TV Guide Handicaps Possible Outstanding Drama Daytime Emmy Nominations

The 2011 Daytime Emmy nominations will be announced on May 11, but that isn’t stopping TV Guide’s Michael Logan from handicapping the Outstanding Daytime Drama category. Find out which soaps he believes have an excellent chance of being nominated and which soaps have no chance whatsoever.

Based on TV Guide’s preview of episodes submitted, which soap do you believe will get an Outstanding Drama nomination?

TV Guide Handicaps Possible Outstanding Drama Daytime Emmy Nominations

  • The Young and the Restless (20%, 197 Votes)
  • One Life to Live (32%, 320 Votes)
  • General Hospital (16%, 164 Votes)
  • Days of Our Lives (6%, 60 Votes)
  • The Bold and the Beautiful (12%, 123 Votes)
  • As the World Turns (6%, 60 Votes)
  • All My Children (8%, 77 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,001


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15 Responses

  1. Profile photo of goyankees

    Love the AMC comment “No stand out acting” Baaahaaa. Sorry, rude considering last week, but so much of the acting DOES SUCK.

    Memo to OLTL: Glee works for GLEE. Bad, bad descion.

    My Y&R got panned, so GOOOOO B&B!!

  2. Profile photo of gato1

    I dont think many of the people who voted read what the shows submitted-I wanted to vote OLTL, but not after seeing their submission. BB is the show to beat.

  3. Profile photo of arielade

    B&B for sure. GH need to not be rewarded in any way shape or form for the Franco mess. I wouldn’t be this mad if Jake was still alive, but still. Grrr. And I hated that Y&R New Orleans mess. Such a beautiful location, but such bad story.

  4. Profile photo of jlafferty23

    Let’s face it, GH will take the award because James Franco, an A list actor guest starred in the episode. Not to mention, the hospital shooting was HIGH drama.

    I hope GH takes it, that wasn’t the best episode (they should have submitted Dante’s shooting or Kristina’s abuse) but GH was SO good for the first half of 2010

    Where as Y&R was a mess, OLTL was a mess for the first part of the year, and only picked up the last few months of 2010, and they won’t even get nomination for that episode.

    AMC won’t win, Period.

    DAYS will not win.

    It’s a fight between B&B and GH, and I bet money GH takes it.

    B&B IMO doesn’t deserve it, because they only wrote one good story. GH had many good stories in 2010 (Sonny shooting Dante, Kristina’s abuse, Sins of the father) I know its only based on one episode, but IMO GH deserves the award.

  5. Profile photo of Nat Guy
    Nat Guy

    OLTL should have gone with one of the October Eli episodes. Oh well. I noticed that they picked the same show that won Larry Carpenter the DGA award. Maybe they thought that made it a good episode to submit. It was well directed, but it didn’t work as well storywise.

    I liked the Y&R New Orleans episodes (mainly because of Sharon & Adam), but they also could have picked something better.

  6. Profile photo of Jon

    Why are people voting for OLTL? Didn’t they read Logan’s article first? OLTL submitted the freakin’ High School Musical episode!!!!!

  7. Profile photo of troymcclure

    Why on earth didn’t AMC submit the Palmer memorial? It wasn’t awful the episode they submitted but it certainly wasn’t the best.

    LOL at OLTL.

    B&B’s got this one in the bag.

  8. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Have there been modifications to the process as there are fewer soaps on the air? I say, have all of the eligible shows submit their work. Also, only one episode is named from each soap, shouldn’t it be two episodes from each show with B&B submitting four because it’s a 30-minute show? I thought that was the mode.

    Either way B&B has it in the bag for the win. (you are so right troymclure!) Though I have never been a huge B&B fan, I respect the show because I feel like it knows itself and what it wants to be. The show has had a pretty good all-around year. Clearly, the homeless s/l rules but in terms of good, good soap opera B&B consistently delivers.

    IMO, DAYS had the best episode for Emmy submission with the reveal of Parker’s paternity. That was a good, soapy episode with strong performances and dialogue. But one good episode out of a crap year and it wasn’t as strong as B&B’s. DAYS has had a pretty ugly year and would never win best show.

    AMC and OLTL have no chance. Y&R and GH always have a chance so it will probably get a nom. ATWT could also as well as their episode was good with a whole lot of sentiment plus Julianne Moore at the end. (GH wasn’t the only one with a high-profile guest appearance.)

    With the cancellation of AMC/OLTL, next year should be the last year of the Daytime Emmys anyway. I only hope Laura Wright, Lindsay Hartley, John Aniston and Katherine Kelly Lang get their long overdue Emmys while there’s a chance.

  9. Profile photo of keanna

    I agree Alstonboy as always, I voted for B&B and I don’t even watch it!!!!

    Days, I mean how could they not have send the episodes with Alice’s funeral!!

    AMC, nothing really worthy, sorry.

    OLTL, this isn’t GLEE folks!!!

    GH, the episodes with Franco, bad idea!!!!

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