Michael B. Jordan Weighs in on AMC Cancellation Rumors

Michael B. Jordan's career has come a long ways since his early acting gigs on HBO’s The Wire and ABC’s All My Children. He currently appears on NBC’s family drama Parenthood and is must see on the upcoming broadcast run of Friday Night Lights. During an interview with WTAM 1100 Cleveland, Jordan was asked how he felt about the All My Children cancellation rumors.

IHR: You got your start on (ABC soap) All My Children, and lately there's been talk that the show may be canceled. How do you feel about that?

Michael: It's dear to my heart because that's where I kind of got my chops from, so it's a little sad to see it go, but I'm all about evolution and change. There was an era for soap operas, and there was a time when soap operas were the thing to watch. But, seeing how reality TV is taking over that time slot, it's kind of like pushing them out like, 'Hey, old guys, it's over for you.' I'm sad, but at the same time I'm privileged to see a new era coming about. Still, if I was on a soap, I'd be pissed!

Friday Night Lights returns to NBC for its final broadcast season April 15.

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    He is excellent on Parenthood. I love that show. It is soap drama all the way.

    He probably said what he could think of to say at the moment. I don’t think calling/protests nothing is going to change what a network is going to do. I know because I did it for GL. GL was maintaining 1.6 when it went. Considering the network took away its money and the actors stayed out of loyalty to the end, God love them. Plus they allowed local affiliates to stick it where they wanted 10:00 am a lot of places. New York area had it in the morning so I often wondered why they did that? Thought they shot themselves in the foot.NY lost a lot of productions. Go figure.

    My son is 30ish and familiar with soaps and he said something similar.

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    No Daisy

    He’s obviously is not a soap watcher. As an aspiring actor, he used AMC to get his start without having a love for the genre. I have no problem with that, but I wonder where he’d be if he got his “start” on a daytime reality program. He should have kept his mouth shut.

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    What an idiotic thing to say! First off, he probably wouldn’t be anywhere if he hadn’t been on a soap, and didn’t he get nominated for an Emmy? And funny how he said he “kind of got my chops from”, no sh*t!!!
    I hate hearing ex soap actors that talk or act down about it. I remember Nia Long played Kat on GL and after she left she was on a BET show promoting her new movie and they showed a clip of her on GL and she seems to be upset about it. It could have been a surprise, but I still can’t stand that. I love the actors like Nathan Fillian (sp?) who played Joey on OLTL and Sherry Stringfield who played Blake on GL and countless others who loved their times on their shows and acknowledge that it helped them.
    And he loves that daytime is having a new era with reality shows, reality shows are on almost every channel during different times of the day. Do idiots like him only want reality shows on? What about his TV show, how would he like it if his show was cancelled and replaced by a reality show? Show some compassion!

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    I think he is partly right. All My Children, One Life To Live, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, The Young and The Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful have all run their course and need to go off the air. Every single last one of these shows has alienated long time veiwers by getting rid of veteran cast members, writting out entire core families and telling horrible stories that disrespect the show’s history.

    The part he is wrong about is Soap Operas being a dead genere. I think they can and do work. So many primtime shows use the serialized format and even tell Soap Opera type stories. What needs to happen is the current Soaps need to all go off and be replaced by new Soaps. Also teh new Soaps shouldn’t involve anyone who currently works on a soap because they are the main reason the current soaps are near death.

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    [quote=appleridge]These shows do not need to go off there is still much life in them as long as they evolve[/quote]

    They are done evolving and are now just rotting away. The bottom line is they all were once great and are now just shells of their former selves. You can’t possibly enjoy watching any of them as much as you did 10 or 20 years ago.

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    [quote=appleridge]I do Still Love OLTL and B& B Is Great[/quote]

    Well I’ve never watched B&B so maybe I should leave that show out, but the rest suck especially OLTL. I grew up on that show so I can say first hand that it is most definately a shell of its former self. I know how everyone hear loves to priase OLTL in its current state but I couldn’t disagree more. The last time I found OLTL consistenly watchable was about 10 yrs ago when Gary Tomlin was running the show.

    I think my Grandma is the perfect example of why the soaps need to go off. She used to watch OLTL (from day one), GH and Y&R. Now she watches none of them and instead watches the judge shows. She was turned off by the bad writting on all three shows. Now they can’t keep a long time viewer like her tunning in there is a big problem.

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    MBJ = Poor choice of words my man. He should have left it at paying homage to the vehicle that trained and launched his acting career. Um, more reality tv will only put him outta work. Just silly. Ha, I thought his statement was going in the other direction with “I’m sad, but privileged to have worked in the era of the soap.”

    He needs to go sit his ass down somewhere.

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    I didn’t take what he said quite as bad as some posters did. To me, he still loves soaps and understands that it’s sad they’re being cancelled. I just think he’s young and doesn’t understand that he’s talking about the death of a genre.

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