DC #618: TV Guide’s Michael Logan Talks AMC and OLTL Cancellation

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Regan Cellura, Jillian Bowe and Melodie Aikels are joined by TV Guide’s Michael Logan to talk about the tragic news ABC has cancelled All My Children and One Life to Live.

In February, Jamey reported ABC would be making major decisions about its line up in April. On April 1 Logan took the story one step further, reporting ABC would likely cancel both AMC and OLTL. It was one report Logan wishes he was wrong about.

During the episode, Logan discusses with the DC gang how the industry came to this point in time, how several soaps' PR teams are not doing their jobs, whether-or-not we can ever believe an ABC press release again, what this means for the four remaining soaps and much more.

After the episode ends, hear more calls to the Daytime Confidential hotline by fans of AMC and OLTL as they share their reaction to the news.


Note: Do to the volume of calls to the Daytime Confidential hotline, not all calls were added to a single podcast. They will continue to be spread out over upcoming podcasts. We may not be able to include every single call. However, we will try.

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13 Responses

  1. Profile photo of

    Thanks for posting that.
    Is there hope at all in redeeming these shows, or we wasting our time?? :~

    OLTL has excellent writers. Why aren’t they going to GH??
    Why is Guza still working if they have intentions of keeping this show on the air?? GH is going downhill. Very fast.
    Certainly, other than myself, TPTB must realize Guza is a BOZO and should be fired. No??

  2. Profile photo of Melvins mom
    Melvins mom

    Yes, great podcast, and though I may not be a loyal fan of the ABC soaps, I think it would be productive if all soap fans got behind these two soaps and contacted advertisers to boycott the network that foolishly made the decision to cancel AMC and OLTL. I emailed Purina and will also contact some of the other advertisers.
    The writing is on the wall for all of our beloved characters and their longevity on any network television channel unless we all work together to keep them where they have always belonged–hopefully in the meantime, the Nielson ratings system can find a way to truly reflect how many of us there are who watch these soaps regularly–just not within a 24-hour time period. I would gladly sacrifice fast-forwarding through ads if it meant I could keep my programming!

  3. Profile photo of dkp

    I LOVED this podcast & loved the insight that Logan braught. I have been questioning for a while, while people thought the ABC shows were safer, cause like Logan said, the execs in charge at Disney have no emotional or personal connection to these shows. While the CBS/NBC execs might not be any better, Y&R, B&B, DAYS all are at least partially own by the family that created them, so the Bells and Corday have an invested interest in keep their shows on, come renewal time. ABC soaps, didn’t have anybody going to bat for them like that anymore.

    I’ve totally noticed at well, the lack new change of people running the shows. Head Writers and Exec Producers used to get fired much more often like Logan said, now you see the same people in charge for years & years, turning out the same stories that people are bored with. You have to bring in fresh blood & make changes when things go bad.

    I do strongly believe soaps have a place & an audience, just not an hour long show 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year in the middle of the day. The Telenova’s are doing great on Telemundo & Univision, sometimes even beat primetime network shows, and they are in spanish. Degrassi on TeenNick went to a telenova-esk format last season, aired 4 times a week for about a month and half straight & doing it again this upcoming season. So I think a soap in primetime cable could work. I think it would either have to be 30 minutes long (and maybe take summers off like nearly every other primetime show) or go more like a Telenova & air in 2-4 month long seasons. But it has to start with the people running these shows. None of them seem to be thinking or wanting to try it out. There are only 4 soaps left, nows the time to try new things & take actions to save your shows. It isn’t the 80s anymore.

  4. Profile photo of No Daisy
    No Daisy

    While I don’t share DC’s love for Michael Logan, it was great to hear him praise OLTL for a change. April has been a great month for OLTL viewing, and it is a shame that now that I’m riveted to my TV, they are yanking the rug out from beneath us.

    I have to wonder why Logan seems so surprised that some fans want the shows replacing our soaps to fail. I want The Chew and The Revolution to fail because, I have no interest in watching either show and hope that their demise will lead the the firing of Brian Fronz. How far do ratings have to fall before ABC understands that nothing can survive without good managerment? I want Fronz have the experience of losing his job via a video feed from Disney if he fails to deliver this time. It’s nothing more than he deserves.

    I also have to disagree with Logan’s statement that he was happy the shows ended while Agnes Nixon was still “with us”. Are you kidding? She is obviously devastated by this news. Better for her if they waited until she was gone before flushing her lifes work down the toilet, IMO.

  5. Profile photo of craigcp

    I sure hope something goes right for the fans for once, my mom just got into OLTL, because of the ATWT/GL actors that went over there, but it was hard to get into another soap when you don’t know their history, Its weird to see Jeffery van Dorn and Kim Zimmer playing different characters and nice to see the old Margo and Katie too. just not going to get hopes up his time on getting picked up, all the false promises and lies that we were told. Sorry if I sound like a broken record. Don’t know if my theory is so crazy, the networks are intentionally making them bad to wing people off them.

  6. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Okay, FINALLY got to listen to the entire podcast after a few stops in between. Just wanted to comment on a few things to give my 2cents for what it’s worth.

    First, I did love the podcast, even if like No Daisy, I too don’t share the Michael L. love, lol. Love that he praised OLTL but I will NOT praise Guza for a lot of what I think is bullshit spit out of a soda can and onto thin paper. I just cant. He may have his vision, but it’s Soprano’s light, it’s NOT General Hospital, and hasn’t been for a long time. And this is coming from a Soprano’s, Goodfellas, Godfather, Scarface, ALL the mob movies fan. I mean when I got my first real paycheck, I went out and bought the Scarface special edition DVD. Yes, yes, I did, lol. So I am a total fan of mob movies and I even watch Mob Wives on VH1. BUT GH shouldn’t be all mob all the damn time. Sopranos was ABOUT the mob. It started that way and ended that way. GH started out about a hospital, and has turned into a daily blood fest. None of which seems to be spilled on a hospital room floor. So I don’t agree with Guza’s vision for this show, because it’s totally skewed and IMHO, self absorbed. Return GH to it’s roots, you know, given that’s the name of the show, and get back to me. ;)

    Second, I just wanted to say how much I loved hearing the 17 year old guy who said OLTL made him want to be a screenwriter. He sounded kind of like my younger brother, but my brother is 13 years old, lol. Too bad TPTB can’t hear stuff like that, because then maybe they would change their asshole tunes about who watches soaps and why. I started watching when I was a child with my grandmother who took care of me during the summertime because my parent’s had to work and my friends were all at sleepaway camp, lol. Contrary to popular belief, soap watchers vary in age, race, gender, etc. I am in my mid 20s, unmarried, and no children, and yes, unlike the thoughts of that asshole Perez Hilton and a few others I won’t mention, I am very savvy in computers. Studied the technical side of them in college and have been using them my whole life, have to use one for my job on a daily basis, and my dad has been a computer programmer for over 20 years. I think some people say shit just to get under your skin or to get a response because it gets them going. Too bad everything just doesn’t have an ignore button.

    Third, I find it odd that someone who wanted the soaps cancelled would call into the comment line, amidst the grief sticken folks like myself. I understand that we all have differing opinions and I respect them, even if some other people can’t and think their opinion is the only opinion, or the only right opinion, anyway, but I don’t get frequenting a site devoted to soaps and saying you’re glad they are cancelled. Again, another case of where I think people say shit to get under your skin. Is what it is, but I found it odd.

    But again, lol, great podcast. And I’ve seen the recent covers of SOD and SOW. It’s just so damn sad.

  7. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Great podcast, as always. I still don’t like Michael Logan, though. He seems to kiss Guza’s ass like there’s gold inside of it. I’m gonna go ahead and say that I wish it was GH leaving in January and not OLTL…

  8. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    HUH? Guza turns out a good product.
    They have a whole twitter page just outlining his screw ups daily…the lack of continuity and the piss poor dialog…

    Via TWOP:
    “I can’t remember the last woman on the show that actually held a man appropriately responsible for his actions instead of the other woman.

    “Jason doesn’t blame you so you shouldn’t blame yourself.” Apparently all right and wrong derives from what Jason thinks. And when Sam said that the motorcycle would mean more than Liz would ever know. Why wouldn’t she know how much it would mean? She’s the kid’s freaking mother.

    Also they barely talked about how Liz was…it was all about Jason and Lucky.

    Jill is not trying to re-define General Hospital. HUH?
    I know its totally a mob show now

    However, I agree they will keep this winning team to finish murdering out GH.

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