NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Billy Miller LEAVING The Young and the Restless!

Now I know how Florida Evans felt when she found out James had gone on to the Ghetto in the Sky on Good Times. Soap Opera Digest is reporting the incredible Billy Miller (Billy Abbott) is exiting The Young and the Restless when his contract is up this summer. DAYUM, DAYUM, DAYUM!

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    *rocks back and forth slowly & screams* WHY?!?!?!

    *then mumbles* take that no acting and no hair combing Amelia Heinle with you!

    Good Luck to Billy Miller. He’s a fantastic actor and he has a big future. Y&R’s loss will be another show’s gain.

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    Daniel St. John

    That’s too bad, Miller is a really good actor. I hope he has success as he moves on his his career.

    This does lead to the question being asked: who should be cast as the new Billy Abbott?

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    No more Bacteria? Let’s just give up the ghost that is Victoria and exorcise the character for good.

    I can’t remember one story Billy has been in that didn’t seem to fizzle out very quickly – I’m still baffled, several years later, in what the point of the Lily/Cane/Chloe/Billy story was, or Chloe and Billy having a child.

    I can’t blame him for leaving, it’s just too bad that the only story ideas they ever had for him were screwing around with various women and sniffing the Newman backside.

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    [quote=Daniel St. John]This does lead to the question being asked: who should be cast as the new Billy Abbott?[/quote]

    No one. Billy is pointless. These days all characters on Y&R are pointless unless they’re named Victor.

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    I wonder if they are going to recast the part and keep the character around or send Billy off for a while. He probably got as bored playing Victorias husband as some of us are watching him in this pairing. I used to enjoy billy, until victoria sucked the life out of him….

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    I never really liked Billy Miller as Billy. I also think his characterization of Billy is very one-dimensional, as in he always acts sarcastic/cynical/parodic. Whether it’s talking to a baby or to Phyllis or Jack or whoever he always plays the scene wise-cracking or silly. He’s not horrible, just needed to show more depth.

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    No!!! That sucks :-(

    But I don’t blame him I guess. The show sucks right now, and BM is super talented.

    He’s the only reason I’ve been able to stomach Victoria. Can he please leave with him and come back later in the body of Heather Tom?????

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    I’m going to really miss him! Billy is one of the best characters on Y&R and Billy Miller’s acting is the main reason why. I actually was against the Billy/Victoria pairing at the beginning, but have since grown to like them together. I know I’m in the minority, but I believe Amelia Heinle improved when she was paired with Billy Miller and they have good chemistry together. I can’t imagine Y&R not recasting the role since Billy is such a big part of the show. I do hope he has success outside of this genre, but this is definitely a big loss!

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    YESSSSSSSS!!!!!! I can’t stand Billy Miller! All he can play is smug and arrogant. I hate the way he hams it up and chews scenery. Good riddance! Recast with the REAL Billy Abbott, David Tom.

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    Billy killed in that episode of Justified and my thought after viewing was dude, give primetime and film a try. Do not stay in daytime unless you have to. And he does not have to. Good luck Billy, and unlike most others who try to leave at the height of their fame, I am sure Billy will book a show if he has not already. Brett Claywell would not work as a replacement; you need a hunk with charm, swagger and range and I do not think Brett could pull that off.

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    No, Brett Claywell can’t play Billy Abbott. Claywell has the wrong vibe. He’s also not a leading man, like Miller.

    Obviously, Miller is very talented and a career in soaps is very limited. Since Miller is in his mid-thirties, he has a limited window of opportunity before him. If he doesn’t strike now, the door will close on him.

    Frankly, I think most younger actors on soaps should be trying to find work outside soaps to build a strong non-soap reel and make contacts with primetime and film directors, producers and casting agents.

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    Damn, I enjoyed Billy Miller. It’s sad how so many of the actors who I ENJOY are leaving soaps, and they continuously recruit the HORRIBLE ones to take their places. I guess that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

    And he was one of the FEW performers on this show who could make Amelia Heinle TOLERABLE. Now that Billy’s leaving, it would be GREAT if Amelia would leave also. (wishful thinking!)

    I enjoy/enjoyed Billy Miller, but I hope they recast the role (WITH A SUITABLE ACTOR!!!!!!!!!!) and keep him on the canvas!!!!!!!! My only issue with a recast is that Y&R SUCKS at recasts lately, as evidenced by Eden Riegel and Maura West’s recasts, so I shudder to think who they would find to play this role if they were to decide to keep him on canvas.

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    Billy Miller is definitely an engaging actor, with lots of talent and interest in trying things other than Y&R, and I really never thought he’d stay beyond this contract. I wish him lots more success, and thank him for his contribution to the show. As much as he made Billy Abbott entertaining, I didn’t truly care about the character until he was paired with Amelia/Victoria after his New Year’s Eve episode. I think they’ve had a great, soapy love story – definitely one of my all-time favourites – and with this baby story finally shifting into gear I’m looking forward to more.

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    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Billy Miller LEAVING The Young and the Restless! should be the title.

    This man has it and is too good for this show and the genre. He’ll do fine. If they ever wanted to do an update or a flatout remake of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, he is who I can see do McMurphy justice.

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    Not sure what show y’all are watching for you to think Billy Miller is doing a good job as Billy Abbott.

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    Ack! Greg Vaughan sure is beautiful to look at… yummm…..

    But unless they rewrite Billy as perpetually confused, I’m not sure GV could fill BM’s shoes ;)

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    I have no words.


    So, like Florida Evans, I will throw that punch bowl on the floor and cry…just….beside myself.


    Cuz seriously. Billy Miller leaving Y&R is a nightmare come true. Ol Eye Bulger Cam would be a Nightmare covered in honey and bee’s.

    I wish I didn’t go on DC and read this. (Sniff) No offense to DC Con, of course.

    P.S. SOUTHERN GIRL 59, James Evans got a job in…. Alaska? Alabama? One of the “A” States….The rest of the Fam was leaving Chicago and during their farewell party, they were reading “Good Luck” telegrams (Telegrams!!)…one was a telegram telling them James was in a car crash and died. It was so sad. Kinda like how I remember that to this day.

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    As overrated as I think Billy Miller is(he’s a good actor with great charisma but he also mugs more than John Paul Lavoisier over on OLTL), he’s the only Billy recast that’s stuck and made an impression since David Tom left. The big problem here is finding someone that can actually make Amelia Heinle tolerable since it’s doubtful they’ll be writing Victoria out just because Miller’s bolting(although that scenario would best serve the show I think).

    As for recasts, I could see maybe Josh Kelly(Cutter from OLTL)not being too bad in the role. Or maybe Austin Peck(who’s also being wasted on OLTL). Personally can’t see Brett Claywell; super-cute and a decent actor(I really liked him on OLTL) but I just see him as ill-fitting for a role like Billy.

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    [quote=arielade]But unless they rewrite Billy as perpetually confused, I’m not sure GV could fill BM’s shoes ;)[/quote]

    Considering BM’s Billy was written as a petulant frat boy, confused would probably do it. GV was also good with kids, which would mean more than Billy smirking through scenes with children. Considering the show’s stupid decision to saddle Billy with several children he doesn’t want, that would be an improvement.

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    I think Billy Miller is very talented, but I think the writers are slowly ruining his character by pairing him with Victoria and writing him as a Newmanized version of Billy Abbott.

    There’s no Abbott left in the character; he’s all about the Newmans now. He’s not the complex, conflicted character he used to be. Now he buys babies without batting an eye or seeming to show the least bit of conflict or guilt.

    In that sense, I could see now being the right time for Billy Miller to leave Y&R and try his luck elsewhere. I don’t think he’s being challenged and used to the best of his abilities on Y&R (really, almost no character there is).

    I certainly hope if he stays on Y&R he can get a little leverage with a new contract to have MAB write something INTERESTING for Billy Abbott to do, something that prefereably doesn’t involve him acting as Victoria’s purse-holder/baby-buyer/crazy-nanny-hirer.

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    I wish Billy Miller the best, such a talented guy. I’m sure he will do well no matter where he goes. Y&R on the other hand had better get a new casting director or we will end up with a horrible recast similar to the likes of nu-Malcolm or AH as Victoria. SAD NEWS for my favorite soap. Good luck Y&R you will need it.

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    Wow, I really hate to see Billy go because I LOVE ME SOME BILLY MILLER but I can’t say that I’m all that surprised. Billy is SO TALENTED. He rocked on All My Children which is where I fell in love with him. He can play any role from wacked out crazy (Ritchie All My Children) to funny and lovable (Y & R) to loony sexual predator (Justified). Billy is just one of those talented actors to whom Daytime television is just a stepping stone (Ryan Phillipe, Josh Duhamel). He just oozes chemistry and charisma and I wish him wonderful success in everything that he does. For those of you wishing Amelia to follow, don’t get your hopes up b/c I think she just signed a contract, wasn’t that mentioned last week? As far as Billy recasts, I think that Eric Sheffer Stevens looks too old for the role. Tom Pelphrey and the guy playing Cutter on OLTL are to rough looking and/or macho for the role. If not for his role on AMC, I could see Jacob Young in this role going head to head with Victor and as a formidable team with Jack. As much as I love Cameron Mathison, I just don’t see him as a good fit in this role at ALL.

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    This is shocking and very bad for Y&R. Billy Miller was a big part of the last three years. He’s part of a major and very popular couple. He will be a big loss.

    I’m so sad to see him go, it’s quite shocking to be honest. I never pictured Billy Miller leave Y&R for another few years … if at all.

    Guess that means Billy has to go to prison for the illegal adoption!?

    And to be honest, I don’t wanna see a Billy recast just yet. Not Pelphrey, specially not Greg Vaughn or any other guy. Who ever would come in now he would be an epic fail – even if it’s someone who can act.

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    I knew it! I just said to GHfan-4now the other day that Billy Miller was not all there…I wish I wasn’t right though. A small part of me really wanted a healthy Chilly relationship even though Billy was becoming the biggest arse.

    I wish Billy Miller the best b/c he has the chops to make it! Damn you MAB another one jets…I can’t even think of an actor right now that can be recast as Billy.

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    This really makes me sad, but if he wants to leave, I wish him the best!! He would have been great as John Ross on Dallas…

    I always wanted to see Billy/Chloe together, looks like I’ll never get that now :(

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    Best of luck to Killer Miller! I would love to see him reunite with Chloe before he goes. I’m just not feeling Villy. Amelia Heinle is still such a bore to me.

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    Daniel St. John…

    I am officially in LOVE with you for your suggestions of Tom Pelphrey and/or Eric Sheffer Stevens. I LOVEEEEE both of these actors. P.S- Tom was on “Body of Proof” last night. The only problem is that I don’t want to see EITHER of these actors saddled with the task of TRYING to make Amelia Heinle interesting. Billy Miller, as quirky and talented as he was, could BARELY accomplish that goal. But who knows?? Maybe Amelia would be interesting with one of them?? My preference would be Tom Pelphrey. Eric would work, but he might be a little bit too long in the tooth to be believable as Billy, unless they decide to age the character.

    Eric would be a great love interest for Rafe or Phillip!!!!

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    Nooooooooo. Say it ain’t so. Y&R better wake up. So tired of losing my soaps completely or good actors that TPTB should bend over backwards to keep. I am happy that they decided to keep Daniel Goddard and it was genius hiting Genie Francis as his mum. I hope these 2 adds are not the reason that we might be losing Billy Miller.

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    I really love Billy Miller. He was excellent in Justified. He’s a really good actor. I’ll certainly miss him, but I really hope he has opportunities that allow us to appreciate his work for years to come.

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