One Life to Live's Farah Fath: "JP Was Being SARCASTIC!"

I just got an email from One Life to Live star Farah Fath (Gigi) who wants to set the record straight about her on and offscreen love interest John-Paul Lavoisier's (Rex) statement to Soap Opera Digest. According to Fath, JP was just joshing:

Hey guess what!  JP was being SARCASTIC when he made that quote about Brian Frons!  JP and I could not disagree with his decision making MORE.  Please set the record straight on your website asap.  Thank you.

Okay, my bad, but in my defense, nothing in the statement denotes that it was intended as sarcasm, so I took it for face value. Anyhoo, glad to know JP doesn't support the douchetastic Fronsinator!


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JPL's clarification is basically "Yes I was ass kissing big time, Yup I am self absirbed, and hey if it bothers you, just think of it as sarcasm"

Which is pretty much how I read it the first time.

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JPL Doesnt Seem To Understand That Frons Did Fire Him & All Of AMC & OLTL On April 14th 2011

There is Nothing Wrong With Speaking Out and saying Your Pissed and Notkissing the gutys ass who just fired you and killed all the soaps on his network

The shows over why keep toting the company BS?

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Maybe he isn't heartbroken about this. Is it possible that he is somewhat relieved the show is canceled? Now can head to LA and seek greener pastures without any guilt over leaving a steady paycheck. Think of it as being pushed out of the nest. He's a young, attractive guy (albeit not the world's greatest actor), but he could very well find something in prime-time or film.

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dkp, ditto. That was perfectly well said.

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John does seem like the sarcastic type. I have gotten that vibe about him in the past from reading his magazine interviews, but something about this seems fishy to me. Either way, they aren't doing themselves any favors by trying to wiggle out of this one.

Guess who has NO chance of going over to GH now???

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Here's the thing...we have to diametrically opposing forces (schools of thought) going on here.

This is the equivalent of Hostess making the announcement that because Twinkies and Ding Dongs are making the 18-49 female demographic have fat asses, they've decided to discontinue making them. So they close down every Twinkie and Ding Dong factory in the world.

As a result:

a)the women who have been insulted by the thoughtless, idiotic announcement;
b)the consumer who no longer has access to their favorite treat; and,
c)every other consumer who does not fit 18-49 female fat-ass demographic,

are ready to raise 7 different kinds of hell. They have been personally and emotionally affected by the (fictional Hostess) idiots in charge and are ready to start World War 3.

On the other hand, you have the factory worker who has diligently been showing up to work, living his life and enjoying the fruits of his hard work in the form of steady employment, benefits and awesome perks (ie: all you can eat Twinkies and Ding Dongs)...but now the well has dried up and he's looking for employment in an oversaturated market, in a bad economy, in an era where everyone is tightening their belts.

The ONLY chance he MIGHT have to continue in the lifestyle he's grown accustomed to is transfer to the HoHo factory. Is he going to spit in the face of the Hostess CEO so he can have 5 minutes of satisfaction and endless months of unemployment or do you think a little humble pie might be in order so that he might have the opportunity to work in his chosen industry again?

What would you do? JP doesn't what to piss off his fans...but bottom line...they don't hold the purse strings. I think he shot off his mouth a little bit and in this volatile climate his backhanded comments got blown up into a major thing because everyone is on edge right now. Let that be a lesson to us all (in real life...of which he is participating...whereas, in this case, we are not). When in doubt, plug the spout. Zip it. Shut your pie hole.

On the other hand, we as fans CAN afford to be outraged, go off and threaten to bring the kingdom down on the (balding) heads of the oppressors and we SHOULD. BUT I don't think we should give the actors who are covering their own asses right now too much of a hard time.

That being said I think JP should have shut up while he was respect has waned for him over the course of the events we witnessed day. GROW A PAIR JP...either be a man and SHUT-UP or be a man and STAND-UP. Wishy-washy doesn't work for me.

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I think we all need to step back and take breather. I mean, I am not gonna say I am some guru of interpreting someone's tone over the net. But I kind of assume he's being sarcastic. I mean, you don't say thank you to the man who fired you and mention the words "decision making" in a statement and their not be some measure of snark to it

And why shouldn't he be sarcastic? What do people expect the guy to do, mope around and be depressed?

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Amen, Luke!

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Whether or not he was sarcastic in his first statement, his second is even more ambiguous. Obviously, as a young actor, he wants more work and you do never know who you'll meet down the road in the business. But pick a side, dude. Have the cajones to say what you mean without trying to keep everyone happy and talk out both sides of your mouth.

Oh, and if you have a problem with the way this site is portraying your words, man up and tell them yourself...your GF's statement is in direct contrast to your rebuttle to SOD. The wishy-washyness is what people are pissed about, not so much the statements themselves. Take a page from Robin Strasser's book and take a definitive stand...or just keep your lips zipped Smile