Erika Slezak Speaks Out on “Terrible Loss” of One Life to Live

One Life to Live’s Erika Slezak, who recently celebrated her 40th anniversary on the show, gave a special message to fans through her Official Fan Club.

"Please tell all our fans how deeply sorry I am to be losing this wonderful show that has so much heart and so much life. I will miss my work, my friends, my OLTL family so very much. I consider this to be a terrible loss to the television community and especially to the New York community."


Send your well wishes to  Slezak by visiting her Official Fan Club.

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    Ditto, Jlafferty23!!!!

    I feel bad for her and the rest of the cast and crew of both shows, it’s just sad. I am still trying to wrap my head around this!!!

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    (and I never use the word HATE to describe another person. Maybe that’s why I use it here. He’s not Human. A-hole)

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    She is such a lovely person, and an incredible actress. I’m so sick over these cancellations, but mainly for OLTL. From all reports, they are consistently under budget, they include the entire cast with these wonderfully woven umbrella story lines, is well written and character driven. I will miss this show and Ms. Slezak so much. :(

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    Erika Slezak= NOT only a total class act, but also the most SUCCESSFUL recast in daytime history!!!!

    Erika and Susan are FAR too diplomatic to admit the truth: This is some BULLSHIT!!!!

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    I would love NOTHING more than for Susan Lucci, Robin Strasser, Erika Slezak and Debbi Morgan to jump his stupid ass!! Something tells me that Debbi Morgan knows how to throw down!!!!

    To be a fly on the sidewalk for that beatdown would make my YEAR!!!!!

    :) :) :) :beer: :beer: :beer:

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    She sure is a class act. How terrible for them all. I’m so angry right now, and sad to think of losing this show (OLTL) and never seeing/hearing my favs again. I can’t imagine how THEY feel.

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    I started watching OLTL in 1988 and have seen this legend do so many different stories all with EXCELLENCE.
    Like Susan Lucci, she is a class act and my heart breaks for them.

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    Kim, while being outspoken is kind of a hippie passifist. My money is on Robin Strasser. I bet that woman could claw your eyes out kick ya in the nads and bury her heal in your foot before you even knew you were attacked.
    Kim on the other hand is probably feeling like a jinx by now. Poor thing has closed down four soaps now (although to no fault of hers. Sometimes she was the only thing left worth watching example The Doctors. Although she did not exactly kill Santa Barbara, Jodie didn’t help things at all. Very poor character choice for the show).

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