DC #616: ABC Cancels All My Children and One Life to Live

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe, Regan Cellura, Melodie Aikles and J Bernard Jones discuss ABC’s decision to cancel two of its three soaps, All My Children and One Life to Live.

During the episode the DC gang shares their reaction to the sad news that the two long-running serials have been canceled. What path led to each show’s cancellation? Who is responsible or shares in the blame? They recap the progression of reports since Jamey first reported, back in February, ABC would be making a major decision in April. Did AMC throw its actors under the bus? Susan Lucci has been a class act through it all, while Robin Strasser’s poignant hotline message to fans pulled at the heart strings. Might Oprah be interested in saving AMC and OLTL by bringing them to the OWN network? Where does this leave General Hospital?

Then each in the group reveals how they’d like to see each soap wrap up its run. However, there are differing opinions on how to tie everything up on each of the shows. Melodie’s ending for AMC is all about Erica Kane while you’re not going to want to miss Jamey’s tongue-in-cheek suggestion for Viki and Dorian on OLTL.

After AMC goes off the air in September it will be replaced by The Chew, a cooking talk show hosted by Mario Batali, Clinton Kelly, Carla Hall, Michael Symon and Daphne Oz. When OLTL ends its run in January of 2012 it will be replaced by The Revolution, a show about health and lifestyle transformations featuring Tim Gunn and Kimberly Locke. This is truely the end of an era.


Readers and listeners have been calling the Daytime Confidential Hotline with their reaction to the cancellation news. We’ve included some of those messages on this podcast, while the remaining calls will be attached to future podcasts.

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28 Responses

  1. Profile photo of SoapSlut

    Great show guys. I would like to see both shows end in there final week with some of there most memorable clips and characters, spliced in with their current storylines. I would live to see all the male buchanans come back on OLTL to get Clint into shape so he can get back with Vicki. Dorian needs to Marry David Vickers. ITA that Natalie needs to be revealed to not be a Buchanan. Hopefully Susan Haskill won’t leave as Marty, perhaps Thorstyn will do a short stint as Patrick to help her off the show. Star should be with Cole. I would love to see Carlo Hesser come back one last time to be the villain in town. Blair and Todd – nuff said. John McBain needs to go to Port Charles and NOT rest until he puts Sonny in jail LOL. Ron needs to call Brad Bell and let him Borrow Boop Boop Bee Doop to come back as Tina.

    AMC – Please get Josh Duhamel to rescue Greenlee, once and for all. I love Jamey’s suggestion for Erica. Bring back Janet from Another Planet in some capacity.

  2. Profile photo of GLTURNS70

    I think ABC daytime schedule will never recover from this shake up. The Chew is gonna choke, and The Revolution is gonna run dry. Just like the ABC Primtime Monday, Tuesday, Friday have yet to regain their ground.

  3. Profile photo of TC irene
    TC irene

    AMC kill which ever one of those no acting babies that is cornea/eye donor and GET MY ANGIE SOME EYES so she can see this baby realize it ain’t hers and put it in a tree ala Another World…

    I love your idea about Miranda becoming a Soras’d hellcat….I AM MIRANDA MONTGOMERY !!!! LOL

    OLTL Do and Oprah style give away….And YOU get a Todd and YOU Get a Todd !!!!

    Viki/Dorian…Thelma/Louise style….LOVE IT !!!

  4. Profile photo of giogio

    I would like to know what or if there were any repercussions on this crime after everyone woke up today. You know, THE DAY AFTER. There has to be some. There would be no way this is sitting right no matter where you look. I would never believe that.

  5. Profile photo of ldylkng

    IF only CBS would admit their mistake, and take on both of these shows!
    They might be saving money, but there is no way they have as many viewers since they cut GL & ATWT.
    ABC Daytime is in store for a big time fail!

  6. Profile photo of jlafferty23


    I agree about soaps being generational. My grandmother and aunts are the ones that got me into soaps. I have been watching since I was in the uterus, my sister’s 16 year old daughter watches all the ABC soaps with her mother, My daughters are young but while I’m watching, what are they doing? Playing with their toys in front of the TV watching with me!! Just like I did.

    Brian Frons is a jackass, and I wish there was something that fans could do that could reverse this decision. I’m heartbroken.

    I grew up watching all the soaps, but GH was the one that my whole family watched even my big macho uncles, GH was something that bonded my grandmother and I in a very special way. My husband even watches GH with me, he’ll even sit down and watch OLTL and AMC sometimes. He will catch Y&R once and awhile cause he loves Victor Newman. My grandmother (an immigrant from Italy) used to call The Young and The Restless “The Victor show”. These soaps have been passed down generation to generation.

    I was high school when soaps were really popular and thats what me and my girlfriends would talk about. We would sit there and talk about our stories…

    UGH, I’m just so pissed off right now.. .

  7. Profile photo of giogio

    Upon reading TVguide.com about a minute ago, the people from the new show the Revolution are speaking out about their new show. He says he knows it will not be easy winning us over. In all due respect, I have nothing against you Mr. Gunn, but its not the kind of thing we can do. To go to bed and wake the next morning without our beloved soaps, I know we will all be tuning into other soaps. Not a replacement in OLTL time slot. I know you worked hard on your show, but its replacing OLTL bottom line. Jamey read that there are other interestin points about abc being willing to entertain offers etc etc. I dont want to give myself false hopes.

  8. Profile photo of GLTURNS70

    The Talk should hire Robin Strasser, or Susan Lucci that would be a good way to stick it to ABC I bet you The Talk would Sky Rocket with the Soap Market.

  9. Profile photo of GAgal28

    Great podcast as usual! Thank you for being honest & truthful with us all the way through to the sad, bitter end. I ABSOLUTELY agree about what you said about IF it was a business decision then OLTL should still be on the air, & should’ve been moved out to LA, cause they are ALWAYS under budget. But that bald devil liar doesn’t know anything about business. As for how I’d like for my soap, OLTL, to end…. I love the idea of Vicki & Dorian like Thelma & Louise. LOL! Honestly though… I want Vicki & Clint to end up together. I want them to ride off into the sunset. Dorian must end up with David. Kevin/DG should be brought back for Kelly. I’ve always felt he was her true love over Joey. I know a lot of people don’t like Natalie, but I like her, & I would LOVE for her to end up with John. I have so many more thoughts, but it would take too long & too much space. I love my soap & I’m just said it’ll be gone in Jan. Like Melody said… it’s beautiful. It’s beautifully written & I have to just say a HUGE thank you to Frank Valentini for doing his darndest best to keep HIS soap afloat with cutting his budget & what ever else he did. He should be commended for that & for keeping it on air as long as he did! And I would be amiss to not thank Ron either. Ron may have told a few dud stories, but more than half of his work has been amazing, true, soapy stuff. He cared about his soap & his characters. He loved them! If the remaining 4 networks could get their HW’s to care enough as Ron did then who knows what might happen.

  10. Profile photo of lfad

    Good podcast today, guys. I haven’t listened for awhile, don’t know or care anything about soaps not called AMC. I liked the idea about GH with Carly and Robin butting heads. I’ve never watched GH a day in my life, but I would sample the show if they tried something like your idea.

    What makes me angriest about AMC’s cancellation is that they’ve been wasting time on these boring flop characters when they could have been beginning to wrap things up in the last 3 to 6 months. Time wasted on wooden Griffin and the nearly chemistry-free pairing with Kendall, JR chasing after Marissa, rat looking Rev. Ricky and his schemes. I like Tad and Cara together, but if it were a choice between that coupling and Tad trying to find out who killed Dixie in the final months of the show, I’m going with the Dixie mystery. TPTB over at AMC knew that they were possibly on the chopping block for months, and they stuck me with watching Griffin’s uninteresting ass. Ugh.

  11. Profile photo of keanna

    Great podcast as always, guys!!!

    The sad thing is that Lorraine Broderick has only what three or four months to wrap up everything, I would love for Dimitri, Adam, Brooke, Greg, Nina, Cliff, Daisy, Hayley, Mateo, Derek, among others to come back. Maybe if not bring back Dixie at least end that mystery once and for all. Get rid of Randi!! I would love for Susan Lucci and Ray McDonald (Joe) to open and close the AMC book, have MEK, DW, DM, AM, to read the opening at the beginning of the AMC book and have Agnes Nixon read the closing of it.

    At least Ron gets what about six or seven months to wrap up everything. Have Cord, Tina, Larry, Karen, Hank, RJ, Lindsay (though I doubt it), among others. Have Peabo Bryson sing the “Tour of Llanview” from the ’80s and have Erika Slezak walk away from Llanfair and have her and Robin Strasser (Dorian) do a Thelma and Louise and drive off a cliff that would be funny.

    You guys are right the sad thing is that while some will find other jobs, wouldn’t surprise me if Rebecca Buding or Darnell Williams, and heck even Michael Easton on GH.
    A lot of the others will probably never work again which is sad.

    I wish them nothing but the best.

  12. Profile photo of md1347

    Great podcast. I agreed with just about everything I heard.

    The quote Jamey was from me…

    Jan 22, 2011
    @Jamey_Giddens The only way you should tell a nighttime and daytime soap apart is the time of day it’s on.

  13. Profile photo of lah_wah

    Wonderful podcast, as always. Thanks for adding people’s messages to the Hotline at the end of podcast. It’s comforting to hear others who share my outrage and sadness.

  14. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    Excellent Podcast as usual! Too bad ABC Daytime doesn’t have you guys as consultants!

    Since All My Children was the first soap I claimed as my own, I have an idea about how I would like it to end. Of course I would have so many actors make cameos.

    I would make the whole show be a fiction novel that Erica had written based on Pine Valley. The whole town would be getting ready to go to Erica’s wedding in PV, but various ones in town would be fuming over the things Erica has written in her fictional account of Pine Valley. In other words, people who died in the novel may indeed be alive in real life, and vice or versa. basically you can bring back anybody and it would not destroy continuity. A lot of things would be similar, but some things that happened would be dramatically different!

    The show would center around old faves coming back to town for Erica and Jack’s Wedding. Some of my hopefuls include:

    Michael Nader: Dimitri Marick

    David Canary: Adam Chandler

    Robin Christopher: Skye (whatever)

    James Patrick Stewart: Will Cortlandt

    Kate Collins: Natalie Dillon

    Robin Matson: Janet Dillon

    James Kiberd: Trevor Dillon

    Daniel Kennedy: Peter Courtlandt

    Taylor Miller: Nina Cortlandt Warner

    Bradley Cole: Cliff Warner{you know Maria won’t let Peter Bergman come!]

    Cady McClain: Dixie Martin[I know Erica’s never liked me but, Pancakes?!]

    Kelly Ripa: Hayley Santos

    Mark Consuelos: Mateo Santos

    Melissa Claire Egan: Annie NOVACK

    Sabine Singh: As a woman who Greenlee bumps into while buying her wedding dress and they both fight over he same dress!

    and finally THORSTEN KAYE – Zach.

    I would end it with Erica and Jack finally getting married, and while they are delivering their vows, I would have Erica read a poem that someone had given to her mother Mona [this is a retcon]then over the closing 10 minute montage would be clips from the last 40 years of the show, and Erica’s voice reading Mona’s poem:

    The Great and the Least,
    The Rich and the Poor,
    The Weak and the Strong,
    In Sickness and in Health,
    In Joy and Sorrow,
    In Tragedy and Triumph,

  15. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    LOVED the podcast as usual! I laughed, I cried, I hollered! And LOVED the ideas you guys had for the ending of the shows! Even if some were totally extreme! LOL :LOL:

  16. Profile photo of snags

    Good job. Even a day later, it still hasn’t sunk in yet. I admit I no longer watch these shows. Like Jamey, I grew up on Days and that show will ALWAYS be near and dear to me but I still appreciate the genre. Of all the ABC shows, I’ve enjoyed AMC the most of the 3 currently on so I am saddened by it. It’s a horrible thing to happen to the genre. Talk shows are a dime a dozen, and TV will never be able to replicate the love and history that comes from soaps. It is this genre alone that people of all generations can relate. My grandma watched Days and that’s how I became connected to her. The memories I have shared with her are precious and irreplaceable.

    And on another note, I think it’s just SHAMEFUL of ABC to essentially slap Agnes Nixon across the face. Not only did they cancel one of her ground-breaking soaps, but BOTH in one day!?!? She is a soap legend and a TV legend. Her name and importance will be forever etched in history. These shows helped to build the ABC daytime lineup and to show such disrespect not only to the cast and crew of the shows but to the creator? Brian Frons is classless! My condolences to the cast and crew. It’s truly sad and I wish everyone from these two shows the best.

  17. Profile photo of SoapFan75

    Yes I have already moved onto how the endings. Yes AMC bring back Dmitri, please. But sadly Jack is the boring end game for Erica. Lame. I would not mind a flashforward with Erica Kane but not quite feeling Jamey’s scenario.

    OLTL will probably have either a solo Vicki or both Vicki and Dorian in the final scene. But I am with you Mel and Jillian, I don’t care who does it, but kill Gnat, please somebody kill Gnat. That is a satisfying ending for me. LOL!

  18. Profile photo of Ceridwyn2

    AMC wants for the end:
    – Erica, Bianca & Kendall, the grandkids. Opal.
    – Adam & Brooke
    – Marcy Walker’s Liza Colby
    – Tad Martin & family

    Trevor’s Todd & Blair
    Vicki & Clint
    Kramers & Buchanans
    Nathan Fillion make a reappearance as Joey Buchanan

  19. Profile photo of petitejolie

    Hurricane Brian wipes out the state of Pennsylvania taking with it the entire populations of Llanview and Pine Valley.

    Closing shot of AMC:
    Erica stares down tsunami. “I am Erica Kane!”
    Fade to Black.

    Closing shot of OLTL:
    Dorian to Viki: “We’ve got one life to live.”
    Viki: “Well doesn’t look like that’ll be much longer”

  20. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Thank you guys, for this podcast. If it weren’t for you guys I would have no idea whatsoever of the real facts behind these cancellations. Now we know that ABC and Disney don’t care one *at all* about soap operas much less putting a whole sub-genre of print publishing out of business! Who’d guess that Frons was slightly less of a douche than those guys?
    You guys are so smart and I absolutly love your theories about how to make a better soap opera, it’s too bad no one wh runs a network actually cares. I also agree with all your foreshadowing of the future. Jamey, the only part I disagree with you about in finishing off AMC is in killing of Marissa. Leave her alone so poor Bianca can have somebody.

  21. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I think Guza is burnt all the way out and is the worst writer in my 30 years of watching this genre of storytelling and should have been fired at least 10 years ago. I agree Frons and Guza will ride them out together. But then that is what Frons was hired to do with his buddies; I agree I do not expect any change in GH.

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