Tears of a Clown: Barbara Walters on a “Sensitive” Brian Frons

Whoopi Goldberg brought up the cancellations of All My Children and One Life To Live on The View today. When it was time for The View co-creator, Barbara Walters  to weigh in, she revealed how "upset" ABC Daytime President Brian Frons was. Walters stated:

We all found out on Thursday and Brian Frons who is the head of daytime, was when he announced it, although it's was a terrible shock , he was about as sensitive… He was almost in tears himself.

Really, in tears? We all saw the video Frons made… He didn't look too torn up about blowing apart AMC and OLTL in favor of The Chew and The Revolution to me. Plus, didn't he just finish telling Deadline this had been in the works for over a year? Why would he be emotional if he's known about it for that long? ABC's lack of PR consistency strikes again!

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    I was actually laughing when she said that!!! :D :D :D

    I heard Sheri saying she first watch AMC with her grandmother while she was braiding her hair. They basically just towed the company line.

    Tears right!!! That video showed what a cold, heartless idiot he is!!!

  2. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Did anyone noticed ABC got that video pulled down from YouTube? Fortunately, enough of us saw it so we can tell our children and our children’s children what a tool that guy always was! ;-)

  3. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    He was near tears because he knew he would have to leave work in the underground tunnels that day…he was probably scared. You can’t blame them for doing what their bosses want, it’s just pretty frustrating to hear all this pablum[a word I learned from All My Children :-)].

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    of course barbra would say those things cause he controls the fate of the view does he not??? i was listning too her say this and i too couldnt believe what she was saying..

  5. Profile photo of dang90210

    i seen that today and bw i cant wait till the view get cancel im going to say the same thing bw dont care about nobody job but abc she get on my nevorus idk about the view i know sherri want to say that she was very upset but they cant say negative they have to keep there job lol

  6. Profile photo of gato1

    I know it is petty and immature to diss someones physical apperance, BUT Mr. Frons looks a MESS! He reminds me of someone, but I cant recall who it is..

  7. Profile photo of autumdew

    That makes it offical, no more watching the Veiw those women have to know that many people are going to turn off anything ABC once this is all said and done. That includes them. No need to have the DVR’s tape useless shows. Who wants to watch grown women talk over eachother. If I want to see that I can call my sister. Buh bye Babs

  8. Profile photo of Thomas

    Unlike Whoppie and Sherri and Elisabeth who are Soap Fans I don’t think Barbara Walters may be she feels if she keeps quite she will still have Job where as Whoopie tell like it is.

  9. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    “Sensitive” my ass. If this douchebag is “sensitive,” I’d HATE to see what INSENSITIVE looks like!!!

    Babs, we know you are usually gracious to a fault, but you can’t polish a turd!!! We can all see through Fronsie’s act!!!!

  10. Profile photo of pumpkin

    Barbara was trying to get a show on herself. A male version of the view. I did not see the view today. I was doing something else at the time. I am trying to decide what to do with the ABC boycott, etc. Looking at the soaps and I think they are fools not to keep OLTL. It is the best. I keep posting this because it makes me feel better.

  11. Profile photo of DarylE

    Umm … me thinks Babs has Frons confused with The Fonz … maybe she should have him, Frons, on her 10 most influential asshats and then he can cry during their interview .. bullsheet

  12. Profile photo of cheryl85

    I want to see that picture of him crying! And if he was crying I bet those were tears of fear of how many fans would get in that tail for canceling these shows.

  13. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I don’t expect her to get on Frons’ show to say he’s an idiot. I mean what else can she say “Damage Control.” Classic Frons. The Mouse House wants these gone. He’s their henchman they hired him to develop new shows he did his job.

    Instead of him trying to figure out a way to “keep” soaps on air he fails and again everything he’s done he’s destroyed and is a millionaire for re-hashing other creations from other channels. Remember his success were copying American creations by others for shows overseas.

    He lies and lies continuously… habitually…he said these are rumors he didn’t even tell his employees until after the press release when he assured all that its not true. Its the bad people of the press; I can go on but why bother. He’s ageist, misogynistic and has no use for people of color. He wrote these shows in the ground he said he was re-defining the genre “with his vision.”

    He personally dictated story and put his favorites up front and center to brand his shows while those he didn’t like for some odd reason because they didn’t fit his definition of pretty and / or sexy he destroyed in story to stifle their popularity and kept them backburnered…this man is a liar and I am not interested in anything he does because I know the vision behind it. Why in the hell am I seeing Kelly Monaco and Laura Wright the face of GH and not the actress who was with this show since age seven Kimberly McCoullough not marketing this show as the face of GH…I’ll tell you why they are on his pets list that’s why.

  14. Profile photo of TomZulawski

    Brian Frons and Sweeney will make tons of money off developing new shows under their leadership. This is about personal greed! Why do you think they have been bleeding these shows so bad over the past number of years, they wanted to drive the viewership down so they would have a valid reason to cancel them. This was NO accident, this was planned, ABC wanted the soaps gone and still do. General Hospital doesn’t have that much longer, a year to two years at the most. Talk shows are cheaper to produce and puts more money into the networks and exectuives pockets. That is the bottom line, they could not care less about the viewers or the legacy of these shows. A true American art form is dying, its no different from American Broadway or Films, Daytime Soaps are a seriously relevent form entertainment and have provided an invaluable service to the public in the messages and issues they have tackled over the decades they have been on the air. Its a tragedy what is happening here.

  15. Profile photo of basilnsybil

    Me thinks of micro managaing a soap into the ground. Barbara should have said nothing right now too early the wounds of millions of fans I say million because of those dam outdated Neilsen boxes are a classic joke now of rating anything these days. Barbara how about saying sorry many people watch these shows and for them I am sorry they are gone would have been more appropriate and classy saying what she did is not going to help her show or ABC daytime now.

  16. Profile photo of nellie-claire

    I heard Ms. Walters on The View today. Talk about toeing the company line: such pandering, it was disgusting!
    I could point out that lately, something has been off kilter at The View too. The show has lost its energy; it’s as if the co-hosts stopped caring. Sadly, this has made me stopped caring too.

  17. Profile photo of norasusan

    Oh pullleeze Barbara. Do you think we viewers are a bunch of idiots? Brian Frons is a pervert and a liar. Ms. Walters, you should be ashamed. By the way, I don’t watch The View. I can’t stand anyone on it, and to me, it’s a bunch of fluff!

  18. Profile photo of LindaGHM

    I guess Ms. Walters might be believable IF ABC hadn’t lied to its own actors just weeks ago. Or, maybe Mr. Frons has just been crying nonstop all month …

  19. Profile photo of kittybrad08

    I was disgusted w the way Babs was acting today. She shut the others up when they tried to talk about their love of the genre.
    I think the best thing I can do right now is BOYCOTT THE VIEW!!! Since they are the supposed “inspiration” for these new shows, let’s show ABC we are done w these chatfests. Tank the ratings for The View NOW!!!

  20. Profile photo of nysam

    Boycott THE VIEW

    Fans are in an uproar online, but the sad thing about the internet is the anger isn’t visible unless you find the specific websites it’s on. By posting our frustrations online we are simply preaching to the choir. We need our voices to be heard beyond daytime fans.

    Why aren’t fans picketing outside ABC? In the olden days if people wanted to protest they took to the streets. Where are the grandmas alongside Erica Kane drag queens protesting? Where are the signs that read “Before Oprah, there was ERICA!” or “Give ALL MY KIDS ONE more LIFE TO LIVE”? This would all make great stories on the local news, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, etc. We need mainstream press coverage.

    If we want to be heard and taken seriously we need to hit ABC where it hurts…in their wallet. Turn off THE VIEW in the rating’s sweep month of May. If every person who watched AMC and OLTL agreed to tune out THE VIEW for the month of May do you know how much the ratings would drop? This would show the passion and anger of the soap audience. Do you know how much money ABC would have to pay back to advertisers for not hitting their numbers? Millions. When networks sell time to advertisers they make promises about the number of viewers they will bring in. If they don’t deliver the eyeballs they have to pay money back to the advertisers. May is also the month that sets future prices for commercial time. If people tune out THE VIEW then ABC will have to sell commercials cheaper for the next few months. If 2.5 million people (or even 1 million people or half a million) didn’t watch THE VIEW in May this would send a loud message to ABC.

    I know it’s asking a lot for some of you fans to give up THE VIEW, but is one month really asking much when it comes to fighting and honoring ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE which have enertained us for decades? Please join me in turning off THE VIEW in May and hopefully keeping AMC and OLTL around for a few more years.

    (I won’t be happy until Luke & Laura reunite)

  21. Profile photo of california pagan
    california pagan

    If BawBaw WaaWaa is a good girl, Fronsy will give her GH timeslot for her The View for men show. I’m sure she’d not only lie to us for that slot, she’d lick his ass for it too.

  22. Profile photo of raidergrl3

    Barbara and “The View” probably fear for their jobs also! Yet, she doesn’t have to lie about Frons being in tears! I watched “The View” until a few days ago. Barbara and the rest have become puppets for ABC and Brian Fron.

  23. Profile photo of BornSoapStar

    I laughed out loud when I heard this! Barbara Walters just lost some credibility in my eyes. Crocodile tears don’t count. Brian Frons is a PR nightmare for ABC and “The Mouse”. Everytime he opens his mouth he puts his foot in it and angers more of the viewers. It’s bad when everyone in the industry has learned not to trust a word he says. The man is not sad in the slightest. This has been his intention all along. The man has no soul. I will watch only AMC and OLTL, and if and when they cease to air, ABC is dead to me.

  24. Profile photo of Dariclone

    [quote=curacaoman]In all fairness though, some of the blame needs to fall on the shoulders of Sweeney Todd, the bitch mass murderer of ABC soaps.[/quote]
    I tptally agree and I love her new nickname. IN my mind she’s even worse than that jerk Frons. I think we need to demand her head too!

  25. Profile photo of sam123

    He will be crying when someone kicks his ass for what he is doing to ABC and the soaps.
    PLEASE PLESASE kick him off of ABC. If all of this is about money when stupid dr oz won on soap awards did you see how many people came on stage that works for that show you can not tell me that does not cost money. Dr oz is a dumb I watch two show and some of the things he was talking about has very bad side affects. ABC will be goning the hell in a hand bag. Thank heavens for CBS, NBC and FOX and cable.

  26. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    sam123, Dr Oz is not an ABC show. It is syndicated, which means it also airs in some cities on CBS, NBC, Fox and other independent stations.

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