Here We Go Again: Is Billy Miller Still in Contract Negotiations at Y&R?

Flag on the play, peeps. Soaps In Depth is reporting that Billy Miller is still in talks to stay onboard and The Young and the Restless. Lookahere Sony and Maria Arena Bell, y'all better get it together and give that boy what he wants to keep my Billy Abbott and my Villy in Genoa City, or I'm gonna be mad as hell!!! Villy is the closest thing to a supercouple I have left on daytime, and I ain't aiming for to lose 'em!

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    I hope he sticks around, because I adore him as Billy Abbott, but sorry Jamey “Villy” has got to go, Victoria drags down the character.

    I want Billy/Chloe so bad!

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    Billy Miller had better not be FOOLISH!! The economy is a mess right now, especially with the Snookies and “Situations” of the world taking over primetime and reality TV in general consuming EVERY facet of the industry!!! He would be wise not to VOLUNTARILY walk away from a good thing!!

    Besides, I love him and don’t want to see him go!!! Selfish, I know. ;) ;)

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    I’m thrilled that Miller might stick around. I had already envisioned Vicky leaving with Billy and returning months later portrayed by Sarah Brown (or of course ideally heather tom).

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    Please please please don’t let Billy Miller go!!!

    Villy brought me back to Y&R after many years of not watching and have even made me declare my love for them on the internet. I will be devastated if he leaves. Give him whatever he wants!

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    jlafferty23 –
    I also want Billy and Chloe…
    jamey I just don’t get your Villy love…

    I don’t blame him for leaving, but I kind of want him to stay, but give him a story put him back at Jabot and against Victor/Adam.

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    Oh no..just PLEASE let this guy go already!!! I cannot stand smug, arrogant, creepy, ham-it-up, scenery-chewing Billy. Please let the character rest, then recast in a few years with the REAL Billy Abbott, David Tom.

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    Jamey I hope they give the man exactly what he wants!!! I don’t know what I would do if I could not watch my Billy and Victoria on YR. They are the reason I tuned back in after tuning out. They just have to keep him!

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    Getting rid of Billy Miller would be a good start to Y&R correcting many of its problems. But he’s just the tip of the iceberg–I can think of at least a dozen other castmembers who should be let go.

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    Alistair, You amaze me with your lack of perception sometimes! That man brought much needed passion when the show was lacking. He alone made me finally accept amelia as Victoria. He makes a great Abbott, and can stand against the great Victor toe to toe. Unless he is going on to bigger things, I hope he stays right where he is.

    There is only one other actor out there currently who could fill his shoes, and anyone who has ever read my posts knows who I mean!!! LOL

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    I have to respectfully disagree that Billy and Victoria are a supercouple. The pairing may have increased AH’s Victoria’s profile, but I think it has done so at the expense of Billy Miller’s talents and Billy Abbott’s complexity as a character.

    If he is going to have to shackled with such lame stories where everything he does has to revolve around the Newmans and lame Victoria, then he’s better of elsewhere.

    I would personally prefer for him to re-sign for a year or two and then have Billy the character written to ditch Victoria and transform back into the complex and conflicted Billy Abbott that he was when he first joined the show. Then he can leave on a high note to fame and fortune elsewhere. It would be a shame to see BM’s Billy Abbott leave as a baby-buying, high-horse ridin’ Billy Newman.

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    Don’t you think it’s kind of disrespectful to say something like that about David Tom??? He’s a great actor. Calling him “fat” is uncalled for. Beauty is skin deep, honey!!!!

    :) :) :) :)

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    At the risk of playing “devil’s advocate,”David Tom has never been what one would call “rail thin,” but I fail to see the humor that some people get in criticizing the outer appearance of other people. Nobody’s perfect, and making fun of someone for not being “6,1, 180 pounds” or having the “perfect physique,” as far as I’m concerned, is crossing the line and hitting below the belt. It’s just not right. But I have no control over what other people decide to post, so I simply shake my head and move on……….

    I always appreciated David for being exactly what he was—a damn good actor!! If he returns to the show, I will be glad, considering that he hasn’t forgotten how to act like Vanessa Marcil seems to have done.

    But I don’t get the desire some people seem to have to hit below the belt!!! I think it’s sad!!!

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    If BM stays, please get him out of Victoria’s orbit. This pairing has turned him into a bore. And the idea of Villy as a supercouple, kind of makes me snicker, but I guess agree to disagree. But, it makes me laugh that some are saying that he needs to stay purely for Villy. He’s had many more pairings that were far more interesting. Just saying’…

    I like BM, but I don’t think he has the talents or style for primetime. I never thought he was that good. He overacts.

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    I will use this post to comment that Billy Miller needs to be featured
    in the opening credits. Also, some other contract players that are running
    the bulk of storyline. It’s an insult never to be featured.

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    Let him go and see what’s out there and who really wants him. He’ll be back…unfortunately, teeth baring and eye rolling and all. Yawn.

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    I think Billy is EXTREMELY talented and will do well anywhere he lands. I wish him much success both inside and outside of daytime. BUT I would rather see him stay on Y & R so that I can watch him. I will follow him wherever he lands. I LOVE Villy but I also really like Billy with Chloe and would love to see him really fall in love with Chloe somewhere down the line. But for now, I’m ALL ABOUT VILLY. For those of you that state that you don’t think his acting skills are all that, I ask you have you seen him in anything other than Y & R? Remember he is playing a ROLE and the way that the current incarnation of Billy Abbot is written is exactly as Billy is playing him, as humorous, charismatic, cocky and wide open. This may not have been how Billy Abbot was written or portrayed in the past, but let’s be realistic. We have all seen NUMEROUS times how a character is written differently dependant upon a recast. Take the role of Lucky on GH for example. When Jonathon Jackson first portrayed Lucky as a child/teen Lucky was written as very much like his dad, he was street smart, wise beyond his years, with a shining future ahead of him. When Greg Vaughn took over the role, suddenly Lucky was being written as the cop who couldn’t solve a crime, who everyone was duping or taking advantage of and as if he didn’t have a clue. THAT was not to reflect on Greg’s acting abilities, its just how the character was being written at that point in time. Re-enter Jonathon Jackson and suddenly Lucky is written as the brilliant cop who is solving every crime and working alongside Dante and Jason and sent uncover on Interpol assignments. There was a DRASTIC difference in how the character was written when GV was in the role vs when JJ has been in the role. So, if Billy Abbot is not the same now as before, its not entirely due to Billy Miller’s portrayal. The actors portray the characters as they are CURRENTLY being written. Look at the storylines, the humor written in his scenes and the dialogue. Billy Abbot is CURRENTLY being written as a cocky smart ass which is WHY BM is playing him that way. As far as his acting abilities, if you haven’t seen him in anything else then I suggest looking up video of his portrayal as Ritchie on AMC and in his guest appearance on Justified. The acting talent IS THERE tenfold. As far as letting him go and seeing who wants him, that would be a big mistake on Y & R’s part. I have no doubt that career wise he will be a Ryan Phillipe and NOT a Vanessa Marcil or Maurice Bernard.

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    Brandys mom

    Billy Miller is without a doubt the most successful recast in daytime history. He has owned the role of Billy Abbott since day one. Although I am a fan of Billy with Victoria, Billy can be a stand alone character or play off anyone they throw at him. I firmly believe that Miller’s portrayal of Billy Abbott is the foundation for Y&R’s continued success for the next 20 years. Y&R nees to bite the bullet this time and do whatever it takes to keep him.

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    Yes, I’ve seen BM act on other outlets besides Y&R. I have said this before, but there is a difference between daytime acting and primetime acting. Soap actors are well known for their overacting and over-the-top theatrics (ie Billy Miller, Kim Zimmer, Jeanne Cooper), however, it doesn’t work on primetime shows. I hated Miller on Justified. It was too much.

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    I agree that what makes for a great, dynamic soap actor does not necessarily translate to other mediums. I could see that being a bit of a challenge for Miller at times as he is a bit of a scenery-chewer and sometimes tends to fall back on acting quirks to get through a scene.

    But I was actually very impressed with his performance on Justified and thought that it showed he can convincingly be someone besides Billy “Teeth” Abbott. I think he has the talent and charisma to make it outside of soaps.

    Whether he will though is another thing. There are a lot of talented, hot, charismatic actors out there and it ends up being a matter of luck and good timing as to which of those actors gets the few big roles available. For example, I thought Jeff Branson would for sure pick up a good movie role or pilot in the past couple of months but so far it seems that is not the case. TSJ and Roger Howarth are two other actors with an “it” quality to them that I thought could make it out of soaps but haven’t.

    And Billy Miller is aware of that risk, I’m sure, which is why he is asking that Y&R make it worth his while financially to not take that gamble–or perhaps audition for other roles while still playing Billy Abbott.

    In any event, as a soap fan, I obviously don’t think he’s slumming it if he stays on Y&R and is “only” a soap actor. I just wish MAB would write him a storyline worthy of his talents and the history of Billy Abbott, because Billy following Victoria around and doing her bidding is plain boring and a waste of his abilities.

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    I always appreciated David for being exactly what he was—a damn good actor!! If he returns to the show, I will be glad, considering that he hasn’t forgotten how to act like Vanessa Marcil seems to have done.

    Alstonboy — Vanessa could not have forgotten what she never knew. The difference between now and then — back then the character of Brenda was a flighty, giggly young girl = she was playing herself and not really acting. Her character now is supposed to be a mature woman. Somehow, Vanessa has been unable to make the transition. As sickening as the Carly character is — she is on point with her assessment of Brenda.

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    I firmly believe that Miller’s portrayal of Billy Abbott is the foundation for Y&R’s continued success for the next 20 years

    The point is moot. While Y&R will be the last soap, even over GH, it won’t be on in 20 years; hell, it won’t be around five years from now. Don’t hate — we all know it’s true. These shows are all circling the drain, some slower than others, so BM oughta be looking for something to fit his limited-yet-mostly-charming abilities.

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    The show is – or was, before the Bacteria stuff seemed to submerge most of the Billy-centric writing – very good at writing for Billy Miller’s talents. I just don’t think they ever actually wrote anything for the character of Billy Abbott. When was the last time you enjoyed any scene he had with his family? Who is this character? When was the last time he had a good story? Have any of his stories ever made any sense, or benefited the character? I’m still trying to figure out why he was given a child with Chloe, considering he ignores the kid half the time anyway.

    Y&R used to be a show that wasn’t about stars. That’s why Y&R survived when some of their biggest names, like Jaime Lyn Bauer, left. Now Y&R is ONLY about stars at the expense of story or character, meaning you end up with 3-4 days a week of Phyllis wandering around the globe in spite of no apparent vision or storyline for this character.

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    Listen cream floats and Billy Miller will be ok no matter what the economy is because someone with his abilities will find jobs. I can see him on one of those kind of hip cable series with snappy dialog and lots of action. He’s a detective in a supernatural world or some sort. Anyway what I really want to talk about is casting David Tom into the role again. But not just that but also bring Heather Tom back to and just WATCH the ick factor as the couple imediately has to divorce and never talk to eachother ever again in a scene until they are way past over eachother and in love with other people and the only thing they might say to eachother is hi very uncomfortably….
    Cause that would be very very entertaining for me anyway. I mean who thought of putting together two people that have previously been played by siblings anyway? There would always be a possibility that the original actors could come back at some point.
    Oh and I had a thought. Nicolle Tom could come and play Katie on B&B and Heather could return to Y&R. Nicolle could play the heck out of Katie. It is a role much suited to her acting strength. She can play sweet and charming very well.

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    You are spot on Jamey! Give Billy Miller whatever he is asking for because we can’t live without him AND most certainly we Can Not live without our sweet Villy!!! They are the reason I watch YR so I hope they don’t mess this up.

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    I would tend to agree with AlistairCrane here.

    This character is now stuck in an increasingly boring loop where we get (for the most part) most of the same of what we find annoying about Billy Miller. If he stays, give him something different to do. He is one of the ones we could stand to see change character.

    (Regarding Mr. Tom … have not seen him since a 2008 Criminal Minds episode but back then he looked pretty good to me with his longer hair and seedier look.)

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