Y&R’s Scott Hamner on Lane’s Sweeps Story: “Think War Of The Roses Meets North By Northwest”

Lord, this is all I need to get my Good Friday off to a bad start. Once again, The Young and the Restless co-head writer and Netflix's most valued customer Scott Hamner is using freaking MOVIES to explain the show's bad storytelling! Here's what he told CBS Soaps In Depth about Lane's (Christel Khalil and Daniel Goodard) May Sweeps "Ghost" story:

"We're going to learn this story in pieces. It's going to lead to a crescendo that's going to be spectacular. Think War Of The Roses meets North By Northwest."

Great Cecille D. DeMille's ghost, will Hamner and Maria Arena Bell turn off that damn Turner Classic Movie channel and actually take some time to learn the histories of their characters and TV series? Ugh!  I don't wanna play Trivial Pursuit: The Hollywood Edition, I just wanna be able to watch The Young and the Restless without seeing some cockamamie story play out on my TV.

They really think it is soooo cute to keep patting themselves on the back in the press for ripping off old movies on Y&R.  Memo to Hamner and MAB: Now more than ever soap fans want stories that reflect and respect the characters and histories we know and love, not your favorite doggone movies!

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    This guy’s a f***ing idiot. No one wants Cane back! He and Lily are two of the most awful characters on this show. Y&R doesn’t know how to tell stories anymore, so he can use all the buzz words he wants, like “crescendo”, and it won’t make a lick of difference!

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    Cane + Lily= WHO GIVES A DAMN????

    If it weren’t for Genie Francis’ upcoming stint on the show, I would seriously have wanted them to leave Cane dead. The character stopped being interesting EONS ago, and putting him with Lily, who also stopped being interesting a long time ago, was one of the stupidest moves Y&R has made in a long time. I don’t care WHAT “Soap Opera Digest” polls say, “Lane” sucks!!!

    End of story!!!

    And most of us (who have sense!) all know by now not to drink any of Mama Bell’s Kool-Aid, so go find some other fool to “brainwash,” Scott. I ain’t buying!!!!

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    Speak for yourself. I and a large number of fans love Lane and are extremely glad that DG/Cane is back. If you don’t like Lane that is your right, but don’t assume that all Y&R fans feel the same way you do. Don’t assume you speak for all (or even most) Y&R fans.

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    Alstonboy was merely stating the facts. Most Y&R fans, especially here on DC, despise Lane. They are dull, uninspired, and take ample screentime from other more interesting players. My cohort didn’t mean to slight you or anyone else who feels differently so pump your brakes…

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    Well damn. I was hoping for Daniel and Lily again. I liked them the first time around, even though they broke up for the lamest of reasons. I was hoping his character could get me to like her again. Guess not.

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    This whole plot is and always has been stupid and makes no sense at all.
    If Cane is a ghost then that is just a few ghosts too many by now.
    If Cane is alive then his purported good intentions have yet again caused major undue sorrow to all around.
    (Was all of this set up? Was Cane actually shot? If set up then why did Cane’s better looking country cousin get shot and die too, or is he also going to pop up out of his forever box? Why has Lily been hit even more with that virus that makes women stupid around GC?)

    Anyway … there is no way that a plot in any daytime drama (no matter how good it may be) could ever compare itself to one classic and one possible classic movie!

    And Debbie … your post was at cross purposes. You on the one hand state that we all have the right to our opinions, and then on the other hand reprimand us for them.

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    Thanks for standing up for me, but it’s pointless to try to argue with childish people who throw around random accusations without taking the time to do their research or get their facts straight.

    You and I both know who I am referring to……………..

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    You and I have had this discussion about Lily and Cane before, and this is the LAST time that I will engage in this childish level of interaction with you. If you read my post, which CLEARLY you didn’t, it states that MOST of us don’t believe the garbage that Maria Bell tries to spin. And NOWHERE do I say that I speak for other Y&R fans!! I ONLY speak for myself, and have never pretended to speak for anyone else.

    Get your facts straight, sweetheart!!

    And please keep in mind that you are STILL in the minority. 99% of the other soap viewers and fans that I know and keep in touch with on this site and other blogging sites also DESPISE “Lane” as a couple. Most people also find Christel Khalil to be a boring, subpar actress. That’s the reality, honey. Now deal with it!!!

    But I not going to “argue” with you anymore concerning this matter. I am already disgusted with myself for even giving your RAMBLING/OUT OF LINE/RIDICULOUS post the time of day!!!

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    Good Lawd the world must be coming to an end, I actually agree with Jamey! I love that article. It is too much work to watch this soap. I want to enjoy and be entertained. All this detective work and second guessing never knowing what is up from one epi to the next gets old. I wish one of the creators of these movies they are ripping off would sue their azzes. That would put a stop to the madness. I am so tired of Hamner using the word twist and turn, and there never is any of that. The man is a damn sleazy used car salesman. They can’t write, why dont they just admit it.

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    Good Lawd, Lily and Cane are dull as dirt. I only liked Lily when played by Davetta Sherwood. Ms. Khalil is only good to look at. If we have to have this character just put her with Daniel, at least they have chemistry whereas Cane/Lily were forced and Daniel/Abby are forgettable. Speaking of Cane, why resurrect this character? just because its Easter? He ain’t Jesus! Cane is beyond dull and his acceptance by every one in GC never made sense to me. The only interesting aspects to Cane was Colin (Tristian Roogers is great) and Blake and now Genie Francis. At least Y&R could have killed him offscreen with no viewing of the body in the morgue. I’ll say it again: Good Lawd!

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    [quote=AlistairCrane]This guy’s a f***ing idiot. No one wants Cane back! He and Lily are two of the most awful characters on this show. Y&R doesn’t know how to tell stories anymore, so he can use all the buzz words he wants, like “crescendo”, and it won’t make a lick of difference![/quote]

    You are amazing you have such authority to speak for the entire viewing audience of the Young and the Restless(No One Wants Cane). I will never understand how this fictional character who is said to be boring, awful etc can make posters go postal over them. A character I find boring is Esther but you will never see me getting my panties in a wad or hot under the collar over her. She is boring to me so she doesn’t affect me one way or the other! What is up with all the passionate hate for characters who some say no one cares about. It seems to be just the opposite to me.

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    "We're going to learn this story in pieces. It's going to lead to a crescendo that's going to be spectacular. Think War Of The Roses meets North By Northwest."

    Stoooooooooooop….please just STOP!!!

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    Debbie is hardly being childish, nor does her post ramble, simply because she disagrees with you.
    And I had to laugh, you said you only speak for yourself, yet your post clearly says “MOST OF US.”
    Do you know what the word US means? That means plural. You indeed are speaking for others. Who is us? Is it one person? Five? 2,500? Can we have a list of names?
    I’ve noticed that there’s rarely a post on this board in which you don’t weigh in, how this is lousy, that stinks, etc. It’s clear from your defensiveness with Debbie that you can surely dish out criticism, but you surely can’t take it, no matter how polite it is.
    You are not the end all of opinions on this board. Others are allowed to have them as well, and they are permitted to disagree.
    If you can’t handle the disagreements or the alternate opinions, then don’t post on the board, and you won’t have to listen to disagreements.
    You’re putting yourself out there, so you have to prepare for someone to respond.
    It seems as if you’re simply an unhappy person, and that makes me sad to see that. I would hope that you have some joy outside this Web site and outside of the soap operas you clearly detest, but still watch.

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    Alstonboy was merely stating the facts. Most Y&R fans, especially here on DC, despise Lane. They are dull, uninspired, and take ample screentime from other more interesting players. My cohort didn’t mean to slight you or anyone else who feels differently so pump your brakes…[/quote]
    There it is again, the assumption that “most Y&R fans” dislike, or as you say “dispise” Lane. How do you know this? Did you taker a poll of all the Y&R viewers? Just because you and most of the posters here don’t like them doesn’t mean that the majority of Y&R fans feel that way.

    People who dislike lane always dismiss their fans as a few vocal crackpots or something while ignoring the multiple evidences of their popularity. evidence like the ratings, magazine polls, online polls, etc. Even people in the soap media who dislike Lane acknowledge their popularity, but posters here & on some message boards continue to claim that “most Y&R viewers” hate them based solely on their opinion or what they see on messageboards. And they state it as if it’s a known fact.It makes no sense to me whatsoever. In my opinion, it’s a testiment to Lane’s popularity that they have remained popular in the face of the crappy stoylines they’ve been given, the lack of airtime and the propping MAB does for her favorites.

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    Stories like this are exactly why I stopped watching Y&R 2 years ago. Maria Bell has her favorite little few that she chooses to write for and everyone else in the cast can go to hell. Latham started Y&R’s destruction and MAB has completed it.

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    guilty pleasure

    Maybe it will turn out that Genie Francis’ Geneveive character had Colin (who wasn’t really dead) got plastic surgery to look like Cane, or Cane has a long lost twin brother! Anywho, I can’t stand this Lane s/l!!!! I wish that Cane stayed dead!!!! UGH!!!!!

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    You don’t know me, and neither does Debbie. So stop pretending that you do. I have no problem with criticism, but I hate arguing with people who chose to express themselves like 10-year olds. And I hate people who don’t READ my posts and accuse me of saying things that I CLEARLY didn’t say.

    If you go on other boards, you will see that MOST people don’t like Christel Khalil or “Lane.” MOST posters also know what a crappy writer Maria Bell is, and have stated their disinterest/anger at her storylines on this website and on many others.I don’t need a list of names of all the people who hate this couple. Just go TROLLING around other sites and you will see it. You seem to have no problem following me around and keeping track of everything that I post. You can also type in “Lily and Cane” or “Christel Khalil” into the search engine on THIS site and read all the comments by other posters who feel EXACTLY how I do about them. That is a FACT that I am simply relaying. So in a way I am NOT speaking for myself, but the truth is the truth. Just read it. Don’t take my word for it. The masses don’t lie!!

    And I disagree with MANY people on this site, but I always do so respectfully. If someone attacks me, the gloves come off. End of story. I treat others equally, and or worse than they treat me. Debbie’s posts are usually childish and immature, so to respond to her crap, I am forced to sink to her level, which disgusts me because I try to avoid crawling in the mud with people.

    You and Debbie seem to be cut from the same cloth, the immature, judgmental kind. I have plenty of joy in my life, not that it’s any of YOUR BUSINESS!! What I do in my personal life is irrelevant to this discussion!!!

    You are entitled to think what you want about me, but I really don’t give a damn what you think. Call me cynical, hypocritical or whatever you want to. Your opinion means NOTHING to me. And please stop trying to play amateur psychiatrist/psychologist, because you suck at it.

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    Y’all leave my friend, alstonboy alone. He kindly welcomed me to this board upon my first post. C’mon, keep it civil. People have a differnce of opinion, okay. And Lane fans should go hang out on SOC ‘cuz they FLOVE Lane and any anti-Lane sentiments are promptly squashed.

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    I like Cane always have yes the character flipped and was Phillip wasn’t Phillip this and that but I still like him its the writing and I make allowances for that

    …I’m looking forward to Genie’s Guiniveve. As for Lane I don’t get into all that…because Christel Khalil acting skills have always been poor for me..I mean she’s gotten better over the years but she was so horrible all I could do for years is wonder how the hell did she get this job?

    With the world as it is today there is plenty of material to use I just don’t see the need for blatant rip offs of old movies…I can understand paying homage to your favs as far as making a nod in story. I do that in my fan fiction e.g. my favorite lines e.g. Robert Deniro in Casino, “Why mess up a good thing.”

    and I’ve read that soaps have ripped off from movies in the past but to do a bad rendition of a classic isn’t a good thing for me.

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    Everyone keeps thinking it is CANE that is returning. My money is still on a TWIN. I think the thing that bothers me about LANE fans is that they are such fanatics about LANE that it is almost pathological. It is as if they think these are real people not actors playing parts. I think many fans are living their lives vicariously through these actors and to be honest it seems a little sick to me. What on earth would they do if Christel or Daniel left the show?..lol

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    Well, I agree with Debbie! I am glad Daniel Goddard is back and I can’t wait to see this story unfold!!! Genie Francis is going to stir it up! GH really screwed themselves over by not bringing her back. Oh well, Y&R’s gain!! BRING IT ON!!

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    BillBeaverPA … you gave us a Wikipedia definition for “Us” but you forgot to include “Most”.

    reggyreg … I think that most of us (yikes, that term) do not live our lives vicariously through these actors at all. Most of us (again) just want the characters those actors portray to have some sort of believeability even when we have to suspend our disbelief!

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    I hear what you are saying but that is just it. You want some sort of believeability but if the writers plan to bring CANE back from the dead especially after the way he died would be just too much for this viewer and perhaps others.

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    I appreciate your support, but I could care less what Debbie or BillBeaverPA have to say about me at this point. I can handle a little conflict. As I have said before many times, the truth speaks for itself.
    And you just can’t talk sense into some people, no matter how hard you try!!

    ;) ;) ;) ;)

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    I figured that but they should back off.

    See what pain Cane’s resurrection has caused! This is just another reason why he should’ve stayed dead!

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    Alstonboy is correctly stating the facts. I find Cane and Lily both to be disgusting and Maria Arena Bell to be really lacking in talent. She has practically ruined this wonderful show all by herself. Her poor father in law, Bill Bell has to be turning over in his grave in regards to how she is slowly destroying this wonderfu soap opera. What a shame. Let that mush mouthed Aussie go back under his rock and stay.

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    I actually think the better story would be the Abby/Daniel/Lily triangle, but what do I know? After the scenes where Abby and Victoria were having a truly sisterly conversation about Abby’s jealousy over Daniel/Lily’s closeness over the past few weeks, that triangle has so many possibilities. I feel like the writers, although hinted, have missed the boat on this story, with trying to force us to believe that Cane was the love of Lily’s life. For God’s sake, can Lily just find the letter that Cane wrote her before he died, so she can find some peace and move on from this crappily written story?

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    I just joined this board about a month ago, and I agree with the majority of the posts — Cane/Lily = one boring pair. I also agree that Christel Khalil comes in a close second to Vanessa Marcil (Brenda on GH) when it comes to poor (or no) acting skills.

    I am a returning Y&R fan who remembers when Phyllis ran Paul down with the car. I remember Eva Longoria,(pre-Desperate Housewives). I did not see the show when Davetta Sherwood played Lily, but from what other posters had said, she sounds like a better fit than CK.

    I agree with Alstonboy — can we just get a little believability in the writing? The GC trial for an alleged murder in Hawaii? The half-blind Adam identifying a corpse as Sharon — based on the engagement ring? Cane coming back from the dead? Give me a break!

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    I totally agree. Christel is at her best when she’s acting alongside Michael G., and if Lily were to wipe the floor with that BRAT, Abby, and RECLAIM her ex-husband in the process, then I MIGHT find her a little bit more tolerable. Of course, I won’t go as far as I say that I could actually grow to LIKE her, that would be laying it on a little bit too thick. ;) ;)

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    … another thought.

    Have I missed it or has anyone else noted it here? But there are now two simultaneous stories going on with two main characters pretending to be in their forever boxes (if Cane is) and causing extreme pain to all left behind.

    Will it ever end?

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    I simply came to this site to read the ridiculous claims made by MAB and SH about the s/l of my favorite CANE and LILY the most beautiful and loving couple in all of soapdom. Lo and behold there is a firestorm going on about the merits of CK’s acting and DG position on the show. If these actors upset you all so much why don’t you do your hearts and blood pressure a favor and do not read any articles about them.
    You have to learn how to protect your mental dominion.Obviously Christel and Daniel causes you all much angst. Some even claim that LANE fan are pathtic in our overzealouse devotion to these fictional character. They even alluded to the fact that we do not have lives. Well let me see here. Love is a positive thing hate is a negative thing which one will bring you down quicker? I say hate. You lose haters. You are bringing yourselves down. My advice would be to go to post on a thread of a s/l or character you like and do your blood pressure and heart a favor. You are a little too passionate with your hate. That is just like me going into an article about Adam or Chloe. It would surely give my blood pressure a jolt. So I stay away from those negative things. HAPPT EASTER/ Resurrection Sunday

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    I’ve got your back Alstonboy! You of all people do not talk ill of the actors only of the charachters. I see you constantly having the actors back!
    I too am not a fan of Cane & Lily, although I did like Daniel & lily. I hate the fact that they are going ahead with another crazy out there story! I didn’t hate Cane, but he’s dead!! DEAD! Please! Quit with the SCI FI and give us human interest storylines!

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    Thanks, Idylkng….

    Don’t give me TOO much credit, honey. I admit that have and do criticize the acting skills of MANY actors, but I try not to be TOO brutal, and I have KINDA mellowed out over the past few months. Kinda.

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    I see your comments, you don’t hit below the belt! Gotta respect that!

    Hey, sure would be nice if Sharon Found Dru while she’s out there wondring around, so she could come back and start kicking some Y&R ass! LOL

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    Heck yeah, Idylkng!

    If Maria Bell brought back my Drucilla, I would forgive her for all her past sins, even the doppleganger foolishness and creating Daisy (the worst female “villainess” in Y&R history!)

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    Hold the phone!!! Alston is ALWAYS POLITE AND WELL SPOKEN about his thoughts !! For the record LANE is boring as all hell. If you like them then good for you. I really really want DC to do a poll–Love or Hate Lane Then we will know what MOST posters on THIS site think. I am actually curious about this. Come on Jamey or Luke HOOK IT UP!!! :)

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    alstonboy4315 is telling the truth and don’t ever hold back! Preach it!

    Lane sucks! I hate this couple with a passion. They are so damn boring, sappy and cheesy.

    DG is a mediocre actor, but he would be more interesting if he was paired with a stronger actress. CK is simply a pile of blah, but is more tolerable around Daniel.

    This storyline is just so damn stupid and over the top. And how the hell are they going to combine War of the Roses” and “North by Northwest”. One is about a spy and mistaken identity and the other is about a bitter divorce. LAME!

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    fewfew50 … thanks so very much for the fundamentalist sermon!!!

    By the way … this is an evil Sodom and Gomorrah site rife with many gay male and maybe gay female posters. We also have more brains than you do, so enjoy your Tea Party while it lasts!

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    “We’re going to learn this story in pieces.”

    Translation: we have no idea where this hideous mess is going either.[/quote]

    RebeccaJ — you are on point. It also means they will drag this s/l longer than necessary because they are making it up as they go along.

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