OLTL’s Brittany Underwood To Star In HBO’s Game Change

Former One Life To Live star, Brittany Underwood announced on Twitter her new gig appearing in HBO's upcoming movie, Game Change. Underwood tweeted:

Just found out I'm leaving tmw for Baltimore to start shooting HBO's new film Game Change for 6 weeks….oh whatsup last minute information .

Based on The New York Times bestseller, Game Change focuses on the behind the scenes story of the 2008 presidential election.

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    Good for her and a great way to get in with the casting agents of HBO shows/series. Many actors/actresses who do one production that’s aired on HBO, are eventually cast in another program on that network.

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    Congratulations! This is great news for Underwood. I hope that she continues to have similar success in Hollywood.

    If OLTL doesn’t get a reprieve, I hope that Kristen Alderson is able to achieve success in Hollywood. Disney would be smart to cast her in one of its ABC Family or Disney Channel shows for teens and young adults.

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    That’s great news for Britt & us fans who love & wish her all the best. I think she’s also going to be on an episode of The Big C on Showtime. She actually looks like Bristol in this picture, if that’s the role.

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