, and wrote a crappy storyline for her. So until the writers start taking refresher courses, I voted no. Hey, isn’t James Franco teaching a class?

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