Then We Got Help Takes a Violent Turn With “If I Had a Hammer”

You just know Then We Got Help’s group therapy session is headed off the rails when Kenny (Kevin Earley) gets it in his head that he wants to use “puffy bat squeaky toys” during their next session.  As “If I Had a Hammer” heads down Then We Got Help's latest path of hilarity, the group members begin hitting each other with the toys, taking out their relationship frustrations on each other.

I’m always fascinated how characters you enjoy, but may not be a favorite one season, can grow on you the next season. Quinn (Dianna Agron) wasn’t my favorite during Glee’s first season, but this season I’ve been digging the character. The same is happening for me with Gerry (Susan Ferrara) on Then We Got Help. Her deadpan expressions, cutaway commentary, no nonsense quips and mother lion defense of her children, have punctuated the comedy for me this season. 

Oh, and in the “you learn something new every day” portion of the episode, did you know using too much hand lotion can make it difficult to get your fingerprints taken? I didn't. Apparently, Dan (Nicholas Rodriguez) uses so much of the stuff, to keep his hands soft, the adoption agency had to use a special machine to register his prints. Watch this week’s Then I Got Help after the jump.

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    Forget anything they are showing on NBC,CBS or ABC. This is the real thing. Funny, honest, surprising, original, yet relatable. This show has everything one would look for in a situation comedy. Why this isn’t on tv I don’t understand. Every character is well drawn and played. One gets the feeling that we are spying on these couples and not watching a scripted event. This is the best therapy since the Bob Newhart Show.
    You are right about Gerry. She needs to say absolutely nothing and she conveys two pages of dialog in one look. However that is not just her. Every one of the actors on this show bring it every time. Dan and Eric the shows gay couple really don’t have that many problems. I think they just go to the group for social reasons. But they are the shows greek chorus, commenting and gesturing about the craziness of the others. I love how Dan has his head burried in Eric’s arm to keep from busting out laughing. And I love that noone can say Lao Tsu so they end up calling the guru Chung King or Chairman Mao. I giggle through half of the show. I don’t even remember the last time I giggled at anything on a CBS show.

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