Billy Miller Injured on Y&R Set!

Expect to see Billy Miller wearing a cast on The Young and the Restless soon. Miller spoke with CBS Soaps in Depth about the on accident that resulted in the breaking of his hand.

There was a big scene — and I got really into it, and broke my hand," grins the actor. "It was a good scene. It wasn't smart, but for the [scene] it's as close to truth as you can possibly get, and I guess that's what you strive for. I wouldn't recommend it, though. I shattered my knuckle and broke my hand."

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    Sounds pretty obvious that he broke it punching something. I’m guessing since it broke that he did it on a wall or door….but you never know, maybe it was someone’s jaw… hehehe

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    Ghost Of John Abbott

    My guess is that they cut the hairstyling staff and he was told that he was getting Amelia Heinle’s hairdresser and that’s when he punched a wall and broke his hand or he punched Eric Braeden in the chest in a scene and broke his hand on that old man brillo chest hair. By the way did anybody notice that both Jack and Victor were both walking around the other day in scenes with unbuttoned shirts showing off chest hair? Is this a gag being played on the Y and R internet fan base or foreshadowing of a storyline down the road when Jack and Victor become the big gay supercouple?

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