The Revolution Showrunner Sympathizes With Soap Fans

Actor-turned-reality TV producer J.D. Roth says he's feeling the pain of soap fans today. Roth, whose show The Revolution will replace One Life to Live this January spoke to TV Guide about how he had no idea his weight loss docudrama would be replacing a beloved sudser.

"I didn't know if it was going to be for syndication or network. No one talked about replacing anything. It's bittersweet for me. On the one hand, we're bringing a new genre to daytime. But on the other hand, I grew up watching my mom watching these soap operas. I want to be respectful of it."

At least Roth is being classy about the situation, unlike Brian Frons. Roth's 3Ball Entertainment also produces The Biggest Loser on NBC and the upcoming Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition for ABC. Who knew there was so much money to be made in people tuning in to gawk at the crotch sweat of overweight people? Perhaps had someone made Erica Kane gain 150 pounds soaps would be in better shape?

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    NO CHEW OR REVOLUTION FOR ME. these people have to know that their show can be cancelled within days. who will watch?? no-one – foolishness and on their part delusional to think this is going to work. If I were them id back out by the end of the day.

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    Please, the guy is a Hollywood producer who just went through a nasty, very public shaming for trying to screw over the writers on “The Biggest Loser.” He’s doing damage control to minimize any blowback against his new project.

    Read the interview. He talks about how he will 3(THREE!!!) weight loss transformation shows on the air shortly (2 on ABC).

    There is nothing novel about “The Revolution.” ABC and Fox had their plastic surgery makeover shows. Weight loss shows are all over cable TV from MTV to TLC to A&E.

    As for “The Chew,” it’s just another cooking show. How is this evolutionary television? Because it has multiple hosts? Yeah, that fresh. Turn to the Food Network.

    In last week’s ratings, OLTL beat GH. The writing is better on OLTL.

    Just disgusted with ABC.

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    God, who are all these nobody assholes taking over ABC Daytime? I don’t care how sorry this Andy Dick-looking jackass is, take your f**king crapfest to cable where it belongs! Or go to hell. Whatever works…

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    Kansas Bubbles

    I hope and look forward to his show “The Revulsion” being cancelled. Actually, it won’t be soon enough for me. I don’t care about his feelings. The network obviously doesn’t care about its fans feelings. If this dork actually cared about AMC and OLTL fans feelings, he wouldn’t be doing this stupid show.

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    Kansas Bubbles

    Please, the guy is a Hollywood producer who just went through a nasty, very public shaming for trying to screw over the writers on “The Biggest Loser.”

    Well it looks like he’ll get another round of it then.


    I say we go after their sponsors/advertisers and boycott them.

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    If I want to watch a show about people losing weight, “The Biggest Loser” will be the FIRST—and ONLY—-reality TV show that I tune into!! As I said before, I hope this bulldookie CRASHES AND BURNS!!

    Final answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Frankly, the only person I want to watch lose weight would be myself! And now I can go to the gym both in the mornings, like I do now, AND in the afternoon when I would have been watching OLTL!!

    But, I will say, his remarks were much more respectful than Mario and his orange shoes. Still won’t watch his show, though

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    They were all lined up ready for the fall out of this of course he feels the pain and he wants these fans to watch his show..

    .I’m sorry I’m just not interested in reality shows ….I guess I am not like all the other people I find them boring. I like scripted drama, stories…if I can’t get it from ABC daytime I have found a myriad of other outlets I won’t waste my time with this. Why is Frons obsessed with the Biggest Loser and all that he did the same thing with his European rip off and now again how many years later…I never knew this show was so popular.

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