Could Brian Frons Finally Be On His Way OUT at ABC Daytime?

Oh merciful Minerva, please let this be true! Page Six is hearing Brian Frons—easily the most destructive network television force since Jeff Zucker—may be on his way out at ABC Daytime.

ABC Daytime honcho Brian Frons is in hot water over the cancellation of "One Life to Live" and "All My Children," sources said. After Hoover announced it will yank ads over the soap axing, other advertisers like Hershey's and L'Oreal are getting heat from consumers to pull ads. Insiders are pointing at Frons, with whispers he may be in his final days.

Of course ABC denied the rumors to Page Six, as well as ones alleging The Mouse House has asked Kelly Ripa and the women of The View to lay off discussing One Life to Live and All My Children being destroyed on Frons' watch. What I find most disturbing is how Frons went around in the mainstream press following the cancellations of Guiding Light and As The World Turns, in effect grabbing his crotch,as he bragged about how ABC owning their own soaps made them more viable.  

Well riddle me this: How has NBC managed to recognize the viability in continuing to license Days of Our Lives, which does similar numbers to those of the ABC soaps, yet Frons, with decades of soap opera experience under his belt, couldn't budget for and monetize sudsers ABC has owned for decades? I'm sorry, but If Erica Kane, Viki and Dorian Lord have to go, then so should Brian Frons.

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    I going to my church right now and say a pray >) I contacted my local ABC station manager saying I would boycott ABC and Disney stations and programs along with local email to send to local station and there were just in here in my market over 3000 emails received from local petition. I read on my other site to turn up the heat on local affiliates of ABC because they can put a lot of pressure on ABC, simply saying that they wouldn’t run new content and do their own broadcast. So I joined the battle and did my part. Is this worth it in all honesty, not sure but couldn’t hurt. :bigsmile:


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    Jamey, you crack me up daily with your hilarious comments (i.e., “Oh merciful Minerva, please let this be true!”)

    If this tidbit is indeed true and I trust you as a source implicitly, the day it happens will be one of the best days of my life. While it may not save our soaps (still holding onto to a teeny bit of hope), this is the result that would appease me. When Pratt started on as head writer and immediately crashed AMC into the ground (literally) with the inane tornado story, and I heard he was a FRIENDOFFRONS, I was so dismayed and prayed every day for his ouster. I’m not religious by any means, but my prayers were answered then, and maybe they will be now.

    If nothing changes, my other prayer is that LB can usher Pine Valley into the sunset well (not in Frons’ vision, in hers).

    I haven’t watched too many episodes lately since it almost hurts too much to watch, but I did get to see the reveal of Kendall figuring out that Ricky is evil – kudos to Lish for rocking those scenes; I’m looking forward to more of that and soon. Hopefully, buh-bye, Ricky (nothing against Eddie Matos).

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    Right Simple But It wont change the result. Hell ABC, Disney & maybe even the shareholders who hold all the money want soaps DEAD and If Frons Is Out. Soaps On ABC Will Still Be Dead. Sad But True

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    jlafferty posted the same question I was going to ask. Any hope of that happening??

    I do still stand by AMC just being reaaaaaallly bad. OLTL is the heartbreaker for me. But BOTH canx is just horrid for the Genre (PLEASE NEVAH LET THIS HAPPEN TO Y&R!!)as we’ve all stated…

    Here was my one pathetic thought regrading this P.O.S. that ‘runs’ ABC Daytime.

    When Becky Hearbst was axed, folks went WILD. And, of course, it drew attention to GH. Rebecca was ‘saved’.

    I actually thought for a moment, this is what Fronz was thinking. “Hey, let’s ‘cancel’ both these shows, have people go postal. Everyone from Chelsea Handler to “The Today Show” will talk about it and maybe we can get more viewership as the shows “Wind Down”…and then finally, we’ll give the shows a Stay of Execution after May Sweeps!”

    I don’t put it past him. Especially hurting the Cast and Crews of the shows. I just see him LOVING that part.

    Either Way, this A-Hole needs to be fired.

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    Folks Above Frons Want Soaps Gone Perhaps Even The Shareholders who hold & All The Money So Frons Being Fired Wont Save The Soaps In Fact It Could Cause An Earlier Cancelation For GH

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    So what’s the point then? Anne Sweeney will still be there and she wants to kill GH as well.

    Brian Frons is fired, we all celebrate because we believe it’s well deserved, yet our soaps are still gone…

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    This won’t reverse the cancellations, but it will help GH. It took us to lose GL & ATWT for us to finally get rid of Babs. Hopefully, this means Frons’ 9 year reign of terror will finally be over…

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    Karma’s a bitch! Seriously, this whole debacle has been poorly handled for years and this cancellation has been going on for years. Brian Frons has behaved without honor but has acted with a lot of arrogance and nastiness. I don’t see how Mr. Frons can expect to command respect or earn trust from anyone at this point. Was Brian Frons the fall guy? Maybe. If so, patsy may be a better choice of words. Whatever, Brian Frons is definitely a Yuck!
    Anyway, In my opinion, I think that it was a huge mistake to cancel One Life to Live. The cancellation has no merit. I can understand and justify, sadly, All My Children. I think that there could have been a way to save at least one of these shows. Someone suggested using OLTL at night. I think that this could have been brilliant on so many levels. If SoapNet is going to exist for a longer period of time, why not produce OLTL for SoapNet? I know that the expense would/could be prohibitive but wouldn’t it be interesting to see if SoapNet’s numbers improved? What about alternating AMC and OLTL in the same time slot? This might have been incredible and improved AMC and its numbers.
    I am 55 years old. I grew up watching soaps. I can remember before Penny met Jeff on ATWT. I was furious when my parents made me go to Bozo’s Circus and miss ATWT when I was 5 or 6. At the time, Bozo’s Circus were the hottest tickets in Chicago. Not for me! I cut school to watch the first episodes of AMC and Y&R. I proudly watched the soaps when it wasn’t cool. I understood why EoN, GL, and ATWT were canceled yet I mourned these shows and their glory days. Most sadly, I understand AMC too but OLTL is another story. The show is outstanding and there is no artistic justification or otherwise for this show to be canceled. This is the last soap that I watch. If OLTL goes then a huge part of my life will have ended.
    I can promise this. Barbara Walters pandering to Brian Frons earlier this week completely disgusted and nauseated me. The View is stale, I am done with it. If OLTL does end, ABC can say goodbye to me. Multiply me by millions and ABC is in trouble.

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    I agree this will not save the shows. If this actually happens it is merely a PR move on the part of ABC to “throw a bone” to the angry AMC and OLTL fans. Fronsie is merely the fall guy, I truly believe the network wants out and GH will be gone no later than 2012. No new regime is going to change that. The only good side to this is the person who was the face of the cancellation of these legacy soaps is also leaving with the soaps he helped to destroy.

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    Oh Lord above this would be a great Easter present if Frons is out. Hopefully with Ron C. replacing Guza soon.. hey a girl can hope. Karmas a you know what ain’t it Fronsie?

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    Frons Wanted To Save GH and AMC. He Loves Them. They Are Run By His BFF’s. The Rating In 18-49 Demo did AMC In. Anne Wanted GH Gone Too. Frons Fought For a Stay Of Execution. If Frons is Gone Sweeney and Pals Could Cut GH sooner than expected.

    As For Babs Bloom At CBS Her Firing had More To do with her trying to micromanage The TALk. Julie Chen Was Having None Of That & With Her Hubby CBS’ Top Guy, Bloom Was Out

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    Please don’t tease my feeble heart.

    To all the naysayers: if the DevilFrons is indeed fired, it will be because ABCreeps realizes it made a huge mistake and that it needs to reevaluate its position with regards to soaps.

    If that is not the case, the DevilFrons will not be fired. It’s very simple!

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    He certainly needs to go and its long overdue I’m lighting candles and saying chants and hopefully he’ll take his pet actors/actresses with him. I refuse to get happy until its confirmed he’s finally gone….After tanking soaps on two networks he may be Sweeneys’ henchman..but his arrogance, total disrespect for viewers, name calling, mocking, alienating and polarizing his audience and they “way he treats actors is all Brian Frons. I’ve read a lot about him and he’s not a nice guy.

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    I am also going to make a special trip to church to pray to God that this is true. If it true I believe it would be the best and most appropriate response by the higher ups. I think there is a difference between Frons and Sweeney et. al. I do not think that the Disney executives are “out to get” soaps. Their ONLY concern is increasing shareholder returns and by the numbers soaps have not been doing that as they did in the past. If there was a way, and I believe there is, for soaps to be profitable again, then I do not think Anne Sweeney, Robert Iger, or any of the other execs would care if they remained on the air. Frons on the other hand is someone who is closer to the soaps, yet he has a fundamental misunderstanding of what they are and should be, so when people have turned away from HIS vision, he took that to mean that the medium was no longer viable and must be done away with. The board members only care about money, and so if there was someone who could run abc daytime with soaps and make money, that would be fine by them. Frons was the person that they hired, and because of his own arrogance, ignorance, and agenda, he made it seem like there was nothing to be gained from soaps any longer.

    I can only hope and pray that the massive backlash has shown the powers that be that the problem was not soaps and that they were still beloved and an incredibly viable medium, and that the change needs to come in the person they have directly in charge of them.

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    Appleridge – if nothing will change this decision, why are people out there trying to reverse it. And balance sheets can be read many ways and I for one, along with many others, believe that abc just wanted to get out of the soap business cause its cheeper to put the chew etc on.

    Jlaffery – If this is true than it could be alot of crap going on that we dont know about and maybe this is the hope we’ve been looking for. Lets face it, if I believe I just read BRIAN FRONS IS IN HOT WATER OVER THE CANCELLATION OF ALL MY CHILDREN AND ONE LIFE TO LIVE. None of us want to get our hopes high but WE ARE looking for a reversal I dont believe anything is written in blood. Im with you, Im looking for hope. Its not over till its over.

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    I want AMC and OLTL back too. It still doesnt feel real. We may not be able to get our soaps back even if Frons goes, but I’ll sleep a hell of a lot better at night knowing justice has been served! The ABC Daytime machine cannot silence the voices of millions of outraged fans who have faithfully watched their lineup for forty years. This arrogant prick does not deserve a job when he has put so many honest and hardworking people out of work. Period.

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    People are still not going after the right people. If this is true, it still will not change the decision. If people want change, go after Anne Sweeney. She is his boss, and she made the decision. Just as they can get rid of him, they can replaced him with another person.

    But I hope the rumors are true that Disney will spinoff ABC. Disney has really ruin ABC. Before Disney took over in 1996, ABC Daytime was in much better shape. If that happens, then that could potentially change things for ABC Daytime possibly for the better.

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    As much as we all want to blame Frons, myself included, I have read that Anne Sweeney is the one wanting the soaps gone as well. And I still can’t help but tell myself that THEY have bosses too and not even Frons or Sweeney would make such a bold move as cancelling TWO forty year old shows without the input and approval of even HIGHER UPS in ABC/Disney. I have a feeling that Frons is just ABC’s scapegoat. You know sometimes us fans being vocal isn’t always a good thing b/c TPTB use what we post and say against us. It has been obvious from all the calls and letters sent to ABC as well as all of the posts here and on other sites that the fans have been blaming Frons for ABC Daytime’s downfall for a long time. That tells me that maybe the ABC/Disney execs who want out of the soap business have been sitting back going AHA, we will get rid of these shows, everyone will blame Frons then we can fire him to PACIFY the audience. TPTB are treating us like we are stupid, like puppets and they are pulling the strings. They think that since we blame Frons they will fire him as a scapegoat to shut us up and then we will be happy that we “got what we wanted” and all will be forgiven and we will continue to watch their shows/station. Let’s show them that we are NOT STUPID. Don’t celebrate yet, just b/c Frons may be gone, the fight is not over.

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    An ABC rep said Frons “is not leaving the network . . .

    Also there has been no directive to the ladies of ‘The View’ or Kelly Ripa.”

    Read more:

    Since they lie a lot I’m hoping this is another one. A totally agree Disney IMO has ruined ABC I remember when I first heard they took over I was happy that was short-lived. Maybe their forte is in cable but I haven’t liked ABC much since they took over…they had some good PrimeTime shows e.g. Lost Greys etc but I just don’t like how they do business. I really don’t like the corporation much.

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    Brian Frons walks into Anne Sweeney’s office:

    BF: “Anne, is it true you’re gonna can my ass?!?!”

    AS: “I have no announcement, and these are just rumors that you are hearing. I am sorry to hear that they’re escalating but I cannot confirm anything.”


    Ahhh… that felt good!

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    Look at ratings of the 1995 and 1996 season. AMC was 4th, GH was 5th, OLTL was 6th. OLTL was tied with As the World Turns that season. This is the season Disney took over. Only Loving/The City was last place. This is out of 11 soaps. Disney has really mess up ABC primetime and ABC daytime. They need to spinoff ABC so it can really clean it self up.

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    [quote=beans4metoo]It has been obvious from all the calls and letters sent to ABC as well as all of the posts here and on other sites that the fans have been blaming Frons for ABC Daytime’s downfall for a long time. That tells me that maybe the ABC/Disney execs who want out of the soap business have been sitting back going AHA, we will get rid of these shows, everyone will blame Frons then we can fire him to PACIFY the audience. TPTB are treating us like we are stupid, like puppets and they are pulling the strings. They think that since we blame Frons they will fire him as a scapegoat to shut us up and then we will be happy that we “got what we wanted” and all will be forgiven and we will continue to watch their shows/station. Let’s show them that we are NOT STUPID. Don’t celebrate yet, just b/c Frons may be gone, the fight is not over.[/quote]

    Thank you for this inciteful post. You could be right on this. Since any trust I once had in ABCD has been dissolved these past few years, nothing would shock me anymore. They know how to manipulate… Excuse me… “TRAIN” the audience. I think getting Frons out is a wise first step, but we need to focus our energies on people above him as well.

    Jamey or Luke… We would love to hear your suggestions on the next podcast about the most effective way to save our ABC soaps, or at least the 1 we have left.

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    TV Gord

    No one network is messing up daytime. Every network has cancelled soaps in recent years.

    I doubt ABC is getting rid of Frons anytime soon. He’s only doing what they want him to do. They probably want to keep him around for another year until he can cancel GH. That way, there’s only one bad guy in the eyes of many soap fans.

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    just one – you made me die laughing – Who would seriously quote an abc rep on a rumor. Come on people – we’ve been lied to since February when Jamey broke this news.

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    I think it’s a ploy by Disney to distract soap fans from furthering the protests and boycotts; they think by sacrificing Brian Frons, it’ll placate soap fans so they won’t approach more advertisers about boycotting ABC, and possibly extending the boycotts to all Disney-owned channels. And sadly, AMC and OLTL will still be ending in September and January, regardless.

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    from twitter:

    @robinstrasser NY Post wants to talk to me? Read what they wrote yesterday. I did get a “directive” to “keep quiet”. Pants on fire denies but it’s true.

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    Totally agree with the comment that, even if Frons is fired, the soaps are still history. The real villain here is Disney, who controls ABC and wants the soaps gone. By having Frons as the face of the cancellations, Disney is protecting its image and shielding itself from taking the kind of abuse that he has been taking. If Frons is fired, soap fans can clearly take joy in that event but it won’t change the final verdict. The only way to have a real impact on the outcome is to put significant public and sponsor pressure on Disney.

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    Columbus, you dont really know that. They have still yet to say something sensible that would let me believe they are history. the 18-49 whatever has been shows, and frons said that they interviewed people who said they’d rather these 2 shows in daytime opposed to soaps. I dont believe that personally. To me its still Corporate Greed, with no rhyme or reason cause they can.

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    This is what I Meant Someone up High At ABC/Disney Wants Soaps Dead. Frons and Sweeney herself could be scapegoat figure heads. What If Its The Shareholders with all the purse strings that want the soaps gone then boycotting wont work cause these folks will just find more advertisers
    Im Not saying Dont Let Your voice be heard But Dont close yourself off to the strong probability this wont change anything

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    “No one network is messing up daytime.”

    That has to be the most un-informed comments that I have ever read. ABC has and is messing up daytime. The re-assigning Angela Shapiro to ABC family and inserting someone who was not even an exec-producer level before becoming Head of Daytime in 2002 stank to a lot of people. The immediate firing of Gary Tomlinson, the EP that resurrected OLTL and got it an Emmy Award as best show, the replacement of AMC’s Jean Burke with Julie Carruthers (formerly of Santa Barbara, Sunset Beast, and Port Charles) were signs that they were not interested in quality just running the shows into the ground. Why else would they keep Carruthers after year after year consistently going over budget, as reported on this site, and the kyboshing of fan favorite storylines and actors?

    This seems like it was planned. Why else would you spend how many millions upgrading AMC’s NYC studios, then decide to move the show to LA, spend untold millions upgrading an old Kmart in the worst area of LA to become a studio and move all of the AMC sets, costumes, actors, and some of the production personnel, and have a full renovation of AMC’s vacated space in NY and move OLTL into that space? If you’re trying to keep to a budget you don’t blow that budget with one maneuver let alone blow it four times over with a bunch of actions.

    ABC/Disney is destroying daytime as quickly as they can.

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    Since it appears that Disney wants out of the soap business completely and ABC as well, why don’t they just let the shows go, as in selling to another corporation who may or may not have a different direction than Disney would have? I am not understanding. I know Proctor and Gamble wanted out of soaps but they did not own CBS network did they? Especially since Disney is no longer viewing some of the more popular shows on the Disney Channel. Who owned ABC before Disney came on board? Maybe I am way off base.

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    Agnes Nixon should try to buy back all of her soap operas. She created All My Children, One Life to Live, Loving, and the City. She should try to form a partnership with Fox, Warner Bros. NBC Universal, CBS, or Lionsgate to syndicate or reformat the shows for cable.NBC Universal and CBS syndication arms, not the networks. These companies are big in syndication and cable shows.

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    At this point I don’t even think we can really blame ABC and Disney. Yes, we can for THIS incident of ABC soaps being cancelled. But really, the genre has been sadly dying for several years. Blame it on reality television and monetary greed. ALL television stations and producers of television are looking for low-cost, high revenue programming. In this day and age of everybody who is nobody frothing at the mouth to get their “15 minutes” and put their lifestory on television, of course the stations and tv producers are going to eat it up. 1- Its cheap to produce. 2- There aren’t really any sets as people film at their homes, 3-It is like watching a train wreck so everyone tunes in. Yes, ABC and Disney are at fault THIS time, but blame reality television and the Snookies and J-Wows for the downfall of the genre. Tv/music/trends all change with the times. In the 70’s and 80’s when it was about love, romance and music you had your soap operas and the top 10 video countdown DAILY on MTV. Try to turn on MTV and find ONE music video today. Enter the new millenium where everyone is obsessed with celebrity and self help and you have the emergence of talk shows, and shows like Entertainment Tonight, E True Hollywood story, which in a way are your first reality shows. Now it is 2011 and people are focused on saving money, living green, and being healthy. Thus the emergence of shows like Nate Berkus, weightloss shows, Suze Orman. Yet we still want to imitate the celebrities who we think live perfect lives. So, you have the emergence of “reality stars” who are just wanna be celebrities. And we eat it up. The changing of trends and times are what has killed soap operas. And after the newness of reality shows and the self help era wanes, these shows will be cancelled and some other trend will replace them. Everything old is new again. Stuff comes back around eventually. Just look at clothes and toys. Flare leg jeans are the rage again. My daughter is 19 and the stuff she played with as a child was the stuff I played with as a child, that is on the shelves again (Cabbage Patch, Strawberry Shortcake, Sorry, My Little Pony). Eventually soaps will likely make their way back onscreen when the current trends phase out and soaps will be the new, hot thing again. I just hate it for us diehard fans who have to currently lose the shows and actors that we love. I wonder if there is any rich executive sitting back watching all of this hoopla who will buy SoapNet or devise another station that will air complete series reruns of all the cancelled soaps. As much as I hate to lose them and would rather see them continue, if I can’t have that, I would really love to see them all over again from the beginning. I would PAY a monthly cable fee for a channel like that. And the production costs would be ZERO because the episodes already exist. Much in the same way that TCM airs old movies, or other stations air repeats of old tv shows. I would LOVE to be able to see AMC from the beginning, and see all the storylines I’ve heard about but missed because I was too little to have seen them. No, they wouldn’t be new episodes, but at least I would get to see my Tad Martin regularly. For now I hope all the actors and crew members are able to find work and I will follow my favs wherever they go!

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    That’s why I said form a partnership with another like Fox or Warner Bros. They are names in cable, syndication, and DVDs. She would also have to buy Loving and The City due to character crossovers and storyline purposes. She also created those two. For example, Angie and Frankie Hubbard. Those two characters were on Loving and The City.

  36. Profile photo of JasamForever

    I had originally assumed that was what Soapnet was for, but apparently not. They only soap not to date that is shown is Ryan’s Hope, and I was not even born when that aired. I would love to watch the beginning of Luke and Laura as well as episodes of Santa Barbara and Maurice Benard as Nico on All My Children. If one cable station could just air old soaps all day, like TCM, I would sign up in a heartbeat. I have even heard the suggestion of Netflix and streaming the old episodes. With the numbers involved in these protests, I think someone is bound to take notice and realize there could be a profit made, even if rather small. The main expense would be to buy the actual soaps, which may not come cheap. But where else can you view some of these older shows except Youtube. And the selection is limited as well as the quality.

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    Hope this story has legs, if they would have fired Babs over at CBS, but she was doing her job destroying ATWT/GL. I don’t think that would have saved them CBS and P&G were hell bent on destroying them, and never intended for them to go any where else.

  38. Profile photo of fmhall18

    I don’t know about Port Charles. Port Charles is a spinoff of GH. ABC also owns Ryan’s Hope. Claire Labine was the creator and her production produce Ryan’s Hope for the six years. She force to sell the show to ABC due to her company almost going bankrupt. She could buy back Ryan’s Hope. It’s a good thing that ABC brought Ryan’s Hope in the early 1980s, because if they brought it before 1978, the early years of Ryan’s Hope(1975 to 1977)would be gone due to the network erasing the tapes for new shows. That what happen to the early years of AMC and OLTL. They saved some of the shows, but the majority of AMC’s and OLTL’s early years are gone. By Jan. 1975 when ABC brought them, Nixon demanded in the contract that the network save every single episode. Before that, most of AMC and OLTL tapes were destroyed. Dark Shadows is the only soap ABC didn’t buy, the creator’s family owns the show. Almost all of its tapes are saved. Only one is missing. That’s why Dark Shadows was able to be rerun for many years, and they are on DVD. That’s also why Ryan’s Hope was able to be rerun, they have all of the tapes. Days of our Lives and The Young and the Restless also have all of their tapes, they are just not rerun.

  39. Profile photo of TheCreamTeam

    I’m sorry, but If Erica Kane, Viki and Dorian Lord have to go, then so should Brian Frons. <—- that was genius Jamey! Feel the same way, except being sorry if Frons goes!!!

  40. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    These boycotts may not work in saving AMC and OLTL. I am a realist and I think most of us that listen to the DC podcasts and read the DC site are. But stranger things have happened in entertainment. A few years ago another exec’s smart decision (Jeff Zucker) did a late night show switch and the affiliates revolted at the less than stellar lead in ratings for their local newscats that the initially inconceivable happened: NBC reinstated Leno and got rid of Conan.

    This revolt may also aid the remaining soaps and future soaps. Who knows? If or when the replacement talk shows tank and those replacement, replacement talk shows tank and these current daytime execs are sunset then a new regime may think, what were those daily dramas we use to run? Let’s see if we can do those cheaply starting from scratch.

    I hope Brian Frons does get the ax and that is why I support these sponsor and fan boycotts. I consider this my new daytime drama. I want the irredeemable, mustache twirling villain to get his comeuppance. Although, he’ll probably form a production company that will sell “The Speak” or “The Yell” to replace “The Chew” or “The Revolution”.

  41. Profile photo of katclaws

    [quote=harlee490]I going to my church right now and say a pray >) I contacted my local ABC station manager saying I would boycott ABC and Disney stations and programs along with local email to send to local station and there were just in here in my market over 3000 emails received from local petition. I read on my other site to turn up the heat on local affiliates of ABC because they can put a lot of pressure on ABC, simply saying that they wouldn’t run new content and do their own broadcast. So I joined the battle and did my part. Is this worth it in all honesty, not sure but couldn’t hurt. :bigsmile:

    LOLOL at your comment. My first reaction was to get out my rosary….and I’m not even that religious. Hope it’s true & hope Frons gets his karma. Save our Soaps! Don’t want any game, talk, food, reality crap!

  42. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    At the end of the world, there will be fire, brimstone, roaches and Brian Frons.

    Trash like him never goes away, it simply changes forms and multiplies.

    I remain hopeful like most of the rest of you, but I am certainly not expecting any miracles!!!!

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    TV Gord

    Since we’re getting religious on this Holy Thursday, I’ll get my mom and grandma in the great beyond to break out their rosaries, too. My grandma got her whole family hooked on soaps and some say she performed a miracle or two in her day. ;-) I may not believe boycotts will work, but nobody better cross HER! (Frons should cringe whenever he hears a thunder clap for the foreseeable future.)

  44. Profile photo of BornSoapStar

    If and when this colossal jerk is fired I believe the resounding cheers will be heard across the nation- probably the hemisphere because I hear he’s hated in Canada too. What a PR nightmare for ABC/Disney! The man has no credibility left- everyone knows he speaks out both sides of his mouth.
    I started boycotting ABC when they fired Rebecca Herbst. I came back when the network rehired her, but then left again when Brian Frons was allowed to punish the fans by killing off the character of Baby Jake. I am watching only AMC and OLTL and if and when they are gone ABC/Disney will not be allowed on the televisions in this house. Sponsors make note- I am in the key demographic age with two children and if you want me to patronize your businesses your advertising better be on NBC and CBS!

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    TV Gord

    [quote=BornSoapStar]I hear he’s hated in Canada too.[/quote]

    Oh, he’s hated in Canada, too! He’s probably getting his fair share of super-polite letters from here (“Sorry…but we HATE you, if you don’t mind.”). ;-)

    Canada soap fans are with you, D.C. Nation!

  46. Profile photo of Smooshiest

    Many of the posts here are leaning towards saying that the genre died a long time ago; I’m not so sure I believe that to be true.

    I worked in advertising and marketing for a long time; there is no way companies are so cavalier about where they spend their advertising dollars. It is definitely spread around, but brands like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, HOOVER!, etc. will place their ad budgets towards the audience that buys their product. And, that audience is more likely to watch soaps. If we could get a glance into their line items, you would see a lot of the money is spent in that genre. STILL! That is why Hoover is pulling their ads; as personal as Brian Kirkendall’s letter to his consumer base (viewers) was, he states it was not personal towards ABC – if this had happened on another network, he would have done the same. Hoover’s done well with the ABC soaps; that is why the money is spent there.

    Frons in his role should have realized that; whether Sweeney wanted all three soaps gone, he should have made a case for keeping them, especially since it is know that he is such a Rylee lover (I believe that’s true).

    I personally have only watched All My Children since it’s inception in 1970 when I was in kindergarten. I’ve stuck with it all this time, with breaks during college and when I didn’t have cable, but it is my soap – it is my mom’s and my grandmother watched it as well when she was still alive.

    I’m still in a little bit of denial over this whole thing. I can’t say that his potential firing would help our case in keeping the shows on the air, but I will feel better knowing he has to be in the same position he put others.

  47. Profile photo of p3wong

    Jamey.. and all you guys at DC, I’ve been a follower since the very first podcast, (and I was living overseas at the time!!) First and foremost, just want to say great job guys, keep it up!

    Brian Frons should ABSOLUTELY be fired.. I mean, there’s obviously a lot going on at ABC, and the entire industry, and to say whether or not axing AMC and OLTL is the right move to them, well, we will see about that. But I know that in the ANY business in the WORLD, if I’m managing a portfolio of products, and 2 of the 5 products I manage are being discontinued, because of my poor results over the last say 2 years – well, I will no doubt lose my job. If Disney wants to keep Frons, they should move him out of his position – put him at the Disney Network,see how he fairs there.

  48. Profile photo of Jon

    As much as I loathe Frons, in no way was canceling AMC & OLTL a unilateral decision. The folks at the top of Disney/ABC want the soaps gone, so even if Frons is the scapegoat I don’t think the shows will come back. I hope I’m wrong, though…

  49. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    I hope he does end up being fired. OLTL does make money for the network and the show was always under budget. It may not bring in what it did for the network in the 80’s and 90’s, but it is still profitable. It did not deserve to be given the ax. Creatively and financially, OLTL is doing its job. I am beyond disappointed with ABC daytime, but I will continue to watch OLTL until its end.

  50. Profile photo of Kathie Wolters
    Kathie Wolters

    Brian Frons is the one who pulled the plug on AMC and OLTL so ABC should pull the plug on him.. There’s a hell of a lot of people doing all that they can to fight to keep our shows on the air. We’ve been going to ABC/Disney’s sponsors and asking them to join our cause by dropping their sponsorship. So far Hoover has already cancelled their ads and they are backing our boycott.

  51. Profile photo of ckg927

    I don’t just want Frons to get dropkicked out of his office and onto the street.

    I want Sweeney GONE.

    I want ABC/Disney and all of its parts to suffer the heat of a million suns for what they pulled one week ago today.

    Keep up the pressure-but, as always, be polite about it.

  52. Profile photo of

    [quote=alstonboy4315]At the end of the world, there will be fire, brimstone, roaches and Brian Frons.
    Trash like him never goes away, it simply changes forms and multiplies.
    I remain hopeful like most of the rest of you, but I am certainly not expecting any miracles!!!![/quote]

    Applaud. You are the BEST with the wording you come up with!!
    That was one of the best posts!! :bigsmile:

    I hate to sound like Debi Downer here, but we heard rumors for the past year Guza was being fired and he is still around.
    Wishful thinking Frons is gone..nothing more. He is going nowhere. IF by some miracle the soaps would stay, Frons may not be in charge of them. That is a BIG IF.

    I do believe TPTB had no idea the outcry from viewers and sponsors.
    In fact I guarantee that. So knowing what they know now…I will cross my fingers.

    Don’t know why Oprah can’t put these soaps on her station. What else does she have to do with all that money? $) $) $) $) $) $) $)

  53. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    I just watched O’s youtube video where she stated she was not going to take on the challenge of reviving the soap operas. Personally, I think OWN isn’t doing as well as she had hoped. I respect her for being honest, but I do wish she would rethink her decision. A 30 minute AMC and OLTL would make me happy too…and would be cheaper for her!

  54. Profile photo of

    Soap Stud…I just watched it. I don’t think she was being honest at all.
    She mentioned how ratings have dropped for soaps. Did she mention there is this new technology out called DVR’s and most people watch in the evening?? I honestly beleive she could take it on, if she wanted to.
    I wish I wouldn’t have seen that release. Now I like O even less.

    I do agree with yo u. OWN isn’t doing well.

  55. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    JAQ, DVRs are part of the reason for the death of soaps. If you’re watching on DVR, there’s practically zero chance that you’re sitting through the commercials, and those commercials pay the bills. THAT is why advertisers are not interested in soaps. With a show like The Chew or a prime time show, there is SOME chance that SOME viewers are just watching the show live, and the commercials may be seen. With soaps, that hardly ever happens anymore.

    Also, can we once and for all dispel this idea that 30 minute soaps will be cheaper? You have HALF the commercials, so it’s actually MORE expensive, if you want to keep the same number of cast and crew. If you cut the cast in half and pare the crew down to a bare bones crew, you COULD possibly be just as far behind as the hour-long soaps are now.

    Oprah didn’t lie in that video. The ratings ARE down for soaps. We all know it! I used to know plenty of people in my real life who used to watch soaps. I now know three. That’s including me.

  56. Profile photo of appleridge

    DVR’s Dont Count For daytime Never Have PT Has plus 7 Daytime Doesnt

    Oprah Didnt Put Up any of her own money to start OWN. OWN Is Operating On The Same Production Budgets That Other discovery Nets Do

    At The Low end Of Production which would be about 800K a week, Oprah couldnt afford that or the high end of 1-2 Mil a week. Plus she would also have to but the branding for both AMC & OLTL which is quite high

  57. Profile photo of AlexB

    Whether this epic fathead’s firing saves OLTL and AMC or not, he still needs to go, he shouldn’t get a pass for the way that he has been running ABCD for the past decade. He needs more than his hands slapped, he needs to be dropped kicked out on to the curb, and he shouln’t be the only one.

    Sorry, but cancellig OLTL when it as been continuiously coming under budget in production is ridiculous.

  58. Profile photo of

    TVGord..I am aware why the shows are coming off. I for one DVR EVERYTHING as I can’t stand commericals. Not just soaps.

    As far as Oprah goes, she sees the sponsors and how they feel. She could get the sponsors & new ones IMO. Her network could use a ‘boost’. IMO because her station isn’t doing well, she doesn’t want to take anything on.

    Or maybe she is a little upset because nobody caused this much of a fuss over her show ending??

  59. Profile photo of KathyNYC

    I also don’t agree that the genre is dying. What was dying was the inability and creativity to those in command to change with the times. What do you see on ABC Family these days for example? What are the hit shows? The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Make it or Break it, Pretty little liars..what are they? They are soaps – continuing stories that move from one episode to the next. TIIC killed the genre of daytime soaps- saying people are bored with soaps, while hiring the same old failures of writers writing the same old storylines over and over again. And then it’s our fault we don’t watch? Gimme a break! I also don’t hear anyone at ABC nighttime being foolish enough to say they can train the audience in what to watch.

    Why not have soaps 8-9 months of the year like nighttime shows, saving production costs that way. Then you try your Chew or Poo or whatever else you wanted to try in summer and see how they survive. Why not market the shows overseas like B&B does?

    So about the rumor about Frons being fired? He should be fired. Is he just the fall guy for a much larger issue? Probably but frankly, I don’t care. The man showed no talent since he showed up and even less respect for the daytime audience. I hope the whole thing blows up in his face and they keep the soaps but even if they don’t, Frons should go and I will be dancing in the streets over his demise.

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