All My Children’s Susan Lucci: “The Best Thing The Fans Can Do Is Watch”

Soap Queen and New York Times best-selling author Susan Lucci is speaking out a bit more about her reaction to the cancellation of All My Children. Entertainment Tonight caught up with Erica Kane herself at a book signing for her memoir All My Life. Here's what she had to say when asked about her thoughts on her time in Pine Valley coming to an end:

"It's horrible and it's sad and disappointing, but we're on for five more months," said Susan. "And the best thing the fans can do is watch, because Lorraine Broderick and Agnes Nixon (both longtime writers on the program) are at the helm and we are in the best of hands."

Watch the interview, where Lucci talks about how her son Andreas Huber helped convince her to write her life's story, after the jump.

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    Beautiful and classy as always, Ms. Lucci!!! She’s right let’s watch AMC and hope it goes out on a high. BTW can’t wait to get her book!!!!

  2. Profile photo of appleridge

    Look Susan Has 5 months left of AMC She is keepin her cool. Not everyone can be as bold as Robin Strasser. I Bet Susan Is Pissed given how they LIED to her about the move and the cancelation.. Plus Nothing I’ve ever seen about her gives me the impression that she’s all about herself. In Fact I get the feeling she’s a team player and cares about AMC’s cast and Crew. Susan As I see It Is Just Living In Her Reality & Its Telling Her That Fans Need to watch & Enjoy while AMC lasts.

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    Susan is and always will be a class act… Im tired of people reading more into something that is not there . Robin Strasser is a class act in her own way , she voices her opinion…..Susan Lucci, is always gracious and sweet and kind, and I bet there is a big hole in her heart for AMC, but she is a consumate professional, and will move on , just as any actor moves on when the lights go dark on a show , etc…

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    Susan Lucci has always been a classy woman. She’s not a complainer, nor is she one to throw others under the bus or be catty. I can totally understand her not being upset. She’s had 40 wonderful years on AMC and there’s absolutely NOTHING that she can do to save the program, so why not look forward to the future??? As far as I’m concerned, that’s what ALL of the AMC cast members should be doing. Sitting around and crying over spilled milk serves NO purpose whatsoever.

    And I haven’t really had the time to watch AMC lately, but I will certainly watch it in its waning days. This show has been a part of my life for 18 years, and although I STILL believe that the writing is horrible, I will support it until the end.

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    Could nt have said it better myself …..
    Always look to the future…. Every door closes, another is going to open , its up to the individual to walk through it !

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    I think Ms. Lucci is just being true to herself. She said she was a private person and that means that her ‘tears’ and ‘anger’ if there are any are for her close friends and family and not for public consumption.

    Classy lady.

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    [quote=curacaoman]She doesn’t sound sad at all. She probably has her plans all set and could give a ff about the other people.[/quote]

    That’s not what I heard. She’s sad, but she knows that ABC doesn’t want the shows anymore, and no other network is going to pick it up, so it’s best to just let the show go out on a creative high note, and with as many viewers as possible.

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    Maybe Susun does want do something other than AMC and I can’t blame her, her characte’s had really inconsistant writing over the last few years. I still think she’s sad about the cancellation of AMC though.

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