General Hospital’s Ingo Rademacher: “Where Are My Scenes With Elizabeth?”

Ingo Rademacher (Jax) is continuing to state the painfully obvious about the storytelling for his popular character on General Hospital. In an interview with ABC Soaps In Depth, Rademacher not only clarifies that he is still on contract, but ponders why Jax has been MIA for much of the beats of the Josslyn/Jake storyline.

"Where were my scenes with Elizabeth?" he wonders. "When we had the surrogate storyline [where Liz carried Jax and Courtney's child], we had great scenes together. Her baby died; his lived. They should have had a scene."

When asked about the big Jax/Brenda/Carly/Sonny umbrella story GH head writer Bob Guza recently previewed in TV Guide, Rademacher said he isn't holding his breath! Good for Rademacher for speaking out, but I sure hope poor Jax doesn't get ran over by a drunk Luke Spencer (Tony Geary) as punishment.  For more from Rademacher, click here.

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    I’d like to see him more but I’d love to see Becky more and more. They should have had a scene god knows they had enough of jm, carly, luke and lucy whining and crying. It would have been a nod to their history.

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    “It would have been a nod to their history.”
    We’re talking about Bob Guza here. There are no nods to the history of this show… unless of course Guza decides to destroy a part of it’s history. Then he’s all over it. Jake’s storyline is proving what a failure Guza truly is.

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    I understand IR’s position, and as far as history…he might be right. But I assume that he isn’t watching the show or else he would know how he sounds right now. No one has had scenes with Elizabeth for her support. Considering this is Jake that died, I would think that Lucky’s scenes with Elizabeth and Jason’s scenes with Elizabeth (I think there were only two so far, one about the donation and another about the yellow toy) would have been a higher priority than Jax’s scenes with her.

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    I like Jax. I also think that there is so much writing for him, if Guza would look past the ‘Mob’. But he won’t. He has shown us as much very recently. I think we should rename the show. MOB-The Next generation! :bigsmile:

    Remember how popular Dallas and Dynasty was back in the day? How fun would it be to bring the business side of Jax to the show. Turn it into a little ‘Dallas’ instead of the “Suprano’s’?

    Jax shouldn’t take it so personal. Yes he got very little air time with Jake dying. So did Liz!! She got less! Still wondering where Bobbie, Monica, Laura and Sarah were hiding!!
    This show is a joke. Why can’t Ingo see that??

    I like the comment he made about Guza and the statement Guza made in that interview. Guza blows way too much hot air. He isn’t credible. |(

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    I like Jax…and LOVE Ingo….He is absolutely right…he should have been more front and center in the Joss story line, and it would have been a gread nod to history to have him and Elizabeth share some scenes during this latest story line. They lost a child…it would have made sense.

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    He’s absolutely right. Funny that this was one of the same complaints brought up by fans and now the actor is echoing it as well.

    And thecourt99, I think the point is being missed. I think he’s just talking about his characters singular experience with Liz, how it could be used to further enhance this story. I mean, his daughter did receive her kid’s kidney. So Jax should be on our screen as well.

    Bottom line, I feel like this is his only way to essentially call out Guza without actually calling him out.

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    Jax should’ve had scenes alone with Liz. Heck, they could’ve wrote the two of them having a relationship (until Liz and Lucky get back together eventually). This would’ve caused a nice war between Carly and Liz over another man yet again (even when Carly’s done with them she doesn’t want another woman to have them) and Liz would get to be in Joss’s life, which you know would make Carly all kinds of upset.

    I feel bad for IR, he’s probably going to get the AJ treatment on his way out, perhaps to a lesser degree, but of course you all know, they would never write Carly to lose a child to Jax. The unholy trinity has to win everything. Shawn will have more and more scenes with Carly and Joss, and Jax will have less and less (let’s face it, we already had a scene where the mercenary/supposed bodyguard would not leave the room when Jax was with his daughter). It’s a shame, because I really liked Shawn when he first came on and he is the hotness…. but we’re going to lose another vet to the mob and their hangers ons.

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    It sounds like IR is playing hardball with his contract negotiations. Wonder if he realizes what his whinning sounds like? As everyone has already said, even Liz hasn’t been seen very much in a story where she should be front and center.

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    Why is he whining? And why is he doing it in public? He sickens me – there are blood relatives to that child who don’t even know they’re related to him, and haven’t been featured in this at all, and he’s carping because *he* doesn’t get to be a part of it? He’s lucky he has a (high-paying) (well-compensated) (definitely not dangerous or difficult) job, and he should say ‘thank you’ and otherwise keep his mouth shut. He has NO business telling anyone how GH should look like.

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    I really don’t understand the hate. I don’t take his complaints as whining, but as legitimate questions about the current state of GH. Yes, Liz has been glaringly absent throughout this story, but Jax has too. His daughter was part of this story… his only daughter. The child he has wanted for years and years. If this show actually made use if its history, then Jax and Liz absolutely would have had at least one scene together. That is by no means the only interaction that has been missing, but he (Ingo Rademacher) never said it was, so I don’t see how he can be faulted for mention this one example.

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    spudfarm – he shouldnt be faulted for mention of this one example. You made an excellent point. Ingo and all soaps stars are people with feelings. I dont understand the hate either.

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    Spudfarm. I agree with you. Guza has his fav’s. That is known. And the rest have a right to know the status of their employment.
    Also I think…MAYBE he is vocal about it so fans complain and he gets more airtime?

    All I know is, I hope with the cancellation of OLTL that someone grab the headwriter and bring them to GH. 0:)

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    I think Ingo was just using his character’s lack of scenes with Liz as an example of how the writing on GH is spotty and doesn’t honor the history of the characters. He would probably say that it is even more ridiculous that Liz wasn’t on for 7 days in a row during this ridiculous story.

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